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  1. To my surprise, unlinked pages that I had been working on years ago that didn't make it to the site were brought to my attention as being searchable on Google; this includes pages blank pages as well as pages with contradictory pricing from previous years. I find that to be a crazy automatic feature for a page that you suddenly create, but anyways, I have deleted the unwanted pages and Google still has them linked and connected to my website. How do I fix this? Is it simply letting Google reset the SEO and giving them time to find the actual pages I want linked or...? TIA, Brendon
  2. I've noticed that my website's search engine rankings have fluctuated greatly in the past few months. I've been trying to keep up with the latest SEO techniques, but I'm still not seeing the results I want. I need help in understanding what might be causing these fluctuations and what I can do to stabilize my rankings and improve my website's visibility on search engines.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a trans artist in the middle of changing my legal name completely and was wondering how that would affect my SEO for my website. I'm a writer and artist and have a following under my current name. If people will still continue to google my old name, is there any way to still direct traffic to my current site (which I'm also updating to match my new name)? Basically, is there a way for me to edit my site so that both my old name and my new name direct folks here when they search me? Thank you!
  4. Hi - Is there a way to see raw URL parameters in the logs? For example, if I give a friend a link, www.foo.com/?name=Bob could I view the logs and see this anywhere? Interestingly, so far I've seen that URL as the referrer when Bob visits a second page, www.foo.com/about but I can't see raw log data, nor am I seeing it in the Traffic Sources panel (though maybe there's a delay?). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Second question, for a more "structured" query, can I see standard UTM-based campaign data, like a URL created in the Google campaign builder? https://ga-dev-tools.web.app/ga4/campaign-url-builder/ ? Thank you!
  5. I've been having this problem for a while. The schema code under WebSite for my site displays an incorrect description, even though I have updated the description everywhere I can find. It currently shows a description for myself and not the company which causes many SERP and Google results issues. Is there a way to update this description section?
  6. I launched this website almost a year ago and still cannot get Bing to index. I get the message in Bing Webmaster Tools "Discovered but not crawled URL cannot appear on Bing". I've contacted Bing support about 10 times, they only reply with their standard "The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you to follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation." No issues indexing on Google. I'm at a loss, I've never had a problem getting any of my websites in the index, Squarespace, Wordpress, or other platforms. I even tried the Bing's new IndexNow. Any suggestions?
  7. I've built most of my site around a structure of index pages and sub-pages. I've been told today by SS support that index pages don't rank for the keywords in the sub-pages, and that it's just the subpages that can rank. If correct, that means 2 things - firstly, there's not enough content on each of my subpages for Google to read and rank it effectively, and secondly, I'm not able to hide the sub-pages from Google and just feed the keyword impact up to the over-arching index page, as I'd planned. I guess my question is, does anyone have a definitive idea of whether SS support is correct? I've read things to suggest they're wrong, and God knows SS customer service reps don't really have any idea about this sort of thing right out the gate, so I'm hopeful that I've been misinformed and I won't have to just rebuild my site. For reference, my site is www.fullfocusweddings.com
  8. Hi everyone, My website is live since mid-December: www.annathay-coaching.com but when I put Anna Thayenthal Coaching into google, it doesn't come up. What can I do? Does it need to be registered with google? Thanks a lot in advance for your advice! Anna
  9. With Google axing Universal Analytics on July 1st, it's important you set up GA4 (Google Analytics 4) ASAP. Check out the below video, where I walk you through how to set up Google Analytics 4 on Squarespace 👇 If you like this sort of content, feel free to subscribe for more Squarespace SEO tips and help.
  10. Site URL: http://www.luxurypropertyfinder.solutions/ hello everyone , does anyone know a good and affordable seo freelancer or company for my online real estate business ? i am tired being ripped off by some incompetent ones regards many thanks sebastien
  11. I have a basic business name.com and wondering if it still makes sense to buy other domains with keyword rich.coms and do the 301 forward to the main site. Will it help catch and direct the people searching those keywords or not really? I think its more about quality content now, but is this still helpful to do? Is it worth the $20 year/domain or does it hurt seo? I'm super green and trying to learn the basics. thanks!
  12. Guest

