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  1. Hi, Ever since starting to use the Weglot language switcher we are seeing broken code errors on our site: https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.defenda.eu%2F If you see there are unclosed divs and spans. I have contacted support but they say they won't even look at it because weglot are a 3rd party company. Seems odd as weglot are built into the system and interact with Squarespace. I would imagine other sites are exhibiting these issues. Very poor in my opinion to expect the community to fix their issues but that is the nature of the beast I guess. Feeling very let down at the moment. Would anyone be able to suggest a fix please? We wish to use the switcher but don't want broken spans and divs on our site. Thanks, Matt
  2. When building sites with fluid engine, I end up getting this weird spacing issue in edit mode. Here's a loom video. Essentially, every time I move any element, the whole page jumps down. If I move the element back or click the back arrow, the page jumps down again. I end up having to discard changes so the weird spacing jumps don't take effect. I've reached out to support and they're saying that they can't see the issue on their end, and that it's probably my browser. I use Google Chrome, I cleared my cache and cookies, I opened an incognito window, I switched to Safari, and this issue still happens regardless of which browser or computer I'm on. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you know how to fix it? Any advice would be so helpful.
  3. Hello, I bought the domain and published a client's site last week and I made sure that the SSL certificate is active, but every time I try to go to the site, saintboss.org, I get an error message: This site can’t provide a secure connection www.saintboss.org sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR I saw the troubleshooting page on Squarespace resources and one of the things it mentions is that "mixed content" may be the cause of it, but the only custom code I have is for a hover effect on some images and for sizing google calendar on mobile. Could this be the cause? Any feedback is appreciated, my client wants to announce the site on Friday so I really need to solve this before then. Thanks!
  4. I am getting an error for this URL "https://www.travelsandtreasures.com/landing" Is there a way to fix this? Thanks so much!
  5. I am working on a website which has a video about halfway down on the "about" page. When I go to the "about" page, it loads in the middle of the page with the video in focus. How do I get this page to load at the top without focusing on the video?? I have played around with it a little bit by moving the video to the top and bottom, it definitely has to do with the video on the page. It seems like the video is automatically made the focus when it loads and it checks the volume on the video.
  6. Hi all! The hyperlinks on my website are no longer working and when I reached out to squarespace customer support they indicated that something on my CSS Editor was causing the issue. Anyone able to help!? I added a custom font and header background but not much else and nothing crazy. https://stitaly2023.com password "ozzie"
  7. A great new function has been added to the SquareSpace site called (Ready for pick up), under customer notification. Unfortunately some of the details don't apply to my business. I can add text but not subtract information in the mandatory box. How do i remove the mandatory box or information within it? i.e. The address and hours of collection. An example screen dump has been attached. I don't mind amending the HTML coding but can't find it.
  8. Hey there, so I've noticed that my buttons disappear when switching to mobile view. When going to the page designers there should be a button under the designer ( disanoi tattoos ) taking you to the page of the artists biography. on mobile view that disappears? anyone got a tip on this as i can't find how to fix this anywhere online ? Kind regards
  9. please help. my page looks fine when I edit it, but as soon as I save, things move around into the wrong place. Then when I go to edit it, everything goes back to normal. I've no idea why it is doing this or how to stop it. Does anyone have any advice? picture 1 shows the page which has things in the wrong position, picture 2 shows what it looks like when i go to edit it.
  10. Hello, all of the content on my homepage has somehow been deleted. I contacted support and they said it's an "index page." https://www.spectrumdesigns.org/ Is there a way to unindex a page? I found one element of the page saved on it's own unlinked page. I really need to fix this asap, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Added a Squarespace domain to my website. Its been about a week and it is still not up. Tells me that the SSL certificate is not available because its not connected to my Squarespace site correctly.
  12. I'm working on a site for a client and everyday when I login for work, the site has shifted things around on the site. Blocks move down, screwing up the layout. Some blocks will be now on other blocks. Is anyone else having these issues?
  13. Hey Guys Need help. So on your phone looking at insta decide you want to buy a product and click through to the webpage from the bio. I have noticed when they go to pay- Instagram/ phones/ squarespace try to open a new page and the phones block that from happening essentially killing off a sale. The problem is with all three. 1) Instagram - because it is the browser that tries to open a new page 2) Phones because they are trying to block the page opening a new page and 3) square space wanting to open a new page. there are probably 3 fixes here can you help? Im too new at this,.
