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  1. Hello, I'm looking to rearrange the way my blocks are viewed on mobile. It gets wonky based on whether the picture/text is positioned no the left or right of the page. Is there any way to reorder them on mobile without having to change them on desktop? I don't really care where the text goes, whether between the images or at the top but it should be consistent. I also have another (not shown in the pictures) where the pictures came first and then the text because the pictures are on the left of the page and text on the right. I'd like the mobile version to be text first and pictures shown after. The website is mushroom-perch-mfhm.squarespace.com (not launched yet) and the password is: hello
  2. In the new Fluid Engine, is there any way to have text wrap around another block of text? Is there code I can enter to accomplish this? I am a writer looking to highlight pull quotes (individual lines from my writing) in a larger font at various points throughout an article. I have included a screenshot of my current efforts. The pink text is the pull quote, and as you can see, the surrounding text does not properly fit around it, despite the hours I've spent trying to manipulate it.
  3. I have code that needs to appear on each subpage. But I don't want to have to modify the code for every page. Is there a way to use an include in Squarespace? eg a chunk of code that exists somewhere that is pulled into every page. When I need to edit the code, I only need to go into the code once to edit it.
  4. Lets chat about this. I used to think squarespace was the bomb for someone who has no idea how to code. Granted I still don't know how to code but I wanted to make some changes to my website that I had someone built professionally a couple years ago. How can a company that charges over $200+ per year not have simplistic editing tools. While trying to make functionality a top priority to keep things seamless they have completely deterred that average client that wants to tackle designing a website outside of what's recommended. I can't change a simple font size for one text block without going through customer service, a coding crash course, and 4 hours of frustration. I mean what I can get done in Canva in literally 5 seconds cant be done without the things listed above. That is very frustrating. So anyone on here if you can help me that would be incredible because squarespace doesn't seem to care lol. When I adjust the font of one text block it effects every text block on my website with that exact same font. I don't know who in squarespace thought that was an effective tool, but here we are. Please tell me I am wrong on this and I am just an idiot. What is the work around instead of coding every single text block that I want to add?
  5. Hi everybody. I'm very new to this and have what I assume is a rookie problem. I need to add names to an alphabetized list that sits in a block on our website. But I can't keep single spacing when I try to type in the new names; it seems to automatically double space the new entries. I've tried copying in plain text, but got the same result. Can anyone help?
  6. Site URL: https://uxplaybook.org/ux-accelerator Hello @tuanphan I need help making this block sticky (fluid engine) #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1664264642296_1491046 How do I make this block stop at the footer?
  7. Hey. I can't get one block of text in this site's footer to center align it's content in mobile view. Both text blocks are left and right positioned in the desktop view, and the left block cooperates in the mobile based on this code: @media only screen and (max-width:767px){ #footer-sections * { text-align:center } } But the right block is being stubborn. Any ideas what's preventing it?
  8. First off - appreciate any help from the forum! Glad to be a new part of this community! Our desktop page works well - we display an image, text, and a button to showcase one rental unit (for example - cabin 1) https://wamboltscabins.com/the-cabins We accomplish this with blocks and spacers for formatting. However, when viewed on mobile - these blocks aren't related - so they don't appear in an intuitive order. I made a brief demo video of the problem - thanks in advance! https://www.loom.com/share/f020ff72ee7c4588b66f506348288ec8
  9. ARGG! I deleted my homepage block with all the blah blah of who I am.. is there anyway to recover it? Ugh. tyia
  10. Hi, is there any way I can create a customized greeting (with clients' first name) for members' homepage?
  11. I want to embed two podcast sites on one page. I'm able to embed both in "edit" mode, but once I visit the site (https://www.crcfchurch.com/podcast-test) only one of the podcasts shows up. Help center cannot provide any assistance.
  12. Hello All- Ive tried to use Advanced to inject the following: <style> #header, #footer-sections { display: none !important; } .tweak-mobile-bar-top-fixed .Mobile-bar--top { display: none !important; } </style> but no joy. Am I missing something?
  13. Hello, I am looking to adjust the site title in the header so that it drops down a line, and doesn't push the site logo over. I added some CSS code to display "the site name" (though it is just a text line) as well as the uploaded logo image. The site currently looks like this: But i would like to drop the word Foundation down a line to look like this: Is there a way I can do this in CSS? Here is the code I have to add the text alongside the logo: .header-title-logo a:before { content: "Chris Eckert Foundation"; display: inline-block; font-size: 25px; font-family: calibri; color: black; text-align: center; vertical-align:middle; font-weight:900; padding-left: 10px; } .header-title-logo img { vertical-align: middle; } Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
  14. Hi there, I face the issue that some extra blank space appears under the embedded widget. Since the widgets are written without using the grid technology, we get the following result: the block where I set the widget (embedded code) has a height of several lines (grid-template-rows: ...), I insert the widget into it and it's getting placed to the very first line, and the rest look like an indent. Is it possible to not use Squarespace fluid engine technology in a separate section or reduce the number of lines without using css? Currently, I'm able to remove it only with the help of CSS by reducing the number of grid lines, for example: .global-styles, body .fe-63cf03f0d8a6c9734ad4fd89 { --row-height-scaling-factor: 0; grid-template-rows: repeat(10,minmax(24px, auto)); }
  15. I'm trying to move the content up on mobile, but as I resize the background shape it pushes the text down and adds extra rows. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I've tried to fix many times on different devices but not having any luck. Have stepped it out in the images 1-7. Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hey all, One of my sites is still on the Old Squarespace system, and all of the sudden I seem to be completely unable to find or access the feature for duplicating blocks. All I am getting when I hover on any of my blocks is the trash icon, and not that little menu of three options I am seeking. What is going on? Did this feature somehow go away?
