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  1. Wish I had known more about summary blocks and the fact you can make a "list" of blog posts a whole lot more exciting looking with some design tweaks. https://myrandomviews.com/storysummary Update: Another thing I wish I knew is that you can isolate and group blog posts using a category filtered by a hyper-link. They will show up in list layout or as featured posts, depending on how your blog is styled, and your template setting, but these posts look like they have their own 'page" without actually having to use one. So I mix things up on my site, some posts in a summary blo
  2. Create the page in the unliked section of your site, can't be seen on the nav bar or anywhere else without knowing the address of the page itself, which you can create in page settings in the slug field. So in effect it could be something like this "mydomain.com/hiddenpage" no password required.
  3. Just create pages in the unlinked section of your site by choosing the + icon. You can also choose a layout if you wish. In the config panel, the gear icon, for each page, just set a password. Remember these are pages not sections. You can rename the page slug for the person the page is for and then it would be something like this "mydomain.com/marksmith" You send that person the address and the password. When they use that address it will go right to the password prompt. These pages will not show up on the nav bar because they are in the unlinked section of your site.
  4. Well there is one simple thing you can do. Put your blog in the unlinked section of your site, create a new blank page, add a summary block pulling content from your blog, set the layout to list. Now you will have an image slider to adjust its size in the summary edit panel for each post/item. One summary block will display 30 posts, and you can chain them together on the same page.
  5. The closet thing that Squarespace has, built in, to do this is to create a page for each person and give that page its own unique password, no user name just password, one password per page, which you would provide to the person using it to access that page. Square space has member areas too, up to thiry. Members areas are more for e-commerce, selling online classes, subscriptions, recipes, things of that sort. There is a monthly charge from Squarespace for that service.
  6. Haute and Farro, in style tweaks you can adjust the padding on both sides of the site. I assume that means you can remove it which should widen the site to full bleed. This may help as well:
  7. Did you try this? Reactivate a suspended account If your Google Workspace is suspended, you'll lose access to your email inboxes and other Google Workspace features. You’ll then have 40 days to reactivate your Google Workspace account before it’s completely cancelled in Squarespace and transferred to Google. Ensure your billing credit card is up to date. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Email & Google Workspace. Click Reactivate Google Workspace. Verify the payment information and terms, then click Reactivate Google Workspace. If transferred
  8. If your client wants each image to be full bleed, it seems to me it would take a page with three image blocks, alternating with three text blocks and three hyperlink buttons and a number of spacers to make the text blocks the righ size.
  9. I built it using the Wexley template , it is one of templates that has the blog page sidebar option and I added an archive listing block. It is amost all design style tweaks. I added a bit of code to it to add the "back to top" after each post and to improve the mobile look. That's it. Christine wanted to use the personal billing plan. It is a really good template. My personal blog, built on Avenue has a whole lot of code. Wexley demo
  10. That is a good application for summary blocks. Each block can pull conent from product pages based on category if you set them up that way. You can have multiple blocks on one page, chain them together using different categories or tags if you wish. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543337-Summary-Blocks
  11. 7.1 is just one template family with 18 named starting designs. Squarespace 7.0 has many more to choose from, like the Brine Family which has 45 starting points. You should really view them as well. You can see many of the 7.0 template familes here: here: https://www.squarespace.com/templates/browse/v7 And the Brine family which many folks say is the best tempate you can use period: https://www.sarahhalliday.com/squarespace-tips/the-brine-family-template-index I did a lot of reaseach before moving over to Squarespace with a number of sites I look after. I still do a lot o
  12. If your bus image is in a section not the header, and you have text buttons you simply edit that section, hover over one of the elements, and an insert button will come up, one of those blue and white + signs, and add a text block and type in your text. Should be no problem to delete the black section. I tested this on my 7.1 sandbox site.
  13. What you want is standard with all the Squarespace templates as far as I know. So maybe you might want to say what kind of look you are going for? Then there are some recommendations and possible choices to make.
  14. <p><a href="#" class="btt"> Back to Shop </a></p> Stick the above code in a code block anywhere you want. Delete the default text in the blog before you paste the above code. The code takes you back to the top of the page. You can change the text to "Back to Menu", whatever you want.
  15. You should be able to make those images click thru to a page, once the page is built of course. You can certainly make the text a hyperlink too.
  16. I looked at it again, much better for both mobile and desktop I think. I will take a closer look again, at padding and margins. I didn't notice any problem right off hand however.
  17. Check the blog page slug something might have changed .
  18. Its a workaround, but I can tell you having some kind of photo management feaure like one hosting compay I have used has (if they still have one, their templates are awful) and others have is most likely not going to happen, images are stored in such a way to make sure your site is responsive, images adjust to fit on all devices and with all screen resolutions. They give you more control and that could very well go away.
  19. Its a very good start. I have one question why have "shop now" and "shop " on the nav bar?
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