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  1. Site URL: https://www.littlesaps.com/what-to-say-2 Hello! I have a client with a 7.0 site on the Hyde template (I did not build). We currently have Squarewebsite's Universal Filter plugin installed on the main Shop page; however it required a lot of help from the creator to set that up a year and a half ago and he doesn't have time to help set this up on another page. Is anyone available to provide a quote to setup the Universal Filter on a Blog Summary page? We are trying to setup a "What to Say" text snippet generator so to speak using blog post excerpts, that people can click on specific categories and even drill down further with tags to display the content they need to help inspire them for their own custom messaging. I can provide much greater detail to anyone who may be available for this sort of work. I find this plugin is above my head and instead of wasting hours trying to figure it out I'd rather work with someone more capable. Thank you in advance! Please message me here to get connected. ☺️
  2. Site URL: https://worldtraveladventurers.com/andaz-mayakoba-review-family-friendly-luxury-on-mexican-riviera-maya/ Hi! I am looking for a way to add my review of a destination to my website. I would like to rate a resort and give it my score. I do not want other people to be able to add their own score / review. Here's a similar site which I believe uses a plug-in: https://worldtraveladventurers.com/andaz-mayakoba-review-family-friendly-luxury-on-mexican-riviera-maya/. Also, pic attached. Is this possible with Squarespace? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ I created some tabs on the Services page with this code tutorial: https://www.will-myers.com/articles/adding-simple-tabs-to-your-website-in-squarespace-71-and-70 Unfortunately, it did not render well for Mobile and the tabs were cutting off. I managed to alter the code so that the tabs did not cut off, but now there is a big chunk of padding above that is technically the code block itself... wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on how to adjust this? https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ pw: haircare
  4. Site URL: https://www.anexceptionallife.com/ Hi All, I've implemented a summary block (using lazy summaries plug-in) to get a carousel of quotes rotating towards the bottom of my homepage. Currently everything is functioning exactly as I intended with one exception. I would like to have the carousel auto-rotation pause when someone hovers over the quote. https://www.anexceptionallife.com/ Does anyone know if there's a specific javascript snippet I can use to target that block and pause on mouse-hover? Thank you!
  5. Site URL: https://www.diversity.axelspringer.com Hello 🙂 We currently have a Youtube video embedded into our landing page as a social plug-in. Due to our data security rules, we need to implement it with Sheriff-solution or 2-click-solution. How can we achieve that with custom code? Looking forward to your help!
  6. Site URL: https://hyperboloid-sepia-jx6h.squarespace.com/config/pages Hey So I am making a comprehensive list of Medical Schools in the US as a tool for members of a honor society I am president of. Essentially I want to give them the opportunity to either enter in/select from a drop box a series of inormation and have the list of med schools filter itself to only show options fitting said criteria. (Information student will/can enter examples: State, Tuition, GPA, MCAT, etc.) Thanks so much for any help!
  7. Is there a way I could add a crossword puzzle to my website, like the attached?
  8. Hi guys, I need to build a job board on my squarespace site which advertises jobs from external sites. It's basically a list of links which should be filterable by pre-defined tags and categories. I would like to display it in a similar style like the blog post summaries. Main requirements: - Option to add individual categories and tags - Redirect to an external page link when people click on the ad - Option to filter the job ads - No item limit -> I tried using the squarespace blog and the universal filter to build a workaround but it has a 30 items limit and it's also a lot of effort to administrate. I've also checked out the job board plug in by elfsight but unfortunately it doesn't have a filter option and does not allow me to change the button text or category names. Do you have a suggestion for a good plug in that I could use?
  9. Hey all - I have a client who wants to add a plugin to their site that will allow the ability to plug in a zip code and have the user alerted as to whether or not they currently service that area. I thought zipfinder was the answer, but that's just for specific locations (not a map delivery zone type plugin). Has anyone had experience with this? Any good solutions out there? Thanks in advance, x
  10. Hi all, Looking for recommendations of polls to embed that will allow results to be instantly displayed once a selection or vote has been submitted. Feel free to share about any insights or experiences in using or creating poll plugins. Cheers!
