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  1. Site URL: http://activateagency.co.nz Hi there, I'm wondering if there is currently any way to automate email campaigns to free members area subscribers? Eg. members receive an automatic email thanking them for registering and giving next steps; queue emails to arrive a certain period after they've registered for memberships etc? I know that I can automate to regular mailing list subscribers, but I can't see any way to set up the same automation for those who register as members, which seems like a pretty essential tool that I had honestly assumed would be available based on the combination of regular email automations & members areas. I've just migrated my email marketing from Mailchimp to Squarespace and created a Members Area for an online workshop programme we are delivering. We already have the list of approved members, so I have been able to import them successfully into a mailing list and send them an initial welcome email using a regular email campaign. However, I note that I can not manually add these participants into a membership and give them access to the members area - I have to email them again using the regular email campaign function, and ask them to register for the members area, at which point I'm unable to automate emails to them as free members rather than "customers". Even if they register as members to gain access to the members area and then I manually add them into an additional mailing list, then it's still not possible to automate an email sequence for them because they have to "subscribe" to the mailing list themselves... So it seems like the only way to be able to have the combination of 1. participants in a free membership + 2. automated emails enabled is to make people register for a membership AND then subscribe for an additional mailing list... which somewhat defeats the purpose of automating emails to get people engaged anyway. It would be wonderful to know if anyone has a good way around this, or if not whether this functionality is likely to be forthcoming in future? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there. I want to create a link LOGOUT in my member area, but I am unable to find the code to do this. I was able to find that if you append the following to a page it will open the customer panel, ?userAccountPath, but could not find the same code that would do the same for a logout. Does anybody know this? Thanks
  3. Hello, Is it possible to show member specific content based on a key such as logged in 'user account' or 'email address' or such? Member areas by default takes me to the home page in that member area. I would like to change the content of that home page based on specific user ? If changing the content on the page isn't an option, perhaps creating a link as member-area-home page, and then changing the URL dynamically based on userid used to login ? Is that possible? Has anyone done similar? Thank you, Monk
  4. Hello there, I'm unsure this is the best forum section to post in, so apologies in advance. I'm trying to figure out how to build a symptom tracker on a Squarespace website. The idea is for people to subscribe (via member areas or Memberspace) and for individual members to complete health surveys / questionnaires periodically. They would then be able to view their results in a graph from a page specific to them. For example, say a member was to log their weight every week for 12 weeks. I would like them to be able to see the progress in weight change over time on a page that's specific to them. Does anyone know of any integrations, plugins, etc. that would allow me to do that? Ideally I'm looking to build this myself, but if you're a Squarespace developer and have done something like this before, please get in touch to discuss further. Thank you in advance 🙏🏽 Miguel
  5. Site URL: https://www.instituto.io/praxis-in-action-home I'm having trouble changing the "general 2" in my website's member area page. The page title has been changed and I've looked around and a lot of forums show that you can fix it in the SEO tab, but in "members area" - it doesn't give me that option. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Site URL: https://litclub4kids.com.au/ Hello! When you sign up to become a member of our member area, you automatically receive 3 emails: 1. Confirmation of the subscription 2. Welcome email (email notification) 3. Verify your account Is there a way to reduce this so you don't receive all 3? Given the nature of our website there is no need to verify the account and confirm subscription. This should just be one process. Perhaps if there's a way to integrate reCAPTCHA so you tick a I'm not a robot box this can replace the confirmation and verification email? Our website is for children so these extra steps are quite an obstacle. I'm not sure how I would go about integrating recapture to avoid double opt in. Thank you in advance for your help! Best regards, Meg
  7. Site URL: https://www.waxthatbodco.com/ I am trying to edit the text in the box that pops up when clients start to sign up. Preferably, where it says "Create an account to unlock..." and "By joining, you may receive emails and updates..." My client intends to use member areas as one private page with video content you have to pay for, one time. No email marketing will be used, and we want to clarify this is not a "membership" or "subscription", just basically paid access to a private page. So again, to change these two text areas to say something custom/different would help us greatly!
  8. I have set up a new website for our non-profit. Members join by making and annual donation through the website. We also have a merch section and access to our Betterworld auction platform. I understand that we will incur a 2.4% process fee from Stipe for the transactions. All well and good. There is a demand for Members only pages and I see that we can provide free access. However, it is unclear as to the pricing. Or would the standard 7% fee for Member Areas apply to the member donations, merch, etc.
