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  1. Choosing a domain name (the address/URL of your site) is a momentous occasion in your journey as a website owner. A domain is your brand’s first impression and coming up with a unique and memorable name is something that often requires some thought. Common best practices include: Use keywords (about what your business is or where you are located) so your audience can find you easily Keep the name short and simple for easy typing and memorization Keep pronunciation in mind to favor word-of mouth Register mistyped domains, so no matter what your audience types, they'll always be directed to your site. If you already have a business name, then you’ve got your starting point. Either way, a decision also needs to be made about what TLD/domain extension (part of a URL that follows the last period) to pick. While .com is the most familiar and easiest to remember, you could consider other common choices such as .net, .org, or even location (.uk, .ca, .au) or business/niche (.yoga, .community) based extensions as an alternative. No matter what, ideally your decision would be a long lasting one. While it’s always possible to change your domain later on, some caution is required to avoid hurting search rankings. How did you come up with your own domain name? What are your top tips on choosing the right one? Share in the comments below!
  2. Hello, One of my client hates his current website so he asked me to build a simple landing page while I work on a full website that will go live later. The landing page is ready and I'm about to connect it via GoDaddy (it's an .au website so I'm connecting not transferring). I'm currently thinking that trying to create the new website in the unlink section and then moving the pages to make the site goes live is going to be too complicated and might disturb the live landing page. Should I just create a new site and transfer the domain again once I'm ready? I also trying to think about the best strategy for billing for my client. Hope this make sense! Thank in advance for your help 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://abbygardner.work/abby-gardner Hello! Recently I noticed that my website for my online portfolio is saying that my "connection is not secure" and that I have an invalid certificate date when accessing my website (however my SSL certificate is valid and set to secure in my settings as well). Also, none of my images are showing up anymore, and it just shows the jpg icon in the upper left corners of all of my pages. I've had this website up since 2019, and only now have started having these problems show up (go figure, right as I'm job searching too). Is there anyway to fix this quickly?? (*Timing is urgent since this has greatly impacted my job search and companies being unable to view my professional portfolio*) Thank you in advance!!
  4. Site URL: https://www.amperesec.com/ My primary domain is amperesec.com. I have a media (news) section that I'd like to use the domain amperenews.com for, but I don't want to make it a separate site. I want the domain amperenews.com to go directly to https://www.amperesec.com/news. Currently, I can get amperenews.com to point to amperesec.com but not to https://www.amperesec.com/news. Any advice? Thanks in advance! PM
  5. Site URL: https://jordanaherman.com/ Hello. I need some feedback. I have a site that I'm working on. I brought it online recently but the client is having problems just pulling it up on her Safari MAC laptop, I also have another friend who can't pull up the site on a PC using the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers. The client gets a "SITE CAN'T BE REACHED DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" black screen when she types www.jordanaherman.com. I attached a screenshot. I built the site on the 7.1 platform for Squarespace. Here is the URL: https://jordanaherman.com/ I personally can see the site across, Chrome, Firefox, and IE (im on a PC). My questions is, can anyone here see the site as well? If "yes" what browser and version are you using? If "no", then what error are you seeing? I've already contacted tech support for Squarespace twice, and both techs have said they see the site no problem on both Safari and Chrome. They also said I've all my domain DNS settings are correct. I also noticed that the built-in Squarespace domain will work,( https://jordanaherman.squarespace.com) but not the jordanaherman.com domain name. The domain name is hosted and managed by Squarespace. Has anyone experienced this too? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!
  6. Site URL: http://www.drdawnscoachingplace.com I would like to add a blog to my website, and ideally the blog would have the URL "blog.drdawnscoachingplace.com". For whatever reason I feel this looks more polished and professional than "www.drdawnscoachingplace.com/blog". Does Squarespace support this?
  7. Hi: I've searched the forum for domain name changes, but haven't quite found an answer to my question. I'm helping my daughter with her SquareSpace website, created in her Art Portfolio class. She started with a trial subscription more than a week ago. Four days ago, we upgraded to a paid subscription for the year, but she wants to change the domain name. I've looked at the help section on SS and have read that the domain name can only be changed within the first 5 days of creation. I'm assuming that (for her) this means from the start of the trial period, but thought I'd ask in case it starts from the point of paid subscription. I really don't want to buy another domain at this point, so if we cannot change the name now, would the next best thing be to wait until almost the end of this subscription period and then buy a new domain and make it the primary? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Hello For a couple of weeks I've had this Squarespace domain. Overall it's a solid option. However I'd like to "enable less secure apps" in GMail, but GMail tells me that it's managed by my domain admin. If I understand that correctly I should be able to activate this here on squarespace. Does anybody know where that option is? Thank you in advance and happy new year.
  9. Site URL: https://amphibian-gardenia-np5j.squarespace.com Hi there I have a big problem that I hope someone can help with. I have created a new website in the SS, which is currently on their temporary domain. This will replace my current website, made in WP, which is on my own domain - www.mortenskovlund.dk It is currently hosted by a web hotel (Webhosting.dk) - but my domain name is managed by Dk-hostmaster.dk I know that I can not move a DK domain over to SS, but have to make a point towards my domain. I have tried to follow the guides that lie, but I simply do not understand where to do what. When I connect my domain to the SS admin page, I should get some values up - but the page just stands and loads, without anything else happening. (see pic) Can anyone help, or can one buy help for this problem?