  17. Hi I've added a code block and had to customize the widget's button but it has large extra space between the button and bottom section margin. See in screenshot: space from bottom of button to the bottom of the section. I've added this code (below) already from another post but it only adjust the height of the button and not the actual size of the code block. Also how do I make it so it adjusts to any code block throughout the site? Note: The "BUY NOW" buttons are widgets from another site. Thank you so much for your help! div.code-block { padding: 0px !important; height: 1px !important; } Attached are the screenshots for the /prices page and /booking page Links to the mentioned pages. Site Details SITE LINK: https://air-tan.squarespace.com/prices (buttons under "Original/Organic/Organic Plus") https://air-tan.squarespace.com/booking ("buy now" buttons) PASSWORD: draft-air-tan
  18. I'm looking to add text & buttons to image blocks in a list format, similar to the attached. Currently I just have the text & buttons below the image, but I would like to add them as an overlay. Can someone please assist?
  19. Hi, I made a website (ypat.be) and it looks fine on desktop and mobile. But when I rotate my phone for landscape mode, I get a huge white gap, I'm guessing padding (which I can't find using inspect element). In the website editor you can't access landscape mode, and with custom css I also can't get it to work. I included a screenshot from portrait mode, and a screen recording from landscape mode below. Anyone had the same problem or knows how to fix this? site.mp4
  20. Hi there I want to add some 'essential links' to my blog posts. So, on my travel blog pieces, this would be a block containing links to sites where you can book flights, accommodation, get travel insurance etc. That's easy enough, but further to this, I'd like a way to be able to easily update the list in the future so that if, let's say, I want to add a link to another accommodation provider or, say, a car hire site, I can do this in one place and the content will dynamically update everywhere it's used. I have several hundred blog posts and the number is growing, so from a time-management perspective, there's a good argument for coming up with a solution that uses some form of dynamic or linked content for this rather than just manually pasting the links into each blog. I have no idea how to do this or if it's even possible! My thought was that I could create my list of links as a separate .html file that I could upload as a file to Squarespace. I then tried experimenting with a code block using the HTML <embed> and <object> tags, but I couldn't get this method to work (it just downloaded my .html file rather than displaying the content of the file in my blog). Is there any way to achieve what I'm trying to do? Thanks in advance!
  21. The default action is a zoom in on the same picture no matter which accordion item is clicked. Is there a way to assign a picture to a specific accordion section and for it to change to that picture when it's clicked?
  22. Hey I'm trying to hide 2 text blocks in the Mobile view using the following code which appears everywhere that I have looked for an answer: // Hide this block on mobile // @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { #BLOCK-ID { display: none; } } I'm using SS7.1 with Fluid Engine, and no matter what I do, the two blocks just won't go away. Any ideas?
  23. Hi there, I am currently experiencing a new issue when developing a site. I have been working with the new Fluid Engine for a while and this is the first time i have experienced this and it is very frustrating! The issue is, is that when i go to mobile edit mode, whenever I move or adjust the size of a block, rows are getting added without me asking. Just for a specific section - not all sections are affected by this. I am aware there is a feature when you can drag a block to the bottom of the section so it can add new rows for you automatically, however this isn't about that - this issue happens whether i am at the top or bottom of my section. Everytime i move a block all rows are pushed down by 1. I am so confused. My only solution to this could be that it is my code that i have uploaded to the code-injection for some animation in that section that is causing the issue - however i do not see anything in my code that would make this happen. Anyone else experiencing this? Any help would be great! Thanks a lot!
  24. Site URL: https://marlow-concept-zach-naum.squarespace.com/optical-frames Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me make a text block on the side of a page sticky? I have this block on the left side of the page which is functioning as a navigation bar with links to the text. I've styled the text block using CSS, and I would like to add CSS to make it sticky so that it stays in place as you scroll down the page. I've read quite a lot on how to do this (targeting the block then adding position: stick etc) but for some reason nothing I try seems to be working. Any help would be much appreciated!
  25. Hi, Page is: https://www.jeffgalferphotography.com/bio I'm trying to figure out how to write the code so that the text block appears above the masked boy photo when in mobile only. Once it hits mobile, the order of the blocks is: Boy in Red Sweatshirt Photo Masked Boy Photo Text However, I'd like it to be in mobile: Boy in Red Sweatshirt Photo Text Masked Boy Photo I have corrected this previously by not having the text wrap around the masked boy photo on desktop. However, I like the wrapping and I'd prefer to keep it. It unfortunately just also changes the positioning of the masked boy photo when in mobile, though, to on top of the text. Any ideas on this? Thanks! Jeff
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