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  1. Site URL: http://phoenixheadshotpro.com/ Sorry- basic question I am sure, but cannot figure out how to change. I just got a domain name for one site, previous was using the squarespace name. when I enter domain name goes to site correctly- great! When I click on an individual page on the site, the url reads "http://familyphotoblogarizona.squarespace.com/arizona-headshot-cost-info" which is the old page name. Tried fixing in page settings (gear icon) and domains, logo & title etc etc etc. Where do I change this? Would prefer it to read "http://phoenixheadshotpro.com/cost" or "http://phoen
  2. Site URL: http://www.CGHFoundation.org Hi everyone! I'm stuck in a weird situation and wondering if anyone has run into this or seen/heard of this before: I designed a squarespace site for a client's foundation, after completion I transferred ownership to them and every once in a while I get a call from them asking me to update or add something but for the most part I don't actively monitor this site. I get a call on Jan 4th that there are some squarespace charges showing up on their credit card statement and when I got to the site to figure out what is going on I see that someon
  3. Site URL: https://pingpongbuzz.com/ My site is hosted on name cheap. My membership for name cheap is near to end and I want to shift all the site data and hosting on squares pace. How can I do that?
  4. Site URL: http://blackbird-endive-tbw2.squarespace.com Hi! My wife and I are building a site for a non-profit who already owns a domain, which was purchased from and hosted by SoftSys. SoftSys seems to require a transfer request from the new host, which Squarespace does not seem to have as an option. They also have a login to a Parallel Panels account which seems to manage the domain, but the way they format DNS settings seems incompatible with simply connecting the domain without transferring. Do you have any experience with either of those services? We're at a loss for what to d
  5. Hello Everyone, I have connected my domain, and upgraded to the ecommerce plan. The connection was successful, however, I still have the Squarespace domain I was given for the trial. If I type in my domain it will direct to the site as it should, but then the domain name in the search bar will switch back to the "free trial" domain name with the lock to the left of it. I see a place where there is an option to "rename" the "free trial domain" but then it asks if I am certain because then something won't work... I just want to have my domain name that I connected and get rid of the first "
  6. Hello! I have a new project that I wish to incorporate into my current square space site. I'd like for this project to have it's own domain but it does not warrant a whole new site as it is only a single page and in the style of my current site. Right now the page's URL is: www.oldURL.com/ProjectPage I'd like for the page to be at: www.NewURL.com Is this possible? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, We've just finished setting up our site, and everything looks great. Slight issue, when I try to verify my G Suite Domain, it's trying to sign me up to G Suite again I think rather than just allowing me to connect? I'm hesitant to do it, because I'm not sure if I'm going to lose all of my email addresses etc. Please help D
  8. Hi! I can't figure out how to have www.a.com land on my a home page and www.b.com land on my /b.html page. Can this be done without forwarding?
  9. Site URL: https://www.thereconnecteffect.com I've been on support with GoDaddy 3x to try and figure this out and it's still not working. I need some Squarespace geniuses to help. I setup domain forwarding for domains: www.girlbehindthesmile.com to point to https://www.thereconnecteffect.com and it was working fine and then all of the sudden stopped. Could it have something to do with the security certificate? GoDaddy told me to change the IP address in GoDaddy to match Squarespace, but when I add forwarding it automatically changes to something else. Has anyone else had this
  10. Site URL: https://laura55art.com Hi, How I can add the picture to my new blog? Right now it shows at the end of article, but I want to see picture also in Blog main page. Thanks in advance:) BR, Laura
  11. Site URL: https://www.gileschristopher.co.uk Hi Guys - 2 months ago My website on Squarespce with a name www.mediawisdom.co.uk and had 2000+ backlinks and a high domain authority. I changed my domain to www.gileschristopher.co.uk and all my backlinks have vanished and domain authority drooped drastically. 2 months ago I set up 301 redirects and contacted the top linking companies directly and they have updated links to me.. Doing this i know i have at least 20 links.. BUT inspection site say i have zero!!! should i wait longer or start to change code/words or other things? I woul
  12. Hi I need to connect my client's existing/old site, which has a domain in a different name to the new one I have built in Squarespace, in order to do the 301 page redirects. When I connect to the existing site, held with 1&1, will that affect the new site on Squarespace in any way? We want to go live with the new SQS site tomorrow but I haven't done the connection & page redirects yet, because the existing site needs to remain live & active. Once you start a domain connection for this purpose, can the new Squarespace site still be switched on while the connection is happening
  13. Site URL: https://sunfish-hexaflexagon-4m59.squarespace.com/ Hello, I want to access my A-record information in my DNS settings for my site. However, the site is not published, and I haven't purchased a domain outside of the default one. Can I access this information? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I am close to completing my client's site - yay! - and now need to put in place the necessary processes to make sure their old site points to this new site. Their existing site is in a completely different name. I have asked my client's IT guy to create a list of page URLs for the existing site. This is my 1st build so the questions I have are: - Do I have to connect the existing site to the new one on Squarespace to allow URL redirects to happen? (or transfer the domain after the new site is live, to say my client paying for 2 hosting fees) and when should I do that. O
  15. Site URL: https://sunfish-hexaflexagon-4m59.squarespace.com Hello, I want to connect my godaddy domain to squarespace, however I want to know what DNS settings squarespace changes. I have two emails my domain points to so I can have a custom domain, and I want to make sure those email DNS settings aren't changed so my email does not go down.
