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  1. Hello! I'm currently trying to take the domain from an active 7.0 site and switch it to my 7.1 trial site and can't seem to figure it out. I feel like it should be a simple process but for some reason I'm struggling with it. I've been looking into it and it seems that maybe it is a more complicated process but wanted to get some input before I started doing a lot of extra work. My trial site is already designed and ready to go! Just need my domain added to it to make it live.
  2. I launched a site and aligned DNS settings between GoDaddy and Squarespace, but the site is only showing live on mobile devices, not desktops. Does anyone know of a solution? THANK YOU
  3. Hello, Need help. My website looks great on default domain provided by squarespace but when i change the domain id or add another domain, It loses some of its styling. My website is https://garlic-dolphin-fkzw.squarespace.com/ I've changed my primary domain to https://reelstoryentertainment.com and now some styling appears different. Any help is highly appreciated. Password:V3rifi@B1e
  4. I’m having the same trouble. www.SVMonNeg.me points and work to connect to my SquareSpace registered URL to Substack but SVMonNeg.me does not point to anywhere. Looking to see how to get SVMonNeg.me to point to www.SVMonNeg.me Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Jude “Mon Neg”
  5. I have added my domain to connect and the DNS entries are not loading. Have been waiting for an hour for them to appear to connect to my domain provider. Any help on how to solve this is appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, I am having trouble with using a domain purchased on squarespace on a different platform. The original site was made with Readymag but now I want to swap .org with .net. The .org is registered on Godaddy and was successfully connected to the new squarespace site. Now the .net should be used on the readymag website but whenever I change the DNS records I receive this error. Anyone has an idea why? Thanks a lot!
  7. I see how I can move one Squarespace owned domain to another Squarespace owned website. However, is it possible to have the domain point to a specific page at the website, or does it have to go directly to the homepage of the other site?
  8. I have a basic business name.com and wondering if it still makes sense to buy other domains with keyword rich.coms and do the 301 forward to the main site. Will it help catch and direct the people searching those keywords or not really? I think its more about quality content now, but is this still helpful to do? Is it worth the $20 year/domain or does it hurt seo? I'm super green and trying to learn the basics. thanks!
  9. I am unable to forward “svmonneg.me” to “www.svmonneg.me”. I’ve tried the target URL in different formats with https://. Without it, etc. still no luck. Any suggestions.
  10. I have a client who has bought an entirely new domain name for his website but wants to 'switch' his email over. I feel like this should be a simple change but I'm having trouble finding info to confirm what the process would be. Is it done on the squarespace end or elswhere? Thanks so much!
  11. Hello, I am transferring a domain over from Wordpress to squarespace for my client. She has informed me that she has had an email regarding her domain saying that it is time for her to renew. Should she renew this through her current provider (we have not yet started the switch) or should she leave it until we have switched it over to squarespace? Thank you! ashley
  12. I'm having trouble figuring out how to point my Squarespace domain to a Substack site. Substack asks for a CNAME record and to put '@' in the host field, which I've read multiple places that Squarespace does not allow. I've tried to follow the directions listed on Substack, but I think I'm missing something. I'd also like to forward the 'naked' domain so that someone can type in the website without the 'www' at the beginning and get to the Substack site. Here are relevant articles: https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051222571-How-do-I-set-up-my-custom-domain- https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051222571-How-do-I-set-up-my-custom-domain- https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051222691-Does-my-Substack-URL-have-to-include-www- https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051222691-Does-my-Substack-URL-have-to-include-www-
  13. Client wants a simple 2 page coaching site. Main homepage is for one audience, NOT LINKED homepage for another. 1. I can easily assign the Squarespace domain to the regular homepage, but would like to use Namecheap or GoDaddy secondary domain to link to the NOT LINKED homepage. Is this possible? I thought it was but this article seems to say it isn't: 2. Also, that secondary domain provider, how do I ensure that if a person types in https it will connect? Had a situation with Namecheap once where I had to buy hosting there to ensure the https version worked. Will Squarespace's SSL cover both domains? Thanks!
  14. Hello! I need help regarding transferring domain from old website to a new website. I tried to unlink the domain to the old website but it won't open since there is a bug to the old website. I keep on searching ways but it won't appear knowing that the old website is already corrupted.
  15. Anyone having issues with hooking up your domain? My domain sits in GoDaddy, I 'think' I did all the procedures and it has been two days. any input appreciated!
  16. Hello, My website is for a pet sitting business that I run. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to advise me as to how to add my new brand 'The Cambridge Catsitter' into my existing website 'The Stamford Catsitter'. I'd like to avoid the arduous task of making and setting up a whole new website for it (and save double the monthly costs that would incurred), but I don't really know where to start with building it into my current website. Ideally I would have a navigation bar at the top, one tab would say 'The Stamford Catsitter' and one tab would say 'The Cambridge Catsitter', and each would include all of the sub-pages. Therefore acting as 2 websites within 1. I'm on version 7.1 and can't find a way to do this... any help?! Thanks in advance, Lydia
  17. I've built a site for a client and we're ready to set up the domain, but it appears that they've previously used the domain on another site. The domain resolves to an expired site. I suspect this site was owned/made by the previous person they contracted for this job. I have access to the DNS file for this domain (GoDaddy). It looks like the Squarespace was either never set up, or partially set up. I think I need Squarespace to help me with this. The old site owner is MIA.
  18. I did the nameservers change and everything and I still get this message when trying my site Help
  19. How do I transfer a domain from one site to another without resubscribing?
  20. Hi, i am setting up my website and business at kolours.space / kolour.space, its seams my DNS is not linking because was previously linked to WordPress.com — Get a Free Blog Here i will fix in due course, because i own both domains. I know the website content and flow, but i may need a straight forward assistance to make sure it flows to the commerce page and instagram link. How can i get this support? Webinar only? Not really want to pay for expert to look at all, just the ecommerce floe.
  21. Hello! I am confused over whether I can successfully transfer not only my domain, but my fully paid (with student discount for one year) website subscription and other items to a trial site on my dashboard without trouble. I have decided to change the look and feel of my website. I have tried to create the same look and feel on the active site, but the theme does not support exactly what I want. Could someone advise if this will be problematic? Should I keep my domain on my paid site and just deal with the look and feel I am working with? Thank you kindly! ~EGM
  22. Hi guys, I have an old squarespace site. I have built a new site currently on trial but would like to use my old domain name for it. How to a transfer my current squarespace domain to my new squarespace site? Thanks
  23. I own 2 squarespace domains. I want to transfer all my content over from one to the other or link one to the other. When I click Move domain to another site I get a pop up window saying select destination for new site and the page is blank. Any ideas? Thanks
  24. I have an old squarespace site. I have built a new site currently on trial but would like to use my old domain name for it. How to a transfer my current squarespace domain to my new squarespace site?
  25. First time user so please be gentle. I purchased a domain and started building a site. Took a break and then started over and ended up with two sites. I have an active subscription and google workplace but the site I have now fully built is inactive (on a trial) and I have tried to move the domain. However when following the process to move the domain I end up with a blank window when I should select the site where I want to move the domain to, it does not show up. I assume this is because the site is inactive? I would rather not start from scratch again so any help with the transfer would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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