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Found 34 results

  1. Hello, One of my client hates his current website so he asked me to build a simple landing page while I work on a full website that will go live later. The landing page is ready and I'm about to connect it via GoDaddy (it's an .au website so I'm connecting not transferring). I'm currently thinking that trying to create the new website in the unlink section and then moving the pages to make the site goes live is going to be too complicated and might disturb the live landing page. Should I just create a new site and transfer the domain again once I'm ready? I also trying to think about the best strategy for billing for my client. Hope this make sense! Thank in advance for your help 🙂
  2. I have 2 domain names on my site - https://ligocreative.com is the new one, https://lilanigoonesena.com is the old one. Both URLs will remain as I slowly transition my business to the new one. But when I go to create a new property for https://ligocreative.com on Google Analytics, it asks me to put the Google Tag Manager code into the External API Keys but the old one is there. Do I replace it? Leave it? Use both? I want GA to track both URLs, is that possible? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I hope that someone can help please. I’ve paid my subscriptions however my website has disappeared and my emails are bouncing back to people. Could anyone please kindly help me? Kind regards, Lloyd
  4. Hi, (not sure if this is the right ofrum to post this; if not I apologize) I have set up my site www.jfschmitz.com on Squarespace for a while. I now want to set up the e-commerce to sell prints. I would like to point another domain to this shop page. Something like "www.fineartphoto-shop.com" that would redirect to "www.jfschmitz.com/shop". Is that possible? Thnx for your advise, JF
  5. Hi all, Here is my saga: I'm setting up a new website for a client, migrating from Wordpress to Squarespace (www.slide.com.au). My client originally point me to a company named Digital Pacific for everything DNS. Long story short, these people tell me that it has nothing to do with them but with Cloudflare. My client doesn't have any login details for Cloudflare or has any idea of when or why this was set-up. To regain access to the CF account, they ask me to change the nameservers - which I find out out of the blue, are with Netregistry. I was able to get access back to the Coudflare account and made the DNS changes requested by Squarespace in order to connect the domain. Attached is what I see on both end. The Cloudflare end seem ok but Squarespace is still showing errors. What can I do to solve this? Does this have anything to do with Netregistry? Thank all.
  6. It has been more than a month since I have tried to transfer my domain name from one Squarespace site to the other, and I still do not have my issue resolved, just a lot of workarounds that didn't work and no human to talk to to get this resolved. Now because I am truly fed up with the customer service, I am attempting to transfer my domain away from Squarespace back to GoDaddy and I have been trying for a week, but Squarespace won't unlock my domain name to allow the change. I used to think Squarespace was a great platform, but I see that they are not equipped to handle domain issues.
  7. have paid for both domain and site renewal as I want to urgently forward my CV (that is what my website is about).both appear live/active on my dashboard and while site is indeed accessible, my custom domain isn't working.any help will be appreciated, thank you all
  8. I've tried several times to transfer my purchased (through Squarespace) domain from one Squarespace template to another Squarespace template and it will not transfer. I own the domain, rights, etc. Yet, something that should be as simple as a click and transfer is ridiculously difficult. I received a message from customer care stating: "We’re currently doing some maintenance to our billing system on the back end of Squarespace that’s preventing domains from moving between sites. Our engineers are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, but the process may take up to a few weeks." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! "A FEW WEEKS" is not what I need to read right now - especially when I'm paying for a site and domain through this company. And WHY does a billing mishap have anything to do with transferring a domain between Squarespace templates?!?!? Can anyone out there shed some light on this?! Ugh.
  9. Hi, I have a business account on SS and my website URL is www.businessABC.com, I want to change it to www.myname.com. That would not be a problem and from what I know I would just need to buy a new domain and set it as my primary domain. My main problem is with G Suite. When I signed up to SS I got G Suite 1st year for free and I have been using it as my main business email account. Ideally, I was planning on keeping the old domain for the website as a transition phase for a few months. Since I would only need to pay an extra 20$ for the domain, it would not be a huge problem. But the G Suite is around 80$, so to keep the old email address I would have to pay the 80$, plus an extra 80$ for the new email after rebranding. Things are getting a bit expensive. Are there any alternatives? How would you go about it?I have a few business relationships built on that email and I was wondering what happens to it if I don't renew it. I can forward everything to other email account but what would happen if someone sends an email to the old email address? I was thinking if it would be possible to transfer the domain I have on SS to GoDaddy or BlueHost, maybe get some hosting there and continue running the email account from there... But I have no idea if that is a possibility. I must add that I'm right at the end of my first year in SS. So everything is about to renew, hence my dilemma. Thank you in advance,And feel free to ask me any question, if you need any information
  10. Is there a way to make lets say test1.thishotel.com to point to my dns server but leave the main site www.thishotel.com pointing at square space servers?
