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  1. Site URL: http://www.drdawnscoachingplace.com I must be having a "slow" day, but I just don't see it. I did as follows: Next to Main Navigation, click on the "+" icon Under Collections, click on "Blog" Choose one of the generic blog layouts Choose a title for the blog. Click on the stock image, expecting to see an option to delete the image that I want to replace... ....But it just isn't there. There is an edit "pencil" icon, and I click on that, but I don't see any option to delete and replace the image, nor any other option except "Add Section". So where is the option to replace an image? What am I missing
  2. Site URL: https://www.yungrealestate.com/availabilities I added code for a loading animation to the Page Header Code Injection in Blog Settings. It works great but it loads on all the blog pages as well as the main blog list page. How can I stop the animation from loading on all of the individual blog pages? I would prefer for it to only load on the main blog list page. Thanks!
  3. I am wondering if there is a way to create a side menu that would pull the titles of each blog post. Either at the top of a page or on the side. I know I could manually build links to each blog post page, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do it automatically.
  4. Site URL: https://rangerclub.uk We are wanting to make a knowledge base, like Wiki, for our members (will be within Members Areas). We are struggling to find the best way to make it that will be efficient for the user. At the moment we are toying with the ides of using the inbuilt Blog feature but want a couple of extra things to improve it. -Remove the blogs 'posted' date (can be done with CSS?) -Add a search bar at the top of the page -Have 3 columns of posts or be able to customize Blogs main page I have no knowledge of CSS so wondering if there's a rough guide. Thanks
  5. I searched the forum but no luck with this particular query. My design requires me to have full-bleed bands of colour to separate content on my blog posts. Is this possible? Attached are images of how it currently looks in the 7.1 Editor and how i want it to look.
  6. Hello, I'm trying to reconfigure the Amal template to allow me to put my logo on the left of the main navigation, and put the link to "Blog" on the far right of the navigation. What code can I use to make this adjustment in the template? Image 1: The current layout of Amal Image 2: The ideal state Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://www.englishgem.es Hi, i have a problem with the post's setting. I have indicated that each post open in a new window. Now this option is not available and each post opens in the same tab. I don't understand what happened to this change! Can anybody help me?
  8. Site URL: https://coconut-dolphin-d2rs.squarespace.com/news Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to apply a background image to a Blog list page so that it covers the entire body area of the page. I've used some CSS to add the background image but it doesn't extend to the full width of the page or to the section above with the page headline. Here's a link to the page: https://coconut-dolphin-d2rs.squarespace.com/news PW: torch Attached is screenshot depicting the what I want to do. Thank you, Jeff
  9. Site URL: http://sickwriter.com Current account type: Basic Site purpose: Blog only, posting stories, coping skills used, etc. to battle my mental illness Hello, my site is solely a blog at this point, and I'm using the 7.1 template. Perhaps it's the same on all 7.1 templates, but the Icons at the bottom of my blogs (Like, Reply and Flag) are very small and light). Is it possible to make them larger and darker? It's especially helpful for mobile devices (client feedback). Thank you.
  10. I've been able to hide the written portion via fonts in the Design tab, but the arrows still show. How can I hide the entire pagination item on blog posts via Custom CSS? Example image below:
  11. Site URL: https://cohanpllc.com I have SEO errors for duplicate meta-descriptions for blog categories and tags. I have seen some people hide the categories and tags from indexing on Google as an answer to this. Is there anyway to edit these individually, instead?
