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  1. Site URL: https://symposium2023.com Currently having an issue with our site where on mobile if you click a link to another page, then click the back button on your browser, the mobile menu burger is unresponsive. You either have to click the home button/logo or refresh and it works again. In addition, if you navigate to another page after opening the menu overlay, if you click back, the overlay will open instead of the page. The X in the top right is also unresponsive so you can't exit the overlay without refreshing. This has been replicated on multiple devices and browsers. There's no custom code on the site so I'm not sure what could be causing the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here are the steps on mobile for issue with menu + overlay. Visit the homepage Click the menu -> Info -> Four Seasons Click backwards on your browser Try to exit the menu overlay Mobile menu issue, just burger icon Visit the homepage Click the “Let me explain” link Click backwards on your browser Try clicking the hamburger menu.
  2. Site URL: https://pawplepower.com Please help! I have a persisting and urgent problem that's driving me crazy, and I've exhausted all my knowledge on how to fix it. On our Squarespace store, we're selling digital products. One of those products is a .zip file containing audiobook recordings. When the file is purchased, sent to the customer, and then downloaded, it's unopenable and gives the following error message: "Unable to expand [FILE NAME]…" "Error 1 - No such process." I have no idea how to fix this. I've tried so many things: removing a dash in the file name, setting the enclosed folders to 'Read & Write', deleting and listing a brand-new product, etc. I should also mention that the other digital downloads that we sell (which contain .pngs, unlike this one which contains .mp3s), download and open perfectly without incident. The compressed .zip file comes to 241mb, which is well within Squarespace's file limit. Here's the other thing though: when purchased and downloaded, the file size is not that size, but fluctuates between about 150 and 170 mb, which almost seems like something is stopping the download mid-way. I've tested it a million times on my end, and I've only ever had it properly download and open about two times, before not working again. I'm appealing to the Squarespace community hoping that someone can help me; maybe you've had a similar experience and have found the fix. I'd be more than happy to buy you a coffee for your time, I just desperately need the help before we receive any new orders. NOTE: I have no idea whether this is a Squarespace issue, or a localized computer issue. I'm also not sure if this is just an Apple problem. All the reported download problems have seemingly come from Apple users (including myself). This problem also persists on Desktop and Mobile. Link to problem product: https://pawplepower.com/shop/p/powerfully-pawsitive-audiostorybooks
  3. Currently having an issue on my 7.1 site that will not let me configure the name or url for a new folder. I can name the folder from the Pages sidebar but it does not keep the name when leaving and returning to squarespace.
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to add a ResDiary widget to my website, everytime I go to the custom css and paste the code I get the error message Syntax Error On Line 1... Here's the code, anyone know why this is happening? <div id="rd-widget-frame" style="max-width: 285px; margin: auto;"></div> <input id="rdwidgeturl" name="rdwidgeturl" value="https://booking.resdiary.com/widget/FixedSize/TheRose/913?includeJquery=false" type="hidden"> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://booking.resdiary.com/bundles/WidgetV2Loader.js"></script>
  5. Site URL: https://designsfordiy.com/gallery/cornhole-board Who is up for a challenge? For the life of me, I cannot locate the issue where my content is wider than the screen or where the clickable elements are too close together. According to google's seach console, I have both of these errors on my desk build instructions link. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, advice on how to fix these issues OR at least locate where they are occurring on the page? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Site URL: https://www.elevatepainterstoronto.com/ After making an edit, my only option is to click 'Done' now. There's no drop-down for 'save'. WTF. The changes aren't saving by hitting 'done' either. Anyone else experiencing this or know when this will be solved?
  7. Site URL: https://seahorse-star-zkf7.squarespace.com/ Hello, Does anyone know how I can change the error messages on forms when it encounters an error? I'm trying to change the wording on the error message that pops up.
