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  1. Site URL: https://emilie-iggiotti.squarespace.com/the-truth-in-you I saw this effect recently on a website (https://www.violahillstudio.com/) where the contents of two columns are vertically centered without using spacers. I've tried inspecting the code of the website and can't figure out how to achieve the same effect on a client's website. URL: https://emilie-iggiotti.squarespace.com/the-truth-in-you Password: emilie What I'm trying to do is in the index where the image block and text block appear beside each other, I would like to vertically center align the contents rather than have them align to the top of the index and have this effect maintain down to a screen size of 640px, after which the blocks stack on top of each other. I would ideally like to achieve this without the use of spacer blocks. I've attached an image that might help to explain this better. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I’m trying to edit page content by adding an element. I click the “EDIT” link under PAGE CONTENT, then click on the PLUS symbol to the right. Normally it would show all the elements that can be added, but for the last two days it opens an empty box. Even after waiting, the options in the box never show. I’ve done this many times before, so I am very familiar with the process. I’ve never encountered this before.
  3. Site URL: http://www.maevaberthelot.com I built my website with Squarespace 7.1 and on the mobile version the blocks in the footer seem to be automatically stacked vertically (pic 1). I am trying to get all the blocks in one horizontal line like on the laptop version (pic 2). Does anyone know how this can be changed? Thanks in advance!
  4. Site URL: https://www.jadeeleanor.com/ Hiya, I want to change the custom CSS on the collage gallery blocks on this page - https://www.jadeeleanor.com/full-day-half-day-wedding-packages I want to change the font size and the width of the font bit and the image so it doesn't extent longer than the photo on desktop etc. I know I need to find the individual block ID and then add that with the right CSS I'm just not sure what that is, I've had a bit of a play around as I've managed to change the width of the image I just haven't managed to do anything else... Thank you so much!
  5. Please see Row Column Finder. From the read me. It is quite easy to get into a situation where blocks are not behaving the way you think they should. Some of those issues are a how you think they should work versus how they actually work. But one issue that is really hard to tell is nested blocks which are virtually undetectable visually. The following image shows two similar looking page sections. The target layout is a row with three evenly spaced columns of text. Although they appear to be similar visually. They are not structurally. With the Row Column Finder bookmarklet you begin to have a chance at detecting layout issues that may be making your blocks behave in unexpected ways or are difficult to work with using CSS or JavaScript. In the first page section we see the target layout as desired. The second page section does not meet our target layout. We have a row with two columns. The first row first column contains a row with two columns. Undesirable nesting! What is a bookmarket? Wikipedia has a nice entry on bookmarklet.
  6. Can anyone help me to align an image to the left of the text on mobile, instead of above it, just as it is on desktop view? See images below for reference. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://calidumpling.com/about Hi! I noticed this part of my page is not fully responsive so I was wondering if there was a way to fix the text from getting cut off as shown in attached. Thanks so much!
  8. Site URL: https://www.infrasonicsound.com/ Hey there, I'm having issues with white space around the image on ONLY the mobile version of our site. I've tried a handful of CSS options and still haven't been able to fix the issue. Desktop version is PERFECT, but that issue on mobile is stumping me! Help!
  9. Is there a way to remove padding inside of a code block? I've inserted an image using a Code block and want the block to fit snug around the image itself, but I'm getting an extra padding on all sides. Here is a link to the site for reference Password: weddings This is the code I currently tried to use: .sqs-block-code .sqs-block-content { padding-top: 0px; margin: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; } Any help would be much appreciated!
  10. Can I have two different social links blocks in different places on my site? So far if I change one, it changes all of them across the site. I want it so that the footer always has facebook, twitter, and instagram, while my 'music' page has spotify, apple music, youtube, and soundcloud. Here's how it looks now:https://www.airshipcaravan.com/music
  11. Hi, I would like to add a short daily quote on my home page in a way that I can schedule a bunch of them ahead of time and don't have to do it manually every day. Is that possible? If so, how? My first idea was to have a blog element/block on my homepage for that. Can I integrate a blog (only featuring the current blog post of the day) on my homepage? Thank you!
  12. Site URL: https://salmon-prism-9ga5.squarespace.com/ Hi, I have a problem with my website project. I have 4 floating textblocks and i would like to adjust them in CSS, but I dont know how. I have tried google this, but I have not found a solution. In mobile view, the blocks are stuck together and I would like to have space between them. Secound question: Is it possible increase visibility when hover? Now there is command that reduce opacity in logos in CSS. Is there some trick that when I move my cursor on logo it's transparency reduce ? https://salmon-prism-9ga5.squarespace.com/ Password to website: woerks123
  13. Site URL: https://www.drmichaelogorman.com/skin-cosmetic-consultations Our website is incredibly slow. I've done some tests but removing all the images on the page, apart from the logo which is tiny, and my Google PageSpeed Test results are still terrible... 63 on desktop and 32 on mobile. I've created many sites on other platforms including Hubspot and WordPress that are super fast (99 on desktop) and contain pages with lots of images. So I can see it's not the images. We have no custom code on this page of our site. We are using Google fonts, but so do my other sites. Squarespace say it's the images. I know it can't be. Has anyone else got the same issue? Basically we're not going to win at search with a Squarespace website.
