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  1. I went through your site and experienced what you posted. It didn't happen in inspect mobile view on my desktop, I had to be viewing it from my phone. If I scrolled an image, pushed it left or right it would jerk around for the lack of a better term, but if I simply tapped it, the image would smoothly scroll to the next one, could not get to the previous one by tapping and if I scrolled back it would do it but not smoothy at all. Have you changed the gallery pages transition from slide to fade In? I think this would change both desktop and mobile. I know it would be a bit of work
  2. Okay, 7.1 it is in reality one template, with a lot of different starting points. It can be made to be a good photography site, and any one of the 7.1 templates can be made to look like another with a few style changes, including to make it look like some 7.0 templates. 7.0 has some very unique template families, some single and some like Brine have multiple starting point templates. Brine itself has over 40 named starting designs. So let me share with you the templates I like for photographers and some examples too. Wexley, is one and here is the demo site: https://wexley-demo.s
  3. Sometimes you don't see the changes take place "live" if you are signed in. I open an incognito window or use my domain address to view, no the squaresapce domain.
  4. Hover, which I used for years, has one thing you can do to try to keep outgoing email from being marked as spam, and here it is from Hover help. Can I prevent my emails from being marked as spam? There is no way to foresee how a recipient will react to an email. Sending emails to people you are not directly familiar with can lead to the email being marked as spam, which can weaken the reputation for your email service resulting in more emails being marked spam. If you are using your domain for email services, installing an SPF record will help prevent email spoofing and streng
  5. Did you fix this? I put the name in google search and it put it once on the top search line just like it should.
  6. I agree, that is why I don't use the SS search function, and use my own image organizer.
  7. When you are using 7.1, and create a blank page, you have to create/ add a "block" section to the page and in that section you have the option to add content blocks. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027987711-Page-sections-in-version-7-1
  8. You should not have to Om, Julia, Kent, they are part of the Montauk family so you should be able to adjust without changing templates. You are using one of them correct?
  9. Well sometimes the simplest thing works, sometimes, try this in custom css. .blog .entry-content { display: none; }
  10. Montauk family which includes Julia and others has full site width index page capability. It is set in design/site styles, as is Avenue which is very similiar in look. I use that template. You can set an index to 8 per row but the page width would need to match or the thumbnails will be too small I would think. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815428-Montauk-Site-Styles-tweaks
  11. What is the actual file name? Sounds like a character issue.
  12. Move the blog page to your unliked section of your site, whic takes it off the nav bar. Put the summary block on its own page, summay blocks don't have to be in the blog itself. Mine are not and I have a lot of posts and a lot of categories, in my archive block and some on my nav bar, and some in a folder. My blog main page is in the unlinked section of my site. my random views
  13. Well, I may a be a bit prejudiced but I like mine on my site: my random views I use both the blog listing page and blog summary blocks. My site is built around my blog. And I like the one on this site too. Its a combination of her thoughts and photo galleries. My daughter designed it and I put it together for her: Christine Gregory Photography
  14. Uploaded images if no longer posted on any of your pages don't add any load time to your site. If deleted off the site, they, the thumbnails, will eventually delete from the image search gallery. I personally don't use that gallery. I do everything from a very good image sort, folder making, library and edit program on my desktop. It Is free to anyone who wants it, Sony Play Memories Home. Sqarespace doesn't treat images uploaded the way a lot of website hosting sites do. This explains what they do with them: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812748-Image-and-file-UR
  15. If you have two domains both provided thru squarespace, they will both point to your website. You have the choice of deciding which is the primary domain, the one that shows up in the browser bar. The secondary changes to the primary in the browser bar when used.
  16. you can post this is custom css: .squarespace-comments .comment-btn-wrapper .btn-text { display: none; }
  17. Thanks for the compliment. The use of a gallery block on a page, in a wall layout or grid lay out would allow you to add captions and text to the thumbnails and still have them click thru to a larger description if you wish. You can also choose to create an image layout page. They too can be wall or grid, and those image blocks have a choice of card design, that is a custom sizable image block with an integrated description card next to it. You can also animate these cards to fade in, reveal, fade up or or sideways, many choices. Scroll down until you see image block layout to see what I
  18. 7.1 is in actually only one template with 18 (I think ) named design starting points. Shouldn't be hard to do what you want to do. Here is the first part, to adjust size of arrows: put in custom css and tweak the number to make smaller or larger I will get back with the code to adust the text. /* Pagination arrows width */ .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-icon svg { width: 10px; }
  19. Yes, I do. it is more of a workaround. Put your blog page in the unlinked section of your site. Then create a new blank page in the regular part of your site. Add a blank section and in that section put a summary block pulling content from your blog page. Set the items to two or three however many your want, add spacers to each side of the block, adjust the column and gutter width you can pretty much make it the exact width you want. I tested using the same template and it works. There is a 30 post limit per block but you can have more than one block on a page.
  20. That is just a reference to the platfom my template is built on 7.0 as opposed to 7.1, I left out the word block by accident. Anyway I tested this on my site and added a summary block at the end of a blog post. I then edited the summary and could choose primary metadata, which could be a cat or tag and secondary which could also be a cat or tag. Both or one could be a number of other things as well, date, author, etc. I did the same with my 7.1 sandbox site, and it too allowed me to choose cat in either primary metadata or secondary metadata or both. So I could have two cats, or two tags or o
  21. Well, the closest thing, in my opinion, to that Wordpress site look is a template called Avenue. Simple grid based site, using the blog to describe the items and a blank page with a summary grid layout, that will provide images and one click to the description. The other option using the same template is a page for each item and that page put into an index page. Two approaches to get what you want. This is a basic look at Avenue: https://avenue-demo.squarespace.com/ And this is a site with more going on (happens to be my own) : my random views
  22. This code has worked for many templates in custom css, you can change the width by adjusting the px number. section#container.blog {max-width: 960px;} You may have to use this code instead: section#container.blog {max-width: 960px !important;}
  23. This tutorial shows how to change 7.1 blog post width wide or narrow. Code is not required and if still have some in your site trying to change the width, you should remove it.
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