  9. Site URL: https://www.jabberdesigns.com Hi there, I was just wondering if it's possible to automatically cancel lower-tier subscriptions to member areas automatically once a higher payment tier is selected. For example, I have a free basic account, then 3 monthly subscription member areas at different price points that give more advantages, discounts, content etc. However, currently, it seems that whenever a member upgrades their account to one of the higher tier options, they maintain their subscription to the lower tier member area unless they cancel it themselves. Ideally, the way members areas works on squarespace, i'd like to have everyone retain their free basic account priveleges, whilst having the bonus content from the tiered subscriptions, so for example, someone would upgrade from a basic account to a tier 2 account and retain both, however if they had both a basic account & a tier 1 account already, upgrading to a tier 2 account would cancel their tier 1 subscription automatically. Hopefully this makes sense? If you'd like me to elaborate further I can, or try to show you an example? Thanks for any help or discussion you can provide!
  10. Site URL: https://www.heitlandinnovation.com/ I am looking for a solution inside members areas. I want to build a community inside a members area (micro platform) where people can fill in their information in pre-designed profiles. Anyone a solution for this inside of Squarespace members areas?
  11. Is there a way to capture a customer's email before they create a Members Area account? Right now, the Members Area sign-up block requires them to create an account with their name and password. I am creating an ad landing page and simply want to capture their email, and THEN prompt them to create an account.
  12. Our site isn't live yet, but it is ALMOST there. After chatting with support today, I am hoping someone here could give me some ideas to try. We're using Clarkson theme. We have a subscription/membership with three tiers of pricing - monthly, annually, or the third tier. They all get the same "base" level content, but tier three gets a couple of higher value options. The bulk of our product is an email newsletter every week, but our subscribers are mostly 60+ and (because of our other successful product on another platform) they are accustomed to logging into a dashboard to read the content. Thus, we began the great migration to Squarespace. What I would like, that support tells me is absolutely not possible, is that when I write one blog/article, it gets posted to all three member areas at the same time. I've been advised that my only option is to duplicate each post and then move it every time to the other two member areas. I originally set it up so that there was a button upon log-in to their member area that they could just click and go to the "blog" where all the articles are. However, I can't duplicate that specific page, and therefore, that page would be outside of the gated/paid area and able to be seen and shared. Any ideas for workarounds? I'm well-versed (though rusty) in Wordpress, but this is my first site here. Between this and our other large membership site we have close to 100k subscribers and I had hoped we'd be able to move everything over here. But, if I can't find a workaround, we'll likely have to go to another platform, which I don't want to do because of the otherwise easy use and integration here. Any plug-ins, Zaps, or other ideas would be welcome, and thank you in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://www.jabberdesigns.com Hi guys, My website is currently under construction and I have member areas at different price points with different benefits for subscribers to my website. I've done a lot of looking around for ideas on how to make my members area dashboard more 'dashboard-y'. I can't really find a solution for it anywhere that would allow me to make something along the lines of what I'm going for. https://www.jabberdesigns.com/members/dashboard login credentials for test account: test@usertest.com pass: 1234567890 Ideally, I'd like to display each member's personal order information, invoices, status, etc. Whatever sort of data I am able to integrate into my dashboards to give a more 'personal touch'. If this isn't possible, is it still at least possible to have a section that links to a 3rd party provider that would allow me to display this information to individual members? Basically, I'd like to add a more 'personal' touch to each of the available tiered dashboards that essentially pulls information from the squarespace account panel and displays it in my members area dashboards. Or if that is a feature not currently available/implemented, are there any/other 3rd party options available that would allow me to do this? Many thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://www.ffabooks.com/ Site URL: https://www.ffabooks.com/ Hi forum, I'm hoping it's possible to customize the members navigation bar in the members area? We run a not-for-profit, and don't require the Orders section, or addresses. Can we remove these so that the drop down menu only has the name and sign out button?
  15. Site URL: https://www.ffabooks.com/ We want to make it challenging for members to gain access to our site. Is it possible to add a few additional steps as a barrier of entry such as asking 3 questions in order for them to enter the site?
