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  1. I just completed my website apart from replacing a few photos here and there. I published it with a password (captivatingportraits). When I view it on my MacBook (16") it looks perfectly fine. Nothing is outside the grid in edit mode so I figured it would be fine. However, when my friend views my website on her laptop which is slightly smaller (14"), things seem to be pushed together and don't align properly. I tried moving things more towards the center which did not fix the problem (pictures attached). Is there a code I should attach so my site looks the same on every laptop/desktop? If so, what is it/how do I go about doing that? I am very new to Squarespace and this is my first website through them. In the pictures you can see that the text doesn't align in one line as it should and the icons for social media don't align either.
  2. Hello, I added a black fade vignette and a scale animation to my gallery images. I had to add a custom code injection to make the animation work. Without making any changes to the code, the webpage seems to have bugged out and it no longer seems to work. The animation still works but the text no longer shows up nor does the image darken anymore. When I remove the code I added it doesn't revert completely. The text thats supposed to show up is still missing. I have no idea how to fix this. I didn't change anything regarding the text or animation. I might not be explaining it right but I have two videos, one of it working and another of it at its current buggy state. Thanks Working Version.mov NotWorkingVersion.mov
  3. So I've been rebuilding my website for the past 2 weeks and I installed the Spark Plugin today on a trial basis. I deleted the CSS for the Plug-in and now everything on my website shows up BLANK. I see the pages in my account but no content. It's like they're gone. Are they really gone or is there a way of recovering them? Screenshots below to show what I see on my end when I'm in my account as well as the webpage.
  4. I'd like to know what Squarespace are doing about an eco policy and actions. Competitors such as WordPress hosts like Krystal and Green Geeks run on renewal energy hosting and I've yet to see anything from Squarespace on this, not even a clear message on the website. It's a huge sales point for my clients who come to me looking for climate effective solutions and I'm increasingly having to recommend WordPress as the better option simply because I can see the accountability that I can't get from Squarespace. I hope that there are plans - it's not acceptable if there aren't - to make changes soon or to share what those changes are if they've happened so that those of us who use Squarespace in our business can share that message. It's enough to offset, that's a support, but the change needs to happen at source and Squarespace seem to be completely off message or way behind on this. If I have missed any messaging, I'd appreciate a link.
  5. I recently created a squarespace site. It is done and published, and my old carrier has unpublished my website and deactivated the account (I can't seem to delete entirely - but that's a whole other issue) Anyways - When I first published my website, my sub pages in google were linking to my old website. So, I went into my Squarespace settings, and changed it so that if someone clicks those sub link pages, it would just link back to my main page. However, now that my old site is deactivated, I can't remember where I found the option to change this redirect. I have used google search console to attempt to index my pages and also url mapping. I am not having much luck. It has been a month now, and it is still not syncing properly. Any advice??
  6. Hello. Website is aalroumi.com, I keep getting this error: This page isn’t working aalroumi.com didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Was working fine last couple of weeks. Thank you.
  7. I've had my Squarespace website for almost a year, and it's still not ranking at all. I have watched the videos, tried to add keywords into my meta-descriptions and website, but still nothing. I'm at a complete loss and all the advice I've had is to watch videos and figure it out. I feel like I'm throwing my money away and need to get the issues fixed. Help!
  8. I'm attempting to customize my site heading and finding some roadblocks. Essentially, I'd like the desktop and mobile site heading to be different. On desktop I'd like to have text that says the business's address and phone number. On mobile, I'd like a button that people can click on to call automatically. I've successfully added both these elements, but haven't been able to customize the view so they aren't competing on desktop view. I'm having an issue with disabling the button from displaying on desktop screens. Is there code I can use to hide the button on displaying on desktop, so that it only displays on mobile and doesn't obstruct the CSS text addition? Thanks! PASSWORD TO VIEW SITE: Maisy
  9. Hi there, I have made my fonts custom for majority of my store, but I can't seem to find the code to fix the "Size", "Quantity" and "Price" to be the same font. The custom font is labelled at Evgoria Any Clue? (Password is HELPPLZ)
  10. Hi all, I just completed a re-design for my band's website. Previously there was no password required to enter the site, now there is. How do I unlock the site? Thanks
  11. I was able to format the website to work on the phone but it is not working on a smaller computer and/or Ipad. I know 7.1 has the fluid option. Is there any way to do this on 7.0 Brine? Thanks, Misty
  12. This week, I keep getting ‘unable to load content’ message when I add a Vimeo url into 7.1 Video box. ALSO, Vimeo password is behaving erratically. Says it’s wrong, when it’s not, and then accepts it eventually. Normally no problems with Vimeo in my Squarespace website. What could be happening and is this a SS or Vimeo problem? I have emailed Vimeo yesterday morning and am still awaiting support. Thanks for any help, Pauline
  13. I am trying to add alt-text to an image within a banner on my homepage. Banners collapsed within a homepage seem to be treated as pages, and thus I get a Page Settings menu when I click to edit or I can edit the image... but no Alt Text field like I do for regular images throughout the website. Any work around's to this? Am I missing something?
