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  1. Site URL: https://www.redcottageinc.com/all-upstate-ny-rentals#/easthill/ Hi, I love the layout of our desktop site, but on mobile the vertical stack is not ideal. I dont want to change the content on the page, I just want it to appear in a unique order on the mobile site without affecting the layout on the desktop site. How can I make two different layouts for each channel?
  2. Site URL: https://stingray-endive-257g.squarespace.com/ Hello! I'm struggeling with this new site style version, i found that before was more intuitive and user friendly... anyway, i'm sorry to bother you but i want to change in solid round icon my social block icons, and change de cart icon too, like in the previuos version: https://vanilla-giraffe-r387.squarespace.com/ Thank you for helping me, and sorry for my bad english!
  3. Site URL: https://www.impactpa.church/kids I've done quite a bit of browsing across the web trying to follow different tutorials to get a custom background to work in squarespace. Does 7.1 even allow custom backgrounds? I've tried using some different backgrounds from heropatterns.com but haven't been able to get any to work. I'd ideally like to use the background for the whole page minus the header and the footer, but I can't even get my code to work for a section. .page-section[data-section-id="5f6202a7242abe11d0086eec"] {background-color: #DFDBE5; background-image: url("dat
  4. Site URL: http://www.oval-aqua-9hna.squarespace.com Hey guys, I'm looking to see how I can change where the "Back" button links to on the product page. Right now, it links to back to my print store (where it says "Back to prints") I've attached a screenshot for a preview of what it looks like right now. Any suggestions? Thank you -Jeff
  5. Site URL: https://www.jivamorelife.com Hi! I am trying to show multiple product blocks per row in mobile view. When I am in the web view, I have 4 blocks, but when I switch to mobile, they stack and are only 1 per row. How can I show 2 or 3 product blocks per row on mobile? For example, I am trying to do it on this page: https://www.jivamorelife.com/watercolor-splatters
  6. Site URL: https://www.oakpw.com/ Hello everyone, so I have this website oakpw.com. I use SEM Rush, a tool we use to measure the effectiveness of SEO on a website. I have 11 pages that it keeps coming back with that are being blocked from crawling. I’m not exactly sure how to fix this issue. I’m not a Squarespace expert, but I do know how to navigate through the CMS and such. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Here are the pages: https://www.oakpw.com/blog?author=5af0df24a5fcaca83655a608 https://www.oakpw.com/blog?author=5b2bb0f57d062df873442174
  7. Site URL: https://entrenosotros.just-america.com/02-2020-actividades Hi! I would like to change blocks order on mobile. On desktop the image is on the left and text on the right and that's ok but on mobile I would like the text first and the image below. Website: https://entrenosotros.just-america.com/02-2020-actividades Pass: test Section I would like to change: section[data-section-id="5f22d4ae41363b1aac10c22a"] Thank you very much in advanced!
  8. Site URL: https://www.betterpupsdogtraining.com/obedience Hi Squarespace Community! I need a vertical line between sections. I added, this CSS but it was overlapping on the mobile view. Thank you for your help. PAGE CODE: <div class="vl"></div> CSS CODE: // this is a vertical divider-line .vl { border-left: 2px solid #000000; // defines the width, style and color of the line (change the hex code [#303030] to match your site). height: 850px; // defines the length of the line. position: absolute; left: 50%; //move the line to the middle (50% of
  9. Site URL: https://www.davinepilates.com/about Hello, I would like to change the order in the 'About' section, 3rd section down where it says 'why I love pilates' on mobile to: image text image text Now it appears as text image image text Thanks for you help!
  10. Site URL: https://endive-denim-89ds.squarespace.com/resorts pw: 1404-Hello Hi community, I have made a wall of images on my page that looks great on desktop, but feels way too long on mobile. I would like to display two images per row (kind of like an instagram page) for mobile screens only. I have tried with the code below that targets the section only, but it doesn't put the images side by side... Any help is appreciated. Thank you ! @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#page-section-5fd63cbbc4373837b905ef57>.row { display: float; justify-content: space-be
  11. I'm trying to edit the font size and general style of the scheduling block. I've tried doing this by referencing the block id in the Custom CSS panel and then adding code, as per this article https://www.kayleighnoele.com/blog/how-to-target-edit-and-apply-css-to-a-specific-block-on-squarespace but it's not working. Any suggestions as to how I target the scheduling block for CSS?
