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  1. Site URL: https://robin-impala-w8cj.squarespace.com/config/ Can I show pop up modal on a custom trigger? Please take a look at the custom code injection
  2. Site URL: https://yourdetail.com Hey I have custom built website and but want to move to square space I also integrated a scheduler in there. Is there any way to keep all those settings. Here is my website link yourdetail
  3. I already installed the Squarespace-server on my desktop (iMac Pro 2017) with this doc. https://developers.squarespace.com/local-development Squarespace-server --version 1.8.2 But when running squarespace-server https://yourdomain.squarespace.com or squarespace-server https://yourdomain.squarespace.com --auth, I got some errors like "Failed to bind to localhost/" Right now, I fixed this issue with Squarespace Support team's help. If anyone has some issues on Squarespace, please don't hesitate to ask support team. They are very kind.
  4. Hi there, Our business has been threatened with a lawsuit unless we upgrade our website to W3C standards for ADA compliance. I have managed to make all of the fixes required thus far via my limited coding skills or work arounds. I also downloaded a great (and free!) accessibility widget that seems to offer a lot of nice functionality. However, the dropdown menus in my product pages still can not be read by an e-reader and I can not figure out how or where to add custom code to modify them. I have found the code required but despite having gone into developer mode, I don't see where to inject this code in order to modify the drop downs and make them compliant. Has anyone else done this or can they point me to the right place? Or is this simply not doable on the Squarespace platform? Any thoughts or advice are welcome.
  5. Site URL: https://www.lelephant-voyageur.com/ hello Squarespace team! I received an audit report from SEMrush on my website, indicating that "some pages show issues with an external ressources block into the file robot.txt." . I installed widgets from GetYourGuide on some blogposts, and one additional code injection for GetYourGuide analytics (footer) . My pages are good indexed on Google Search Console, but I'm afraid this problem. And most of the time the widgets do not appear. Here is my website: https://www.lelephant-voyageur.com/ according to SEMrush and Google Search Console, indeed these codes from GetYourGuide are blocked. How can I solve this issue? Many thanks in advance! Romane
  6. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk URL: www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hello, how to change the automatic "All" to "View All" on product category please? Thank you!
  7. I've been trying to get rid of "There are no upcoming events at this time" but I can't seem to delete the section, there is no trash can to delete it. I can't even erase the text. I also tried CCS codes but they didn't work. There has to be a way to get rid of it without deleting the events (that just deleted the whole page). Any help would be highly appreciated.
  8. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hello, I've done some research on the coding for circular images and dividers on drop down box but they haven't seem to work and I'm not a coding expert / website expert- any advice? URL: www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Here are the links I've used: Circular images research: https://www.laurenaloiadesigns.com/my-blog/squarespace-tip-how-to-create-circular-images but when I try to identify the blocks, I only get the blocks in the Header or Footer, or the whole collection. Would this be a template issue? Dividers on drop down box research: When I apply the codes mentioned here, they don't seem to work either so i'm wondering is it because i've formatted my website's headers on individual pages rather than a page with sub pages? Any help would be great! Thanks
  9. Site URL: https://www.humlondon.com/contact I have updated a page on my website and saved it via Squarespace. however the updated version is not showing when the website is seen by others. have done other updates on other pages that have worked but this one just isn’t showing up to other people.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way that the Newer Post/Older Posts can be changed into a numerical sorting? Think like << < 1,2,3,4...25 > >> I was hoping to find a solution so that I can have my articles much easier to sort through. Also was something some readers had suggested I look into for ease of navigation and to spice up the bottom of the blog area. Any thoughts would be super appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Does anyone have a code injection script that would make the announcement bar accessible? The existing code is very poor for accessibility but the overall component is really useful.
  12. Site URL: https://www.andyburnsdesign.co.uk Hello, I'm having an issue with my site header on mobile, everything is working on the desktop version of the site and looks to be correct on the mobile editor on desktop. However when I load my site from mobile there is a white "dead area" to the right hand side and my content below is off centre, the header image does not extend across the full width but the header (menu, logo and basket) does. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  13. Site URL: https://darragh-cv-2022.squarespace.com Hey Folks I created a new template within squarespace to develop my new site. All I want to do now is basically find a way to make this new version overwrite my old site. I would massively appreciate any help.