  8. Hey folks, Anyone else having issues with the "Save" button and edit bar at the top of the page editor disappearing while they're working and then not being able to save? It seems to be a new problem with the newest version of Squarespace. It's happened to me multiple times over the past few weeks. Is there a work around? I just did a ton of work on a page and now the save button is missing and I don't want to lose it all. 😓 Thanks!!
  9. Site URL: https://www.at17c.com/shop/p/coming-soon-pycrn-sts2h Hi. Under my additional images on my product page I have this weird white bar. How do I remove this? TIA
  10. Site URL: https://www.thehellointherefoundation.org/ Why are my published changes not showing up? Does it take time to populate?
  11. Site URL: https://gioraschmidt.com/shop/g-model-ulsr Hi there, In searching these forums for how to remove social share buttons from my product pages via custom CSS I discovered an error in my current CSS - missing closing ')' I carefully analyzed the code and tried to fix, but to no avail. I attach all examples. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!!
  12. Site URL: https://www.100storybuilding.org.au/ Hello! Last night, I noticed that our Squarespace site header has disappeared. Then today only our logo is partially displaying. I have only made page and content changes in the last couple of months. If anyone can help me get the Header back so users can navigate the site, that would be appreciated! Also I am a coding novice, so not sure where to start with the code injector. Thanks in advance!
  13. Site URL: http://www.aimeebruneau.com Yikes! I tried to embed the booking flow for Square Appointments in my cover page by injecting code and it triggered a bunch of blinking. I deleted it between blinks and now my site wont load - it automatically forwards to the lame Square scheduling page - even though I deleted the code. Any ideas? Newbie, obviously.... Aimée
  14. Hi All, I'm a huge fan of adding "jump lists" with paragraph anchor IDs to long blog posts. Last night, I ran into an error where every time I hit save after adding my anchor IDs, it would corrupt the blog post: Images would disappear Summary blocks and newsletter blocks would go blank Clicking the "Edit" button would not enter the blog edit mode. Browsing away from the blog post would trigger the "Something went wrong. There was an unexpected error and it has been logged." page. The only way out was to delete the post and start from scratch. After an hour or so of troubleshooting, I narrowed it down to an HTML code block of: <p id=closest></p> Apparently, naming an Anchor ID "closest" is what caused the corruption. When I named it something else, no more issue. As I'm not the most experienced in HTML, does anyone have any insights as to why the term "closest" causes an issue with HTML code? I'm on Squarespace 7.1, by the way.
  15. Site URL: http://www.1924.us ERROR MESSAGE: Couldn’t update collection Instant exceeds minimum or maximum instant (through reference chain: com.squarespace.content.product_service.v1_1.model.ProductDTO$Builder["updatedOn"])
  16. Hi I am having issues with my squarespace site / squarespace in general - note i have tried this on multiple squarespace sites of mine but I'm having the same issue. I note that the fonts were working last night and now they are not. I have custom fonts in OTF format which I have uploaded the custom CSS page. I have used the following code: @font-face { font-family: AAA; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/62f0815356f60d45a8bd7d70/t/62f2fa9009ae867245600778/1660091024525/Recoleta-RegularDEMO.otf); } h2 { font-family: 'AAA'; } @font-face { font-family: BBB; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/62f0815356f60d45a8bd7d70/t/62f32329170496483655ff1c/1660101417637/Pacifico-Regular.ttf); } h1 { font-family: 'BBB'!important; } My issue is the custom font is not being correctly recognized by squarespace and is just replacing the text with a general serif font. Font AAA is meant to look like this: Font BBB is meant to look like this: However they are not showing up, as seen in the following list of the headers and paragraph samples form my website. Please help as this is beyond frustrating.