    Core Web Vitals

    I'm sure someone from Squarespace will tell me that as a platform, Google treats them differently than the rest of the world - or that in fact, SS is 'special'. Google not to long ago released Core Web Vitals. They have a good explanation of what this is here: https://web.dev/vitals/ Don't be fooled, web.dev is Google, not some third party. Guess what, Google doesn't treat Squarespace any different from any other website - whether it uses custom Javascript, PhP, Asp.net or other code vs. a builder CMS like SS, Wix, Weebly. They are all the same in the eyes of Google. So what does this chart below say about this domain? It says that the pages are slow and not built very well. That's what it says. What's the main issue? The website is as slow as a dog. 24 seconds to be interactive. Google's goal is 3-4 seconds. The main issue? Way too much CSS, way too much CSS that isn't even used. Way too much JS that isn't even used. Oh and a CMS that doesn't automatically compress images or defer loading of those below the fold. All of which are pretty common. Any thoughts here?
  13. Hi there, I have tried for some time to add an existing (verified) Google Business Profile Listing to a client's site and the screen freezes at the square after allowing me to get as far as connecting the google account associated with it and clicking on "allow". I have tried troubleshooting with the following: -Waited and tried again in a few days -Tried on various browsers -Logged in, logged out -Verified emails, admin privileges, etc. -The site is live -Tried on various computers -Tried instead to just add a new business listing (this did not work either) I have successfully done this before, but I feel like there must be some update or something I am missing?) Thank you for any help or insight!
  14. As an SEO consultant who specialises in Squarespace sites. I often get asked is "Squarespace actually good for SEO"? The answer is yes, 100%. My site (harryboxhall.co.uk) literally ranks for #1 Squarespace SEO Consultant as well as other competitive terms as well. It's not Squarespace itself that is often holding sites back. It's actually just making sure you have the three main important pillars solved of any SEO campaign solved. And that's i) On Page SEO, ii) Off Page SEO and iii) Technical SEO. Squarespace actually handles most of the Technical SEO for you and provides a lot of the tools for you to do a good job. Off Page is making sure you get the right links in (PR or a SEO consultant will be able to help you there). Finally On Page SEO, everything you actually see on a site is down to you (or your SEO consultant) to make sure you rank for the keywords you actually want to rank for. So if a web client ever asks you - please don't feel like you are unsure - you can tell them yes.
  15. jerry121

    Core Web Vitals

    How can i fix core web vitals of my amansala website?
  16. We're thrilled to announce a new SEO webinar on November 9th at 1:30 PM ET. We'll go over SEO fundamentals and best practices, as well as your Squarespace site's built-in SEO and marketing tools. Our goal is for you to leave the webinar with a deeper understanding of how to leverage your content strategy to boost your site's discoverability on search engines. You'll leave the webinar with specific, actionable steps you can take on your site to improve its SEO performance. Be sure to reserve your spot for November 9th at 1:30 PM ET at the link below: Register
  17. Hi, a strange error showing in Bing webmaster tools after running a site scan. Any ideas? The cart page is not active because I don't have products yet but the homepage threw me. Doesn't it automatically have an <H1> tag? I have a logo with alt-text in place of the site title but I'm sure that shouldn't make a difference. www.mybeautyangel.com
  18. Site URL: https://www.relativelygenealogy.com/ For some reason on my home page in the browser tab it contains the words "General 2". My page title is consistent in page settings, SEO and in the header title. Not sure where it's coming from.
  19. Site URL: https://www.jessiannephotography.com/ Help would be welcomed with open arms! So I have spent my day trying to figure out why when I google the website that I am working on it shows up Open Menu? So I went to have keyword density report and I find it all over the place. I have went through my seo setting by page and changed it to something other than the default. It is probably something simple that I am missing at this point but my mind is stuck and I could use a new pair of eyes. Thank you in advance.
  20. Hi, Im using categories in my shop to separate different articles of clothing (tees, hoodies, caps, etc). For example "https://www.duhvoli.com/shop/hoodies" is a category page for all my hoodies. Google is ignoring these urls and suggests I "Alternate pages with proper canonical tag" (it choses the first product page under said category instead) How can I add canonical tag to category page? If it's not possible, what would be best solution to fix this? Thanks!
  21. Hi, Would you be able to provide me with some assistance in getting my site indexed by Google? At the moment, it doesn't appear at all. I have customized the SEO for each page, verified my website domain with Google Search Console, and am currently waiting for Indexing to be completed in my various URL's. The Google Search Console has also been updated with my site map. What else am I missing in order for my website to pop up with a google search? Thanks so much!
  22. Is it possible to update some of the headings in the search rankings to highlight the business name. Similar to the attached examples? Will this affect our rankings? (so ideally we'd want clinical Psychologist Newcastle | ELD Psychology)
  23. Recently I’ve been finding that my impressions and clicks from google have taken a massive hit due to page speed issues. Any pointers on how to solve this?
  24. I've been wanting to improve my website traffic so I've been looking at SEO. I've got descriptions etc set for each page and for my blog posts. Yet when I Google my website domain, most of my blog posts are missing! No wonder my website doesn't get much traffic on my blog. We're talking about over a year's worth of content so there has certainly been enough time for them to capture them. My SEO settings on my blog make all posts/pages in my blog available to search engines. Does anyone have any suggestions about what's going on and what I can do to correct this? Edit: Bing has more results for my blog than Google but still not all
  25. I have implemented correctly formatted structured data/schema markup inside two of my personal website pages, most importantly the About/bio page. The checked and re-checked JSON-LD markup is injected inside the Advanced section of the pages meant for such code. There are no formatting errors in this schema markup, and the code passed muster, too, with Squarespace support, who confirmed it is correct. But I can tell using Google Analytics via the Console set up for the website that after several months of being in there and much re-crawling etc., Google persists in not seeing any of the structured data whatsoever. My structured data is entirely invisible to Google, and I can't figure out why. Zero rich results show up for this data, and also, nothing appears in Enhancements, viz. "No enhancements yet.". Core Web Vitals show "no data". Nothing showing any error(s). It seems impossible to reach anyone at Google on this matter, and of course Squarespace is divorced from the problem. Can anyone out there help me? The pages are: https://www.phoebeeaton.com/bio https://www.phoebeeaton.com/books
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