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  1. Is there custom code to have the 'shop' page always point directly to a specific category. From my time viewing the forums, I know it's helpful to provide the actual page. https://desi-rae.com/shop/prints-real-surrealism . I would like the shop page to always open to this category however someone arrives at the URL desi-rae.com/shop or clicks on the general store page. This includes if I make the store page my home page.
  2. Hello, I am trying to add code where a site user clicks on the shopping cart icon on a Squarespace website, and it directs them to a different url instead of /cart Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! Collin
  3. Some of linked PDFs are showing up in Google Searches as static1.squarespace.com linked files. Even though my Squarespace site is behind a password protected wall, people are still able to access these files if they pull up on the search. I have tried: Changing Page Settings > SEO and toggling the 'Hide Page from Search Results'. Code Injection - injecting noindex code into the header Submitting removal requests on Google Search Console. However, static1 linked documents/images would not apply in this scenario) These documents contain sensitive information. Is there any other advice you could walk me through to removing these documents/images from the Google Search parameters?
  4. Hello all I need help changing the image URL as it shows square space name on it instead of my domain, any sugestions on how I can get it changed? Thank you! https://www.bakdshop.com/ https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c0afec45cfd793029a24b0b/t/5dd89128460bea3944196f10/1574474033143/BakdHolidays_20.pdf Password 1111111111
  5. So we currently have one main website then 6 sub website (all different URLS) for each venue we have in the business. I need advice on how to do something, I'm trying to streamline our websites, I want to keep the individual URLs. remove the websites but re-direct customers onto pages within 1 main website. can anyone help? thanks :-)
  6. I have a blog page on my website which I wish to only make available to certain people. I have hidden the page from SEO and password protected it. My question, is it possible to pass the password in the URL that I provide people so that they do not have to type it in? The password is "66qes6jFayof" if you want to play around with it.
  7. My website landing page is setup as one big image gallery with thumbnail images linking to other individual pages. It's been working fine for years but recently has stopped directing my clickthrough URL links to the other pages. Image tabs in the Gallery just go to a slideshow now, which is not what I want. I've tried re-uploading the image files and changing the URL links to the web page addresses (instead of the clickthrough > content option) but it still won't work. Old links still seem to be fine but any new image links just go to slideshow. Can anybody help me out here? I'm unable to share new work until I get this figured out. Thanks
  8. Client wants a simple 2 page coaching site. Main homepage is for one audience, NOT LINKED homepage for another. 1. I can easily assign the Squarespace domain to the regular homepage, but would like to use Namecheap or GoDaddy secondary domain to link to the NOT LINKED homepage. Is this possible? I thought it was but this article seems to say it isn't: 2. Also, that secondary domain provider, how do I ensure that if a person types in https it will connect? Had a situation with Namecheap once where I had to buy hosting there to ensure the https version worked. Will Squarespace's SSL cover both domains? Thanks!
  9. The following url on my site goes to an anchor that is mid-way down the page: https://www.nicolebrancato.com/discography/#video when you click the link, the top of the page loads first, then there is some lag time, then it scrolls quickly to the anchor point. If you are already on the top of the page "discography" and follow the link "video" through the dropdown menu ("watch/listen" in the header, then to "video"), it will scroll right down. My question is this: can I make the anchor link (https://www.nicolebrancato.com/discography/#video) load straight awayto the anchor point, instead of the top of the page loading first and then having lag time? Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Site URL: https://anna-stacy.squarespace.com Hi all, I'm transitioning from my old Squarespace 7.0 site (anna-stacy.squarespace.com) to a new 7.1 site (annastacy.com) and have created 301 redirects for all pages but the splash. Unfortunately, as I can only apply a 301 to disabled pages and I can't disable the homepage, I can't make it so that going to anna-stacy.squarespace.com (old URL) takes users to annastacy.com (current URL). Any ideas for a work-around? Thanks!
  11. I am creating a new site with a 7.1 version template and I can't figure out how to create my home page without a trailing slug. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. Please see Text Block Easy Links. This bookmarklet is useful for very specific situations, a text block where you want to enter a lot of lines of text that you want to be links. Before... After... Let me know how it goes.
  13. Hi there, my add to cart button looks obnoxiously big with the text being too small. Would someone please help me add additional CSS where I can change the button padding and font size within? And also how to change the slug from https://www.upbeatcoffee.com.au/shop/p/earth-sky-planter-4awkk-s85xf to https://www.upbeatcoffee.com.au/colddrip Many thanks!!
