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  2. Hi Buck, this might be a bit late for you but there is a directory tool called Community Box that allows you to create searchable listings: https://www.communitybox.co/squarespace I'm not sure it's exactly what you're looking for but you can have people in categories and then search and sort by name, categories or location. It's free for up to 25 entries if you wanted to have a play around. Full disclosure, I was involved with making this tool but we created it because I'm a Squarespace designer and was frustrated due to the lack of directory options.
  3. Hi! I'm new to Squarespace development and am going through the tutorials now. I'm well-versed in HTML & CSS, but new to Git. I've committed changes to my template files, however, when following instructions from the Beginner Tutorial, I get this fatal error message. Is anyone able to assist me with what I'm doing wrong? I'm familiar with SFTP, is that a better option for this? Thanks! Michelle
  4. Today
  5. Hi there, the website is: https://rust-walrus-w2kj.squarespace.com the pw is: Ciao1710 The point is that I don´t want to change the links in the menu. I want to change the links in all texts and footer. For now when I do this, it still keeps the predesigned style and changes the menu as well. Thanks for helping out. Jan*
  6. Ok I have used squarespace for quite a while, and often times when trying to make a specific design that someone requested its not east, i have had to craw through many custom CSS hoops and the help I have received is sure helpful, but not always timely. So i am going to make this simple, I have 4 days to complete this site from start to finish. It's a big site, and honestly I don't know if i can pull it off, but i'm asking you, anyone who reads this PLEASE HELP. 🤯 Which template should I use for a design like this? It is a commerce site with product pages, images behind the text, and colored backgrounds in front of the images. different types of buttons, a navigation above the main navigation, and a clickable video on the homepage banner. The first image is the product page, the second is the homepage.
  7. Hello there, Does anyone know how to do make the first index page fadeout by scrolling? Like the website below: https://www.serta-japan.jp/special/?utm_source=gkt&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAiA_MPuBRB5EiwAHTTvMUb8pOQQ0MqIZhy2gjd57Essi_Xj0FOn7CSJJ3Dkpch_XVxCzg7RhxoCWEQQAvD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR0xZQg6nv2lYHsLmuCxmQ0-gRMqeB7HC2pfAucptG7njcpA9kWIcIDqK8Y I am planning to use Brine template. Thanks in advance if someone can help! Sheri Lai
  8. Hi there! Does anyone know how to do snapscrolling in Brine template with css? Like the first section of this website: https://www.serta-japan.jp/special/?utm_source=gkt&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAiA_MPuBRB5EiwAHTTvMUb8pOQQ0MqIZhy2gjd57Essi_Xj0FOn7CSJJ3Dkpch_XVxCzg7RhxoCWEQQAvD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR0xZQg6nv2lYHsLmuCxmQ0-gRMqeB7HC2pfAucptG7njcpA9kWIcIDqK8Y Thanks a lot in advance if someone can help. Sheri Lai
  9. the squarespace code injection only gives me the option to add it to the footer (I believe it means just before closing the </body> tag) Yes. Code in Footer will be in <body> and </body>
  10. I run into this all the time. I wish Squarespace would give some error text, as opposed to just something went wrong. Would make life a lot easier. I fix this by disconnecting/reconnecting. Many times it's been caused by us mucking with the mailchimp list, though I'm not sure what exactly we did to the list to cause it. It does seem fragile. Perhaps Squarespace wants us all to move to their email campaigns... 🤔
  11. Everyone on these forums in the community is confused and struggling trying to build a goddamn website on this new version. Squarespace you see what’s going on? And Reddit it has gone off the rails with this dumpster fire pivot. It is absolutely asinine that you guys would launch something like this without the basic ability to switch a paid license between versions?!! Especially since you know very well from the metrics that people switch temples often to test other designs when first developing a site. Customers would switch later as well if you fixed the requirements for templates and designed them so that the sites are fully interchangeable. Also, customers base their entire decision about starting a website on Squarespace around which templates are available, and which they’re going to use and the ability to switch between them. You don’t even let people know now that they won’t be able to change their template going forward after they’ve chosen it. If you want to release 7.1 the right way, you will change your framework requirements for templates so that people can easily switch between templates at any time without any loss or gain of functionality. Keeping templates is critical to the success of square space. And giving customers a CHOICE when they sign up AND INFORMING THEM about these changes is KEY. Natalie Gibraltar, head of product should be fired! Get the rest of the C level team into a meeting with her and fix this disaster. What a stupid mess!!!
