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  1. Hello everyone. I need to make a website to present my real estate virtual tour creation services, my prices, as well as the virtual tours of my clients. Can you advise me how to do it? I don't know anything about web development, I'm a photographer.
  2. Hi SS group. Im looking to create an automated rolling banner of images on my site, but ive stumbled across a roadblock! I have the solid option, with buttons to scroll through manually, but I like the idea of having it automated. I have none of the drop menus available, which another site its telling me to look for. Ive got the required code for this, but without the options of Banner slideshow or Carousel... it won't work. Any guidance from someone more knowledgable of SS? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I am using a Squarespace plug-in that can only be applied to Simple gallery sections. However, I want the gallery photos to not be cropped at all. Does anyone know how this can be achieved?? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello! Is it possible to insert a batch/or more photo's at once to a blogpost? Because I am a photographer and like to blog about the weddings I photograph, but it takes ages to select one photo at a time and insert it in a blogpost. Normally I select around 50 photo's from a wedding, so this will be a timesaver (and lifesaver :p) if there is another way. Kelly https://www.vankellyshand.nl/
  5. I'm trying to decide if Squarespace is right for me. I photograph nature and want to have a simple yet clean web-site where I can sell photo prints and canvas but I want the site connected to a print fulfiller and not have to worry if I forget to process or ship a order to a customer. I see that squarespace connects to printiqe photo lab and another merchandise printer? What is the difficulty of setup and is it pretty seamless with payment and printing and shipping to the customer? If anyone has any example sites I'd love to see them. Thank you for the help.
  6. After importing several new images from my Squarespace Library into an existing gallery, I noticed a banner across the image preview stating "draft". I have never seen this before and I don't seem to be able to find any reference as to how to remove it, but the image won't appear in the gallery until I can remove whatever is causing the "draft" indication. It is sized just the same as the other images in the gallery and is a jpg. Thanks in advance David G.
  7. Site URL: https://www.jordandanyluk.com I’m trying to add a couple panoramic photos to my Squarespace site. However whenever I add a panoramic shot it scales the photo down to the width of the site, making it took small (especially when viewed on phones) . Is there anyway to have the pano take up most of the screen vertically and either add a horizontal scroll, or VR touch to pan option? Any help would be appreciated thanks! Keep in mind these photos can have there own separate gallery or coded page
  8. Hey there, I am trying to upload several albums with photos and I want to do a mix of portrait and landscape format in one album, but I can´t figure out how. The photos are always cropped in some way, I just find galleries that offer one or the other format. I read that somehow you can´t deactivate this crop mode, but where? Someone had the same issue and can help me? I would be very thankful! Steffi
  9. My site has been live for some time now and just looking for some general critiques! It's pretty basic but I want to hear what others with more experience have to offer.
  10. Hi, I really need advice/help with using the printique service on my website. For some reason pictures appear perfectly fine in my store when clicked on the page goes black and non pictures appear, just the formatting. I've attached 4 images. - The picture itself works on the "prints" page/homepage - The 2 error images show the error when trying to load the picture when clicked. There should be multiple images that appear. - The final pictures is of the picture displays that I've added but won't appear Please help!!
  11. Hello, My name is Chris and I have started a site to sell my photographic work. Not all elements (including the store!) are up and running yet but will be soon. Actually looking for advice / critique about my site and the best way to sell digital downloads. Does Squarespace offers a bespoke picture printing and framing service as part of the checkout options? http://chrispartridgephotography.squarespace.com Thank you in advance.
  12. HEY guys! So, I've got a website with SquareSpace, and I'm a bit frustrated with the image quality. I upload images in PNG or JPG format, following the guidelines of 2500 pixels wide, or larger. My images are tack sharp- and once I upload them, the tones are a bit muddy and fuzzy. Oddly, if I open the individual image in the "gallery editor" it looks great, as I intended at upload. But back in the image carousel on the website its terrible- at least to my eye, knowing how the original photo looks. Any experience with this? Is it the carousel option? Would the images look better in a static gallery? it's a bit frustrating seeing other working photographers websites (NOT on Square) with a carousel or click through design and their image display canvasses are bigger, cleaner and sharper. Thanks ahead for any advice!
  13. Howdy Folks! I built a SquareSpace site in 2011 and the results were visually stellar! Unfortunately, I had to pull the plug on it due to changes in our lives back then. I'm back now after 11 years, as a retiree and with a revised version of my original idea, but I need to get some idea of what's possible before I can proceed to build my new site. I chose this particular forum because my new idea will center around having a blog. Maybe some of you folks can provide some help or at least point me in the right direction for some help. I'll try to summarize what my ideal Squarespace site needs to be like: 1. Beautiful photography must be a visual draw! As before, I want to be able to customize to the point where my text colors, frames etc can match the predominant colors in cover photos on my pages (an example I remember from my past site had a field of sunflowers, and the photo was set against a black background and the frame around the photo was a thin box only a few pixels wide but in the same color as the flowers.) The logo for my site also matched the yellow-orange of the flowers. (If my next photograph had something red -- say, for the next month -- I want to be able to change the frame color and logo to the same red as in the photo.) Is such customization still possible on SquareSpace? 2. I want to have dedicated pages (as many as needed) for different travel locations or local events around my city. I want to write about these locations and events and be able to place photos where I need them, with text options to wrap around or be to the left or right, etc., of the photo. Is that level of customization still possible with SquareSpace? 3. I want to be able to blog about these travel locations or local events around my city with a dedicated blog page. While I know it's possible to have full blog capabilities with SquareSpace, is it possible to have a blog which stands out visually through photography? 4. I want to have gallery pages (as many as needed) for my photography to serve as my portfolio. Is this possible? 5. I (eventually) want to be able to have a page of affiliate links if I ever manage to get to that point. Is this possible? Where the heck do I begin with all this? Is there any template I should choose to get me closer to what I need to do? I remember from 2011 that where was some customization needed to get my then-template to fill my tall order. Back then, I worked with a tech on a chat line and we hashed it all out. I still remember what my site looked like and how it functioned and I want to build my new site the same way, so I've crossed that hurdle already. I just need a lot of advice on how to begin. I know it's a lot to ask, but maybe some of you have some ideas. Thanks in advance!! -- Greg
  14. Hello all Since Squarespace does not feature a way to hide Portfolio blocks, I'm wondering if there's code that can help me do just that. My ultimate goal is to use the portfolio as a landing page for different photoshoots and events. While working on the individual items, it occurs to me that in its current state I'd have to take the entire portfolio down each time I work on a new page (don't want people browsing to see unfinished web pages). The code I'm looking for simply hides any named portfolio item I designate, in this case the folder "shakedown" at the end of the page. dutchtouch.us/portfolio-1 Thank you for reading!
