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  1. Do you want to actually back to the "home page" of the blog, or just back to the top of what page you are on? if on a long post, a back to top button would not be a bad thing to have considering the first post in the blog is also the latest one and that changes. A back to top button can float along the bottom corner of the page. I have one on my site, site wide actually. Its an up arrow, but could say "top" https://myrandomviews.com/storysummary
  2. Sure, my nav bar turns red when hovering over it. I used this code, color is reddish pink. /* Change here the hovering background color! */ @hover-background-color: #F1948A;;
  3. Cats and summary blocks on a page is the way to go, mine is quite large after five years: my random views derrick Lee parker
  4. If you want your site to pull content, with a thumbnail like FB does, not much chance of that. SS will embed videos using address URL, won't using embed code, go figure. So I suggest if you can't get it to work, is to put an image up from the site you want on your site and give it a click thru url. It will make a link to go to the article, not quite the same as embedded but the article will be seen.
  5. Custom CSS h1.BlogItem-title { color: #ff0000; font-size: 50px; font-family: futura-pt !important; } This thread may help if the above doesn't work You can change the font name, and if you uploaded one, that should work too.
  6. Okay, got it, what cover page are you using? If it is a landing page and not a Heights page, you can't code it. Might need to switch that is why I ask.
  7. If they are click thru and not files on your site, just make sure the url has the s in it. If they still come up insecure of won't display at all, the problem is where the pictures are located, can't do much about that I am afraid.
  8. Font size for quote is set by the same font stye for any text block, so if you want to change the quote box only you have to use css code, here is a link for some help: https://www.maryphilip.com/the-blog/how-to-change-the-blockquote-font-on-squarespace
  9. Site is private and your url takes us to the config page. You need to post the site password, not your account password for us to see it. You should be able to do with you want using spacers to control the image block. , without code, try that first.
  10. If this is site wide you put it in custom css under design. If it is for one page its a bit different you put it in advance for that page with <style> at both ends of the code.
  11. Looks like a problem with title on hover and clickthru.
  12. Make sure you have uploaded an image on your home page settings, or if you have one, your landing page settings, in the social media setting, in social media preview image field and alternate social media image field. It would also be a good idea to put one in Media banner thumbnail image field as well.
  13. This might help you : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17341670/change-color-of-one-character-in-a-text-box-html-css
  14. Same method for sizing image boxes as well.
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