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  2. Dear Forums, So, I have a web using Wells template. And I made a homepage using Gallery in Not Linked navigation, so it won't appears on sidebar navigation. With this gallery I wanted to make it automatic slide, thumbnail & control buttons on a bottom-left sidebar, without using any blocks. I already set "Homepage Gallery View: Slideshow" on Site & Styles menu. For example that I wanted to achive would be like this : https://www.muhammadfadli.com/ and this is my current web https://nyimaslaula.squarespace.com/ Hope somebody knows how to fix it. Thanks,
  3. I am experiencing the exact same problem and for the same reasons. I dislike how the content being actively worked on for my site is live the whole time. Just looks sloppy on my part even though there isn't anything I can do about it other than consider alternative templates or platforms. Another issue I have that is related to this problem is there doesn't appear to be a way to password protect individual pages within the portfolio folder either. This would be useful so that I could lock down content for specific pages that might have projects under NDA (among other reasons).
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  5. https://gamehubdenmark.com/companies
  6. Hi. I have tried contacting them. Responses were very brief and I have tried their solution which was to open an iframe with the booking window on the page. It hasn’t worked. I have followed up with response to sqsqthemes but thought I’d try here too :)
  7. Today
  8. In simple words the bookkeeping is considered to be the recording of the financial transactions it is also considered to be as the process of accounting in business.The following transactions can include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation.For a good service of bookkeeping one can try out for the tax residency certificate uae. It is giving service to the ample number of business to grow up and earn more revenue.
  9. Thanks so much for all this info @brandon & others... Firstly I can't believe that there isn't currently a way to display image names and captions in 7.1 galleries. Particularly if these are being pitched at visual artists, designers, photographers et al who might want to explain their work. I love the idea of the Portfolio page with Galleries within and I really want to persist with 7.1 but I'm on a deadline and this is taking double the regular time, along with so many missing features that I'm used to. It's beginning to cost me and my client money. Tempted to re-start the site in 7.0 tbh. Also seeing SO much lag when I'm building, ever-spinning squarespace pinwheels, blank editing windows when trying to edit any page or section I've implemented the suggested JS / CSS above and it looks okay (thanks heaps!) will tweak styles once I get it working the way I want. My client has large descriptions - see the top right example with some lorem ipsum in the first screen shot. Which looks really crappy when over the image. It looks okay in the lightbox - see second example - with allowance for the whole para is there. (I'm not great at code here - so could use some help) Q1: Do you know how I can remove the caption from the Gallery sections and have it remain in the lightbox? Q2: What CSS change should I use I I want the captions centered rather than left aligned under the image? Q3: Would there be a way to style the Caption in the lightbox so that we see an Image Title, then a Description below or even in a Hover? Or am I just asking too much and should I wait til 7.1 galleries are improved? Thanks all 🙂 Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2...
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  11. Hi There, I may have found a solution to your issue if the meta text is not centered. Please try the following code in custom css. #project .body { max-width: 50vw; margin: 2px auto;
  12. Howdy! On our product description page for web, we have price under the name and above the SKU selection. When we go to mobile the pricing moves to below the SKUs and quantity but we want to keep it above like it is on desktop. Is there anyway to make this happen? Thanks!
  13. Please let me know if you have a solution. I'm using the Carson Template and just want to turn off a page overlay on my info + contact page. stageoz.com thank you!
  14. I don't why I didn't get it, it just posted as texts...
  15. Is that really the url slug of the page you are directing to? It is not just "/career"?
  16. I'll check after Lunar New Year if your problem is urgent, you can send to my email via link signature 😂
  17. Hello All I am having a hard time with adjusting the padding between the button and the text. When the website is viewed on mobile It is impossible to see the CONTACT button unless I scroll down. I am not sure what I am not doing right. Can someone please hellppppp??? This is the website > www.wgy.global Thank you so much for your help.
  18. https://brandingofficehours.com/?password=helloatbrandingofficehours add to design > custom css .meta-above-title { text-align: left; }
  19. Depends ss 7.0 or 7.1 try this class .collection-type-products.view-item or .collection-type-product.view-item if it doesn't work, can you provide link to product page?
  20. your site footer, include WHAT OTHER’S ARE SAYING to bottom?
  21. I don't text in screenshot in your site? your site text small, screenshot is very big...
  22. You mean change to another image or show overlay background + title?
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