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  1. FYI the best way to do this depends on what template they were using, if it is a 7.0 you can effectively build a new one using the same account log in and config log in, and then switch templates. If it is the 7.1 template (and there really is only one) then you would have to redesign the site as is, because there is no change template option with 7.1. Starting from scratch and transferring ownership would have domain and billing changes to be made as well. I would be glad to offer more information if needed.
  2. I found that it helps the search engines to find a site if you help it to do so. Get your friends and family to go to it, the more hits you make yourself the more you get from organic searches. It isn't just about alt text and wordy titles. It is about content, images, having an about page, things that make your site interesting to humans also make it "interesting" to search engines. I built two sites full of images, and it helped push them to the top of the search engine pages really fast when I asked my co-members of a 12,000 member Facebook photography group (Sony Digital Photography) to visit my sites.
  3. I played around with the code I posted and found that the padding line, the smaller the number the more the arrows move to the edges of the image frame as does the arrow background also, so you could end up with a half circle so to speak.
  4. I am sure there is, but I will have to get back to you with the exact snippet. Hopefully someone will answer this faster than I can.
  5. Try using a blog summary block instead of the blog listing itself. You have a lot of options using a summary block. Grid, wall, carousel, and you have control over number of items per column all kind of things. Usually if you use one or more blocks on a page as your listing, you put the actual blog in the unlinked section of your site. I have mine set up in this fashion, plus I still use the listing as well but only for particular posts in the same category. Here is a good look at how it works and you can see it on my site as well: https://hyggedesign.co/squarespace-summary-block/ my random views
  6. This has come up before and so far there is no one who has come up with a great way to hide the current blog post in a summary block, that may be due to the fact that when chosen it navigates away from the page the block is on, unlike an index page which keeps the thumbnails at the bottom of the same page where the index item takes you. As a matter of fact Avenue, the template that I use, has the hide active item as an option by default. This code has been tried by some, but it didn't have a lot of accolades. It might work for you. It goes into custom css. .collection-type-blog.view-item .summary-item-list .sqs-active-slide { display: none; }
  7. You have to log on to the third party domain service and change the name servers to squarespace from there. You can't change the name servers on the squarespace domain config panel. You will need to manage thru Solindo domain hosting provider. This guide should help you: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812378-Connecting-a-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site
  8. Follow this guide to leave your domain with GoDaddy and connect it to your Squarespace site. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206541747-Connecting-a-GoDaddy-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site
  9. Its about the hits on your site, the more people find it the quicker it shows up on search engines. So in that regard always post the site address here with any post you make. Stick the address in your signature with any emails you send out, ask friends and family to view it. Add alt text descriptions to images. There are many things you can do. I happen to admin a number of Facebook groups, one photography group has 13,000 members. When I built a photography site for one of the ,members all the others visited it, it went to the top of the search pages both with address and organic search with just the name of the person in just a matter of days.
  10. i have a pop up on a motorhome resort site, which advertises a promotional stay. I have them on a water filtration company advertising new offering of plumbing services. In both cases the pop up is great for showing something new or special offering and makes it exciting, takes advantage of the viewer four second attention span.
  11. I could not find 2448 either, the closest one to your screenshot and "make it stand out" is this block: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1621515660830_5872
  12. Not sure what is stopping the images from clicking thru to your blog post. They do it by default when they are also the blog post thumbnails, as does the title and read more button if that is enabled. Could be some custom code not allowing this to happen.
  13. I see your 7.1 site is live now. Is the first page where you want the full image?
  14. Site URL: https://dcmrblueridge.com/ I have two Squarespace custom domains with this site. We need to make dcmrblueridge.com work with a third party site. They do not host domains only the site. We have Google Workspace custom email addresses with dcmrblueridge.com. We want to keep our Squrespace site up using dcmrblueridge.net which is our second Squarespace custom domain. What is the best way to do this? We hope to go live with the new site on Monday. The third party site is here: dcmrblueridge.com.livereznetwork.com
  15. 7.0 or 7.1? Can't tell since you posted the url but didn't provided a viewing password.
  16. You first create a new Blank page, not a section but a complete page. Then you edit the page settings for thepage under pages in config. You select the gear icon for that page then choose advanced and then you have the page header code injection box pop up. This does require a premium plan to use. If you don't have one of those then place the code in a code block on the page instead and put the same code there. Typically once you make this page you enable as your home/landing page and put it in the unlinked section of your site if you don't want it to appear on the navigation/menu bar.
  17. All pages work the same to start, after selecting it in the config panel, you have to choose edit up on the top left corner. After doing that another menu panel opens on that page, and you will see an image icon or a manage projects icon, and if the second is there you click that, hit edit up on the top left again to open the config panel, and you will see an image icon that gets you to the upload image panel and any of those images can be selected and edited.
  18. I tell folks here that I would not depend on the Config mobile view, look at it from an actual phone as an actual visitor, not signed in. I viewed your site from my Moto Z3 and it looks correct. No problem scrolling up or down with text and images displaying as they should.
  19. Nice to see another Avenue user here. Nice looking site. my random views
  20. Can you be more specific? A simple link or button to your blog page is what you want or do you want actual posts on the home page? And where? First section?
  21. I won't say its easy but you can copy and paste the info from a page text block to a blog post. Many podcasters use a blog summary block to host ther podcast episodes, and put the actual blog into the unlinked section of their site. I do the same for my blog/story posts. my random views
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