  12. Hello, I am attempting to change the code for my Audio Blocks in the Fiver template to match my site colors (I use the audio blocks to post episodes of a podcast.) I was able to change the background color of the main bar and the color of the tile font but can not seem to change the author text color, play button or progress bar (one trick was to realize the title font was set for the LIGHT setting, not the DARK setting of Audio block). Was hoping for some suggestions. Here's the code I've been using and thank you in advance Tim. .sqs-widgets-audio-player { b
  13. Site URL: https://www.stripakademie.org/blog/theorie-poly-watte When placing an image block, the standard hover effect is a transparent dark grey, which means all text is easily readable. When placing a Slideshow Gallery block, the standard hover effect is nearly transparent, which means the white text is sometimes hardly readable on top of a complex image. I would like to change these font colours/hover background colors to match the image roll-over, and have a cleaner overall esthetic. Can't find the solution anywhere…
  14. Site URL: https://www.daretobegrey.com/home-office-en Hi all, So for a while now, I'm struggling to figure out how to arrange blocks on a page purely for mobile. The block arrangements are fine on desktop, but for two specific pages it leads to a skewed order on mobile. To be specific: For this project we're bundling 5 stories on an index section. Each of 5 stories has its own page with five components, which, on mobile, we'd like to see in the following order: <title> <video> <text> <button> <bubble image> Due to the arrangem
  15. Site URL: https://cod-carillon-5k2t.squarespace.com Hello, Is there a way to add the TikTok, Amazon Music and YouTube music icons in my social block? Or do I have to create a custom code? https://cod-carillon-5k2t.squarespace.com pw: magicmoney Thanks Will
  16. Site URL: https://angelicadesign.co/ Hi guys! Desperately trying to figure out how to code the icon image blocks to sit on the left of the text blocks on mobile view (instead of stacking). Send HALP! Thanks in advance 🤖
  17. Site URL: https://shop.jonathan-gallagher.com/products/overview I'm using Brine. I am happy with the layout for tablets and larger, but on mobile I'd like the sizes of the image sections to all be equal, and the smaller size seems to work nicely. Currently it's too large, so doesn't invite scrolling. url: https://shop.jonathan-gallagher.com/products/overview password: jonjonjon I can't seem to find the correct div. Ideally just for this page/collection. Thanks for any assistance
  18. On the template I'm using gallery grids appear in 2 columns for desktop view and stay in these 2 columns when in mobile view. As you can see in the screenshot, I need the two columns to stack in columns of 1 when in mobile view, so that the content is more visable, how do I change this so its different for both screens please?
  19. Site URL: https://watermelon-clover-lj3m.squarespace.com/ I am making a grid using code blocks with html content (square image, with link). I cannot figure out how to make the code block fix itself or wrap the content. When the window changes in size, I am left with a huge horizontal gap in the grid. I want to make the grid have fixed and equal margins. Any help would be great!
  20. Site URL: https://www.aditya-sinha.com/ Hi, I am looking to make the text on a blog page sticky, in order for it to stay on top of the page and serve as a sub-navigation for the blog posts below. I'm trying to achieve a similar Work page as is here: http://www.lauramccluskey.com/, with the categories/tags at the bottom of the page. Is there any method through Custom CSS and not Code Injection to possible achieve this? Password: tester
  21. Site URL: https://florenciaviadana.me/ Hi there. I noticed that in big resolutions like 1920 x 1080 and beyond, the description of my works moves to the right instead of appearing on the left like in other galleries. For example, on the home https://florenciaviadana.me/ when you open an imagen (on big resolutions) the description and gallery controls are on the left. Still, on this page: https://florenciaviadana.me/digital-works, when you open an image, those elements are on the right side of the viewport. I want to maintain the same layout as the home for these type of galleries on big
  22. Site URL: https://www.nobleglobalbox.nl/bereiden I've created a page with some image and text using the image block > stack. I want to place the images in all blocks below the text instead of above. Can somebody help me out with some code? Thanks a million!
  23. Hi, recently I've been working on a website for an art collector and have run in to a couple issues with my custom CSS. Since yesterday evening, the homepage of the website has display errors (grid gallery images all over the place and in different sizes) which automatically resolve once I click on "Edit“ for each section (without changing anything). I've tried removing all my custom CSS and the problem persists so I'm wondering whether that could be due to code blocks. If anyone's been through this before, please do help me figure out a solution. Below are two screenshots of 1.the d
  24. Site URL: http://idsewing.com I am trying to add a colored background in the center of my page over the background photo. I went in and changed it in the page HTML but it didn't stay when I saved it. How do I add that?
  25. Site URL: https://turbot-accordion-apa7.squarespace.com/assortiment/p/tartine-mwjye I've added a table as code block in the additional information section on a product page. It works, and is right-aligned as I wanted it, but there's an absolutely massive amount of whitespace between the description and the extra information. Is it possible to adjust this whitespace? I assume it's padding from the product picture miniatures. One possible solution I found was having the table in the description: adding the html code after the normal description by adding it after the descript
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