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  2. @ChristineDarby what is the best way to remove the Demo text ("Make it stand out", etc) from each image?
  3. http://www.southernsunevents.com PW: sse2020 For navigation I just want to keep the nav menu at top of site and don't want it to scroll down Links to logo/text overlap pages: https://www.southernsunevents.com/portfolio https://www.southernsunevents.com/about Also on these two pages my banner images have been cropped from the bottom on mobile and tablet, any ideas?: https://www.southernsunevents.com/contact-us https://www.southernsunevents.com/services Thanks @tuanphan!
  4. I should just get rid of the animated announcement bar, ha.... Thank you for your help @tuanphan!
  5. Is it possible to change the error form Field? It shows in English
  6. Hi, I am a newbie here. All I want to do is to add an SVG image that I personally made into the body of my squarespace website. So as some expert advised, I uploaded the file (sample_1.svg) and wrote code as follows but it never works for me. It is just all white, no image appears. <img src="/s/sample_1.svg" alt="Image Name">. SVG image is this. Is it because the image is too large or the above code is wrong? https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60c0d9648069a8296f8a576b/t/6100ea5acc0dff2044e6f5f3/1627449948554/sample_1.svg I would be really appreciated if anyone could help me. Thank you!
  7. Hi there, Can you please add NOINDEX, or remove this link all together. I do not want this showing up in Google Search nor images. Thank you for your help with this!
  8. Hi all, I am also having a similar issue on our site. Tried adding that code and it still doesn't add the two products per site. https://www.periodicoemporium.com/ I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.
  9. Today
  10. I want it to look bigger on the screen like the attached screenshot.
  11. Site URL: http://www.fetchnpetphotography.ca I would love some help on how to have my homepage header on a different setting than the rest of the site. For example I want the homepage on transparent so I can have a large image blend in with the header but for all other pages just a black background header. I tried this https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000667707-Building-a-site-header#toc-header-background but I dont want the rest of the page to be black for my pages. I want a black header with white text and then white background for the content of the page (right now I can only figure out how to have it all as black on a page and not black header with the rest page white background) any ideas?
  12. Oh I think there is a misunderstanding! I still used this code so thank you. But what I am trying to do is for the MOBILE navigation, instead of the "more info" folder going into the next page with a "back button" I want the navigation to be all on the main nav and have the folders drop down. I attached some pics for reference. The first two pics are how it looks now and the second two is an example of what I would like if possible.
  13. Site URL: https://www.capriolecafe.nl/blog/vijf-terrassen-den-haag-capriole-coffee Hi, I was wondering what the following option means. When I add a blog post and I go to the settings following by share, I noticed it has an option called 'Push to Google Search Console', which is currently listed as 'Disabled'. What does this option mean? Should I enable this option? Thank you!
  14. Yes, I was hopping to have it appear under the nav, logo, and button... while also rotating through the slides on its own accord. Thanks
  15. @tuanphan yeah I found a way to do it thanks, do you know how to add video to this slideshow (not as a background) but as a slide like the images. thanks
  16. Site URL: https://www.mbs-solutions.de I need to create an online manual for our technical products (no PDF - HTML ...). Has anyone here already done this, what are your experiences, which tools have you used? I am looking forward to your feedback Stay healthy Tom
  17. Hi tuanphan, the PW is: Prosezebra11 Thank you!
  18. Thanks Tuanphan here's the url: http://www.studiojci.com/gc1 To get access into the page the password is: jci123 Please let me know if there is anything else I can do!
  19. I have tried your code to force the desktop menu and it works amazingly. The only problem is the padding of the word index is far left. Thank you! .header-display-desktop { padding-right: 70px !important ; display : flex !important ; } .header-display-mobile { display : none; } .header-burger { display : none; } .header-nav { display : flex !important ; } .header-nav { display : flex !important ; flex : 70% !important ; justify-content : flex-end; }
  20. The one between the options in the first menu (the pink menu). Thank you again.
  21. Site URL: http://www.healthywellclub.com/arctos-portable-ac-reviews/ Arctos Portable AC Unlike exceptional coolers which could disappoint you on the maximum updated of days, the blaux will continuously serve you. Even if it happens to get damaged, your purchase is protected via a 30 -day coins decrease lower back insurance. In this device is a charging cable of the type C range. It allows the use to plug it in irrespective of the vicinity. This device comes with 3 fan speeds, which permits you music the amount of cold air you want to your preferred diploma. Technical Facts of the Arctos Portable AC Conditioner Low noise operation (as a great deal as 40 dB) Removable network cover (enables cleaning) Power mode: USB Nominal strength: DC5V Noise: as a great deal as 40 dB Negative ion working strength: 1 Watt Duration: 8 hours in first gear, 4.5 in second gear and 2.5 in 1/3 gear Arctos Portable AC Reviews Video What are the capabilities ? Portability This to us is one of the selling elements of this device. It tops our list because of the truth it is the feature loved my most customers. The Blaux AirCon is portable and can be carried with you anywhere you pass. This allows you to utilize it on your administrative center, working location, living room, kitchen and anywhere you so preference. http://healthywellclub.com/arctos-portable-ac-reviews/
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