  16. Site URL: https://www.skunk.co.nz Hey guys, I have just pointed my domain at our new website and now we are getting "Your connection is not private" now displaying on our website whenever someone clicks on it. How on earth do I get rid of this? Need help urgently!! Many thanks!!
  17. Hello, I am ready to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to my squarespace site (which is not up yet). However, I am also paying for a custom email through godaddy for my site. Will that be lost when I make the transfer?
  18. I have a client who currently has their domain and emails (12 email addresses) on a private server. They want to transfer the domain into Squarespace and move the emails into GSuite. Has anyone ever done this or know where to find resources on this? They are very adamant about not wanting to lose email services or prior messages. They are currently using Outlook to access their email but want to move into Google. Thank you all in advance!
  19. I currently have two Squarespace account with different logins. I have two domains (account 1) and want to use them on the other (account 2). I've tried several ways and am a "Contributor" on both. I can't seem to figure out how to use the .com inside account #1, and place it on my temp site in account #2. I've been reading the helps sites with no luck. Tips?
  20. Hello, I have just finished designing my site, and am ready to make it go live. However, my previous site is still up through GoDaddy. There, I have purchased my domain, and have it hosted through cPanel. I want to continue my services with GoDaddy, but just want the domain to link to the SquareSpace site I have created. To my understanding, the best way to do this is by connection my domain. How exactly would I go about doing that? Thanks!
  21. Site URL: http://www.effa.org.au/ Hi all. I am trying to link my third party domain hosted on Crazy Domains to my Squarespace. I have been following the step by step guides provided by Squarespace (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812378-Connecting-a-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site). I am getting confused with some of the required data. Currently, my site has different values listed to what the guide says it should in the DNS Settings. For example, my DNS panel lists the required data for the second CNAME as "ext.squarespace.com", yet on the guide in the link I
  22. Site URL: https://www.tamarackvalleyfarms.com A current client previously had a site through Squarespace. The domain (above) is owned by the previous designer (I assume also through Squarespace). Is there any way to request ownership of the domain through Squarespace? The WHOIS registrant is not replying. Could Squarespace contact the owner on my behalf, to keep them anonymous? Has anyone else run into this problem? The domain could be changed, but it’s already on all the client’s existing packaging.
  23. I've connected the domain (from NameCheap) to the site I'm working on and the domain works perfect. The problem is, when I navigate to various pages (specifically when I press buttons that take me a page within the site), it tells me the the site is not secure and I shouldn't proceed. I've figured out that the issue is that the SSL certificate isn't active because the domain is not correctly connected to the site. It highlighted the issue in the dns settings. It's an incorrect A record... I already have four connected... but for some reason there is a fifth. But it's formatted differently. I'l
  24. Site URL: https://cyan-grey-tk32.squarespace.com/ I am trying to point my domain to my newly-created Squarespace site, but when I go to Settings->Domains->Use a Domain I Own, I get the error "This domain is already associated with a Squarespace site." I'm the owner of that domain and I do not have it associated with another Squarespace site. Please help.
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