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  1. Hello, I am interested in starting a highly structured video training course and need to know the best template and how to begin. Each video module should lead the viewer to the next video, and each training module builds on the previous. It will be a course that requires login and payment to be able to access the video content, and the user will be supplied with a temporary password that they change to make their own, which they can then use to login each time they need to access their course. So in summary, I need the following features: *Video upload capability *Ecommerce tools, such as bank account linking, shopping cart, etc. *Login credentials management I am thinking something like rectangular shaped buttons on the left column, all of them stacked, that show the videos in order, and once the video is clicked, the video shows on the right side (and majority) of the screen, while all the buttons that represent the modules remain showing on the left side, so they can jump from module to module if they like. Can anyone suggest a SS template that would work well for this type of application? Thank you in advance for your help! Joel Miller
  2. I'm in a trial account. I had watched YouTube videos by Squarespace and read help guides and they say you 'just click design, click template, change template' WTF. It's not there. I can't. Was reading some feedbacks, and people saying you have to sign a new account?? They're not templates, but layouts?? Anyhoo.. Squarespace this seems confusing af. Misleading. So will probably cancel the subscription.
  3. Hello I'm a web designer coming from wordpress and saw there's demand for squarespace. I've designed some premade designs on here but I was wondering how you can store them long term? Now I have these templates I've made but it says the website trail will expire soon. Do I buy a membership to extend all of them or does it only extend one? I don't want to publish any of them with domain name. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, On the Squarespace home page yesterday a website for 'cornelia trovati' was displayed. Would anyone know what the template is? I cant find it anywhere!
  5. Hay lovely people of Squarespace Forum, I have a peculiar problem it seems. I'm building two new sites and started my trial in late august. I was able to work on it a bit, adding pages; blanks, contact, blog pages, etc. All was accessible. When I came back a small week later I wasn't able to add pages like Collections anymore, only blank pages. The window for (example Blog) pages opens, but the templates don't show, and therefor I can't click on any, and not add such a page. I checked with my other sites (both in trial mode and published) and none of them are able to add collection pages because the templates don't show. BUT on any other computer it DOES work. I have tried everything I can come up with; deleting cookies and cache, checking extensions, opening squarespace in a private window,... nothing works. It is becoming quite the annoying mystery. Anyone any tips? This is how pages -> + -> Add Blog -> looks like:
  6. Hello! I really like the layout overall with the Pazari template; However, I really want to change the image size/aspect ratio of the portfolio images to alternate in between Portrait and Landscape (just like on the second picture). The Pazari template only allows me to have an identical grid with portrait photos and I didn't find any solution to change that. Is this possible? Thank you very much, Justine
  7. Site URL: http://hannahbianca.com Hi there! Currently updating my website/portfolio and wanted to look into adding smooth page transitions to appear as if it's on the same page (similar to an anchor link or link to a section on a page that if possible, doesn't show up without clicking) like laterwolf transitioning from the WORK to ABOUT page as well as the VIEW PROJECT links when scrolling down. AND if possible would love to have an index link section like they do here on ilovecreative's pages on the far right (the small scrolling circles). The problem is I haven't worked on my website in so long that I don't know what theme it is but have figured out that it's on a 7.1 template. Would it be possible to do what I want with my theme? And if so, how can I do it--whether through coding or customization within Squarespace's settings? I'm not new to website design itself through Squarespace but am less familiar with coding and customization and would appreciate any help toward this!! Thank you!
  8. Site URL: https://www.alysonholder.com I'd prefer to have only the Welcome, Photo Sessions, Product Photography, Personal Work and Meet the Creator tabs in the dap down menu. The other folders are the linked pages . Is there a way to remove this for the mobile viewing ?
  9. Site URL: https://sararose-design.com/ I tried to use the solutions provided in this thread, but was unable to achieve the results I'm looking for on my website, which I'm using the Henson template for. On every page of my website, I would like only the website tagline text (from the Index/Home page) to appear after scrolling to the bottom as it currently does. However, the banner image for the individual page displays at both the top of the page (desired) as well as again at the bottom of the page simultaneously with the tagline text which makes that area look broken How might I go about removing the repeat instance of the banner image on individual pages while still keeping it at the top of the page? Secondly, I have a banner image set for this page, which is a Gallery, that appears when you hover over the link in nav, but is not visible on the page itself as it is on non-gallery pages. I would like these all to be treated the same, however. Is there a workaround there other than not using a gallery page?
  10. Helloo everyone. I’m a webdesigner and would like to give square space a try as well. I’m just wondering how most go about their creation. I use Figma to prototype but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to do on here as well. And couldn’t find many people doing prototyping for squarespace. So I wonder how professionals work on this platform to create custom designs. You do it directly in the builder? Build a basic outline? I understand you’re limited to the builder. And I might not be able to build my prototype exactly. So it might be a waste to go that route
  11. Hi everyone, Is there a way to make all the footer sections of Avenue template automatically appear across all pages? I don't want to reconstruct the footer every time I build a new page. Thank you!
