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  1. Hi All, Pretty bummed out right now. Just finished a week long migration from cargo collective only to find out the portfolio sub page don't seem to be lockable. My plan is the basic one. My site structure is essentially a home page and 3 sub portfolios: art, design, and writing I see how you can lock an entire portfolio. I do not need or want to do this. I want to lock ONLY 2-3 individual projects. Please tell me I'm missing something or that all this requires is an upgrade. Otherwise why in the heck is this not possible. Seems so basic. thanks! A
  2. Have a site I need a site password for. If I understand the concept correctly, the user enters the site password then has access to all pages until password naturally expires as SQSP has it set (~ 4 hrs?) Right now, site password allows access. But for some pages it randomly asks for the password again, well within any password expiration period. Im wondering if its how I have the pages organized? Should they all be under the Main Nav area and Enabled? I have many of them in the Not Linked section (from early idea to keep hidden). Thanks!
  3. I'm creating a wholesale e-commerce store and I'm wondering if it is possible to hide all prices on my product pages for users unless they are logged in. I don't want to hide all of my products behind a lock screen, and would prefer to have them still visible to all visitors, but just without a price until logged in. I would also like to have 'log in to view prices' where the price amount would normally be. is any of this possible on Squarespace? Any extensions? (paid/free) I've been racking my brain for techniques to achieve this and have searched google with no luck. I appreciate any help.
  4. Hi! A former web design client of mine has asked me to resolve an issue with members not being able to reset their member areas passwords. Multiple members have complained that they are not receiving the password reset link emails. Aside from asking them to check spam folders for missed emails, is there any backend way I can help ensure that they receive the reset links, or any ideas as to what might be the issue? If anyone has navigated this issue before, Iā€™d love to hear your advice. Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://www.beecroftmensprobus.org.au/member-portal-homepage Hi All! I have a password protected page which has been set up as a very simple "member portal" area for a local Probus group. They asked to just have one password for all to make it simple (they are mostly 75+ years in age and aren't all necessarily tech savvy). The feedback we've had is that members would like to be able to SEE the password as they are typing it in - most of the sites they use all have a "show password" eye icon - but Squarespace lock screen pages don't - they only have the dots as you type. Given most of them don't save their passwords via google etc, they are manually typing the password in each time so it is frustrating if they get it wrong but don't know WHAT they typed in wrong / can't fix it before pressing continue.... Is there any code I can add to allow for the "show password" functionality? Massive thanks in advance! Suz
  6. Hi all, I sell single custom one off items that are pre-ordered by clients, once I've made the item I want to sell it via my website but obviously only want it available to the client who commissioned it. Ideally, I'd have a category within the shop that was password protected, but I don't think that's possible. Can anyone think of a solution to this issue, I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to do this Best regards Jason
  7. Site URL: https://www.bodyandbraincoaching.co.uk/ Hi, Do you know how I can change the colour of the grey outline around the password box? This is on my lock screen. Thanks!
  8. Site URL: http://www.francescopetronelli.com/florida-blue/ Hi, On my password screen, the password field jumps from top to center as soon as you land on the page. You can test it here - http://www.francescopetronelli.com/work try to click on any of the thumbnails (except for the first one with the magazine). You'll notice that the password field first appears at the top of the page, and the it jumps to the middle. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have added a good amount of custom CSS - could any of the added code cause this issue? Thank you, Francesco
  9. Site URL: https://employee.thepinkdoor.net Hello I have built an employee ONLY website. Access to the site is controlled by a SITE WIDE password. My issue is I need to have several pages available to the public with NO PASSWORD. It will not work to have each page password protected individually since the majority of the pages are meant to be behind a wall and it is a large site. Is there a way to override the SITE PASSWORD on individual pages? password: wintersnow Thanks in advance.
  10. Site URL: https://www.ortamortodonti.com Hello everyone, I have a web page focused in dentistry and dental instruments. According to our law, only professionals should see the products and their prices. Therefore I use a password for our market page. If I disable the password I can see the search results, but when I enable it there are no results for any products. How can I find a solution for that? Thank you for your attention.
  11. Hello! Does anyone know if there is a way to password protect or restrict access to one specific product? I have one SKU that I would like to make available only to newsletter subscribers. Is there a way to do this? I thought the best way would be to password protect the page but it is making me password protect the entire store. Is there a work around? Thanks!
