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  1. Site URL: https://www.davebella.com.au/shopall Hi people, Site URL: https://www.davebella.com.au/shopall I recently purchased Universal Filter from SQUAREWEBSITES and injected the code on my site but it doesn't seem to be working or appearing at all. I want the sort by and filtering function on the shop page to work but i'm struggling to see what the problem is. it could be the container targeting that was inaccurate but please, if anyone could help me inject this on to my site, that would be of great help. Thanks <script> window.customFilterSettings = { 'targets': [{ container: 'content', //css selector to target container where you want to place filter items: 'list-grid', //css selector for items you want to filter settings: { position: 'top',//set the position for filter to appear. May be: top, left, right align: 'center',// align filter options, may be: left, center, right, space-between showItemsCount: false, // show (true) or hide (false) Items count itemsCount: { enabled: false, // same as showItemsCount text: '', // set the items text before counter, it is Items: by default and you may set your own text positionOrder: 1 // items counter position, higher means last }, keepDropdownsOpen: true, customClasses: 'lite-dropdowns cf-sort-right', /* Add any custom classes to filter container if you want to have your own to use in CSS styling, available: cf-sort-right (move sorting element right), cf-sort-left (move sort left), lite-dropdowns(gives lighter dropdowns stylings)*/ view: 'dropdowns', // available: dropdowns, breadcrumbs, modern, buttons, buttons-round, buttons-pill, buttons-inline /*----Mobile Panel Section----*/ mobilePanel: {// control if you want to have separate offscreen panel with filters on small screens enabled: true,// if set to false, no filter buttons on mobiles will be showed triggerButtonName: 'Filter & Sort', // trigger button text keepDropdownsOpen: null, // if false it overrides desktop settings, if true - dropdowns opened closeOnSelect: false, // mobile panel closed just after user selected something closeOnSearch: true, // mobile panel closed if user searched something in search field closeOnOutsideClick: true // if true, mobile panel will be closed if user clicks outside it }, /*----Filters Section----*/ filter: {// here you define all filters you need and name them category: true,// disabling default Category dropdown tag: true,// disabling default Tag dropdown items: [{ name: 'Brand',// give the dropdown (fiter entity) name you want multiple: true,// if true, allow to select multiple options // multipleLogic: 'or',// combine each selected category with OR or AND logic getAttr: 'categories'// here you say Filter to look for options in items categories }, { name: 'Features',// give the dropdown (fiter entity) name you want multiple: true,//if true, allow to select multiple options // multipleLogic: 'or',// combine each selected category with OR or AND logic getAttr: 'tags'// here you say Filter to look for options in items tags }] }, sort: {// define the sorters enabled: true,// if false - no sorters visible/working items: [{ name: 'Price',// name your sorter order: 'asc|desc',// define orders hideName: false,// hide the Price name orderTexts: '€ - €€€|€€€ - €'// define orders naming /* If sorter named as Price, you do not need define sort selectors or function: it will work the same like you defined: sort: '[data-price] parseInt' */ }] }, search: { enabled: true,// if false, no Search input will be showed text: '', //set the placeholder to your search field, otherwise Search will be used } } }] }; </script> <script src="//assets.squarewebsites.org/custom-filter/custom-filter.min.js"></script>
  2. Site URL: https://triangle-keyboard-t5hz.squarespace.com/history Hi - I purchased the timeline plugin from @squarepaste and it is working well except on smaller Ipad-size screens where the text is running off the left and right sides and hence not readable and at the same time the spacing on either side of the timeline is too big. I can't seem to get ahold of anyone at Squarepaste which isn't great and I think it's a pretty easy fix but I don't want to go messing with their code... what I want to do is reduce the space on either side of the time line and make the whole thing more responsive on Ipads. It works great on a regular desktop and on mobile. Thank you! Site above. Password WLAC
  3. Hi, I'd like to create an extension that interacts with carts. Essentially, I want to be able to make API calls out to an external service when a user adds or removes items from a cart. I've noticed that there are no APIs in SquareSpace to interact with carts before orders are placed. I'd like to find a way to get this information. Does anyone know if there is any possible way to do this? At this point, I'm pretty new to SquareSpace, so I don't know even what I don't know. I think I want to build an extension that can somehow interact with cart data, but I don't even see much documentation about building extensions. Is there any info out there about extension development? Thanks for any help you can give!
