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  1. Site URL: https://www.tamarackvalleyfarms.com A current client previously had a site through Squarespace. The domain (above) is owned by the previous designer (I assume also through Squarespace). Is there any way to request ownership of the domain through Squarespace? The WHOIS registrant is not replying. Could Squarespace contact the owner on my behalf, to keep them anonymous? Has anyone else run into this problem? The domain could be changed, but it’s already on all the client’s existing packaging.
  2. Hi - has anyone successfully verified their domain on Facebook? As part of the iOS 14 release, FB is requiring that we verify our domain and offers options to do this via meta-tag injection, HTML file upload, and DNS verification. I tried the meta-tag injection using the code injection feature on Squarespace, but it still wasn't recognizing the code on the site (although I do see the code when I look at the page source). Both FB and Squarespace have been unhelpful so any guidance would be VERY welcome. Thanks!
  3. So I would like to change my domain name but keep my page as it is. It is very confusing as far as marketing and promotions go, and I would like to change it. I have had it for a long time.
  4. Site URL: https://www.amperesec.com/ My primary domain is amperesec.com. I have a media (news) section that I'd like to use the domain amperenews.com for, but I don't want to make it a separate site. I want the domain amperenews.com to go directly to https://www.amperesec.com/news. Currently, I can get amperenews.com to point to amperesec.com but not to https://www.amperesec.com/news. Any advice? Thanks in advance! PM
  5. Site URL: https://www.burners.co.uk My domain www.burners.co.uk was set to redirect to www.burners.ltd.uk. I transfered to domain to squarespace and it's still redirecting by default, and it's not showing any way to sort it out, any help would be apprecitated.
  6. Dear all, I have a website in Greek language. Its domain is, e.g., athens.com (registered with Squarespace and connected to the specific site). I need to have a separate website in English. I need to use en.athens.com subdomain to it (as its primary domain). Can I use the subdomain to the new/seperate website? When visitors type en.athens.com will they go to this website? Will Google map it? Thank you, C
  7. Site URL: http://www.sankahscents.co.uk Good morning, I transferred my domain from EKM domains to Squarespace and received the confirmation email to say it was complete. The website wont load and when I checked the DNS details there is only one CNAME. The CNAME with the unique code is missing. My domain is now hosted by squarespace, i've checked EKM domains and it is empty. How do i find the unique host code to add the CNAME to point to verify.squarespace.com ?
  8. Site URL: https://www.sarahincheyphotography.com/ I used SquareSpace to create a website called SaraHincheyPhotography (that's my name). I didn't realize there was another Sarah Hinchey in Massachusetts who is also a photographer, using the website SarahHincheyPhotography.com (not on squarespace). I am willing to change my business name. and have come up with a new name, but her lawyer has sent a cease and desist letter demanding that I completely remove all the content from my website from public access. I am willing to do this, but don't know how. I'd rather not create a new website from scratch if at all possible. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://www.lucykeaveny.com Hi My client wants to point their SQS site, temporarily, to a new Clickfunnels sales channel they have built. Has anyone done this and if so, what steps do I need to take at the SQS end to make this happen?! Nervous when changing DNS settings! Thanks, much appreciated.
  10. Site URL: https://www.refinedcarpets.com/ My domain is connected but SSL certificate is still processing. It has been over 24 hours now. I know that it can take up to 72 hours but is there a way to confirm that everything is on the right track, and that there isn't some sort of DNS error? My domain is hosted with godaddy and was previously connected to our former wordpress site. I connected the domain to our new squarespace site and am wondering if because we already had an SSL cert, if this is causing the issue? Of course, it keeps telling visitors that "this connection is not private" and we're gonna lose customers for sure if this doesn't get resolved ASAP. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
  11. I am transferring a domain to the new website I have built for my organization on squarespace. I am not very knowledgeable about how domains work. We previously used Wix for our website and Dreamhost for domain registration. We are transferring the domain to squarespace now. For the most part I have figured out the domain transfer and it is in progress. I am still unclear however what happens to the custom email address. It is supported by Wix mailboxes. Will the email address transfer along with the domain? Will there be any interruption to access, and will it change the way we log into the email? Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
  12. Site URL: https://www.thefreshstarthub.com I am trying to connect squarespace to a domain I own but I but my domain provider is Squarespace. I would appreciate any support on how to go about this.
  13. Site URL: https://laura55art.com Hi, How I can add the picture to my new blog? Right now it shows at the end of article, but I want to see picture also in Blog main page. Thanks in advance:) BR, Laura
  14. Site URL: https://www.publicartservices.net Hello, I've set up our Squarespace site using our .net url. We were recently able to purchase the .com url for our site and I currently have it set up to redirect from the .net url to the .com url. I'd like to update all of the individual pages on our site from .net to .com. Is there an easy way to update all page URLS at once or do I need to go through each page and manually update each URL? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: http://www.ashenholdart.co.uk Hi everyone, So I started the domain transfer and by looking at the instructions that have accompany the emails and such, it looks like the transfer is complete. However, my website is returning with an error saying the site can't be reached. I've tried to follow the instructions for setting up the domain as best as I can but no luck. First of all, I wanted to check if perhaps it was still processing the transfer as it has only been a day, despite the fact that everything looks good to go in the Domain dashboard. Happy to wait if need be. Thanks
  16. Site URL: https://www.1fortheworld.org/ We are a charity that doesn't sell anything - we only accept donations via our site. If I upgrade to a Commerce plan, will I be able to checkout using our own domain specifically for donations (that is, not for normal 'commercial' transaction)? Also, will this allow better conversion tracking? Departing to the secure.squarespace domain currently really messes up our tracking.