  14. Site URL: https://www.thesecondrow.co.uk/ Under the influencers section on my website, I would like the product blocks to appear 2 across, side by side, as they do in store sections. Can anyone help, please?
  15. Site URL: https://www.thehabituallyelevated.com/about-me I'm trying to add a custom text block below the yellow line underneath my image. Everything under the red line, is what I'm trying to include in the mentioned block. I equally do not want this to look wonky on the desktop or mobile view. I'm unsure of how to accomplish this. Please see attached for reference.
  16. I have a page I need to make with 9 features and it's extremely difficult to program the individual blocks to align the way I want them to by adding blocks to the already formatted presets. Is there a simple way to copy and paste the formatting to repeat or do I just have to struggle through the poorly made platform until I can afford to upgrade to a better service that actually has a user friendly interface? I already know how to add blocks and adjust them, it just isn't as simple a task as I would like, and I cannot imagine it's a unique problem so I assume there either has to be someone working on making it easier, or it's simply a matter of the company not really caring about the users.
  17. Site URL: https://www.shamanicawakening.com/the-call Hi everyone. I'm sure I'm missing something, as it feels like this should be an easy thing to do. But it's foiled me so far. On the page I've linked, in the section 'The Call - what's included', I used a list autolayout with the layout shown to list the different elements of this course. But I needed more elements than were in the autolayout, I couldn't see a way to easily just add more items. So I ended up having to create another section with the same layout, in order to be able to continue listing items. But as you can see, that means there's a bigger gap than there should be between elements, due to them being in two separate sections. Please can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  18. When I try to add my .svg file as an image block I get an error message that only images are allowed. How can I add a .svg?
  19. Site URL: http://justseekpeace.com Hello everyone! I recently added an IG block on my blog page hoping that would update automatically and it did. However every time I update my Instagram post the it replaces the previously shown post on m Squarespace blog page. I’m sure the fix is super obvious but I’m a newbie at all this. can anyone help me?
  20. Site URL: https://endive-denim-89ds.squarespace.com/resorts pw: 1404-Hello Hi community, I have made a wall of images on my page that looks great on desktop, but feels way too long on mobile. I would like to display two images per row (kind of like an instagram page) for mobile screens only. I have tried with the code below that targets the section only, but it doesn't put the images side by side... Any help is appreciated. Thank you ! @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#page-section-5fd63cbbc4373837b905ef57>.row { display: float; justify-content: space-between; align-items: center; width: 50% !important; float: left; }}
  21. Site URL: https://ilovecreatives.com/creative-directory The site I linked is an example of what I'm trying to do. I'm setting up a similar style of directory page in Squarespace and I'm trying to figure out how to do a location dropdown like they've done here. I used a CSS Viewer browser extension and it says that they've used an Archive block, which is what I initially tried, but there is no option for Location when I insert an Archive block. There are two other dropdowns, so I'm pretty sure they haven't just input locations as Categories or Tags, or if they did, they've found a way to filter the display so only certain categories or tags appear in certain dropdowns. Does anyone know how to do this? I have figured out the summary block workaround to display locations as a list, but that's not what I was hoping for. If anyone has any suggestions, I appreciate it!
  22. Site URL: https://www.landcarbonlab.org/data-copy Hello, I'm looking for help with the page https://www.landcarbonlab.org/data-copy. The second section, "Global Cropland Change" is not displaying with the new updated embed block in the "Global Land Cover Change" block. I can view it when I'm in edit mode, but then it disappears once I save. A version of the page where all the blocks are loading is https://www.landcarbonlab.org/data, though that has the old beta version of the embed (which no longer seems to be loading content). I think it may be an issue with the embed that is causing the following block not to load. Any ideas of how to fix?
  23. Site URL: https://www.peymanaassad.co.uk/ I want to make the Buttons (e.g: JOIN LABOUR, REGISTER TO VOTE ...) section of footer fixed while scrolling to the top sections. Although, I have tried position:fixed using class id but it didn't worked for me and the footer is gone. please help me how could I make it fixed.
  24. I am working on my first website using a template. I can't seem to move any of the text or other blocks. I grab them with the hand, but they just jump back to their original position. I don't see a way to set a location lock or similar anywhere. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
  25. Hello, I tried to hide my footer on one page, but I made the mistake of adding the following code into a code block in my footer (I now deeply regret it): .header, #footer-sections { display:none !important; } I thought great! It's working, until I realised the change applied to all of my website pages and not on that single page only. So now I've been trying to get my footer back, but the whole footer being disabled thanks to that code block, I can't do anything. It's not being visible anywhere which means that I can't access the code block and delete it. I went into the inspect Elements of Chrome, I found the footer sections and changed "none !important" to "block !important". It seems to work when I edit the code, the footer is visible again, only I cannot edit anything nor can I save anything in the inspect Elements. Meaning back to square one with a hidden footer on each and every one of my pages. Could you please help? Is there any way for me to retrieve the footer so that I can delete that code block once and for all? I'd rather have a footer on every page than none at all. Many thanks
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