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  1. Hi! I'm looking to add a carousel of images to my header on my homepage only. Is there an easy way to do this? It needs to run behind my logo and menu (as shown in the images) and I want it to auto-transition between 3 images. I'm working in fluid editor and the tutorials I've found about this subject seem to be outdated now. Thanks so much guys!
  2. My site is built on 7.1 using Fluid Engine, and I'm adding a blog, but when I create my individual blog posts (not the main blog page) the Fluid Engine editor isn't available for me to lay out the page as I'd like. I don't even get the option to "upgrade" the post pages to Fluid Engine. Am I missing something, or is Fluid Engine just not available for blog posts on 7.1? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create a rectangle transparent background with only a border that the user could resize in the fluid engine easily (without having to note its size by hand in the code and find the # of the block) So far I have done this: Custom code HTML : <div id="square"></div> CSS : #square { width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: transparent; border : 2px solid red; } The width follows well (it fills the entire width). But not the height. Do you have an idea ? A particular class to add to my div maybe? Or better option ? Thank you very much! Page : https://vanilla-yellow-j6gf.squarespace.com/test Password: demo PS: Sorry for my bad English. It's google translate haha.
  4. When building sites with fluid engine, I end up getting this weird spacing issue in edit mode. Here's a loom video. Essentially, every time I move any element, the whole page jumps down. If I move the element back or click the back arrow, the page jumps down again. I end up having to discard changes so the weird spacing jumps don't take effect. I've reached out to support and they're saying that they can't see the issue on their end, and that it's probably my browser. I use Google Chrome, I cleared my cache and cookies, I opened an incognito window, I switched to Safari, and this issue still happens regardless of which browser or computer I'm on. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you know how to fix it? Any advice would be so helpful.
  5. I want to add breadcrumbs to the entire website, built in Sqaurespace 7.1 I find very little information online to wether it is possible, or how to do it. I am looking for a way to do it myself, not buying an extension. I would love to get some directions to how to proceed with it.
  6. Hi, I put two anchor links on my homepage. Both are in buttons and go to the same section on the same page. Both work separately after a refresh. However, when i click the first anchor link it works but when i want to test the second anchor link without refreshing the page it doesnt work. My page isn't currently live but I want to make sure that if someone was on the page live, both work every time the button anchor link is clicked and they go to the same section. Is this just a backend thing? Or should i create multiple anchor link codes that land to the same section? Thanks.
  7. hello, it is possible to see the image title when hover it on fluid engine. thanks for solutions A.
  8. https://beehyve.squarespace.com/payment-policy I want to add a sticky sidebar (made of various blocks) and apply it to multiple pages. In 7.1 classic editor, I could make the sidebar blocks collectively sticky by targeting the column within the section, using the code below. Super quick and easy. Is there a way to do this in fluid engine? Feels a lot cleaner than having to target each block for different top heights, especially as I want to add it to a few pages. section[data-section-id="...."] .sqs-layout > .sqs-row > .sqs-col-3 { position: sticky!important; position: -webkit-sticky!important; top: 140px; z-index: 99999; } Thanks all!
  9. Site URL: https://uxplaybook.org/ux-accelerator Hello @tuanphan I need help making this block sticky (fluid engine) #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1664264642296_1491046 How do I make this block stop at the footer?
  10. This week I used the "Duplicate Website" option on an existing website build to create a quick new website for a client on a budget. The duplicate website function worked great, the new build was easy, and the client loves it. I was just about to hand over the new website to the new client, and happened to check the "Asset Library NEW" section. I'm so glad I did, because the Asset Library contained not only the images from the new build, but *thousands* of images from the original client website that was duplicated. Obviously I can't deliver a new website to a client that has *thousands* of another client's images. I tried to delete the images, however the Asset Library interface is has terrible lag, and freezes up with error messages every time I try delete an image, and completely crashes if I try to delete several images at the same time. This problem occurs regardless of which browser I am using, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I now have *thousands* of images to delete manually. My only option is to rebuild a new site from scratch for the new client. In this case, the new Asset Library section has been a terrible waste of time for me. Asset Library should be an *option* for users to turn off or delete when needed.
  11. 100%. I have 5 websites on SS, been using since version 5 and this is the worst SS has ever treated their customer base. I never even got an email letting me know about fluid engine, let alone asking for my input about new features. Nope! Just roll it out on everyone with no way to revert to the classic editor. I would like to permanently block it from touching my sites. The headaches this has caused me and many others is simply unforgivable. We now have so much more to worry about, and working with this fluid editor is just plain awful. The mobile editor is a joke. I guess now that SS is a publicly traded company they don’t care as much about us. It’s a shame. They arent even on these forums and call it “community”. Its really a board to help us cope with their bad decisions at this point. I have emailed my complaint to them but can guarantee I’ll get a canned response like “we’ll forward your feedback to the right people”…sure, because you’ve proven my feedback is so so important to you. and to add insult to injury they just raised their prices across the board. Unreal. I am angry.
  12. I put a code block in the footer that uses a javascript function to automatically update the year in my copyright line of text. The code works perfectly, and I used the following css to resize the code block to the same height as the other text fields on that row. /*footer copyright sizing*/ #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1674572709417_110386 { max-height:1rem } The row of text (that includes the code block) is intended to be at the very bottom of the page footer, but because the code block contains the javascript disclaimer about not being able to run while in edit mode, I cannot remove all the excess rows from the bottom of the footer. Beneath the row where I want my footer to end, there are 8 rows I cannot remove. I tried setting a max footer height via CSS, but it cuts off the footer content from the top, not the bottom. How can I fix this to reduce the excess empty space at the base of my footer from the code block? Thanks!
