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  1. Site URL: https://www.1831.co/account/login Does anyone know how I can remove the 'Create account' link from the Member Sign In window. (see screenshot). I see that it is Javascript, but dont know how to remove this text? Many thanks
  2. Site URL: https://freedomsupply.co I am setting up my members area. I have two payment options One Time Lifetime Access and Monthly Payment. I want both memberships options to gain access to the same pages. If I create pages under one, let's say the Monthly Payment option -How does the Lifetime Payment option members gain access to the pages created uneder the Monthly payment option. I've created a homepage for the Lifetime Payment option members with links to the pages I've created under the Monthly Payment option. Was that enough? Will the Lifetime Payment options members have access to the content created under the Monthly Payment option via that homepage?
  3. I created a Member Area pages and can not hide/show top menu for a members / non-members. My pages all in a Member Area zone and in menu they hidden for a non-members. As I see they should be automatically shown, when a new member got registered and comes in. But that doesn't happen.
  4. Site URL: https://toucan-sunfish-58bp.squarespace.com/ Hello, does anyone know how to customize the member area? I'd like to add a background image if possible. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you!
  5. It is great that we can now add an additional fee option for the subscriptions, the only issue is that if for instance I add a 6 month option, and the member cancels, they lose access to the remainder of their membership? Also, it would be nice if members could upgrade their memberships, from say a 1 month to a 6 month, without having to cancel first.
  6. Site URL: https://www.thebusinessofefficiency.com Is there a way to make the navigation appear permanently in our members area? Right now I have to hover over the text for the drop down to appear, but I don't think that's clear enough for visitors. I want it to appear like this... (presently welcome, member profiles and discussion are hidden unless I hover over the header text.) Thanks all! Lydia
  7. Putting together a website ā€“ still in trial ā€“ with a member area. Previewing the site via its Squarespace development URL and clicking the link to the membership area takes my client to to a Join/Sign in page. Clicking either of those pops up a box: MEMBERSHIPS IS CLOSED Memberships for this site is closed. Contact the site owner for access. DISMISS Is there any way for the client to preview the membership pages via the development URL?
  8. Looking to update the background color for the access denied screen for Member Areas on a Brine template with version 7.0 when using the Index Page specifically.
  9. Hey folks A client who has an existing Squarespace site has asked the following. They would like a customer to be able to log in to a member area and search for a certificate number which is specific to them. The results would only show their own certificates and they would be able to download them. Is this possible using member areas in Squarespace? Tom
  10. Site URL: https://bison-apricot-b8el.squarespace.com/ I'd like to ideally redirect OR remove the default "Join" button that appears on the Member Area access denied screen as only trade members will be granted access to create a member account. Have tried various code snippets to remove with no luck. Screenshot attached. To access the live page, this link should work: https://bison-apricot-b8el.squarespace.com/all-lighting-trade Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. The site I'm working on is: www.marleyshouseofsport.com Password: accessgranted77 I'm just signed up for member areas and I'm really struggling to get my head around whether I can actually accomplish what I want to do with it or not. If it turns out it's impossible I'd love to even know that so I could then just stop paying squarespace the fee for it and find some other way. Anyway, I have login activated in the header and you can test it by clicking "login" with the following details: login: thenakeddonkeysnutzpodcast@gmail.com Password: accessgranted77 Now my issues (if you have time to even answer one of these it would be very very helpful!) Problem 1. When you login using the "login" link it won't replace navigation and send the user to the members only home page like I want even when I enable this in settings.. instead it just stays on the main website. Now when you go in the "proper way" through the "sign in" button that all works fine. A solution is maybe with code there is somehow a way to hide the "login" link completely and then I could change the "sign in" button to "Login/Sign up". However if I do this I'm guessing it will also hide the "Account" link (which the login link turns into once logged in) and of course I need that. Problem 2: When members create an account it just immediately creates one and lets them in but instead I'd like to remove their ability to create an account all together. I want to be the only one to manually approve those accounts before they are allowed to have one and be let in. Problem 3: If you look in my "My betting" or "My results" pages in the member areas you'll see I've embedded a google sheets link in there so I can (hopefully) display individual results for each member I can then update daily offsite via my google account per user. This is a huge problem I have no idea how can possibly be solved because I can't for the life of me see anyway I can make these individualised accounts editable specifically by me in a way that they are personalised to each account holder. I have ten potential members currently and my idea was to create their personalised results in google sheets and embed them into these pages. But how can I do that if I can't manage or edit their accounts individually? Whatever I change in the member areas pages effects EVERY member in exactly the same way. The way it appears to work outside of actual store sales makes the whole idea of a member login area a bit redundant, especially for what I need to accomplish. Problem 4: When members log in I'd like them to have discount points which accumulate and the balance if which needs to accumulate near the "account" link on the top right once they login. I can manually update these numbers for each account for now but they need to be there somehow. Again I'm back to the issue of not being able to edit each new member's account individually. Anyway I know all that was a mouthful but the crux of what I want to know is should I completely give up on ever accomplishing any of this using squarespaces member areas? Is that system just too simplistic to be able to store individual embedding or information that needs to be updated daily? If so what do you think is the way to move forward toward this goal? Do I need to maybe hire a coder? If it's the template that's standing in my way and I have to just start the entire site over again or save up and pay someone who can do all this for me I'd rather know that now then waste months trying to figure it out on my own. I'd love to understand even on a basic level how web builders accomplish such things. About all I have is a basic understanding of html code which ends up translating into mostly copying and pasting the code of others and tweaking it to my needs. Thank you so much again for even reading this. Definitely don't expect you to even try to solve these many issues for me but if you could point me in the right direction or explain anything I would be very VERY grateful. Cheers, Dan
  12. Site URL: https://fresheverythyme.com Honestly, this navigation design is just terrible. Can I get rid of the square? Can I change the color? ANYTHING?