  15. I removed the background of my photo with Canva. My website background color is white and I want the photo to be on white. But, it appears with a blueish tint on my Mac but on the pc it is white (properly displayed). I added white to the Canva background but it still appears with a blueish background tint on the mac. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  16. Hi, I am new to squarespace, are there any Sports Photographers here or anyone selling multiple digital photography products that can help me out? My question: We upload about 50-80 images per game, smugmug allows us to batch upload and applies watermarks to our images effortlessly. We can be uploaded and selling photos within an hour. It looks as though squarespace does not allow batch uploading and it does not apply automatically apply watermarks. It appears every image must be manually uploaded? Is that accurate?
  17. Hello! I am a photographer with limited edition art prints looking to sell them framed and unframed. (my site is currently under-construction and i have a landing page live) I understand how to create variants within the product page. However, where I am running into issues is defining the quantity. (see screenshot) If I list unframed quantity as 10 and framed quantity as 10 it will appear that I have a total of 20 art prints available when I only have 10. What I would like to see is a feature to "add-on" framing to the product and have it not effect the quantity. Imagining it as a dropdown option? The price also changes from framed to unframed so the feature would also have to take that into account. I have chatted with Squarespace support and they confirmed this request is not available for products at this time. They submitted a feature request on my behalf. I'm wondering if anyone here has any idea on how to achieve this option (plugin, coding, etc...) Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.danielchristiansz.com Hello, I would like to prevent gallery cropping in squarespace 7.1. The only way I can achieve this is either by having a stacked, one column blog post, or, using portfolio pages. Is there custom CSS that I can use for this purpose? I have Googled extensively but I haven't yet got the code I have found to work. Thanks.
  19. Site URL: https://hen-sphere-pxk8.squarespace.com/config/pages The website is still in development so I'm not sure what URL to populate this with. It is a photographers website and they want an infinite image page (made from of ALL individual images, not a gallery), i'm looking for ways to help with the page load time please. I was thinking a load more button which appears after every few scrolls, or a plug in that can help with the image heavy page. I'm really stuck.
  20. Site URL: https://www.malcolmdavis.net/ Hi, I am just putting the finishing touches on my photography site. I am mainly looking for comments on the presentation and flow of the work. I am trying show consistency in the content without being too redundant. This is for both the portfolio and the projects. Design tips are also welcome. I am trying to figure out how to make the lightbox in the projects folders be non transparent if anyone knows what code to use? Thanks in advanced. Hope you enjoy looking at the work!
  21. Site URL: https://willsofwells.squarespace.com/gallery Long story short, we upload photographs on our website from local events and adventures, to basically promote our coffee shop and try to sell prints. A few days ago, our galleries looked fine. Sharp and crisp, no matter what size they made to be when viewing. But I send a link out today on the local Facebook page, to get interest from locals... go on the gallery, and to my horror the photos are horrendous! I tried fixes like clearing cache (friends with other devices also say the photos are blurry) and a chunk of photos I have made more SEO friendly by making them under 500kb and a max of 2500 pixels. But nothing, they still look horrible. The lady on the webchat continued to tell me she couldn't see anything wrong with what I was showing her, including my screenshots of what I was seeing. If it's the size of my images that's causing the problem.. then 1. Why do the resized and optimised photographs look terrible? and 2. Why do photographs from over a year ago, which looked beautiful online a few weeks ago, look like dog poop today? Is anyone else experiencing this issue of photographs looking like they have been uploaded to Facebook?!
  22. Site URL: http://www.thomcorbishley.com Hello, Throughout my photography website, I'd like every gallery to be displayed without any navigation buttons on the side of the gallery and the ability to navigate through the gallery, simply by clicking on the image currently being displayed. Ideally, with the ability to navigate backwards and forwards depending on where on the image one clicks. Furthermore, I'd like to this to be accompanied with the ability to navigate using the arrow keys of a keyboard. I used this style entirely on Squarespace before I upgraded to 7.1 a couple of years ago and is fairly common a lot of websites. Is there any way of achieving this effect? Thanks in advance, Thom
  23. What are your thoughts on using stock photos for your site? Specifically, are Unsplash images too recognizable?
  24. Hi i want to sell photography prints directly from my Squarespace site. I have seen that there is the Printique extension which looks perfect but this is only available in North America. Are there any options to do this in the U.K.? That will integrate seamlessly with Squarespace? thanks
  25. Site URL: https://falcon-avocado-k4w3.squarespace.com/ Hello! I'm working on setting up a photography print shop site. Currently using the Palmera template. I want to be able to add a second line of text (subtitle with artist name) under each item, both in the grid and the product detail pages if possible. It should look like the attached images. Ideally should also be able to lightly style this line of text, so it's smaller and a different color/opacity than the title. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!
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