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  1. Site URL: http://www.weavereyecare.com My business website is over 10 years old. I want to do a complete overhaul of the layout. It's on another server and it's difficult to make quick changes because I have to go through a couple of people to do so, so I really don't have expedient control over my website content. I've made a website with Squarespace for my Christian rock music (www.mrweaverface.com), so I'd be comfortable redesigning my business website using Squarespace's tools. I understand the domain transfer takes a while when it's initiated. I was wondering if it's possible to design the business website on Squarespace prior to the domain transfer, so that when the transfer is complete, the website is ready to go. I searched the Help Guides but I didn't find anything about this. I probably would open a separate account for my business website and domain. Thanks!
  2. I'd like to forward the GoDaddy domain to a newly designed squarespace site for a client of mine without transferring it to squarespace. I called the customer service rep at GoDaddy and they informed me that if I change the nameservers that it will cause their email to go down and I would prefer to avoid that if possible. Is there a way to access the DNS information so that I can manually change the settings on the GoDaddy account? Or is there another way to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Site URL: https://www.automatedcontrolsuk.com After many issues with cpanel and connecting the domain, we have decided to create a new domain and re-direct it to the current one (www.automatedcontrolsuk.com) The new domain (www.automatedcontrols.uk.com) links up fine, however the current one comes up with the below message: Domain Not Claimed This domain has been mapped to Squarespace, but it has not yet been claimed by a website. If this is your domain, claim it in the Domains tab of your Website Manager. How do I go about claiming this? The reason we created a new domain was because cpanel wouldn't connect up properly and they were quite unhelpful when it came to contacting them to rectify this. It was a better solution to just create a new one and redirect it but now that doesn't work. Feels like we're going round in circles with this domain!
  4. Site URL: http://http/seniorpeaceofmind.com I am changing my marketing and business name which will have a new domain name. I want to put it in place of the domain name and hosting I purchased directly from square space a year ago (renews this August). I have not purchased the new one yet. I was thinking maybe I just start over and drop the old but was not sure. Suggestions?
  5. I just purchased a domain and have no choice but to use NameBright as the server for the time being but Squarespace's instructions for setting up the new domain don't align with NameBright's DNS editing page. Can anyone tell me if how I've filled this out is correct?
  6. A client has a domain that's managed via cpanel and we're struggling to get the DNS settings to connect properly. I have followed all the how-tos online and everything else is perfect, however it's refusing to connect to the ext-cust.squarespace.com because the cpanel won't accept www as the host name. All A settings have gone through fine, along with the first CNAME - it's just this one that we cannot connect. Does anyone have any experience or solutions for this? Thank you 🙂
  7. Site URL: https://www.dotsonphysiotherapy.com/ I have changed my business name from Dotson Physiotherapy to Own Your Health Physiotherapy. I would like to change my domain from dotsonphysiotherapy.com to OYHPT.com and have already purchased the new domain name. I would also like to change my email from @dotsonphysiotehrapy to @OYHPT. I had envisioned simply duplicating my website, making the copy hidden while I change all I want changed. Once it's ready, I wanted to put a banner on my old site to send people to the new one. Then, after a year, I would get rid of the old one and be fully transitioned. Similarly, I want to have both @dotsonphysiotherapy and @OYHPT email addresses available for the transition time. Suggestions on the process to make this happen, or a better way?
  8. Hello, I have made a website for my client/friend which is now ready to be connected to a domain he purchased via GoDaddy. What is the best way to connect the domain to the website without having to log into his GoDaddy account (I think he would give me access for this purpose but would rather not ask)? I could give him instructions to do it himself but wanted to know if there was a better way as he may struggle doing it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://www.deeplyhuman.com Hi all, Was wondering how I could find out the owner of this domain? How does one search for it on Squarespace? Thanks!