  12. I am a birth photographer and would like to draft a blog post with images for my client to approve before I share it publicly. Is there a way I can create at password-protected blog post, or make it visible by just sending a link (and not available just on my website or by a search)? I realize I could just send her a gallery of the images, but I'd like her to see them in the context of the post so she can see them how the public would. Thanks!!
  13. I am working on building a website for a law firm with the client requesting that the website contain a secure portal for clients to access confidential information through the website. I am trying to figure out how I can accomplish what the client desires through a Commerce website set up. I was initially thinking that this could be accomplished with customer accounts or perhaps the members area, but I am not sure if these would allow for secure communications which would provide the level of confidentiality the client is requesting. So I have three questions for anyone who has mastered this challenge: 1. Do you have a code that would allow a page on the website to function as a secure client portal? 2. Do you know of a third party integration that can be integrated in order to function as a secure client portal? 3. Do you know a solution working within Squarespace which could accomplish the function of a secure client portal?
  14. Site URL: http://www.casadellapianista.com/ Hi there! I have a problem with setting my site live. In Home menu, Settings, Site Availability my site is set to Public, but I still see the password when opening the domain. Can anyone please help? casadellapianista.com PW: orneverornow Thank you!!! Best, Sibylle
  15. Site URL: https://www.erincurran.me/concept I'm trying to add a password to a collection and I am unable to find the password field under settings. Is this feature only available for pages? If so I feel like that's limiting for portfolio websites, but it could be I'm just missing a step. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks a bunch!
  16. Hi, Upon the user logging in to the members area, I'd like the user to be navigated to a given page on my website based on the password they entered. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, Rosie
  17. Site URL: http://squarespace.com Can I mandate the required password attributes for users when they register as members on my site? More specifically can any of these password attributes be enforced: Lockout Duration: 30 Minutes or Until Administrator Intervention Password History: 10 Previous Passwords Unsuccessful Logon Attempts: 6 Minimum Characters: 8 Characters for Standard Users, 15 for Service/Generic and Privileged Accounts Complexity: Enabled, enforcing a combination of Upper and Lowercase Characters and use alphanumeric and special characters. Maximum Password Age: 90 Days Minimum Password Age: 1 Day
  18. Site URL: http://www,gochemtek.com Hi Everyone, We are trying to see if the Member Area would be effective for our Dropship program. The flow entails: Our wholesale buyers would have their retail customers buy our products in their store and/or their website. Then the wholesale buyers would go onto our site, place the same order to pay us (with already discounted priced items) and lastly, we would ship it to their retail customer if it was an online order. Does anyone know - Can we make the member area free but accessible by a password that we give the Dropship program customers? Does this increase the chances of the Member Area getting hacked? If so, any idea on how to reduce our chances? If a member area would not be the best solution in your opinion, is there another Squarespace option you'd recommend for our dropship needs? Thanks in advance!
  19. I can not add password protection to either the portfolio page or the individual pages. Is this a bug? I don't see it listed as a feature exception in the documentation.
  20. Hi! I'm trying to set a password for one specific page. When i go into the settings type the password and click out of the password field it looks fine, but then I go back in and its changed the password and the password I set doesn't work - screenshots below. How do I fix this?
  21. I am trying to set my Site Visibility to require a password. However, when I enter a password and click Save, Squarespace auto-fills the password field with a different password. So, when someone tries to enter my password, it doesn't work. I've disabled LastPass, and I've also disabled Chrome's auto-fill. I also deleted all my saved passwords. I tried it in chrome's Incognito Mode, and I also tried it in Firefox and Edge. I am having the same problem consistently. My password: The password that appears after clicking Save:
  22. Site URL: https://www.moreeatery.com/ Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to make a shop item password protected so only the people with the password can buy them? I currently have it set-up as a separate shop page that is password protected. Thanks
  23. I want to sell access to a password protected page that has an embedded video or iframe storyline course. How do I provide a link with a password after someone buys a Digital product? Can you edit the followup text post purchase? Ryan
  24. Site URL: https://www.justgoodjuju.com Does anyone have any way to reduce the minimum required length of a Customer Account password? Our customers are very vocal about how 10 characters is too extreme (it's more than Banks). I get the need for strong passwords (given the PCI implications) but 10 is just too much.
  25. Site URL: https://www.timesmith.co.uk/shop It's common in my sector to negotiate product details for customer's individual tastes and then create a product listing in the e-shop, which only that person can access and purchase. One way is by making the product listing only accessible with a password or by an individual link/code that you only give to that customer. Is this possible in Squarespace Commerce? If so, how do I do this? Thank you!
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