  17. Site URL: https://wrklfe.com/?category=MP3 Hello, I have added two digital download albums to my website's store without issue, but when I try to add a third I run into issues. I want to add audio samples to the page. When I click the "Additional Info" block the popup appears but has no functionality. When I click the "+" button nothing happens. It worked fine for the first two albums but it does not work on the third. I have attached a video to show what happens. What can I do? screencast-nimbus-capture-2021.11.25-00_02_29.webm
  18. Hello! I am rebranding and creating a new website and was wondering if you guys could help me with my file importing. I am getting this error Incorrect format Every set of option values must be unique I am not sure what to do as my option values are what is most important because there are so many iterations. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do? Previous site as example: https://www.lizachild.com/the-collection/the-empyrean-4-piece-suite you can choose # of sets, paper type, printing method etc. Would absolutely appreciate any help in making this easier so I don't have to start from scratch creating all these variants again.
  19. Site URL: https://www.angelabritton.co.uk Member 2 Posted 2 hours ago This is a weird one. I have only uploaded 2 images for each product, but on the mobile versions it's showing there are 3 images (with a blank space as the 'third' image) Site URL: https://www.angelabritton.co.uk Hello! I'm just setting up my website on 7.1 - www.angelabritton.co.uk I don't know what the theme was called, sorry! It's not finished yet - so the password is Angela Can anyone help ? 🙂 Thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://www.alexbeaufort.com I've tried experimenting with JS in my site and I may have overloaded it, causing it to continuously crash. I cant even access the editor to delete the code without it crashing first. Any advice on how to fix? I'd prefer if I didnt have to start my site over.
  21. I have been hosting my site with Squarespace (version 5) for 10 years and today my site appears to have disappeared. 😧 Today I went to my site URL and that's when I began to see the following issues: 1. On my domain (hosted elsewhere), Squarespace is now displaying a "custom domain" mapping page. Weird, but Um ok I thought this domain issue would be easy to fix until I encountered another issue....... After noticing my site not showing up on my domain properly, I then tried to access my site by typing in my regular account URL with the Squarespace subdomain affixed to it (e.g. mysite.squarespace.com). Then I saw this.... 2. On my account URL, my site is gone and Squarespace is displaying a page that says the account is "Available." WHAT? How can MY account, that I've been paying for for many years, be Available suddenly out of nowhere? How can this be happening when I have a monthly plan? Can someone please let me know how I get my site back online? Also, does anyone know how to get expedited support from Squarespace on this matter? I opened a ticket but as I use my site for work, I don't have time to wait around until tomorrow to get this resolved.
  22. Site URL: https://laurabennettdesign.com Hello Coding experts, my site won't load correctly when you click on the main logo to "return to home". Rather it has to be refreshed each time to allow all of the home page blocks to load correctly. Im noticing this specifically on the home section titled "Heart-led, Purposeful Design" with the photo block on the right. When clicking on the main logo, this section actually doesn't display the photos or subtext at all (see photo attached). But upon refresh it works normally. It seems perhaps it's working on the backend of SS but not working when the site is accessed by browser (ie. Safari, Chrome, etc.) Please help! site: laurabennettdesign.com
  23. Site URL: https://www.berwynumc.org/facilities I have a page where I am trying to do something as simple as create an unordered list. I have used the wysiwyg editor and tried a code block and both only fail to save once I try to add the unordered list. I am a proficient programmer in html, css, and javascript so I know it is not my simple ul and li tags in the code. I can make the changes but when I save I get the following error. Squarespace dm on twitter was less than helpful so I am reaching out here. To summarize: Steps to Reproduce: Enter a text box and click the unordered list icon to start a list Add all list items, exit edit mode. Highlight Done and click save. Expected behavior: Add an under list in either the wysiwyg editor or in a code block, the list content render and save the page. Actual Behavior: Receive an error that the page could not be saved and to refresh to try again. (see picture attached)
  24. Site URL: https://www.midnattsbris.se Hi, We have started to use Cookiebot but when I paste the code in either header or footer it disables the "edit"-button inside Squarespace. Anyone that have experienced anything like that?
  25. Site URL: https://alumniclub.global/ Hello! I have used custom CSS on my website for font. Somehow the font is not reflecting on mobile version when I view it on phone. It’s okay when I work on the desktop and change the viewport to mobile, but otherwise it’s not working. Can someone please help me resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!
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