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  1. Hello I am trying in redirect one of my domain to my new site. I use the following code /https://www.marina-art-box.me/ -> /https://www.marinaklimi.com/ 301 but it does not work. Can you help me? Marina
  2. Site URL: https://www.soulandfineart.com SS=7.1 fluid pw: Art-is-Joyful I am in the process of moving a site to SS. I'm going to have a lot of URL Mappings can i put comments into the url mapping box ? In apache I can add a comment to its conf file by adding # as the first character on the line. can I do the same with url mappings or is there a way at all to do this? thanks, J
  3. Site URL: https://www.soulandfineart.com/ SS 7.1 fluid pw: Art-is-Joyful here is the problem I am trying to solve. I have a two pages that in turn has a link to a blog with a tag example https://www.soulandfineart.com/events?tag=test1 on my site its testpage1 and test page 2 when i click on the link i get a dynamic list of entries with the "test1" tag. I want to inject a link in this page to send me back to the document.referrer page that way if I came from test page2 and hit the return link i'd go back to test page 2 but if i got the list via test page 1 id return to test page1. I managed to get the individual pages to go back to the original search like this <a id="link">return</a> <script> var scrt_var = document.referrer; document.getElementById("link").setAttribute("href",scrt_var); </script> I just need a way to inject the same thing into the list returned by https://www.soulandfineart.com/events?tag=test1 Here is what i'm trying to say: or if there is a better method for doing this I welcome the suggestion thanks for your time, John
  4. Site URL: https://www.lauradesignedthis.co I've created an automated pop-up on my site (wait 5 secs to see it) and I'd love to find the URL for this, so that I can link to it, where it is already popped-up... I hope this makes sense! Does anyone know how I can find the URL for this? Thank you!
  5. Site URL: https://www.thewarriorsanctuary.org/amaroo/ I am updating the url slug on my portfolio sub-sites. And when i changed them to, for example https://www.thewarriorsanctuary.org/amaroo/temazcal-under-construction the page was created, but, when i click on the link from the actual site, it tries to take me to the original sub url (e.g. - amaroo/project-three-8zgh7-99y28) how do I update this link so that it will take me to the updated sub url slug when it is selected on the site? If i just type in the full url, the sub url page exists, but the link just wont take me there and in some instances it will actually give the following error: We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again. The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted.
  6. Hi all, I'm having some issues with the re-naming of the slug for a certain page. I had the page slug working fine, but deleted it subsequently after finalising the other pages. Now , when I tried to name it again, it prompted "prefix for the URL of another page". I've checked all my other pages multiple times but did not find any page with the name slug name. I've tried signing in and out, clearing cache, using a different com to work on it, but it still prompted the same error. Please help if you have experience with this issue. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://mushroom-sphere-np6s.squarespace.com/config/ Hi all, I'm building a website featuring my journalism, and I would like to add links to my work like my fellow journalist does here: https://www.gloriadickie.com/selected-clips I've tried using an embed block to add the links, however I get as far as adding the URL, and the system says it has "found the page," but after I save I get an error message that says I have to enter a valid URL. I've contacted Squarespace client services, and it sounds like this an "advanced" feature that requires adding a code, and they can't help. Can anyone here help? I'm not a coder and thought the Squarespace platform was simple to use (because they market themselves that way.) And adding links to other sites seems like a common feature that should be easy to do. I appreciate any advice or help y'all can give. Thank you! CJ
  8. Site URL: https://www.lofftwen.co.uk Hi there My current domain is www.lofftwen.co.uk which is focused on holiday lets. I want to have a second website without losing the lofftwen.co.uk suffix that is focused on ecology. This would be www.ecology.lofftwen.co.uk. Is this possible through squarespace? I've tried looking on their help guides but can't find what I need. Thanks in advance. Will
  9. Site URL: https://grape-semicircle-m6yz.squarespace.com/config/pages Image Header Adding in Hyperlink with Unique Design to this page I'd like for my headers on this page to keep the color and design they currently have, but I would like to add hyperlinks to them. The design format for the rest of the website turns them black and adds an underline. For this page only i'd like for them to remain the same color (#d65124) and have no underline. Version 7.0, Brine Family, Custom Template. I have tried a bunch of custom CSS that other videos have recommended and have not been able to figure this one out with my limited website knowledge - please haaalp!
  10. Site URL: https://www.towneley-upholstery.com/ I recently published this site and verified with Google and all seemed well but the original test urls are now being displayed like this: https://avocado-dachshund-zk75.squarespace.com › co... Contact | Towneley Upholstery - Squarespace instead of the live url towneley-upholstery.com/contact etc. Help!
  11. Site URL: http://bybrianlevy.com Hello: I'm using the Store template to set up a filterable list of items ("products") which I would like to link directly to outside URLs (not product pages). I've figured out how to eliminate the product images and add to cart, etc., but have not yet figured out how to link to an outside URL. I just want "products" to show up as a list of items that each have a link to an outside URL. Thank you. The test page I'm working on: https://www.bybrianlevy.com/resources-ingredients
  12. I have created a link from a squarespace site to an external website. When I try to get the url of the sqaurespace site, it only returns the domian name and not the full URL. Are there any restriction in squarespace that would make this happen?