  13. Hi, I'm considering launching memberships, but the critical need for me is allowing my members to sign onto an annual subscription, but paid quarterly. Is this possible?
  14. Site URL: http://www.marleyshouseofsport.com I've just signed up to member areas and I'm pretty confused as to how it's going to accomplish the long list of what I need but I'll start with a simple requirement I have that I can't seem to accomplish. What I'd like is once members have logged in to have their specific discount points number balance they have accumulated appear to the left of their "account" link or failing that within their built in account area. Because this amount for each member is updated daily of course this number input is different for everyone and at least until I can figure out some way to implement and automate that kind of a changing system I'll be happy to do it manually for now but even getting that far is stressing me out. I'll learn whatever I need to to make that happen though. Any help or even just telling me this is impossible without being an advanced coder and to give up would be a load off šŸ™‚ Thanks. The login password for the site is: accessgranted77 A test login account is as follows: LOGIN: thenakeddonkeysnutzpodcast@gmail.com PASS: accessgranted77 - Dan
  15. Site URL: https://www.upwork.com I Would like to know how for example if I had to create a job board , How one member type can log in as a contractor set up a job (design work) and then post that post to a job board for other users ?
  16. Hello everyone, A client of mine really wants to have the number of orders (sales) be hidden from the members account panel. Below is an image with, underlined, the information we want to hide (sorry it's in french though, but you get it). Does anyone have any codes to suggest to remove/hide this information? I would like to do this on my own site too. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: http://www.the48dots.com Hello! I am starting a home swapping club. I ask members to sign up, I interview them, and then I associate them into Squarespace membership groups. Once they are in a group, they can view each other's properties which I currently set up manually as products. I don't mind manually forming groups and adding new "products" (i.e. homes) for now. However, what I'd like to do is: Associate 1 member to 1 or more "products" so that they can a) add pictures to the product and b) add dates that the 'product' is available Before someone "buys" a "product" I'd like to kick off an email to the member associated with that product to ask if it's ok to "purchase" I don't have much coding experience so I'd love any help you can provide.
  18. Site URL: https://www.bramutalent.com Hello, Im hoping someone can help. Im creating a talent agency attached to my company www.bramudance.com We need members access where they can log in and see their own profiles and change details like height, weight etc and photos can be updated. Id love some help with how to create this sort of members database ? Our current site - https://www.bramudance.com Thank You
  19. Site URL: http://may29.squarespace.com Hi, How do I style the login pop up to be in the same colours and fonts as my website? I cant seem to find it under site styles
  20. Site URL: http://www.readysteadypass.co.uk Hi all, I need to create 18 Member Areas. I'm happy to pay for the privilege but SqSp seems to limit to 10. Do you know if there's a workaround or another solution? Any ideas much appreciated. Nathan
  21. Site URL: http://www,gochemtek.com Hi Everyone, We are trying to see if the Member Area would be effective for our Dropship program. The flow entails: Our wholesale buyers would have their retail customers buy our products in their store and/or their website. Then the wholesale buyers would go onto our site, place the same order to pay us (with already discounted priced items) and lastly, we would ship it to their retail customer if it was an online order. Does anyone know - Can we make the member area free but accessible by a password that we give the Dropship program customers? Does this increase the chances of the Member Area getting hacked? If so, any idea on how to reduce our chances? If a member area would not be the best solution in your opinion, is there another Squarespace option you'd recommend for our dropship needs? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, I need to capture member's physical mailing addresses when they join a client's members area. I understand I can't capture them on the members area form (where they submit their payment details) but I was wondering can I capture the details when the customers create a customer account instead? Thanks
  23. Site URL: http://www.marleyshouseofsport.com My question is just about the members only areas which I am totally new to. If I pay for this feature can I include anything and any page (and it's inherent functionality) in this zone and is it possible to create it in a way that retains specific information for individual members only that extents beyond the built in functions of a store etc? For example, could I make a page of my own that saves a database of frequently updated information on sports scores and bets in my case.. that's obviously going to be different for every person logged in depending on what they enter. I'm new to all this and just trying to learn and do it all myself to cut down costs. Just trying to get my head around how it's all accomplished and what I need to know in order to get this done. I'm using a template so I hope that is not a hinderance to the process. I also do not want to subscribe to the member areas thing if it will not ultimately accomplish what I need it to. Thanks, Dan
  24. Site URL: https://www.honey-studio.com/ Hey guys! I'm having a similar issue - I have created an online yoga/pilates portal for a client but the order confirmation message that is displayed on-screen after purchase doesn't include a link to log into the portal (I'm using members area) and I cannot find this page on the back end to edit it. I have attached a screen shot of the current confirmation message that is displayed. I need to add a 'log into your account' button that links to the following page https://www.honey-studio.com/log-in-page If anyone needs to push a test membership through to see what I mean, please use the code 'HONEYIMHOME' for 100% discount. Any tips? Thank you in advance! Gemma
  25. So will Squarespace automatically collect sales taxes for member areas? (Iā€™m in Missouri which has no laws for this.) I want to sell online courses but the taxes are so overly complicated.
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