  4. Hello, I'm wanting to have an "add to calendar" link on my event pages that allows people to automatically add the event to their calendar. I've used a third party plug-in called Eventable, which generates a code (which I've inserted using the code block) - but wondering if any clever people out there know a better way to do this as it's completely new to me and I don't really love the look of it at the moment. Brine template https://celery-recorder-da9w.squarespace.com Password: BLUE Thanks, Emily
  5. I am looking to develop an app that users can subscribe to use. I was hoping to create a subscription product on Squarespace (SS) where the user subscribes, creates a login and then accesses the member area - this could then be a landing page that redirects to the app that sits on its own server. Do you know if there is any way, we could make it so the app only opens to traffic that comes from the members area on SS. Otherwise, a user could simply subscribe for one month, access the app, favourite the url and then come back to it whenever they like without subscribing. Thanks so much Smiles,, Jo
  6. Site URL: https://veniceaaca.com/ When posting events to our FB page, the incorrect timezone is displayed on our Squarespace site within the FB plugin feed. How and where can I set the correct timezone?
  7. Site URL: https://www.diversity.axelspringer.com Hello 🙂 We currently have a Youtube video embedded into our landing page as a social plug-in. Due to our data security rules, we need to implement it with Sheriff-solution or 2-click-solution. How can we achieve that with custom code? Looking forward to your help!
  8. Site URL: https://www.dallinandciennaeducation.com/preset-store/p/untraditional-preset-pack I have a plug in for an image slider from this website. Im needing the slider to hold multiple images so I don't have multiple sliders on the page. can anyone help me out?
  9. Site URL: https://www.vsgd.co/current-opportunities Hi there, there are a number of plugins advertised for squarespace but it's not clear whether they can do what we need. We need a self service jobs board plug in - where a customer can submit through a template and pay for a job ad, which gets published either automatically or through a system where an admin needs to proof read. This is to save time in having to create a certain style of job ads for customers who want a quick service. Can anyone help? Best Wishes The VSGD Careers Team
  10. Hello, I have managed to embed an image into a post with ThingLink - I copied the embed code from ThingLink website and pasted it into the 'embed code' section on a post on Square Space. However Platform 7.1 templates don't allow people to embed images into galleries, and I have checked 7.0 which also do not allow for this. Would anyone know how I could embed an image from a third party website into a gallery block on squarespace please? Thanks!
  11. I'm in the process of updating my portfolio website. I'm using Squarespace 7.0 using the Wexley template I would like to have my page as one big gallery that randomly populates images. Kind of like an old tumblr page. I did some research and found this plugin but I can't seem to get it to work. https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/gallery-random-order Any advice?
  12. Site URL: https://www.rbpmhq.com/ Hi, I am looking at adding community capabilities to my Squarespace site and was thinking of using Slack, which is only available to members, to enable members to interact with each other. Anyone done anything like this? Is Slack the right tool?
  13. I'm currently scouring the internet to try and find a solution to my problem. I am producing a website for a client that needs to be able to display a high number of past events (so more than the 30 past events limit). Has anyone found a good solution to this? So far my only possible solution seems to be to use a summary block in leiu of an events page, and use something like this lazy summaries plug in or similar https://www.squarewebsites.org/squarespace-plugins/lazy-summaries If anyone has found a solution to this problem that works with a plug in or a bit of custom code, it would be great if they could share!
  14. Hi there, I'm researching booking systems – my client has a hotel that requires a booking system, plus other booking for other areas such as golf, restaurant, tennis etc. Obviously this needs to be linked to a payment system as well. Has anyone used a Squarespace-compatible booking system that could cover all of these areas? Just trying to work out if Squarespace will be an option for them! Thanks in advance!
  15. Site URL: https://www.monkey-bites.com/ I really hope someone here can help me. I'm a dummy and imported my site from self-hosted WordPress, transferred my domain, and lost content from a plugin. On WordPress, I used a recipe card plugin called WP Tasty to create recipe cards for my food blog. Now that I've transferred my domain to Squarespace, I can no longer access my WordPress dashboard to retrieve the content from that plugin. I was able to download my public_html and sql files from HostGator, but I have no idea how to get my content from them. Any ideas?
  16. Site URL: https://formatframing.com.au/products/online-print-and-frame Hi, just wondering if anyone knows about a plugin or third party application which enables customers to upload their own image to be printed and see what it looks like with a frame around it. I have included a website that already has this function and I am interested how I can do it? thanks 🙂
  17. Aloha, I'm looking for a plugin or other way to accomplish the scenario below: Website page features a quarterly/yearly report Realtors/Agents send out an announcement to their individual contacts (via targeted emails, Salesforce integrated) with a link to read the report Website page displays unique contact name/info based on who sent them there, like an ID which triggers some sort of personalization side note: I can do this easily on our main website using unique identifying URLs, but our site uses Wordpress for the blog integration and I can't create the same kind of visual presentation in wp that I can in ss, as you know. Thank you in advance! **If you have suggestions for proper terminology in what I'm attempting to ask, please lmk.
  18. Site URL: http://atlantiswatergardens.com A client in this same industry as the linked page above wants to implement a pricing too such as the one seen on at this link... https://atlantiswatergardens.com/pricing/ Is there any plugin, embed, or any sort of way to accomplish this? I realize the linked page is in WordPress but want to explore the ability to do something like this on squarespace. Thank you in advance for any advice or guidance.