  13. Site URL: https://bulldog-tulip-9w7y.squarespace.com I successfully uploaded an icon to replace the Squarespace icon in my URL tab, but I didn't like how it looked, so I made a few more to try, but when I repeat the process at Design>Logo & Title, trashing the first custom favicon and replacing it with a new one, the old one is not replaced. Even when I remove the .ico file (or .png—I've experimented with both) without replacing it, so the the "Add a favicon" box there is empty, the first custom favicon STILL stays on the URL tab! I'm baffled. Any recommendations? Thank you!!!
  14. Site URL: https://sichtbaer.com/jakob Hey guys, I would like to forward this URL: https://sichtbaer.com/jakob to my Zoom Personal Meeting Room : https://zoom.us/j/9729636212 Any suggestions? Cheers, Jakob
  15. Site URL: https://selwyngoodman.co Is there a way I can redirect my click on a portfolio project cover to a different website instead of opening the clicked project? I'm trying to use my behance as external work on portfolio. Thanks in advance.
  16. Site URL: https://www.maikkleinert.com/digital-product/p/cinema-grade-discount-code Hello, Where can I change the Slug or URL so that I not the the /p/ in my URL links. I guess these are the product categories but can I remove this? Website Shop link: https://www.maikkleinert.com/digital-product/p/cinema-grade-discount-code I am looking for this option -> https://www.maikkleinert.com/digital-product/cinema-grade-discount-code
  17. In order to do microsoft domain verification, i need to upload a json file to be served at https://<domain>/.well-known/microsoft-identity-association.json Tough it turns out, . character can not be used for link "slugs". It is possible to host this file on my domain in anyway? I do my DNS management on aws, but i don't know if i can route from DNS to another server by url path.
  18. Site URL: https://www.furlastudio.com/ Trying to transfer my domains from godaddy to squarespace. How long does it take? I can't view my website when i type in my URL. Also curious what happens to the email addresses I had associated with the website?
  19. Site URL: http://ysnradio.com/requests I changed the URL slug to a non-linked page on my website and now it shows an error anytime you click the link on the homepage. I updated the URL link on the keyword, but when you click it, it still shows the old URL slug instead of the updated one. It only does this on the desktop but works fine on mobile. Does it just take some time to adjust or did I do something wrong?
  20. Site URL: https://www.starcruiter.no/ So I want the link to be another color and/or bold with hover effect. Nyhetsbrevet for rekrutteringsgründere — StarCruiter Thank you!
  21. Site URL: https://partners.red.org/impact We have a page with slug /impact that we set as the homepage but apparently, the page's slug can't be removed resulting in duplicate content: https://partners.red.org/ https://partners.red.org/impact And since /impact still exists, I can't set up a redirect in URL Mapping. How is this supposed to be resolved? /Chris
  22. Site URL: https://www.okag.org Hi everyone. This is probably a very basic question, but how do I create or purchase urls that are name.name.ext? So in this case, something like youth.okag.org? Thank you!
  23. Site URL: https://taystthenotes.com/upcoming-events I have an "Upcoming Events" page and a "Past Events" page that are the same content. The Upcoming Events gets posted to the Past Events as the date passes, but the hyperlinks to the location only work after the event has past. I'd like visitors to be able to click on the name of the venue on the "Upcoming Events" page and it link them to the venue. It doesn't do that until the event ends up on the "Past Events" page. I've checked the Locations tab on the Event and have the address there but I think that only creates the map, but that too doesn't show via anything 'clickable' in the Event itself. All of the configurable objects in Event Editor (map, venue URL, calendar ICS, et al) only work *in the editor*. The actual live page is just text of the event...See my Site URL above for example. Attached is a screenshot of what I see in the editor. thanks
  24. Is there a way to use CSS to transform an event Source URL div into a button? (without editing the page code in Developer mode) This code: <div class="eventitem-sourceurl">Source:: <a href="https://www.theirwebsite.org/shows/theirevent" class="eventitem-sourceurllink" target="_blank">https://www.theirwebsite.org/shows/their event</a></div> Renders like this: Source:: https://www.mayoarts.org/shows/blippi-the-musical I’d rather it were a button. I can give a.eventitem-sourceurllink the same style as a button, but then I get: Source:: HTTPS://WWW.theirwebsite.ORG/SHOWS/theirevent I want to: Remove the text “Source::” Have the URL show as (the title of the event) rather than the url of it I’m using an event collection in the Tudor template.
  25. Site URL: https://mathiasneumann.com/home Hello you all! I just published a website, but whatever page I set as homepage can't be found in the browser. 'mathiasneumann.com/home' can be found if i type in 'mathiasneumann.com' without the slug, how one would normally do, it won't find the page. it shows the website basically (footer and navigation + error message) , but not the content of the page set as homepage. when i click on the other pages in the navigation, they show. Also if I click back on 'work' - which is the page set as homepage - it SOMETIMES catches the slug and shows up, sometimes not. Anyone any idea what i can do about this?? Thanks so much in advance! 🙏
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