  12. Site URL: https://pufferfish-goby-6zrd.squarespace.com/config/ I'm looking to create a simple 'sort by' filter, I'd like to be able to sort trips by: -dates -type -age group sort of similar to the trip sort feature on this website https://moondanceadventures.com/trip-finder/ (I know it's not build in sqsp.) I'm wondering if this is a possibility in Squarespace. I was thinking it would be easiest to build each trip within the blog posts, but I am not sure. Any ideas? my site pw: peanut @tuanphan
  13. Site URL: http://www.smifsc.com/podcast So I'm trying to use an Embed block on a Blog parent page to display the Apple Podcast player. Apple claims on their page "The player is responsive. Its width will automatically expand to fit mobile and desktop layouts." However that doesn't seem to be true on my page. I want the scroll bar to go away and for the div/container to adjust to the size of the embedded content. On mobile it cuts off very small and is unusable. It does the same on desktop but is more usable. I've tried a little code injection in the style sheet but nothing so far has worked. Can someone help this iframe work better on our site? Thank you in advance! The embed code is: <iframe src="https://embed.podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-the-fields/id1588269214?itsct=podcast_box_player&amp;itscg=30200&amp;ls=1&amp;theme=auto" height="450px" frameborder="0" sandbox="allow-forms allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation" allow="autoplay *; encrypted-media *;" style="width: 100%; max-width: 660px; overflow: hidden; border-radius: 10px; background: transparent;"></iframe>
  14. Site URL: http://www.kristenthompsonwellness.com Hello! I’ve had my page for a year and have slowly worked on it, but I’m trying to figure out what all I’m missing. I know SEO and tags are a weak spot for me. also, I have no idea how to actually look at the form submissions. Overall, the goal of my site is to make blog posts and later recipes gaining google ad revenue, and then taking on clients for my nutrition/fitness coaching. Any and all tips, critiques, or ideas are much appreciated. Thank you! Kristen <3
  15. Site URL: https://lokalamico.com/wolfgang-vienna-host Hi, I followed this tutorial on how to create a testimonial slider via summary block. Client wants to know if is it possible to automatically put a "Read More..." toggle for long reviews or text that exceed a defined number of characters? It is added via blog settings below Password to the URL provided is mmmm1234 Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://www.hswaldorf.org/schoolnews-report I'd like to make adjustment of my blog titles. Please help me to smaller the sizes of title (shown in red circle below) in desktop view only. Thank you so much!
  17. Site URL: http://www.drdawnscoachingplace.com I would like to add a blog to my website, and ideally the blog would have the URL "blog.drdawnscoachingplace.com". For whatever reason I feel this looks more polished and professional than "www.drdawnscoachingplace.com/blog". Does Squarespace support this?
  18. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/journal Does anyone know how to change the date format on blog pages? Right now it's: Wednesday 10.13.21 I'm in the UK so would be much better like this for example: 13th October 2021 Is there a fix somehow? Thanks Alex
  19. Site URL: https://moushi.co/blog Hey SS Circle Members, I'm slowly, reluctantly moving into 7.1 and have a question maybe @tuanphan could help with that might help others. I'm using a Summary Block to pull the latest post from my blog, and then the active blog is underneath. As you can see on moushi.co/blog, the first two posts are the same which is of course a problem. How do you suggest I remove the first post from the actual blog page? so that the Summary Block above serves as the main "Most recent" section for the latest post, and the following posts exist in the blog below. I've expressed my frustration to the 7.1 Product team that it's really not made for writers or bloggers at all but alas, it is what it is for now. Thank you for any and all your help.
  20. Site URL: http://www.hawkesharboreducation.org Hello! I am not a web developer or a web designer. I have no experience in either. This is my first website and I just published my first blog post. It says it is published but my friends cannot read it. It says that the page couldn’t be found. I am just starting out and pitching my idea to people and now no one is able to read what I’m all about! Can anyone help? Thank you!
  21. Site URL: https://www.prospect5.org/artists/katrina-andry The pagination between blog posts seems to have completely disappeared on all my blogs. Any ideas as to why this could be happening? The pw is PROSPECT5
  22. I enabled blogging on my website recently. For some reason this created pagination on my product pages. I used the following code injection to hide it on my product pages only. <style> .item-pagination-link{ display:none; } </style> I'm not sure if this is specific to 7.1 or not, but I would say this is a bug. Also the "next" and "previous" links weren't in any apparent logical order. Probably in the order I created the products if I had to make a guess, rather than the order of which the products appear on the page. Aside from code injection is there another method to turn off pagination to product pages specifically I'm just not aware of?
  23. I am currently trying to re-order my blog posts by changing the publication date of each post. However, they are not re-ordering at all. I started the publication order on 10/01 for the first post, then 10/02 for the second post, and so on.
  24. Site URL: https://wrasse-buffalo-6zlc.squarespace.com/ Hello I was told that for SEO for blogging it is good to have your title and main headlines in the blog h1 font, that being said the h1 font looks too big in the blog, but I do not want to change the size of it for the whole global site. Is there a way to adjust the H1 font down in the title of the blogs and inside the blog pages just for the blog? Thanks
  25. Hi, I am wanting to create a custom link through for a blog delimeter, is this possible? I have attached an image to reference.
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