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  1. Ditto on Brine, 40 starting points, template designs in the family, to choose from. Brine template family was the basis for the overall look of 7.1 which is one template with 18 (I think) designs, or starting points as I like to call them to choose from.
  2. Good to know. I knew the clickable folder title was removed from default for some reason, like mobile viewers ending up where they didn't want to go. So this code still allows both to work correctly, thanks.
  3. What does that code do to the folder when using Mobile view?
  4. Nice use of 7.1, color scheme is very attractive. Layout is nice, I find the font size a tad to small for me personally. I had to set my Chrome zoom to 110 percent. I use a 15 inch laptop set at high res. 1920x1080 with windows viewing at 125 percent. I like the vertical lines on the shop page nav bar and I like the active nav link underline, I use that effect myself on my site. I see you are taking advantage of the built in search feature. Nice use of that as well. Other than the text a bit small, I think you have a well thought out, attractively designed site. my random views derrick Lee parker
  5. Nice use of Brine template, Parallax scrolling adds a lot to a site in my opinion. My wife, who does most of the shopping for furnishings likes it.
  6. The images on are what kind of page? 7.1 Gallery sections on a page can have image url click thrus to another page without code.
  7. What do you want to pop up? You can attach a custom form in lightbox mode.
  8. Lot simpler than my code which was for an index page thumbnails, lot of the elements not needed.
  9. Everything you need to know for b/w to color or vice versa is here and the transition timer for the change as well.
  10. How to remove the announcement bar just from one page on Squarespace? go to that particular page in your dashboard and click on settings. Click Advanced Settings. add this piece of code bold text only in the Advanced Settings header <style>.sqs-announcement-bar { display: none; <style> Hit Save, Refresh the page and see the results! Done!
  11. Take a look at Avenue, Wexley, And if you want something a little more flashy Carson. in 7.0 They are not super scrolling sites, the indexs if you choose to use them are Thumbnail driven, on a wall or grid, which should be find for what you wan to do, or don't use them at all, just choose layout pages. The gallery pages in Wexley are very good for images, videos or a mix of both.
  12. I agree with Paul, this is not a configuration or coding issue, but some kind of integration issue with Mailchimp.
  13. Its on the email hosting end, not Squarespace. Most email hosting has some setting for recognizing a source as not spam or not dangerous and letting it thru, but sometimes it just doesn't work. I have problems with my gmail account not getting statements from one of my banking accounts, will not go thru gets rejected, but the email mail saying they can't send a statement, please verify my email address, that comes to me just fine.
  14. A lot of times the problem is on the receiving end. First thing is a message from SS, from the form, because of the format it takes, could very well end up in your spam box. What I suggest you do is create a unique gmail address just for this form, don't post it anywhere else and see if that works.
  15. Clickable to move down the site is a very different thing. If that is what you want then you need to use anchor points. Link at the top, an arrow if you wish, target placed down the page. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/207135178-Creating-anchor-link
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