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  1. Site URL: https://www.meatballamericano.com/home/the-american-guide-to-italian-meal-courses I'd really like the plate by plate title to look more like the section header. How Do I do that? Also, if someone could advise on how to make a line break between the main heading and the subhead, that would be helpful too. Thank you in advance!!!!
  2. Site URL: https://www.crysp.co.uk/blog Hi there, I'm currently working on a website with a lot of blog posts. Rather than have users scroll through them all chronologically, I'd like the main /blog URL to divide them up based on the categories I have assigned to each post. That way, users could click on the category they'd like to see blog posts about, which would then take them through to those blog posts. This could either be done via linking to a separate /blog?=category URL, or even a drop-down filter that users can click on to filter blog posts by category. Currently, I can't see how to do either (I have tried the first option, but it's glitching and doesn't provide a great UX). Alternatively, I've seen other websites with blog structures such as this https://lifenest.co.uk/thinktank - where each category is listed as a single row, with all the relevant tagged posts in each category all visible on one page. Would anyone be able to give me some help on how I could achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  3. It can be a challenge to get CSS going to customize a blog post page. The following cited code adds the categories and tags of a post as classes to a selector you choose (body or article would be a typical choice). Please see Blog Post Categories and Tags Add.
  4. Site URL: http://www.nwtherapymom.com For my website, I have a white logo and a black logo. The White logo looks perfect on the Home page, but disappears on the blog and contact page since the page backgrounds on those pages are white. I would like to use the black logo in the header on just the blog and contact pages. For now on my site, I just have text for the site name. Squarespace automatically changes the text to white on the front page and black on the other pages depending on the page background color but it won't for the logos unless I have a custom css code. I have tried looking at other forums and using that code, but I am not sure how to use code at all. I am using the 7.1 version and really need help. I've attached both the black and white logo but need specific directions as to how to get these placed.
  5. Site URL: https://weareparler.co/podette I use Squarespace 7.1 to host my podcast via a blog but if I add a featured image to each post then the thumbnail for the podcast changes to that image in podcast player apps, which I do not want it to do. Unfortunately, not using a featured image means that the blog page has no images included as 7.1 no longer pulls through the first image embedded in the post if no featured image exists (why have they turned off all the useful functionality?!) Does anyone have a way for me to not use featured images but still have images showing on the blog page (https://weareparler.co/podette) please? I've tried putting together a fake blog page with a summary block to get around it (https://weareparler.co/blog) but it won't show all episodes and it won't fix the issue if people use categories to find relevant blog posts. I don't want to separate out the podcast hosting into a separate blog because each podcast episode links back from the podcast player app to the page the audio is hosted on, so there'd need to be content in two places instead of one (far too much work!). I've run out of workaround ideas and am hoping someone can help with some coding to pull through the first image in a blog post instead of a featured image 🤞🏻 or any other idea that could work (other than hosting my podcast somewhere else, not an option right now) TIA!
  6. Is there any way to automatically have featured and social images set as the first image in the content? It doesn't make any sense that I have to click on tabs and upload or search for the same image three times for every post so that basic site functionality works and that's not even getting into image alternate text or tags for all three versions.
  7. Site URL: https://www.nembol.com/ Hello everyone. As you can see, on my website all blog posts (https://www.nembol.com/ecommerce-academy) have a duplicated h1 tag. This is because Squarespace considers both the blog page title and the blog item title as an h1. Is there any way to tell Squarespace that the blog title should be an h2 (or anything else)? Thank you.
  8. Hello. On my site, I have my header navigation background set to transparent on all of my pages, I have a blue background behind my headers so the navigation logo and nav items just overlay the blue background. For example, see here https://www.graphitefinancial.com/blog or https://www.graphitefinancial.com/ However, for my blog posts I cannot add a blue background behind the header with the theme I'm using. See here: https://www.graphitefinancial.com/blog/title-growth-at-all-cost-strategies-arent-working-for-startups-heres-what-is-and-always-has. So my logo doesn't show since it is white. Is there a way for me to set just the blog posts to have a specific background. I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE HEADER NAV BACKGROUND COLOR ON ANY OTHER PAGE BUT A BLOG POST. Thanks :)
  9. Site URL: https://theindieauthorcollective.com/blog/blog-post-title-one-x7pad Hi all! I'm creating a new site with a blog that will have frequent guest posts, so I'm turning on the Author Profile option for the first time and am having trouble styling it with CSS—it's pretty basic and ugly by default. I've tried targeting it in Design→ Custom CSS with the .blog-item-author-profile-wrapper tag I found by Inspecting, but no CSS I apply after it makes any changes. I'd like to put a border around it and change the background color so it looks like a custom block rather than just blending in with the rest of the post text. I also want to make the text left-aligned and I would love to move the profile photo to the left of the text, but the latter might be asking too much. I had thought about faking the author bios with a summary block, but I need to be able to add links to guest posters' social media accounts and websites and haven't found a way to do that in summary blocks. Access code is "forumhelp" for the website link. Thanks for taking a look!
  10. I am updating a photography website and am having trouble with the blog (Forte template). Is it possible to get the Feature Image + Excerpt to show up before the 'read more' link to the rest of the individual blog post? I can get only the Excerpt text to show up and the link to the rest but cannot get the Feature Image to also show up.
  11. Site URL: https://anni-townend.squarespace.com/leaders-in-conversation-podcast/blog-post-title-one no change showing for font for blog title one 3 custom fonts assigned for h1 h2 h3 when in blog, in site styles and changing blog title font from heading to custom -it won't change unless I remove the css for h1 h2 h3. I would prefer to not use a heading font for blog titles.
