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  2. Hello @creedon I wonder if you can help me. I used your code and it works, but only if I refresh the page before I click on the 'store' breadcrumb. Do you have any suggestions? I turned off Ajax just in case but there was no change. https://www.greghollandjewellery.co.nz/store/two-strand-river-earrings-in-silver Thanks so much. Claire.
  3. Site URL: https://www.riverside-ent.com/ A recent issue has developed that I've never had before on my site. I don't know if it was an update issue in 7.1 or a style tweak that was made that created the problem. The content of every page in mobile view now overlaps the header. Is there a way for it to always allow enough padding for the header when resized?
  4. This plug in may help: https://blog.elink.io/press-page-for-squarespace-website/
  5. This is awesome and works perfectly. Thank you so much! The only issue I am having is that it only seems to work if the gallery section that I am turing into a block is on the same page. I am hoping to create some "master" gallery sections that I can include in multiple pages on my site and that seems to break the code. Any suggestions?
  6. Today
  7. Site Url: chapter.house Password: libraryofchapterhouse I'm trying to get the image links from the first section to display side-by-side on mobile. So far my limited CSS knowledge has only left me tinkering and frustrated. Ideally I'd also be able to replicate this on the store product page as well. Any help!? Thanks!
  8. Hey! I entered this code and the footer on the bottom hid a chunk of the text that was there before. Just like as the Image got smaller the text in the footer also moved up! How do I take care of that? www.stokedmountainadventures.com homepage on mobile
  9. Hello! My name is Jasmine Sweeting! I'm a copywriter just starting out. My background is in public health specifically epidemiology. I want to use my creativity to inspire and benefit others!
  10. Site URL: https://glockenspiel-mandolin-ltjl.squarespace.com/projects I'm looking to embed a little thing from Padlet: https://glockenspiel-mandolin-ltjl.squarespace.com/config/design password: peanut This is the page to be embedded: https://padlet.com/ma108502/3qsksexn0urqnbr7 from Padlet. It's just like the embed here, but my site won't allow for a java embed. https://www.centerforpubliclands.org/gusg-workshop
  11. Hello Creedon, First I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer to all of us! It is very nice of you. I have a problem with my shop product page. I would like to re-arrange the order of my page like this order: 1. Product name, 2. Price, 3. Size selection, 4. Quantity field, 5. Add to cart, 6. Description This is the same from another person in a previous question, but I would like to keep the "quantity" and the "size selection (in french: taille)" on the same line. I tried everything for 4-5 hours, and I could not find a way. Also I would love if the box "add to product" (fr: Ajouter au panier) could be longer and take all the space of the line. Here is my website : https://www.brondyhumphrey.com/shop/p/voyage-etre-poster My password: soleil I would really appreciate if you could help me, Have a beautiful day. H.
  12. Site URL: http://blenny-shallot-rpmf.squarespace.com Hello, I've been having trouble resizing the block image at the bottom of my mobile website. I'm trying to make it mobile-friendly. I'm on trial so the website password is Vanishing28# Is there an appropriate code to use for custom css?
  13. Hi Guys, I really need some help connecting my ionos webmail calendar I need it to sync it with my Squarespace scheduler so that when I send a link to prospects they can book in only available time slots. Squarespace advisers have sent me a link to the same FAQ page and advised me that it will only sync with the third party providers listed which ionos is not one of. I know this can be done because it took me ages to figure out how to do it last year, then I had to cancel my subscription to scheduler. I can't for the life of me remember what I did to get them synced. Can anyone help?
  14. Site URL: https://www.bing.com/indexnow Just wondering if anyone had tried this option on their site: Article link below: IndexNow - new initiative by Microsoft and Yandex to push content to search engines https://www.bing.com/indexnow
  15. Hi, I also want to keep the vast majority of my site optimized for mobile but to have my photo blog pages appear the same as they do on the desktop. It might be nice to not have the sidebar cluttering up the side of the screen on mobile, but that's not as important as having the rest of the page look the same as it does on desktop. Right now, the arrangement of my photos/captions gets messed up because they all become stacked vertically. Ideally I'd look to be able to use this same code for future blog posts as well. Here is the page: https://www.skagitfilm.com/nicktphotos/photos2 Thank you very much for your help! Nick
  16. Hmm that didn’t seem to do anything. Any other suggestions? Thank you
  17. Hi @bangank36 No, I haven´t solve it. The desktop version has some pages with the logo pink and others with the logo yellow. I want to have in the mobile version only the yellow logo. Do you know of there is a way to do it with css? Thanks!
  18. Hello Everyone! Is there a way to change the Arrow Input, in my Products Pages, to Plus/Minus buttons? The Arrows are not showing on Tablet and Mobiles, so I hope that using Plus&Minus would solve the problem, and I think I'd like the final look better anyway. So, basically, changing this to something like this Thanks!
  19. Hi, I'd like to invert the site logo from white to black on this specific page: https://www.glpfilms.com/work It's currently there, but not visible since it's white on white. The issue with inverting with the custom code injection in Advanced is that it affects the individual portfolio pages, where I'd like to maintain a white logo. So looking for a way to single out the inversion on the portfolio landing page only. This is a 7.1 site. Thanks!
  20. This worked perfectly to change the font size and font for the title, the font size worked for the options but I wasn't able to change the font for those. Thank you so much
  21. We need a working link to the page 🙂
  22. If i write anywhere within the shop, all pages incl. the top page of the shop as well as all category pages are upated with the same text. I´m unable to individualise them across the different categories. do you mean sharing a link to my page?
  23. Site URL: https://swan-hypersphere-aweg.squarespace.com/archive-test-3 I am trying to get an archive block to link to past events (grouped by year) for our art gallery's website. But no matter what I seem to do, it will only link current events. When I press "Show Group Count" it gives an accurate number for these past years, but won't show anything when clicked. These past events are active and can be accessed through summary blocks, so it's not an issue with the event pages. This becomes more confusing when on the Squarespace help page for archive blocks it states " If you're displaying content from an events page, it's not possible to hide past events. " But I can't get it to show past events in the first place. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  24. Site URL: https://www.hookhall.com I've searched and tried some of the codes I have seen shared in other threads but have not been able to get any to work for me. Would like to be able to change: 1. The background of all day blocks, currently there is no definition at all due to the grey background. 2. Assign a background color to days that have events scheduled (on both desktop, and especially mobile since the images go away) 3. This seems impossible, from what I've gathered, but I'll ask just in case someone has cracked it.... I know I can disable item pages for events (right now when you click an event it takes you to a stand alone page for that event, where we then link out to Tock/FB wherever we are getting people to buy tickets or confirm they are coming to an event..... IS there a way to have clicking on the image/title of event lead you to external clickthrough link????
  25. In your code block for the table change the following lines from... <tbody class="hide"> ...to... <tbody class="hide" style="display : none;"> I don't have answers for your other questions at this time. Let us know it goes.
  26. hi on my site i have limited product and they appear side by side on desktop view but on mobile view they stack one top of each other, I was wondering if anyone knows any way or code to stop this from happening, to keep the products side by side or in a carousel if possible ?
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