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  1. Its possible and depending on exactly what you want, you might not need code to do it.
  2. Make sure in settings-domains, you have set your new one the prime one.
  3. Make sure there is no blank text block there. If padding adjustment in site styles doesn't reduce it without affecting other pages, then code would be needed in advance page injection. I suggest breaking up the space with a line first and see how that looks.
  4. That is a good idea and the simplest way is to add a markdown block to a page or to the site footer if you want it for every page. put this in the block. <p><a href="#" class="btt"> Back to Top </a></p>
  5. This is an overview of the member areas that Squarespace provides, if it doesn't do what you want other plugins may be availbe made by third parties. https://www.squarespace.com/ecommerce/membership-sites
  6. The best thing one can do to decrease loading times is to reduce size of image files and page sizes. I rarely take my own advice in that regard however. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022529371-Reducing-your-page-size-for-faster-loading
  7. Never seen this before on any template especially Brine. This looks like it could be a code issue. Style tweaks usually position the main and secondary bar, not folder contents. I don't know if this work but you could try it in custom css. If it doesn't, a good coder here, and we have many, will provide you with a solution I am sure. .Header-nav-folder { bottom: 36px;} .Header-nav-item { padding: 12px 0 !important;}
  8. My first impression from a desktop, it is just too dark. Your photos are good but the hover opacity and the dark background, including lighbox, I think your images get lost. I admit that as a photographer myself and have two sites built on Wexley that I may be a bit prejudiced about how that template looks. That is why it is good to get more than one opinion here. Just as an example here are the two Wexley photography sites I have worked on. https://christinegregoryphotography.com/ https://mattrobertsphotography.net/ Look at the tabs, we have the logos for both sites appreatin
  9. This is a demo, of a template here, could be a good fit. Squarespace has a lot of advantages over Wordpress, that has been my experience as a builder the last five years. https://clay-demo.squarespace.com/ This one is good too: https://sofia-demo.squarespace.com/ These are found here: The Brine Family Template Index — Sarah Halliday I don't consider myself an influencer. I am a retired businessman. I was in communicaions and sofware development for many years, and after I sold my business said what do I do now? I take pictures and I love to write so why not build a si
  10. 7.1 is not an update, not really, its a different platform altogether and most important, it is only one template, with 28 starting designs. It is very mobile driven and I think the way it is designed is very good for first time users. Any 7.1 starting point can be made to look like another using design settings. 7.0 is many template families some very different from each other, (Avenue is not at all like Pacific for example) and the 7.0 Brine template family, which inspired the look of 7.1, has over 40 starting points. 7.0 also has landing/cover pages which can be used as a single p
  11. I think your Wexley site, especially with the changes we made using custom CSS, is a very powerful mobile site.
  12. The Brine family is a great template to use. There are 40 design points to choose from. I would stay there and just pick a new one, and do a make over. Staying inside the same template family should make it a lot easier: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815598-Switching-templates https://www.sarahhalliday.com/squarespace-tips/the-brine-family-template-index
  13. First start a trial, and build your site. Put up a page like new site coming soon, if you need to. You have two choices with go daddy, one is to repoint the domain, if you can keep it without keeping the site, the other is to unlock it and then use the Squarespace domain config to transfer it to them, but that can take awhile. Domains purchased or transferred to them, do not have custom .com emails. That service is optional using Google workspace. My advice is to check into repointing your domain, which is not the same thing as forwarding, some get that confused. This should help you: htt
  14. This comes up all the time. Brine is one of the most SEO optomized templates you can use here or compared to any other hosting service. I suggest you read this:
  15. After moving a domain for one of my sites, yes got the same kind of letter and a lot of phone calls from the hosting provider, took me awhile to get them to know we are not coming back so give it a rest. I have terminated a squarespace site too, and terminated a domain, because my customer passed away. Squarespace sent a couple of polite emails reminding me of payment due date, provided a grace period, and that was it. I deleted the site myself. Squarespace has class in my opinion.
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