  10. We're rebuilding a Wordpress website on Squarespace. The store is connected to an existing Printful account through Woocommerce. The Squarespace site is in development on its built-in Squarespace domain. If we create a new store in Printful and connect it to Squarespace on this temporary domain, what happens when we connect the permanent domain to Squarespace to launch the new site? Are there settings for the Printful store that will need to be changed? The existing Woocommerce store needs to stay online until the Squarespace website is ready to launch. I want to confirm that we can create a Squarespace-connected store with products synced to the temporary domain so that they client can review and approve everything, then connect the permanent domain to Squarespace when we're ready to launch without any issues with Printful. Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi! I can't figure out how to have www.a.com land on my a home page and www.b.com land on my /b.html page. Can this be done without forwarding?
  12. Site URL: https://www.coopdayton.org/donate Hi, I'd like to add Apple Pay to my donation widget from an app called GiveLively. GiveLively provides a "domain association file" to connect with Apple Pay and minimal instructions: https://www.givelively.org/resources/enable-and-disable-digital-wallets#toc-enable-apple-pay-on-the-simple-donation-widget How specifically do I "host" the file on my site? Thank you!
  13. Site URL: https://www.ditte-blohm.com/ I have one squarespace domain that includes a site and a googleworkspace which I want to transfer to a dormant squarespace domain. I've tried to go through the documentation but seems to be no option to transfer between two different squarespace domains, and I don't know how if I'll be able to transfer the googleworkspace aswell. Does anyone know how to do this?
  14. Hello, I have just finished designing my site, and am ready to make it go live. However, my previous site is still up through GoDaddy. There, I have purchased my domain, and have it hosted through cPanel. I want to continue my services with GoDaddy, but just want the domain to link to the SquareSpace site I have created. To my understanding, the best way to do this is by connection my domain. How exactly would I go about doing that? Thanks!
  15. what should do first? create an email with the name of my website create my website create a domain I am very lost
  16. When creating a brand new site & domain for a client using SQSP for both, the SEO optimization process was a breeze. For another client, they wanted to keep their domain hosted with GoDaddy but create a new site with SQSP. After launching the site, SERP ranking/results tanked and SEO optimization was a lot harder. I know there is A LOT more than just domain transfers that go into SEO, but any recommendation on whether to transfer or connect domain? Does it seem to work better when everything is consolidated with SQSP and their platform? Thanks for any advice!
  17. Site URL: http://www.armaiti.com.au Hi friends, I really need help on this. I've followed every single step of the process: Connecting third-party domain (provider: Crazy Domain). It's still not working. CNAME entry for verify square space still as "Record not found". CNAME entry looks identical. But still not finding. And this message (attach) is showing on the webpage. I don't know what to do.
  18. Hi everybody. I need to give my website a one more domain address. It has to be a subdomain of another domain. But when I add a required CNAME record to DNS (with a 947c*********8rjw string) Godaddy warns that this can affect the root domain (and probably other subdomains). Is it really so? If yes, how to modify that DNS record then?= Thank you so much! Regards, Dan
  19. Site URL: https://www.mustbethelove.com/ Hi, I’m very new to this forum and it’s a little overwhelming (I just figured out how to post lol) I purchased a URL on Squarespace for mustbethelove.com and I’m trying to have it forward to a non-Squarespace site https://lnk.fu.ga/wesleybright_mustbethelove I’ve done URL forwarding on plenty of domains on Squarespace, but for some reason I can’t get this one to work. Does it take several hours to work? I've attached a screenshot of my DNS settings (I followed the instructions in the Help area) and a screenshot of what I see when I go to my domain.
  20. Site URL: http://www.foryouth.co Hi, I have a website www.foryouth.co that serves Singapore and the rest of the world, au.foryouth.co and I recently set up my.foryouth.co to serve Malaysia. au.foryouth.co is running for a few months now without any issues. Two weeks ago I set up my.foryouth.co and the subdomain connected perfectly to the DNS records I set up in Go Daddy. As of yesterday, suddenly the connection was removed. When I went to settings-->domain, I didn't see it anymore. Trying to reconnect gives met the error: Domain does not exist This domain is not in our system. Sometimes, it does allow me to try and set it up again, but it fails connecting to the first CNAME (the one with the long code). Does anyone have an idea what is going on? Especially since it was working before? Of course, Squarespace does not have any weekend support. Like why would they. Websites do not go down during weekends, but hopefully someone here can help me out!