  13. Hello! I'm working on a project page for a client and it doesn't seem like I'm able to upgrade the section to Fluid Engine (or at least the option isn't popping up like usual). That being said, I also can't find where I'm able to adjust the height of the section manually and there's a lot of extra space I'd like to trim down. Any tips? Thanks so much! Haley
  14. Hi There, After updating to fluid engine I've noticed that all of my plugins from Elfsight show up with an additional block of blank space that I can't remove. I've tried going through all of the space settings in Squarespace and Elfsight, but can't find anything that removes the extra block. I've attached some screen shots from one example, as the site isn't published yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Henry
  15. I'm using fluid engine and have added a new section and used one of the templated ones from the Services list. I want to know how to edit the fonts from the title, to the content headings and descriptions too. I can't see an option to do this in the styles panel? Does anyone have a custom CSS code I can use to modify these fonts?
  16. Hi! So I want to place some images and text blocks in between sections on a page and I'm stuck using fluid engine. I could do it easily in 7.1 by using the following code in the custom css: #block-yui-123456789 {margin-top:-50%] But the code doesn't work anymore for the blocks in fluid engine. Does anyone know how to solve this? The new editor is giving me a headache. Thanks for your help!
  17. Hi all - I am trying to find a way to apply a max-height, or height of 100vh for FE sections. I can easily adjust the section itself to max at 100vh, but I would like to be able to control the content so that when the veiwport is vertically squished, the content responds and adjusts with it (as much as possible). In 7.1, I could easily pop in a max-height to the .content, .content-wrapper, or .sqs-row if needed, but because FE is built on a grid system, I'm struggling to add in a limit to the rows that is compatible with vh as a unit of measurement. I've included a test site example here (pw: test), where you can see the bottom button disappear when the viewport is squished up. Any thoughts? TIA!
  18. Hi I'm trying to create a hover overlay on all image blocks within my site. I want the images to have an opacity when you hover over them. I would be grateful for the CSS for this? Thanks
  19. Hi there, we are having an issue with the large photo slider gallery at the top of our website on the mobile version the height of the gallery is too tall so the images are cut off very narrow. We want to leave the height of the gallery on large for the desktop view and change it to small for mobile but when we change one it affects the other. How can we fix this issue with the responsive design? The gallery block does appear to be fluid engine already because there is no upgrade button at the top left. Thank you for your help!
  20. Hello, I am experiencing problems with the spacing on my website. On the display, which is much larger screen size than my laptop, the spacing on my page becomes increased and uneven. Is there a way I can turn off the responsiveness for desktop? The screenshot with lots of extra padding is from my monitor display.
  21. Hello! I'm new to Fluid Engine, but it seems really good. Link to the page I'm working with: https://www.hoyden.no/fallsikringskurs-fluid I wonder if there is a good way to make the text on this section break into "one column" (appear above and below each other, rather than beside each other), on screen size smaller than 1300px? I have earlier achieved this with the classic editor by adding the CSS code below. This does not work after upgrading the section to FE, and I guess it is because FE does not use columns in the same way as the classic editor. So, is there some other code or another way to achieve this, after upgrading to FE? section[data-section-id="609a48d7e92ddb651e864899"], { @media only screen and (max-width: 1300px) { .col { width: 100% !important; }}} I want the text in the circle to appear under the other text box, when screen size is below 1300px '
  22. Hello! I am looking to add a border with additional padding to separate it from the image on this shaped image in my clients website. My previous 7.1 code is no longer working for this. PW: awakenedhearts1 Thanks!
  23. This may be a stupid question, but I just can't figure out what the aspect ratio is for the grid for this new fluid engine approach. I'm trying to update my website (which is a design portfolio), and I'm struggling to figure out what size I need to export everything at so that I can keep spacing consistent in-between separate graphics as well as keep them at the same width. I know I can choose "fill" instead of "fit," however this then cuts off parts of the design I'm displaying - which I do not want, either. I guess I'm looking for some sort of information like "a block is 1" wide and the gap is .125" wide" or anything similar so I can size and export my graphics to line up with the blocks correctly, since you can't stop an edge in the middle of a block, either. Below is an example where one way the (first) graphic doesn't line up height-wise, but then if I adjust the height, then the width doesn't line up. Pre-adjustment: Post-adjustment:
  24. I built a small site as a class project -- slowspeedrail.com -- using the classic editor, and now I am expanding it into a larger capstone project. Each of my pages will include a lot of text, with photos in between (think of this as a master's thesis presented online). Using the classic editor, I was able to paste in a large amount of text, and then go back and easily add photos in between. Unless I'm missing something, the process in fluid engine is tedious. Each time I want to add a photo, I need to cut all the text below it, create a photo block, add the image, then create a new text block below it, and paste that text. For an example, slowspeedrail.com/slow-movement is a rough draft of a page I was working on. Am I doing this right? Unless there's a workaround I am missing, I'm thinking I either need to continue doing it this way, or perhaps set up my pages as individual blog posts, so that I can use the classic editor. Many thanks for any advice you can offer.
  25. Hello I want to randomize the first 4 items in my people list section so with every page refresh a different set of items are shown. I'm using carousel with infinite scroll http://unthinkable.squarespace.com/home-final password: unthinkable Thank you!
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