  12. I'm having trouble changing the custom font for my item text (when you hover over index images) for the Jasper theme in css. I've changed the header and nav fonts, just can't figure this one out. Anyone know how?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hello! I'm currently using the Wexley template. I'm content with how it looks on desktop but on mobile, theres a ton of extra padding on the top and bottom of the site (on all pages except the cover page) and I cannot figure out how to remove it (just on mobile) . If anyone has any ideas that would be great. Attached is a screen shot and my website is www.duolooks.com. Thank you!
  15. Looking at this Squarespace article about Code Injection there is a way to edit your "Order Confirmation" page under Setting --> Advanced --> Code Injection https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815908#toc-step-2---add-html-code Once at the code injection page, Sqaurespace says you can reference the order id by using the variable {orderId} How do I use this tag in the Code Injection area to suppress the display of the order number on the "Order Confirmation" page?
  16. Hi, I'm about done with my portfolio site: www.kellyabeln.com, but I'd like to tighten up the space between my header and the content of the gallery pages. See where the arrow is in the attached screenshot - I'd like to decrease the space. It's fine once I start scrolling. Also I'd like to increase the size of the page navigations links "illustration, Design" etc. Thanks!
  17. Hi Squarespace friends, I use the Bedford template. I need advice on improving the aesthetics of my blog. I would greatly appreciate a few tips. https://www.enokithreads.com/another-blog Suggestions to improve my blog landing page? (Header/ photos? Side bar changes? Colors? CSS, tips and tricks) First thing that comes to mind that could use improvement?
  18. People in the community generally need more information to be able to help. Please provide a working link to the page on your site. Here are some top tips about posting the link: Try not to include anything after the .com, for example: mysite-name.squarespace.com. Don't include the /config/ link as this sends us to the admin page which we won't be able to access. If the site is in a trial or is password-protected, please post the read-only site password. Without it, we can't see your site. More information can be found in this article: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206536837-Is-my-site-live-
  19. I keep getting error emails of mailchimp-squarespace connecting You have an unsaved Form Block submission Your most recent submission to the "Subscribe" form on Cristina Arango didn’t save to your storage method (Mailchimp List). This may be the result of a connection issue between your site and your storage service. I have follow the troubleshoot and doesn't work Please help!
  20. I want to change the date that is in the title of each blog post. I've changed the published date in the settings, but it does not update the Dec 17 date below. thanks!
  21. I use heading shortcuts quite often. A couple days ago I noticed things were off. ⌥⌘1 has always been H1, just like on Google docs (I'm on a mac). I attached a screen shot of what I'm seeing/experiencing now. Which is super strange / unintuitive to me. They're even opposite in ascending/descending... Wondering if this is a bug or if this is an intentional move? I haven't noticed any other changes. For example, text alignment appears the same ⇧⌘E is still center.
  22. I'm using the "Ready" templet. On the team page, it comes with three blocks to insert your pictures/bios. I need to add a fourth member of the team. When I try to add a picture, it wants to attribute to the bottom of the bio above. And the text block for won't separate from the bio above as well. I've looked at how they built the page to see if I could simply mimic the set up, but can't figure it out. They aren't using a spacer between bios. Is there another why they are separating these? - Confused and Cold.
  23. Hello! I haven't used squarespace in a few years so it looks like things have changed! I'm finding it to be very difficult to customize many of the templates as they are trying to make it as dummy-proof as possible. With that, they really limit the type of customization for the creator! Anyway.... Essentially, i would like to create a page with about 8 different sections in a grid. Each grid will have a label/button and when you mouse over the text a headline and/or quotes may appear. Is there a capability to do that? Or should i create an image in photoshop and create a gallery where when you mouse over the text, the image with all of my quotes/links pop up? Does this make any sense??
  24. There is no benefit in switching templates. Turning off Ajax is easier and it will have the same effect.
  25. Thanks vm Paul, What if I change to another not one of the NEWER templates? That would seem to be the easiest. Right? SS has so many templates! Can you please advise me on how to go about to find another template. (If you're using one of the newer Squarespace templates you’ll find that it uses a great technique called Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).
  26. If you've built a site by manually adding languages, the bad news is that you cannot change the checkout page. It only appears in one language. If you were building a site in a multi-language site from scratch then one option is to build it in one language and then use Weglot to translate it into the other languages. This product uses DNS to translate the site content and it can also translate the Squarespace checkout. There's an article that explains how to integrate Weglot with Squarespace.
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