  21. Hello, I had a domain connect to a old Squarespace template that was a old design. I have removed it from my old one and tried reconnect it with my new site. I've tried following the guide but there is no drop down anymore. Its asking to transfer. When i have gone to do that it says.. Transfer in Progress To complete the domain transfer, please contact your current provider and update the IPS tag to TUCOWS-CA. When i have gone to go daddy they have no idea what im talking about. Can anyone help me connect my site!!!! NOTE: SQUARESSPACE. GIVE US A NUMBER TO RING!
  22. Hello, I am having trouble transferring my domain name to squarespace. It is with Honcho. It has been like the attached screenshot since Sunday and won't let me do anything. My domain provider have asked me to provide them with the following information - Please send us your A-RECORD and CNAME to update, you can ask SquareSpace for these All the help pages are like gobbledygook to me, I am by no means and IT savy person but I just want to get my website launched!! Thanks in advance for any help, Natasha
  23. I have been hosting my site with Squarespace (version 5) for 10 years and today my site appears to have disappeared. 😧 Today I went to my site URL and that's when I began to see the following issues: 1. On my domain (hosted elsewhere), Squarespace is now displaying a "custom domain" mapping page. Weird, but Um ok I thought this domain issue would be easy to fix until I encountered another issue....... After noticing my site not showing up on my domain properly, I then tried to access my site by typing in my regular account URL with the Squarespace subdomain affixed to it (e.g. mysite.squarespace.com). Then I saw this.... 2. On my account URL, my site is gone and Squarespace is displaying a page that says the account is "Available." WHAT? How can MY account, that I've been paying for for many years, be Available suddenly out of nowhere? How can this be happening when I have a monthly plan? Can someone please let me know how I get my site back online? Also, does anyone know how to get expedited support from Squarespace on this matter? I opened a ticket but as I use my site for work, I don't have time to wait around until tomorrow to get this resolved.
  24. Site URL: http://authorsforblackvoices.org Hi folks, I purchased a custom domain (authorsforblackvoices.org) and monthly web hosting through Squarespace to build, MacGuyver-style, a website that could host an annual charity auction. It worked well enough for the first two years (I made each individual auction item a blog post and had people comment to bid), but this year, I partnered with non-profit who'll host the entire auction on one of those official charity auction sites. So I think it's time to stop paying for web hosting...but keep my custom domain and have it point (I think? Not forward?) to the site's free, permanent built-in domain: authorsforvoicesofcolor.squarespace.com. In other words, I want to hang on to my domain but shunt hosting duties over to Squarespace's free built-in domain. All the help pages I could find are about pointing your domain to a different site (e.g., https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/215744668#toc-point-to-a-different-squarespace-site), not simply redirecting visitors to the built-in domain for that very site. (To put it another way—sorry if this is overkill, I'm a writer, not a tech person—I want to cancel my monthly web hosting subscription and have anyone who types in authorsforblackvoices.org magically find themselves at the otherwise-identical authorsforvoicesofcolor.squarespace.com.) Anyone know if this is possible? In my dream scenario, I'd just cancel the web hosting and the domain would automatically redirect to the .squarespace.com version, but that may be too Pollyannaish. Thanks so much in advance for any help!
  25. Site URL: https://crimson-eagle-f2t2.squarespace.com/ The reason for my question is this: my work blocks newly registered domains, but the website needs to be viewed at work since it's intended for an upcoming work-related event. So right now, you can access the defaultfreenamesite.squarespace.com URL fine at work. Additionally, I transferred the intended domain name to the site, but that one's blocked at work since it's new. So to be clear, the site has two URLs to access it from, the free one and the one I bought separately and transferred to the squarespace site—the latter is not accessible from work. Due to this, I'm considering just buying a domain through squarespace for this site, and using that when I publish the site. My question therefore is: would this new domain from squarespace be considered "newly registered" or whatever (domains newer than 60 days or something like that)? And if it is, would I still be able to access the site at work via the original default free URL (the xxxxxxxx.squarespace.com one)? And regardless of that outcome, would the site still be accessible by me at home (and at work if I can get it unblocked) at the second domain described in the second paragraph above?
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