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  1. 99 percent of imges on my site are my own. I do use a few stock/google images as a visual lead in to a blog post. That is very rare however. Some photos I use are old historical images or pictures of family provided to me by a relative. An image provides a visual invitiation to read my story. my random views
  2. Squarespace does not allow for folders inside a folder.
  3. I don't think you can block a url on someone else's page. In reality however the url you posted doesn't actually exist on the site, its an empty URL redirect. You could substitute any website domain for yours and it will still go to the sites home page, and then your broswer cache remembers that redirect as if it were a real url. For example you can substitute facebook for simonwetz.... and the site behavior is the same.
  4. I have a couple of CTAs on my landing page which direct to pages on the main site. There are a number of CTAs included in the main site. One is an rss feed registration button to follow.it, one is for leaving a form message, one takes you back to the main story (blog) page from the footer of any blog post. There are some read more links to offsite urls, and links at the bottom of posts that are in parts from one part to the next one. I try to make it easy to navigate around my two blog pages, one of which is all summary items of the other blog page posts.
  5. It is a Brine Family Template, which starting design I can't identify, there are over 40 of them, but anyone can be made to look like another. That being said it reminds me the most of the Clay Template. https://clay-demo.squarespace.com/ https://www.sarahhalliday.com/squarespace-tips/the-brine-family-template-index
  6. You need to post your site address in order to get help faster.
  7. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/215761717-Using-RSS-feeds
  8. Instructions are here, look for Brine Family which includes your template. You will need to upload the image you want to use to the custom css file manager in your site. That url goes where the url is in the instructions. https://beaverhero.com/squarespace-background-image/
  9. To make the oldest blog post show up first, you need to change the published dates. The date itself doesn't have to be displayed if you don't want it to. This is what I have done with many of my posts, especially if they are part one, part two etc. You edit the original post to change the date published. I posted a link to display a group of posts where I changed the date to get them in the order I wanted. https://myrandomviews.com/lessons
  10. Tucows also does url fowarding so if they host your domain it can be pointed to a specific url such as a blog page.
  11. I believe you have to target the summary block but so far I have found no tutorial on how to do this for a summary block. Will keep looking, would like to do this myself for my site to see how it looks.
  12. Ussing CSS is is really the best way, if you want it to look close as possible to a 7.0 landing page
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