  14. Hi everyone, I built a Squarespace site for client who was previously using WordPress. They publish a lot of PDF reports and want the URLs for the old PDFs to be redirected to the new PDF URLs on Squarespace. Is this possible? I'm looking at the URL mapping now and I can't work it out. Thanks so much for your help 🙂
  15. Site URL: https://www.little-loves.co.uk/ Hello! Wondering if someone can help me with a quick question... Not even sure if this is possible, but here goes... I'm building a Booking Confirmation page (/booking-confirmation) and the user gets directed here after they have completed by form on page (/booking-form). The booking form is made using Paperform which handles the redirect, when redirecting it can also append the URL to include data from the form submission. So for instance, if the user's name is Sam then the form can redirect like this: /booking-confirmation?FirstName=Sam Is there a way to have the Booking confirmation page 'read' any of that data in the URL and display it on the page? So for instance, if we want the text on the confirmation page to say "Thanks for your Booking [First Name]" is there a way to make that happen? I'm imagining this would involve setting up some kind of tag / dynamic text. Is it even possible? Thanks in advance! Sam
  16. hi there! i am trying to see how i can change the url from this template url. usually, i could change it in the setting gear icon but i can't seem to find where to change it for individual items. thanks for your help in advance
  17. Hi members! I recently ran into a problem. Little description: In Code Block I embedded video. I find previously uploaded video file in Asset Library > File Details >> Developer Tools (Chrome) > select element (video) > Copy URL >>> Paste in code in Code Block Few weeks ago it worked fine. Problem is that before structure was; https://video.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/.../mp4-h264-aac-1920:1080 or /mp4-h264-1920:1080 or /mp4-h264-aac-2560:1080 etc. And now structure is: https://video.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/.../thumbnail So, pasted code in Code Block is not video but thumbnail. In Forum I found workaround to structure code like this: yourdomain/s/videofile.mp4 But for me it is not solution, because it is relative to temporary domain while I’m working on unpublished page, on other hand “video.squarespace-cdn.com" is absolute and there is no need to change after page is published. In addition, if I paste that URL in browser it went straight to download (Do you want to allow downloads on “static1.squarespace.com”?): https://bekarhaus.squarespace.com/s/Untitled-2-Broadband-High.mp4 In Contrast if i paste: https://video.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/60103bdffecb075463e39396/68520104-afa3-47a5-9170-bba0d96181f9/mp4-h264-1920:1080 It plays video. Question is: where and how can I find URL structured as: https://video.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/.../mp4-h264-aac-1920:1080 Best Regards Duško Bekar
  18. Site URL: https://plainspaces.com/artists Does anyone know what coding can be used to change the clickthrough URL when you hover over and select an item from a portfolio? I want it to go to an external link, such as instagram. THANK YOU
  19. Site URL: https://projectsinsider.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'd like to know if there is a way to prepopulate a hidden form field with a variable input like the referring URL. For example, a user registers on my website from Project 1 page. I want to capture the URL of this page that they enquired from and have that data entered into my hidden form field URL but without having to include it in the link that I specify. I'm aware I could enter a link like this https://projectsinsider.com/form?SQF_SOURCE=projectsinsider.com/project_1 but that means I have to customise each link for each page. I'm building out hundreds of blog pages in the next 6 months and that would be slightly more painful to customise each link. Happy to explore any integrations, codes, or widgets that can help. Thanks heaps!
  20. Hello! I purchased a domain with GoDaddy in November 2022, this week I transferred to Squarespace. I didn't know the domain would not transfer since it was created in the last 60 days. So my URL now has the word "squarespace" attaced between my Domain and .com, like this "http://DomainName.squarespace.com." On day 61, will the word "squarespace" be removed automatically? And can I rest assured that I still own the Domain Name I now bought 2x from GoDaddy and Squarespace? See attached transfer note. Thank you for you help!
  21. Somehow there is an extra line at the end of the url for my portfolio page and it won't work. It changed the project pages to have // and it shouldn't have any but when I rename it it says it already exists and won't save. We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again. The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted. You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try searching for the content you are seeking by clicking here.
  22. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm hoping to create a custom URL Slug for a page on my website that can accept a series of random digits at the end of it, like this: https://www.example.com/sn1/#### For example, if someone searched https://www.example.com/sn1/1234 or https://www.example.com/sn1/4321 they would be directed to the same page.
  23. Hi all, Hope you can help me with this. I am using affiliate marketing from Tradetracker.com. From there I have a text link that I want to put in the description of a youtube video. I don't like that the text link I received from tradetracker is very long and has weird symbols in it. Therefore I would like to use an URL from my squarespace website that redirects people to the tradetracker link. Essentially like this: Youtube video -> squarespace website (.net domain) -> tradetracker url I don't want people that press the Youtube link to see my website I want them to end up on the page of the tradetracker url. I don't want normal visitors of my squarespace website to see the link in the navigation. Essentially I would like to use my squarespace website as tinyurl.com to make the link better looking. I have tried to do this for +/-45 min, checked the forums, checked the articles from squarespace.com etc but I can't figure out how to do this. I know I can add a link to the not linked section of my website but I cannot find the url of that page. (dont even know if it has a url with my .net domain) To make things worse I have to publish the tradetracker link/Youtube video today. Preferably I use a nice looking link from my squarespace site but if it is not possible I will use the ugly tradetracker link. If someone can tell me if and how it is possible you would help me out a lot!
  24. Hey peeps! I hope I can explain this the easiest as I'm unable to find this answer anywhere online. Let's say I add a simple text block and type "product 01". And then I wanted to hyperlink that "product 01" that once clicked, it would perform an add to cart action on a specific product I have in my store. Is that possible? So in other words, is there a URL that adds a product of yours to the shopping cart or is that ONLY possible by using the product 'add to cart' button? I deeply appreciate your help!
  25. Hi, How do I make only the lightbox images link to a url within my site? https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/gallery Pass: Hello
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