  11. I have seen some older posts about this but all answers have been 'we will explore this in the future'. Just curious as to whether any updates have progressed? Is it possible for Sqaurespace to support a custom SSL on their domains? I understand they have their own automatically generated SSL cert however we would like the option to provide our own. We have several for other websites (non-Squarespace) so it just streamlines our sites.
  12. How can I move my domain name from the template I don't want to use to the site I built? And how can I get rid of the other templates I don't want?
  13. The domain is .gosouth.com Attachment screenshot image. Thank you! El dominio es .gosouth.comAdjunto imagen de la captura de pantalla.Muchas gracias!
  14. Hi I'm building a site, it has 2 domains connected to it;lacroixandvalentine.uk and tidyingmagic.net I am now trying to connect a third - michellelacroix.uk but having problems. The 'connect domain' button tells me it is already linked to another Squarespace site, but that site no longer exists, so I cannot delete it from that site. I have put in all the dns settings to my host.The site is still not connecting, I know I have done something wrong, I just don't know what! I don't know how to get the unique identity numbers, is that the problem? I will attach a screenshot of the dns settings used so far.The 2 items that say 'Pending' are saying it because I have just been experimenting with having a . or not. Thanks
  15. I just today transferred my website from GoDaddy to Squarespace. When I try to bring up my website, I get a "Server not found" message. I have a fairly active online store (the reason I wanted to switch to Squarespace) and now I'm told by the Chat folks at Squarespace that it will be several DAYS before they even respond. Is there some way to get someone with this company to fix this issue faster than DAYS? Or do I just have to wait it out and switch to a more responsive company at my earliest opportunity?
  16. Hey,I want to use my Squarespace domain in order to create Sales Funnels with Clickfunnels. How do I do this?
  17. I create new site and i need to set that template in my old site domain. which in Contributor section. Let me know can i set new template in my Contributor Sites. domain same just need to change new template. can i transfer this one.?
  18. Hi there, while my SustainableBuildingSupplies.com.au works, but the same wiht www. in front (i.e. www.SustainableBuildignSupplies.com.au) just shows the enetica domain registration page . Can someone advise how to solve this? CheersMarc
  19. Hi there. Is there anyway to get an Index page to display as a Folder (drop down menu) in the navigation? I need both features rather than having to pick one over the other. Thanks!
  20. I'm very frustrated. I registered my site for a full year subscription. I had purchased a domain on GoDaddy, and transferred it to Squarespace, but it was transferred to the wrong domain (a trial site). The Squarespace engineers can't help me to merge the account, so I'd like to cancel the full year subscription site and start from scratch with the trial/domain that I transferred. Nobody will help me!! I've written customer service several times and also tweeted at them. Can someone here please help??
  21. I have recently transferred my domain name over to my Squarespace site. And while my Squarespace site looks fine, when I look at it on my website (http://www.aliciadotter.com) all of the fonts are huge. And my logo turns white on my Resume and About Pages. My squarespace site is http://www.aliciadotter.squarespace.com (that's how I want it to look). I am looking at it at 100%, not larger. It seems I have to scale down to 70% to make the site look normal on browser. But still can't fix the white logo issue. I have looked on multiple browsers and computers and the same issues occurs. The two sites do not match in their looks. All suggestions are welcome. @ArminB
  22. I transferred my www.brownstudy.info domain from InMotion Hosting to SqSp on Thursday. I want to point that domain to a micro.blog site and then repurpose my SqSp area for a new domain. Should brownstudy.info be the Primary domain when I point to the other site? Or should it be non-Primary? I would like to drop the "www." but this can only be done from the Primary domain. Should I drop the www., then wait 24 hours for the new name to propagate, before pointing to the other site? And again, should that be done with the domain Primary? I tried doing this the other day and got very confused; I was likely pressing too many buttons at once. I had dropped the "www", made the domain non-primary, and added an A record pointing to the other site. I deleted the default SqSp DNS settings, also. At that point, of course, the site went offline but I could not get the other site to "see" the domain. Did I do something wrong, should I have waited? Thanks for any help. I'm prepared to contact SqSP support directly if that's more appropriate. Mike
  23. Bought a domain through Sitebuilder, transferred it to Squarespace do I need to keep paying Sitebuilder?
  24. I am currently in the process of changing my company’s name and look and I want to change my domain name to the new company name. I’ve read that I can link the old domain name to the new one but do I have to pay for two domain names?
  25. I am transferring a non squarespace site to squarespace. I got the site released from the provider and was provided the transfer code. I went through the necessary steps and it now says that transfer is pending. However that was 6 days ago. I did receive an email saying "We received your payment and request to transfer XXXXX.com to Squarespace. We will extend registration by one year upon completion of the transfer." I also checked with the domain provider and they said they also received an email from the domain registrar that the site was being transferred. Is it typical for a transfer to take this long. Did I miss any steps?
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