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  1. Hello all! Im on the Zion Taylor template trying to create a sleek and nice looking portfolio for my photography. There is a frustrating problem though. I cant seem to minimize the space between the header and the gallery/content when I choose "full" as the page layout. For some reason if I instead choose "Full Bleed" the white space will disappear and will move up to attach to the chosen height of my header. You can choose the page "WEDDING" to see the difference. I've been in contact with the squarespace support and not even them could help me with my problem. Im now turning my hopes to all of you and hope that you can help me solve this problem. Site can be seen at: https://oboe-mackerel-mscw.squarespace.com And pwd is: support Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. My client wants a forum on their site, specifically in the membership area. I tried to make a blog with comments work, but they want members to be able to start topics as well. If this function is clearly already on Squarespace, surely we have access to it, right?
  3. Hey Everyone, thanks for your assistance. I have been trying to modify the font color under the accordion dropdown at the bottom of my site (FAQ section). Is there a way to utilize a different Content Font rather than the preset "Body Text"? To specify the color seems like it should not be that difficult yet I cannot figure it out. Thanks again in advance.
  4. How do I change the author name from Dally Munoz to Grace Gomez
  5. I have created a paginated an searchable table on my site using DataTables (https://datatables.net/examples/basic_init/multiple_tables.html) Because the tables only show a certain number of rows as designated, there is extra white space after the tables. I have tried to adjust the grid blocks to that section, but have been unsucessful. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hello, My website is for a pet sitting business that I run. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to advise me as to how to add my new brand 'The Cambridge Catsitter' into my existing website 'The Stamford Catsitter'. I'd like to avoid the arduous task of making and setting up a whole new website for it (and save double the monthly costs that would incurred), but I don't really know where to start with building it into my current website. Ideally I would have a navigation bar at the top, one tab would say 'The Stamford Catsitter' and one tab would say 'The Cambridge Catsitter', and each would include all of the sub-pages. Therefore acting as 2 websites within 1. I'm on version 7.1 and can't find a way to do this... any help?! Thanks in advance, Lydia
  7. Hi Is it possible to create a course with around ten sections and diverse videos, pdfs, some test in them? Also, would the students have a track of what they have done, and what is left for them? Thanks
  8. Is there any way to add video to 7.1 gallery sections along with just images? Like you used to be able to do in 7.0?
  9. I have used version 7.0 and index pages before which allow me to add links or buttons to specific sections with-in the index page but on 7.1 I am struggling to find a way to do this. I basically want to be able to add navigation links to specific sections on one page? Please help, thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm working with a client https://www.veganfairs.co.uk/ and they would like to add unique content to the top of each category page. For example https://www.veganfairs.co.uk/upcoming-events?category=Frome will have its own content at the top of the page and https://www.veganfairs.co.uk/upcoming-events?category=Devizes will have its own unique content also. Is there a way to do this with custom css? When I'm adding it currently via the builder, it changes across all categories and the /upcoming-events page too. I've seen similar threads on this but nothing has helped so far. Thanks!
  11. Site URL: http://fintanfoto.com Hello new to squarespace and finding the image upload system tedious. Used to Joomla/wordpress design parameters for years. I have a lot of images I would like to showcase on my site here, and uploading one image at a time is tedious. Is the any way I can batch upload images to the library or from google drive/dropbox? I would like to assign a image folder to each project page and then be able to construct the "look" from there. Any ideas would be very helpful. Cheers
  12. Hi all, Is there anyway to randomise the 'Simple List' on the section of a page? I want the items to randomise in position after every refresh. See page here: https://www.tradweddingbands.ie/wedding-bands
  13. Hello I want to randomize the first 4 items in my people list section so with every page refresh a different set of items are shown. I'm using carousel with infinite scroll http://unthinkable.squarespace.com/home-final password: unthinkable Thank you!
  14. Hey, I don't know if this has happened to anyone before. I was editing some translations in WeGlot, far away from anything concerning the store page in question, and when I came back to Squarespace the store page had become an events list page (???) and so I've now lost a huge amount of content. I'm trying to find a way to restore my page before looking into re-doing all the work. I can still see the products from that store page in my inventory, but the URLs don't work and all go to the events page (with events I have listed in another events list page with a different name...???) If anyone has any advice on recovering that content, or if you even just have any idea what happened, that would be super helpful. Obviously I've reached out to Squarespace but this is super urgent and if I find a solution here before they get back to me tomorrow that would be great. Thank you so much.