  11. Site URL: https://www.sliim.org I'm having trouble finding a good directory plugin I can use for Squarespace. I used community box and have been having endless problems with functionality and accessibility. Is there another site similar to it that works better? I can't seem to find anything about directories for squarespace. If you go to my site and go to Find a Practitioner, you'll see where the directory loads. This is a super important aspect of my site and business. I really need to change this ASAP. Thank you
  12. Site URL: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin Hello, Does anyone have experience adding the Facebook Page Plugins to their Squarespace site? I have tried following every tutorial online to no avail, it always ends up in a random string of code, or just the title of my Facebook page in black letters instead of the embedded object. Neither the iFrame or the Javascript option have brought about any results. I have the Apps installed in the developer tools for Facebook. Thanks for your help J
  13. Site URL: http://sitedoesn'texistyet.com I have a client that is looking to build a website that will integrate with a few MLS type services: Crexi.com and Buildout.com. Has anyone made these connections before to Squarespace? If so, I am wondering if you can share a bit of your process. We are also open to hiring someone to help with these integrations. My client also uses Brevitas for marketing and would love to know about any possibilities to link here as well. Are there any experts out there that deal in the Real Estate sector that can help with these integrations. Thanks! Marlo
  14. Site URL: https://uk-tefl.com.squarespace.com Hey! I'm wanting to add a page to my site where I can let users check if their certificate is valid. Ideally, this would work with me having a file of user name, course, date, and cert number which the site can access. On the page, a visitor can type in the cert number and it would bring up the user info/ certificate valid text, confirming their certificate. While if the number is not recognized it would prompt them to email us. Is there a way to do this, or plug in avaliable to match my needs? TIA Laura
  15. Hi there, I’m building a new 7.1 website and would like to add a summary block that does not stack and that allows for swiping when in mobile. I’d prefer not to have arrows, but rather the first image and some of the next one so that the viewer knows to swipe left and right. As an example, this page on the Nike site does the exact thing I’m looking for…. https://www.nike.com/ntc-app The equinox site also has this. (I’ve included a video of the site with the functionality I’m looking for)… Is there a plug-in or some css code that I can add to make this a possibility for my site? Thanks in advance, JP FullSizeRender.mov
  16. I have looked HIGH AND LOW for an automatic slider plugin that can feature an image/video (not just as a background), text, and a button. Attached is a mockup of what I need to achieve. Any suggestions? I am totally at my wits' end with this!
  17. Site URL: https://squarepaste.com/conditional-logic Hello there! Please take a look at our Conditional Logic Form plugin and give us feedback. It currently supports the select, radio, and checkbox fields. It also only utilizes the Form Block and we’re hoping to add new features as time goes on. Super excited about this one - thank you for your time!
  18. Site URL: https://www.davebella.com.au/shopall Hi people, Site URL: https://www.davebella.com.au/shopall I recently purchased Universal Filter from SQUAREWEBSITES and injected the code on my site but it doesn't seem to be working or appearing at all. I want the sort by and filtering function on the shop page to work but i'm struggling to see what the problem is. it could be the container targeting that was inaccurate but please, if anyone could help me inject this on to my site, that would be of great help. Thanks <script> window.customFilterSettings = { 'targets': [{ container: 'content', //css selector to target container where you want to place filter items: 'list-grid', //css selector for items you want to filter settings: { position: 'top',//set the position for filter to appear. May be: top, left, right align: 'center',// align filter options, may be: left, center, right, space-between showItemsCount: false, // show (true) or hide (false) Items count itemsCount: { enabled: false, // same as showItemsCount text: '', // set the items text before counter, it is Items: by default and you may set your own text positionOrder: 1 // items counter position, higher means last }, keepDropdownsOpen: true, customClasses: 'lite-dropdowns cf-sort-right', /* Add any custom classes to filter container if you want to have your own to use in CSS styling, available: cf-sort-right (move sorting element right), cf-sort-left (move sort left), lite-dropdowns(gives lighter dropdowns stylings)*/ view: 'dropdowns', // available: dropdowns, breadcrumbs, modern, buttons, buttons-round, buttons-pill, buttons-inline /*----Mobile Panel Section----*/ mobilePanel: {// control if you want to have separate offscreen panel with filters on small screens enabled: true,// if set to false, no filter buttons on mobiles will be showed triggerButtonName: 'Filter & Sort', // trigger button text keepDropdownsOpen: null, // if false it overrides desktop settings, if true - dropdowns opened closeOnSelect: false, // mobile panel closed just after user selected something closeOnSearch: true, // mobile panel closed if user searched something in search field closeOnOutsideClick: true // if true, mobile panel will be closed if user clicks outside it }, /*----Filters Section----*/ filter: {// here you define all filters you need and name them category: true,// disabling default Category dropdown tag: true,// disabling default Tag dropdown items: [{ name: 'Brand',// give the dropdown (fiter entity) name you want multiple: true,// if true, allow to select multiple options // multipleLogic: 'or',// combine each selected category with OR or AND logic getAttr: 'categories'// here you say Filter to look for options in items categories }, { name: 'Features',// give the dropdown (fiter entity) name you want multiple: true,//if true, allow to select multiple options // multipleLogic: 'or',// combine each selected category with OR or AND logic getAttr: 'tags'// here you say Filter to look for options in items tags }] }, sort: {// define the sorters enabled: true,// if false - no sorters visible/working items: [{ name: 'Price',// name your sorter order: 'asc|desc',// define orders hideName: false,// hide the Price name orderTexts: '€ - €€€|€€€ - €'// define orders naming /* If sorter named as Price, you do not need define sort selectors or function: it will work the same like you defined: sort: '[data-price] parseInt' */ }] }, search: { enabled: true,// if false, no Search input will be showed text: '', //set the placeholder to your search field, otherwise Search will be used } } }] }; </script> <script src="//assets.squarewebsites.org/custom-filter/custom-filter.min.js"></script>
  19. Site URL: https://www.wellroom.co.uk Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to be able to add a star ratings to certain pieces of content on my site. I've found lots of plugins that I could add to individual products - but my site isn't an e-commerce site so I'm not using products. What I need to to be able to add a star rating code block under various bits of content on a normal page. Does anything like this exist? It feels like it should do but I can't find anything! Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks in advance 😃
  20. Hi, I'd like to create an extension that interacts with carts. Essentially, I want to be able to make API calls out to an external service when a user adds or removes items from a cart. I've noticed that there are no APIs in SquareSpace to interact with carts before orders are placed. I'd like to find a way to get this information. Does anyone know if there is any possible way to do this? At this point, I'm pretty new to SquareSpace, so I don't know even what I don't know. I think I want to build an extension that can somehow interact with cart data, but I don't even see much documentation about building extensions. Is there any info out there about extension development? Thanks for any help you can give!
  21. Hi all, I am currently building a business directory, searchable by individuals. I have explored community box and raklet as a solution, but I believe their front end presentation is horrendous compared to Squarespace solutions. As a workaround, I am adding a Section, and using 'People', however this is not searchable or filterable. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi there, I'm researching booking systems – my client has a hotel that requires a booking system, plus other booking for other areas such as golf, restaurant, tennis etc. Obviously this needs to be linked to a payment system as well. Has anyone used a Squarespace-compatible booking system that could cover all of these areas? Just trying to work out if Squarespace will be an option for them! Thanks in advance!
  23. Site URL: https://triangle-keyboard-t5hz.squarespace.com/history Hi - I purchased the timeline plugin from @squarepaste and it is working well except on smaller Ipad-size screens where the text is running off the left and right sides and hence not readable and at the same time the spacing on either side of the timeline is too big. I can't seem to get ahold of anyone at Squarepaste which isn't great and I think it's a pretty easy fix but I don't want to go messing with their code... what I want to do is reduce the space on either side of the time line and make the whole thing more responsive on Ipads. It works great on a regular desktop and on mobile. Thank you! Site above. Password WLAC
  24. In looking through the developer documentation, I noticed that Squarespace has an extension/plugin marketplace, but I can't find any information about the process of building an extension. Does anyone know what the process of building an extension is like? Also, what are the limitations of extensions? Do they only apply JS/HTML/CSS to the frontend, or is there any ability to run server-side code?
  25. Hello, I'm wanting to have an "add to calendar" link on my event pages that allows people to automatically add the event to their calendar. I've used a third party plug-in called Eventable, which generates a code (which I've inserted using the code block) - but wondering if any clever people out there know a better way to do this as it's completely new to me and I don't really love the look of it at the moment. Brine template https://celery-recorder-da9w.squarespace.com Password: BLUE Thanks, Emily
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