  17. Hi everyone, I need help. I want to move my domain to another design. I have disconnected from the old design. but when I want to connect to a new design, an error occurs like this: but actually Domain is not connected to any squarespace. this happened in two days. how do i solve it? Thanks before
  18. Site URL: https://rhombus-earthworm-fsz3.squarespace.com/config/settings Hi Squarespace Forum, I currently have a site built with Cargo Collective and want to cancel my site with them and make my squarespace site go live. I have my domain with GoDaddy, and Cargo Collective currently do my hosting. I would like to keep my domain with GoDaddy for now because I need to get the new site up and running asap. what's the quickest way to do this? Also, I have two other domains that I point to my site, also with GoDaddy. Can i connect these as well as my primary domain? Lucy
  19. Site URL: https://extremecommunitymakeover.org I am working on connecting my custom domain to MailChimp. I have been given the CNAME & A Record information. However, when I go to add these to my squarespace DNS settings. However, keep getting Error message: DNS Record Conflict. I have gone through trying to identify the conflicts, looking for similar types of records or records with data that might conflict. I don't see it. Mailchimp instructions states the following for CNAME & A Records: Copy the following value into the CNAME record named www for extremecommunitymakeover.org. If this record does not exist in your DNS settings, create it. Do I replace the current CNAME on with the one they provide? Copy the following IP address into the A record for extremecommunitymakeover.org. If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide. I have four A record IP addresses - do I remove the all and add the new record? Screenshots of the DNS Records are attached. Really looking forward to some help and advice. TIA
  20. Site URL: https://dcmrblueridge.com/ I have two Squarespace custom domains with this site. We need to make dcmrblueridge.com work with a third party site. They do not host domains only the site. We have Google Workspace custom email addresses with dcmrblueridge.com. We want to keep our Squrespace site up using dcmrblueridge.net which is our second Squarespace custom domain. What is the best way to do this? We hope to go live with the new site on Monday. The third party site is here: dcmrblueridge.com.livereznetwork.com
  21. Site URL: https://salmon-hibiscus-r5wx.squarespace.com Hey guys, Trying to connect my .com.au domain to squarespace and I have edited the DNS settings in my domain admin area but squarespace cannot recognise it There's only 1 place in my domain admin area to change the DNS so I don't know what's going on? My domain is active and ready to go.... screenshots added that both are appearing to be correct
  22. hi everyone, If I am connecting a domain, which is hosted in Germany with an .de-ending, to my squarespace-website, will my squarespace-site automatically provide a ssl-certificate if I choose the squarespace busines-package? I have not ordered a certificate from the third party. Thank you in advance. Anna
  23. Site URL: https://sunflower-raspberry-pkpc.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I recently transferred my domain from GoDaddy and it looks all good, if I type in www.butchclothes.com However, I’d like the naked URL of butchclothes.com to work but it keeps transferring to https://sunflower-raspberry-pkpc.squarespace.com/ which is my old built-in squarespace URL domain. I’m not really sure what to do!! thanks
  24. Hello! I am currently in the process of adding a domain to my website on squarespace, but there seems to be some sort of problem. I am writing to you from the country Georgia (not the US state). Our extension is .ge, which is currently not supported by squarespace, so the domain has to be connected, not transferred. After I select "connect domain" , it just freezes, I can't go any further (see attached). I have waited for 20 mins and it still shows "connect domain". I haven't even had a chance to type in any extra info about DNS or anything like that. I watched the video listed on squarespace help, but when I try to connect it, my webpage looks nothing like it shows in the video. (see attached vs video) Connecting a domain to your Squarespace site – Squarespace Help I have made another website on squarespace 2 years ago and have successfully transferred the domain in the past: stradacafe.ge , so it's not that there is a problem with this domain provider or anything like this. Definitely seems to be a bug on squarespace page. P.S. Using version 7.0 instead of 7.1, because Georgian fonts are largely not supported by Google or Adobe, so I have to use custom fonts through custom CSS, which are not supported on 7.1. Would really appreciate some guidance how I can connect the domain. Thanks in advance!
  25. Site URL: https://ordinarypeople.info/ I found Squarespace is not supporting .kr domains. I purchased the other domain(.info) for now, but still don't understand why I can't connect .kr domains. It's used widely and officially in South Korea. I want to keep it for my current clients and avoid any confusion if there is a breakthrough.
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