  14. Hello all, I'd appreciate some help with Squarespace 7.1. I've created sections which are images on my website, only to discover that I'm unable to put alt-text on them. On digging around on Squarespace support, the attached tells me that file names can be utilised as alt text. My question is, how can you get file names on images to be visible on your website? I don't seem to be able to see the file names. Am I missing something? Help gratefully received!
  15. I have Square space website from past 10 months. I'm facing many Issues Regarding Square space and there Team as well. Unfortunately, There are many issues that's are not solve. when ever we search any thing in main website. It will open the page not the Index. Then Design and the content is Broken. The major issue I'm facing is. Once we add password protecting in our Blogs and add "Search specific page" (Limited results to one page.) in Blogs then it give error always. I request many times to square space regarding my issue and at the end created a ticket on Dec-20th-2022 about my Search issue. Then they start replaying me, "Our team is working". At the end on Jan-25-2023 the refused and said its not possible gave me article "https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/217594457-Adding-search-to-your-site#toc-indexed-content" which is published/Updated on Jan-09-2023.
  16. Hi, I have tried to find the "Share you Site - Copy Site Link" in my Settings area. I'm trying to share my squarespace website before publishing. My site is in private mode. I need to give access to my copy to see the site and ad text before I publish it. The problem is that these are the only options I have: Site Availability Private Member Areas Language & Region Business Information Social Links Connected Accounts Extensions Permissions Domains Google Workspace Billing Mobile Information Bar Cookies & Visitor Data Blogging Advanced Thank you in advanced for the help.
  17. Hi lovely people, I have been working on my new website and really need some constructive feedback on how it looks to a customer and whether it is user friendly. Also does anyone know how to rename photos once uploaded. I have loads to learn like naming photos before you upload them. Tagging everything, adding in all the background things they say to do in all the webinars I have been doing, its a learning curve and I could really do with some really honest feed back. Also spacing is a bit off I think between mobile and laptop though I tried so hard to get it all even, any tips on this please. Here is my site https://www.sassyupcycling.co.uk/
  18. I am trying to import a CSV file into my mailing list - however even though I have very carefully checked the original file and it is clearly in three columns - email, first name, last name, many of the last names are showing as doubled. that is marysmith@gmail.com Mary Smith Smith It seems that the error is created when there is an email which has either numbers in it or an underscore .. eg mary_smith@gmail.com or marysmith14@gmail.com.I have imported the same list into MailChimp with no problem and no errors seen.I have been in touch with Squarespace help but without any luck so far. If anyone has any solution to this or has experienced similar please let me know.
  19. Lets chat about this. I used to think squarespace was the bomb for someone who has no idea how to code. Granted I still don't know how to code but I wanted to make some changes to my website that I had someone built professionally a couple years ago. How can a company that charges over $200+ per year not have simplistic editing tools. While trying to make functionality a top priority to keep things seamless they have completely deterred that average client that wants to tackle designing a website outside of what's recommended. I can't change a simple font size for one text block without going through customer service, a coding crash course, and 4 hours of frustration. I mean what I can get done in Canva in literally 5 seconds cant be done without the things listed above. That is very frustrating. So anyone on here if you can help me that would be incredible because squarespace doesn't seem to care lol. When I adjust the font of one text block it effects every text block on my website with that exact same font. I don't know who in squarespace thought that was an effective tool, but here we are. Please tell me I am wrong on this and I am just an idiot. What is the work around instead of coding every single text block that I want to add?
  20. Hey guys, First time using the forum 👋 So I have recently added a secondary navigation to my website and I am not sure if this has had an effect but.. Site: www.petit-tresor.store My navigation is all pushed up? The top couple of links sit behind my logo/header. See below screengrab Can someone tell me what i've done wrong or any coding to help THANK YOU
  21. How can we make the site ADA compliant?
  22. How do I add an image to a specific page. I have it in the Library.
  23. I've filled my information to connect to Stripe. I've added bank account information to receive my payouts. All goes through until we're prompted back to the "Review and finish up" where the page refuses to accept the previously uploaded information required to "Agree & Submit". We've redone this process several times with ow success.
  24. Hey there! I have build and edit my website from a desktop for desktop version and from a mobile for the mobile version. The mobile version is done and seems great optimized on mobile. From a mobile device easy to see whatever you're on desktop or mobile when editing. Not the same from desktop, is confusing. I do mention that i do not have any CSS limitations added. However i struggle with desktop version as when login into the website from desktop i have the index page without primary and secondary navigation functions. How to keep the mobile version the same on desktop without CSS added?
  25. How do you create an Intranet site on Squarespace?
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