  14. I'm working about a new website but the pages of modules does't work. Maybe I upload too many file on the preview system? Thank you Marco
  15. Does anyone else have this issue with their published site? On the editor screen the website functions and appears as it should, but when typing in the url, a white screen with misformatted text and links appear. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  16. It seems I'm unable to change the GTIN of my items via Squarespace. Because of this, I'm receiving disapproved or invalid as I'm unable to update UPC codes raw data. Every 8 hrs, Squarespace is changing the UPC (ID) that I manually update via Google Merchant center back to a random generated ID (example - 0a15434f-89cb-4109-9eca-5284c8ac144c). Anyone else using Google Merchant Center that's has a work around for this issue? I'm unable to find where to update this item ID in Square to the actual UPC code of the item so Google accepts it.
  17. I just started a blog today and people are trying to comment on it. People who are using their computers are able to comment and like without issue, but on a phone, the option to comment isn't there at all. When they try to "like" a comment, they get an error message (screenshot below). I watched the help videos and think I have all my settings correct (screenshot of those attached as well). Any ideas?
  18. I've had multiple customers unable to checkout on my website as a error pops up- "Couldn't load page" with a "Try again" button. It doesn't load the checkout page when you press "Try again". It seems to work properly on my phone and my laptop, however my family has tested it and they also receive the error message. I have attached a photo that a customer has sent me below. I'm unsure of how to fix this, does anyone have any advice?
  19. I launched this website almost a year ago and still cannot get Bing to index. I get the message in Bing Webmaster Tools "Discovered but not crawled URL cannot appear on Bing". I've contacted Bing support about 10 times, they only reply with their standard "The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you to follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation." No issues indexing on Google. I'm at a loss, I've never had a problem getting any of my websites in the index, Squarespace, Wordpress, or other platforms. I even tried the Bing's new IndexNow. Any suggestions?
  20. Site URL: https://www.manicpixie.co/about Hello - I had a series of json animations on my site running through lottie player that were working perfectly for months until the new update. I host these files at jsonbin.io but all the links appear to be broken. Has anyone experienced this and/or found a workaround?
  21. Hi, I'm a beginner : ) I'm trying to create a simple portfolio site but I have a problem. The color of the original Png image is different from the color of the png is inserted on web page. There's a line on the outside, especially when it's whiteish. How do I solve this?
  22. Posted 6 hours ago Could someone help me with this. I'm getting the missing opening error. I've copied the below. .form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element {color: purple; font-family:’Poppins”;} .form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element:active, .form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element:focus {background: white; outline: transparent} h1 { font-family: “Overpass”; } /* Contact form */ .form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element { background: transparent !important; border-top: none !important; border-left: none !important; border-right: none !important; color: gray !important; } .form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element:hover { background: #E8E5E1 !important; } /* Field error background */ .field-error { background-color: #8B9D9B; }/* Field error background */ .field-error { background-color: #768D99; } .header-nav-item--active a { background: none !important;} color:#F7F6F5!important; } .sqs-block-accordion .accordion-item__description { max-width: unset !important; width: 100%; }
  23. Hello! Having this issue with background images top and bottom is getting a whiteline when the resolution is lower then 8K. So backgrounds that has a resolution of 1920x1080 or 4K 3840x2160 it gets a small white line on top and bottom of the background. Does anyone know why? I have the 8K now but the load time is crazy and gives me a whitebackground for a couple of seconds.
  24. I am trying to add a subdomain for an api. The api is built using api-gateway/lambdas and therefore lives in aws. The url provided for the api is of the form: <random-hash>.execute-api.<region>.amazonaws.com. When forwarding the subdomain to the AWS url, I receive a forbidden, I believe because the AWS domain doesn't match the squarespace certificate. I then tried using Route53 to manage the dns of the subdomain. They provide nameservers I can use for the dns lookup, but there is not place to add nameservers for the specific subdomain in squarespace. Additionally, I created a cert for the subdomain in AWS, and then tried to add the cname validation record to the dns settings in squarespace, but the put request fails saying, I was hoping for some direction on how to get this setup correctly while keeping the domain hosting within squarespace. I basically need, api.<domain>.com to be a subdomain pointing to <random-hash>.execute-api.<region>.amazonaws.com, from squarespace dns. I can move all dns over to AWS, but I was hoping to avoid that.
  25. Hello all, I took the plunge and integrated Google Workspace into my Squarespace site. As of last night, everything looked as if it was ok. I followed the poor instructions to the tee(side note: Google needs to really evaluate how the instructions were written). This morning I was testing the email to make sure it works and lucky me,,, I was greeted with a "This site can’t be reached" page. Has anyone else had the same issue. Now, keep in mind is that I went around Squarespace because I was unable to use their sign in feature. I kept getting a blank page or a try again message so I signed up through Workspace and then went back and linked it to Squarespace. Bottom line.... Help!!! Thanks,
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