  15. I am promoting the recent release of my debut novel "Because of Rachel" which is now for sale on Amazon and most online book retaliers. I have created my website to provide information about my book and other adjunct information about me. I woiuld like input as to the content for its effectiveness and suggested improvements. The images are all my own. Thank you. Alan Bryce Grossman. alanbrycegrossman.com
  16. What app do you recommend for tracking contacts and customer calls/conversations. I am just starting an HR Consulting business (just me to start). I'd like to have a tool to use to track the name of the contact, date, a summary of our discussion, follow-up, etc. I was thinking of something a couple steps better than a standard Excel sheet. What have you used and recommend? Scott
  17. Having received the notifications about the 7.1 upgrade, I finally decided to see what the process of upgrading was all about. After reading about it and pouring through the help center, I'm absolutely appalled. Final answer: SquareSpace offers no options for upgrading other than completely recreating our sites. Not believing such a thing could possibly be true, I kept searching the help forums. The first alternative I found involved using SquareSpace's competitor, WordPress, as a temporary holding spot to move my photography blog into version 7.1. "I'm sorry, sir, but to upgrade to the new version of gMail, you'll need to first create an AOL.com account, then forward all your archived messages to AOL, then upgrade gMail, and finally email everything now in AOL back to gMail. The process will only take you countless hours/days of your life, quite possibly change how every email looks, and destroy your will to live. But hey, it's all free!" The next option I uncovered was to use a third-party, paid plugin. So apparently we're expected to believe that the programmers over at SquareWebsites ("Not affiliated with or endorsed by Squarespace") have figured out how to migrate from 7.0 to 7.1, but the SquareSpace team can't build a beautiful new platform that is directly accessible from their previous platform. The last option I read about is that we simply pay a third-party consultant to do all the work. Sorry, but I don't even want to consider what that might cost. How can it possibly be true that SquareSpace upgraded its own product and then provided no reasonable method for existing customers to move to their new version? Are you mad at all of your existing customers? Is our subscription money insufficient? I swear I've never said anything bad about SquareSpace and have only recommended it to others, and for seven years running have always paid my subscription on time! Apologies for being so blunt, but have you people lost your minds? Certainly, this must be a bad dream and your upgrade process/tool-thingy will be along soon and is just delayed for some reason, right? C'mon, please tell me that's what is happening. Please?
  18. Hello! I need to organize 300 Images on my Website. Every Image should be in a Gallery and every Image is also a "profile" with 3 additional Images. Those additional images should come from the community (Is this possible with member areas?). Now my question is: How do I organize this? The most obvious way is to create a page for every Image. So I could create a page with Image01 + 3 small Image placeholders. And then I copy this page for Image02... Image03... Image04 and so on. In the Gallery every Image is linked to it's own page. Problem is: Does Squarespace allow for this many pages? And what if I want to change the layout for all pages or add an Element to all pages? Also I don't really know how to make the 3 smaller Images bigger. They are just small and not clickable Thanks in advance for everyone who can help me with this problem. I attached an example of one page.
  19. I would be extremely grateful for any help. I would like to include a map on my Squarespace website (shown below) and, on that map, have markers that somebody can click which would open up to an image of what the area looks like currently. I know, Google Earth does the same thing, but this is in a somewhat remote area, and Google Earth just doesn’t cut it. Is this possible in Squarespace? For somebody to, say, look at a spot on my map, see a marker there, click on the marker, and then have that link to a photograph that I have taken of that spot? Thank you!!!!!!
  20. I know our website sucks: https://www.clearcoatmedia.com We have done the typical thing of building lots of functional websites for clients, but neglecting our own, and not even putting basic things like case studies. So while we have intentions of including that in the next version of the website, we also wanted to ask for a general criticism, comments, and suggestions from the forum community before blowing everything up and rebuilding the website into something we can be proud of. Thank you very much for any help or advice. This is our first time using the forum, so excited to join the community after years of using squarespace.
  21. Hi, we're reorganizing content on our new site and would like to consolidate some of the various pages we've had made. Is it possible to move a block of content from one page to another, or to "merge" multiple pages together? I'd really rather not recreate the whole page from scratch. Any help is welcome, I tried searching the guide but was unable to find advice there. Thanks.
  22. Hello. Working on a site the first section of each page (except homepage) is not loading correctly in mobile. Instead of loading at the top of the section, it is loading in the middle of the content, and pushing some of the section content down to overlap with the second section. Examples below. Rendering correctly in desktop version. (https://hibiscus-dachshund-wk7b.squarespace.com/config/design)! This is only happening in mobile. Can someone look at my CSS to see if I have anything incorrect that could be causing this? Or if there is a fix? I'm still pretty mid-level with SS. password: forumhelp THANK YOU!
  23. Happy thanks giving everyone! Please see attached images for details, I photoshopped couple renderings showing what I'm looking for, appreciate who can help me on this issue, I'm with business plan: I'm looking to put dozens of review cards/testimony in one section with slider buttons, would be great if i can keep all cards the same size, and integrate "show more" button with long texts. a floating window showing full texts when you click "show more" button. Please let me know thank you!
  24. Hey, Good Evening I am looking for a way to make the 1st section background media on my Homepage fill the height & width of the visitor browser window dynamically. I want the first section media to resize as the window size changes, in imitation of the homepage of https://grailwatch.com Site URL: https://sartori.squarespace.com
  25. Does anything have a moment to take look at a page for me? After ignoring Google Consoles Mobility Issues - Clickable Elements too close or Content wider than screen for the last 4 months - I noticed that some of the pages these refer to have not only started to lose ranking, but one in particular has disappeared from search. I know general advice is to ignore some of Google Consoles mobile warnings - but these are not going away and consistently warn me that the page is not mobile friendly each month (though, as we all know, when entered into Google Mobile Friendly Test these pages have no issues) and I certainly cannot see where the issues lie, even after getting friends to view the pages on their devices. But now page ranking has come into the arena, I am beginning to worry. I have installed Chrome Lighthouse ( most confusing) without seeing an error related to these issues. (though finding lots of others that appear to be in the realm of Sq Sp code than anything I can do) I wondered if anyone might take a look for me and see if they can spot either of the Clickable Elements too close or Content wider than screen” mobility issues. Although the mobility warnings affect a half-dozen pages on the site, it is specifically this one that I am most concerned with. https://www.teapotmonk.com/tai-chi-faq-for-beginners Many thanks in advance.
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