  14. I mistakenly created a dubplicate of my site in the dashboard. Then accidentally proceeded with designing the dubplicate. Now the primary site with my domain and email, etc needs to switch with the duplicate site - in other words I need Squarespace to delete the primary and make the new duplicate site the primary. Hope that makes sense... it would if I were able to speak or chat with a human, but Squarespace doesn't allow that.
  15. I am trying to import a CSV file into my mailing list - however even though I have very carefully checked the original file and it is clearly in three columns - email, first name, last name, many of the last names are showing as doubled. that is marysmith@gmail.com Mary Smith Smith It seems that the error is created when there is an email which has either numbers in it or an underscore .. eg mary_smith@gmail.com or marysmith14@gmail.com.I have imported the same list into MailChimp with no problem and no errors seen.I have been in touch with Squarespace help but without any luck so far. If anyone has any solution to this or has experienced similar please let me know.
  16. Site URL: https://dandelion-antelope-pwty.squarespace.com I had an accessibility check run on this site and one of the main issues I'm working on for users who need screen readers is the navigation menu. Originally, I had a built-in dropdown menu on hover, but I was informed that screen readers stopped at the main item (which is just a folder, not an actual linked page) and wouldn't read the actual links to pages. One of their suggestions was either to A) make the drop-down open on click, which customer service told me is impossible or B) make a mega menu using custom code, which I have done, but it still only opens on hover. I would prefer to use my original menus because I'm skeptical of the custom mega menu being accessible on a screen reader, is there a way to override the hover function with an html injection?
  17. Site URL: https://www.jeancherounyfineart.com/%3Cmeta%20name= Hey everyone! i am having an issue with the display on a clients mobile site. I have attached a link and picture. When I click her about on the mobile version, is displays and error and tells me the URL is incorrect. But on iPads and desktops everything is fine. Please advise?
  18. Site URL: https://www.dragonflyscales.net/ Any help would be greatly appreciated. About 70% of my website traffic is mobile, but when my shop is in mobile view all my categories are in a long line that runs horizontally off the screen on a slider. Ideally when someone clicks on the Shop I would like visitors to see a vertical list of Categories. Thanks in advance John https://www.dragonflyscales.net/ Squarespace 7.1
  19. Hi Squarespacers, I have a website request from a potential client. The client wants a customer login and then according to their age present them with the content based on that certain age bracket. This sounds quite advanced (custom build website) but I am curious to see if Squarespace offers something like this. Cheers, Dennis
  20. Site URL: http://coastalnutrients.com Hi folks. We are getting feedback from customers that search engines from the uk are saying our website is unsafe. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Plus any comments /suggestions regarding the website would be great.
  21. Site URL: http://desa-sa.pl Hi, I want to create a subpage that is only accessible after the visitor accepts the terms and conditions. I thought about creating a page with the terms and conditions and a button that links to the page but if i were to do it like that, the page link could be copied and accessed without accepting the terms. It's very important that the page asks each time to accept the terms. Is there any code injection that would solve that issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Site URL: https://www.laurasteelshitchcock.ca/ Hello, I am setting up my online store. I have gone into commerce and selected Canada as my default country. When I try to do a purchase to test the system I only get US in the drop down when I add an address so I can not complete the payment. If I leave default as US I still get no other options when entering address for purchase. Is there another step I am missing? Is there a way to phone in on a weekend to talk to support? Laura
  23. Site URL: http://catalinamunoz.me After I added a Convertkit form on my website with HTML, my website stopped working. I deleted the form but I still can't access my website. It's apparently a security issue. Any idea how to fix it?
  24. Site URL: https://JesusandJustice.as.me/ I needed to change my annual billing to monthly and an article said I needed to cancel my subscription and start it again. So I did that. But it did NOT say that doing that would cancel every subscription of every one of my clients!!! Is there any way at all to reinstate the subscriptions without each client having to go in and do it again?? Help! Thank you!
  25. Site URL: https://JesusandJustice.as.me/ I am urgently trying to reach a HUMAN at customer care for Acuity or SquareSpace but cannot figure out how. Can someone please help me? Every single one of the subscriptions of my clients in Acuity has just been cancelled.
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