  19. Site URL: https://sparkplugin.com Hey everyone! Today I'm launching my first Squarespace plugin! 😃 Just as the title says - Spark gives you superpowers in Squarespace. Spark features 100+ stunning presets to make your website stand out. Presets of beautiful buttons, backgrounds, links, images, headings, and more. Spark is currently in development. You can read more here and sign up to hear when Spark is live: sparkplugin.com I hope as many of you will have great benefits of this plugin🌟 /Rasmus
  20. Site URL: https://www.wellroom.co.uk Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to be able to add a star ratings to certain pieces of content on my site. I've found lots of plugins that I could add to individual products - but my site isn't an e-commerce site so I'm not using products. What I need to to be able to add a star rating code block under various bits of content on a normal page. Does anything like this exist? It feels like it should do but I can't find anything! Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks in advance 😃
  21. Site URL: https://pomegranate-badger-p3wd.squarespace.com/ I'm trying to make a custom checkout process that has this flow, similar to this site: https://www.offscreenmag.com/buy/issues 1. select product, tap next 2. select subscription option, tap next 3. fill out checkout details, 4. purchase I'm currently using Shopify's "Buy Button" option as a code block in a SS page. But this is very limiting. I also tried using Squarespaces checkout feature, but their Support Team confirmed currently there is no way to purchase a product and subscription in the same checkout experience. Would anyone have any recommendation or ideas on customizing the checkout to mirror a similar checkout experience? @bangank36, @tuanphan, @creedon
  22. Hi everyone! I am trying to find out if I can create a URL link to my store's checkout page which has an item pre-loaded. I will be able to use this link to use a third party pricing table plugin-in, however the "buy" button only accepts a URL link. If someone clicks the button on the plugin, this should ideally redirect to my Squarespace checkout with an item I am selling added to cart. I have attached a picture to what this will look like below: I have found a similar solution for shopify, however I am unsure if this can work with Squarespace: https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/Cart-Use-permalinks-to-pre-load-the-cart/td-p/613702 I look forward to see if anyone has a solution for this! Thanks, Till
  23. Site URL: https://www.musicmagpie.co.uk/start-selling/ Hi everyone Thanks for any advice in advance I wish to create a website where the customer inputs the barcode of their video game and i offer them a price in cash for the item, like many other trade-in for cash sites. My problem is i have no idea where to start. I assume i would need some api call to a barcode data base but was just wondering if this idea would be possible within squarespace and if there are any plugins which already help with this sort of idea? Thanks and regards Tom
  24. Hi there, I’m building a new 7.1 website and would like to add a summary block that does not stack and that allows for swiping when in mobile. I’d prefer not to have arrows, but rather the first image and some of the next one so that the viewer knows to swipe left and right. As an example, this page on the Nike site does the exact thing I’m looking for…. https://www.nike.com/ntc-app The equinox site also has this. (I’ve included a video of the site with the functionality I’m looking for)… Is there a plug-in or some css code that I can add to make this a possibility for my site? Thanks in advance, JP FullSizeRender.mov
  25. I'm not sure in what subforum this belongs, but I wanted to give feedback to people about 2 of the main plugin shops you're likely to run into when shopping for code. SQSP Themes: I just bought my first plugin from them (the accordion-tabs plugin that has been recommended multiple times on this forum) and I couldn't be more satisfied. For beginners, clear and detailed instructions are provided and SQSP Themes also provides an awesome customization tool that allows you to adjust and test many parameters of the plugin in real time and spits out the code for you. That is brilliant and extremely well thought-out. The plugin needed a tweak out of the box but support got back to me within the hour with a fix. A great experience. https://www.sqspthemes.com Squarestudio: Not so good. Look, I hate badmouthing businesses, but buyers beware. I have purchased quite a few plugins from them. Not only did the majority of them not work out of the box, but they also sometime broke other parts of my site. Twice I was lucky enough to receive support from them, but more recently they simply don't reply to messages (done through FB Messenger). I have sent them multiple support requests via Messenger, their Facebook page and email over the past 2+ weeks... and nothing save for one of their devs emailing me back last Monday saying he would have their support team get back to me. I'm still waiting. In brief, know that the chance is high that their plugins might not work out of the box, and that if that's the case you're pretty much on your own. I will have my cc company reverse all recent charges if I don't hear back from them by tomorrow. Stay away from them until they get their act together. To finish on a positive note, I also wanted to mention Chris Schwartz-Edmisten. He offers free tutorials on YouTube and his website (as well as paid services) and also has a few plugins of his own. I bought his Fixed Footer Reveal pugin which needed a slight tweak. He answered my support request and fixed the issue the same morning. I also used one of his free tutorials to animate my website. He answered a question I had there just as quickly. Check out his plugins, tutorials and his training packages. https://schwartz-edmisten.com
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