  12. Hi friends Super simple—just trying to find a blank template but can't for the life of me. Is it a matter of choosing any template and just deleting everything? or... Thanks!
  13. Site URL: http://www.alexandrawuzyk.com/ Dear wizards of code, would someone be able to help me with the code to add for the following changes? - adding a custom (increased) padding to an image on my home screen (sidenote: is it possible to add changes which apply differently to mobile version, and desktop version? e.g. I may prefer to add a different amount of padding to my image, to avoid it becoming too small) - decreasing the automatic padding on my header (which pushes the content too far down) In green is indicated where I desire that circular image to be Thank you, PS. I am quite new to coding, so being explicit is appreciated (template is Forte)
  14. Site URL: https://www.unit-12.org/shop As part of my newest work, I'm supposed to get my CIC's website to sell tickets for a special quiz night event. My working knowledge of Squarespace is a bit rusty but I imagine this would involve create a sort of template for a PDF ticket, automatically written with the customers information like their name, email address, receipt info, transaction ID, etc. Is that possible here or is there another solution for selling tickets here? Thanks.
  15. I have started doing a lot of Squarespace sites for clients. I usually have them sign up for an account, pay for a year, and then have them give me the login to start building. The problem is Squarespace makes you provide a bunch of information about who you are and choose a template. This is really confusing to my clients who just want me to build from the wireframe we have created together. Is there a way to bypass this process and sign up without committing to a template?
  16. Site URL: http://www.anjain.in Hey Guys so my homepage is pretty, but i want to insert a two collumn system after the initial shop now. The single collumn seems extremely block ish in mobile view specifically. Please help!
  17. I really need help... I've created a shop in the tresoire template, and every new element and box I add applies to every page. If I edit the text box on one page, for example I have a category in shop called "Children's Literature", I don't want my text boxes and text from "Other Literature" appearing on the "Children's Literature" page, I have no idea how to stop this from happening and stopping my changes from applying to all categories within Shop. If anyone has any help or any way I can get around this please help!
  18. Site URL: http://www.juelconsulting.com Need help restoring site to a cached version on square space. I had added some new coding into our custom code which messed up the entire style and function of the site. Here is the cached version of our site that I need to have it restored to. Any ideas of help please?!?!?! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:WtqVoTKH11YJ:https://www.juelconsulting.com/&hl=en&gl=us&strip=0&vwsrc=0 Here is how it looks now: juelconsulting.com
  19. Hi, I am looking to build a simple website as an online investment packet. I'm wondering which templates would be the right ones to start out with in order to have the following features. Upon clicking the link, the viewer is taken to webpage. At the top is a fullbleed Vimeo video (with all Vimeo controls), and as you scroll down there is text and a slideshow below that. I have been playing with the Lange and Sofia templates. In the first one, I can get the fullbleed video with the Vimeo controls, but I cannot make the video be the first thing seen when the viewer lands on the page - there is always a white space between the video and top of the site. With Sofia, I can get the full screen landing page video, but it is only a background video. It is very important that the viewers can choose when to start the video, and full screen it if they wish. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this with a Squarespace template? Or maybe a couple modifications? I've attached a rough mock-up for what I am going for. Thank you in advance!
  20. Site URL: https://poagao.squarespace.com/ The stated reason of not allowing us to switch templates in 7.1 is that the templates are so customizable...I started out with Falodu in 7.1 but then found Wells, a 7.0 template that allows the user to switch between thumbnail grid view and individual photographs. It may be obvious and I'm missing it but it seems something so basic must be accessible 7.1? Do I really need to cancel my subscription and start again with a 7.0 template?
  21. How is it possible that, using a template that format the text size for the whole website, there are a few pages that randomly generates Google mobile usability issue like Text too small to read?Isn't this platform, Squarespace, already optimized for mobile usability? I tried to reach out with Squarespace customer care but was useless. It's easy just to blame Google and just saying to contact Google's customer care. Very disappointed!
  22. Site URL: https://www.mcpricemyers.com/about When we added our fourth brand partner we were not able to adjust the type to sit correctly. When on mobile, the formatting completely shifts. https://www.mcpricemyers.com/about It's almost as if I can only have 3 images with three formatting options. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello, I am having an issue with templates. I can't access templates, the option has disappeared. On my other website the option is there but for the one i have just paid for, it isn't there...am i missing something?
  24. Site URL: https://palazzodelgolfo.com I am looking to refresh my site and was hoping that a new template might help. I may have some video that I would like to add as well. Any suggestions for new templates I should take a look at? Am glad that you can preview the site template but in an ideal world I really want a true dev/staging environment with backups etc.
  25. I'm trying to decide whether to 1) purchase a premium SS template and then have my contractor install and build the site vs. 2) purchase a premium template and then have my contractor install and customize the site or 3) Also - how much work is it to make it look close to the brand and give the template some nice bells and whistles if you purchase a premium template? How do you explain this to the client? Do you show them the templates? They will see the price (which I don't want) Or do you just buy one that's close and then have the contractor customize it? How much customizing can you do with a premium template? And if you want to customize, is it better to build from scratch? Thanks!
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