  10. I've connected the domain (from NameCheap) to the site I'm working on and the domain works perfect. The problem is, when I navigate to various pages (specifically when I press buttons that take me a page within the site), it tells me the the site is not secure and I shouldn't proceed. I've figured out that the issue is that the SSL certificate isn't active because the domain is not correctly connected to the site. It highlighted the issue in the dns settings. It's an incorrect A record... I already have four connected... but for some reason there is a fifth. But it's formatted differently. I'll attach a screenshot below. I tried adding the fifth a record to the domain but it won't accept it. I've tried a couple things but nothing fixes it. Anyone know what I could do?
  11. Site URL: https://www.theoldeden.com I am using Bluehost to manage the email accounts associated to the domain (hosted in Squarespace). There is an alert saying that there is a DKIM problem. I followed some guides and Bluehost's support and they helped me add a DKIM record to my domain. It isn't working though and I'm not sure what to change. The current details are: Host: 1591560155.theoldeden._domainkey.theoldeden.com Record: TXT Data: v=DKIM1;p=MIGfM... (the full key from a DKIM generator) Can anyone point out what I've done wrong. I'm quite new to domain management so learning as a I go. Thanks in advance.
  12. Site URL: https://www.coachcourtney.net/ Hi, I'm a bit confused since I'm unable to verify my domain from my email marketing campaign. I keep on getting an error for the second record "TXT" type. I already updated my DNS customer record from Google domain as well, but I still can't verify my domain. Whenever I add an "@" from Google Domain, it prompts me to leave it blank as well. Also, I am able to see that I already have a duplicate for my TXT record under Google Workspace. My client created the Google Workspace account via Google, not directly from Squarespace MISTAKENLY. (Please see the 2nd box on the screenshot above). I also can't connect my Google Workspace account to my Squarespace website. Are these issues connected then? Please advise. Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  13. I don't suppose anyone else has found a way to set up a new website subscription using a sub domain have they? Thanks H
  14. Site URL: http://www.sankahscents.co.uk Good morning, I transferred my domain from EKM domains to Squarespace and received the confirmation email to say it was complete. The website wont load and when I checked the DNS details there is only one CNAME. The CNAME with the unique code is missing. My domain is now hosted by squarespace, i've checked EKM domains and it is empty. How do i find the unique host code to add the CNAME to point to verify.squarespace.com ?
  15. Site URL: https://www.nordlysenergi.com/ Is there a simple way to redirect Naked domain(Root domain) to another page with JavaScript? and if so does any one have a quick solution? Example -> nordlysenergi.com (Root domain) ---> nordlysenergi.com/strom/ 301 redirect does not work for this.
  16. Hi there, I've purchased a domain through Squarespace that is used for website subscription 1. From that I have learned how to create a sub domain. I want to use this subdomain as the primary domain for my duplicate website on a separate subscription. Is this possible? Thanks H
  17. Site URL: http://www.canadiankendamas.com Hey folks, My client would like to view a breakdown of traffic to their site by their (4) domains. Any tips? I'm not seeing an option for this in analytics. Thanks so much, Yitzy
  18. Site URL: http://www.cellerantconsulting.com Hello, I am getting at the top of our website URL - "Not secure - cellerantconsulting.com". How do I fix that? Thank you, Stephanie
  19. Site URL: http://www.cellerantconsultling.com Hello, Under the domain section of our website I can see the following. www.cellerantconsulting.com and www.cellerant.squarespace.com. I want to make the www.cellerant.squarespace.com site contents to be the primary when people go to www.cellerantconsulting.com How do I make that happen? Stephanie
  20. Site URL: http://plastfabrikken.dk I am at the moment creating a new website for a company I work for. Det domain has earlier been associated with a squarespace site, but was deleted many years ago. The domain provider has also deleted the link to the site. But when I am trying to connect the domain to a new Squarespace site it says, that it can't connect. Can anyone help me with what to do?
  21. Site URL: https://www.hiimessentials.com/ How are you, I'm hoping to get the forum's feedback on how to update the website's name. Please let me know how I may update what is displayed as "HIIIM V2" to "HIIM ESSENTIALS". I've updated the SEO, but the purchase confirmation emails and checkout still indicates the wrong name... Please help!
  22. Site URL: https://genzwearethefuture.org/ Hi, I need help on something regarding subdomains and pages in squarespace. Essentially, what I want to do is have a subdomain that is "assigned" to a page. What I mean by "assigned" is that I want the page's url to be my subdomain, instead of a normal url slug. So instead of genzwearethefuture.org/page I want it to be page.genzwearethefuture.org. How would I do this? I have tried to use subdomain forwarding and Custom Records, but that doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://www.skunk.co.nz Hey guys, I have just pointed my domain at our new website and now we are getting "Your connection is not private" now displaying on our website whenever someone clicks on it. How on earth do I get rid of this? Need help urgently!! Many thanks!!
  24. Site URL: https://www.chuckpeterson.com/ This may not be the proper place to ask this, but I am stuck. I got an email 3 days ago saying "payment declined by issuing institution" for my annual domain payment. My credit card is good. I've emailed squarespace support twice and get a reply with a case number, but no further response. I can't let my domain expire. I can't figure out how to chat. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  25. Getting this message: "SSL Certificates are not available for the following domains because they are not correctly connected to your Squarespace site. Please follow these instructions to correct the problem. Domains without certificates will not work if you enable Secure."
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