  12. Hello, I've got an issue where two dates are showing on my blog summary page, below the picture and above the title (image below). While I've read the article on how to change blog dates and been deep in the settings, I still cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop this happening. I'd ideally like to have one date there, just not two, does anyone know how to fix this? My Squarespace version is 7.1 (if displaying just one date is not possible, how do I remove it from displaying a date at all?). Thanks team!
  13. Site URL: https://www.clarionrxconsulting.com/blog/brandnamingcriteria Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with the following issue: In the mobile view of blog posts on my website, at the bottom where it shows links to previous and next posts, the text overlaps. Is there a way to solve for this formatting issue across all my posts? Here's the post specifically referenced in my screenshot: https://www.clarionrxconsulting.com/blog/brandnamingcriteria Thanks so much!
  14. Site URL: https://www.nerddogmedia.com/product-reviews/best-top-5-products-for-senior-dogs Needing help making my affiliate images larger. The link Amazon provides has the code set to reflect :120px;height:240px, it won't let me change, and if i do edit the numbers the image size does not change. Please advise, thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, I would like to add a short daily quote on my home page in a way that I can schedule a bunch of them ahead of time and don't have to do it manually every day. Is that possible? If so, how? My first idea was to have a blog element/block on my homepage for that. Can I integrate a blog (only featuring the current blog post of the day) on my homepage? Thank you!
  16. Is there a way to display on the 7.1 Blog more than 2 metadata? I want to feature a category, tag, date and author if possible....
  17. Site URL: https://mauve-ellipse-gha2.squarespace.com/ Hi there, Ive been trying to find a right css code for blog title and pagenation title but does not work. Thank you for your help.
  18. Site URL: https://www.jeremiahlam.com Is it possible to change the width of a blog post on Rally 7.0?
  19. Hi, all -- Does anyone have experience with syndicating content on their Squarespace blog? My blog page comprises both blog posts I've written/published directly to Squarespace as well as blog posts of syndicated/republished content from a non-Squarespace site (which I'll refer to as "FV" here to keep things simple). I need to ensure only the original content on FV is indexed, so my first thought was to include canonical links to the syndicated blog post headers. However, it's starting to sound like there's no way to manually do that. Canonical links are automatically generated for the blog page, but you can't add/edit them to individual posts. A member of Squarespace's support team shared with me the following, in regards to adding source URL links to individual blog posts: "...adding in the source URL does not appear to affect the blog post [or target URL's] SEO, and wouldn't be read as duplicate content. So, you should be good to go -- you wouldn't need to add in any additional code to the site in this case." However, I need to be completely sure Google knows that FV's posts are the originals -- not the one's I've republished on Squarespace, even though I've linked them back to FV. Can anyone with experience in syndicating blog posts share their knowledge/findings with me? Would code injections within the body of the blog post work? Thank you in advance for you time and insight! G
  20. Site URL: http://mattrutherford.co.uk Hi all - I made a blog post, which published successfully. However, I am unable add this blog post to an email campaign - it's not available in the drop down selection 'select post'. I cannot figure out why it is not there - has anyone seen this before? Thanks in advance... Matt
  21. I imported a client's blog from Wordpress and all the posts came across, however the post summaries (thumbnails, excerpts, etc) did not appear on the main blog page. I could see the list of posts in the editor on the left but they weren't appearing on the blog page itself. I had migrated blogs from Wordpress several times in the past and had never encountered this issue before. I've attached a screenshot of the problem. Thanks to Faye S from Squarespace Customer Care, I solved it by creating a new blog page and moving the posts to the new blog page. The new blog page populated as normal with the blog post summaries (thumbnails, excerpts, etc) I used this support page to learn how to move collections - Move Collection Items (first create new blog page) Hopefully this helps others who encounter the same problem. 🙂
  22. Site URL: https://www.almendritasabia.com/blog/la-adiccion-es-una-enfermedad Hello, I added a reading time to my blog posts, thanks to this article I saw online: https://www.maryphilip.com/the-blog/how-to-add-a-reading-time-to-your-squarespace-blog I don't want to have to add a code block to each single post. So I followed the following instructions: 1. To add to all blogs, go to the Blog’s Page Settings, click Post Blog Item Code Injection and add the following: Copy Code <div class="reading-time"></div> 2. Go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and paste the following into the Header: Copy Code <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(function () { var txt = $("article")[0].textContent, wordCount = txt.replace( /[^\w ]/g, "" ).split( /\s+/ ).length; var readingTimeInMinutes = Math.floor(wordCount / 228) + 1; var readingTimeAsString = readingTimeInMinutes + " min"; $('article .reading-time').html(readingTimeAsString); }); </script> 3. Change the design to your liking. Go to Design, click Custom CSS, and paste the following: Copy Code .reading-time { text-align: center; font-size: 18px; font-family: 'Playfair Display' } To add text before the time count, adapt the content with this CSS to your liking: Copy Code .reading-time:before { content: 'Reading Time:'; margin-right: 3px; } (I changed a little of the CSS) So it appears at the bottom. And I was wondering if it's possible to move it under the blog title? TThank you! 🙂
  23. Hi, I have a site on 7.1 which has a white background. Is it possible through coding or otherwise to add narrow margins of colour to the blog post pages? It doesn't matter if it has to be site-wide really, just need them on the blog post pages.
  24. Site URL: https://www.jkforward.com/podcasts site password: foxglove I'd like to be able to add line breaks into the blog post titles. I would like a post title to display as: Fondly yours… S01E02: Costa Rica Is there a way to specify the number of characters before a line break for this blog only? My first line will always be 21 characters. I am using the Paloma template.
  25. Site URL: https://www.littlewhimsey.com/ Hi Guys. I wondering if there is an easy way to move the Blog Post Title below the first blog post image - or remove it so I can recreate the blog post title as a text block below image? Huge thanks in advance.
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