  16. We have a member area set up where approved users can order online with us. At the moment, if anyone has access to the URL, they are able to sign up to the Member Area, but we need to make sure only our approved users can sign up (members of a franchise business) We don't want to ask our users for a subscription as it's free to use for those franchisees only, so wondered if there was a way to password protect the Member Area? Alternatively, we could edit the website url to be more of a complex url so it cannot be accessed by anyone random?
  17. Site URL: https://www.americancoopworthregistry.org We want to provide our members the ability to view and/or download information. This would be documents such as our annual financial report which would not be publicly available. Everything I read in the Squarespace literature is focused on using member areas for various e-commerce, money-making purposes. I have also been searching for a simple display of what Squarespace will charge. The attitude seems to be that I should ,make all the effort to create the area and then at the end of a free trial period the amount of a monthly subscription add-on fee will be advised.
  18. Is it possible to add a 7day free trial to the membership? Im kinda flabbergasted that Squarespace hasn't added this by default ...
  19. Site URL: https://cramlab.org Hi there I'm having difficulty setting up a usable member area navigation. I simply want a new dropdown menu item to appear when a member signs in, but this appears difficult in 7.1. I select "replace main navigation", but then I am unable to create anything more than a single navigation item so everything appears in the same dropdown. There is the option to add pages to the member area, which of course I could use to add links, but I am unable to unlink this from the dropdown menu item. I can't imagine I'm the first person to want something more than just a single menu item in a members area so assume I'm doing something silly. Thanks in advance for the help, Chris
  20. Site URL: https://lereveestate.com/ Has anyone used Member Areas to create a Wine Club? I'm getting stuck on how to set it up because members aren't charged until the selected wine is shipped out.
  21. Site URL: https://kellylahl.com I have my shop page within a member area. In the checkout commerce settings there is no option to direct the "continue shopping" button back to the member area shop page, only public pages. Any known code to fix this or is there a way to remove the continue shopping button?
  22. Hi all, I have a client who has multiple membership areas on her website, and wants different 'Membership Welcome' emails to go out for each area, with different information/content. Is this possible? If so, how could I go about doing this? Many thanks, Alex
  23. Hi all, My team and I are currently trying to explore the best strategy for restricting access to content on our website. Ideally it would be access to a specific set of pages. I have established like most of you that we cannot restrict who can signup to a members area, and that we cannot make unique passwords for pages or the entire site (which poses an issue for us, as we do not want the password shared on). I have some questions I am hoping someone can help clarify as potential ways around this silly lack of features: 1. Is there a way to add people directly to a members area in Squarespace using their email addresses rather than sending out a link for them to sign up? 2. If people sign up to a members area, is there a way to cap the number of members or remove the "members area" access after a period of time, locking in the members who are signed up to continue seeing the content (but preventing others from signing up)? 3. Is there any value in creating a members area and a password protection behind that login members area wall? 4. Does anyone know any widgets or plug-ins that can be integrated into a Squarespace website to manage and lock down content? 5. I can see that a membership to a members area can be cancelled, but does this "block" a user? i.e. I read in the Squarespace help guides that if someone has their membership cancelled, they can just sign up again and pay. Since we would be putting on a $0 payment fee (the wall is simply for security as this is a free educational course; we would be planning on monitoring the membership notifications and removing anyone unauthorised), we are worried that people who shouldn't be accessing content could just go straight back in. 6. Can you add specific email address as 'contributors' with the 'viewer' role? If so, does this allow any sort of block to content or is this the same issue with everyone having the same password for protection? Many thanks in advance for any assistance with my questions! Vanessa
  24. Site URL: https://www.ffabooks.com/ Hi forum, I'm hoping it's possible to remove the members navigation bar in the members area? We run a not-for-profit, and don't require the Orders section, or addresses. Please let me know if there is a way to remove the navigation entirely/redesign the navigation or customize the navigation so it only has the name and sign out button?
  25. Site URL: https://www.carriecooperdpt.com/ I'm working on a client site, and we're using member areas to create gated access to paid, injury-specific rehabilitation programs. But we've run into the issue where members are sharing their login information with others, allowing them to access the program without paying. Does anyone know how to limit the number of devices able to be used on an account?
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