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  1. Site URL: https://www.lacreme.ae/ I've just found out (from Squarespace live chat) that it is NOT possible to customize the JOIN form for member areas. I want to capture additional information about users when they register to join my member area. This seems like a pretty basic and obvious functionality. Surely every business requires this. Am I missing something? Functionality I'm trying to achieve: 1 member page (yes, only 1 page!) in my site is only available to registered users (members) if a non-signed-in user tries to go there they go to an access denied page and are challenged to JOIN or SIGN IN - once done successfully they can go to the member page if a signed-in user tries to go there they get to the member page without challenge This is all working fine BUT ... the Squarespace JOIN form only asks for firstname, lastname, email, create password, re-type password. I want to ask for additional information: mobile number, date of birth, nationality, which part of the country they live in, interests (tags) ... this will allow me to send more relevant comms to them. This seems pretty straightforward to me but I just can't figure it out. I've asked Squarespace live chat and they tell me I need to use their regular member area JOIN form and then ask members to fill in another separate form! This would really suck. I love Squarespace and I just cannot believe something so simple isn't possible! Would really appreciate any ideas, examples or help please.
  2. Can you sell single courses with squarespace members areas? Or is there another way to do this? For example if I had one video that was roughly 2 hours long, could I sell this as a single course?
  3. Hello Squarespace code pros. I am working on a website for a non-profit organization. They have about 100 members and they want me to create text directory that only members can access. They don't actually have a member area thing setup, and don't really need that. I know that I can password protect a new page, but I'm wondering if there's a code that I can use to organize the members by first name, last name, phone, email, social links (see attached image) and also to allow an option to sort the information by first name, last name, or area of expertise, with a search bar that they can type into. The website url is creworangecounty.org. Thank you so much for your time!
  4. When a new member signs up I dont get any notifications about it or a confirmation email that they have paid. So far i have several signed up and there is nothing in my mail or spam about them signing up. I cant find any setting to manage that or any info in the forums. Feels like that should be an automatic feature so im wondering if its me or something isnt working. Appreciate any help I can get form yall.
  5. My client is looking to re-launch and re-brand a concept she started years ago that never took off. It's a website where you can search and locate a beauty professional near you. Rather than looking at Google or doing research on a million sites, this website would populate everyone in their area that has signed up to use her website. So I would think I could use the member areas for the beauty service providers to sign up and pay to have a "profile" on the site. But this is where I get stuck...can I have some sort of form capture in the member area that would collect all the info from the service provider, and then have that summary appear on the public area of the website? For example: if XYZ Barber paid the monthly $15 to have his shop featured on her website, could I collect his website, hours, reviews, examples of his work, etc, and then send that as a summary to another area of the website? Think of it like a Thumbtack for the beauty industry. Her current site was built and never operationalized on Wordpress and I'm not familiar with that platform or all the hard coding that went into it. Here's the homepage of the old site for a visual reference. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!
  6. Some of linked PDFs are showing up in Google Searches as static1.squarespace.com linked files. Even though my Squarespace site is behind a password protected wall, people are still able to access these files if they pull up on the search. I have tried: Changing Page Settings > SEO and toggling the 'Hide Page from Search Results'. Code Injection - injecting noindex code into the header Submitting removal requests on Google Search Console. However, static1 linked documents/images would not apply in this scenario) These documents contain sensitive information. Is there any other advice you could walk me through to removing these documents/images from the Google Search parameters?
  7. I am using a blank page in a membership area to create a very large list of video tutorials for members. I'd like to have a search bar at the top for the members to be able to use to quickly get to videos that contain their keywords. As I understand it, the membership area is currently not indexed and search bars for member areas are not supported. Is there a workaround for this? TIA for any input.
  8. Hi, I have just set up a new site with a members area. We are using Donorfy to manage all our membership plans and donations (charity business). Is there any way we can link our donorfy records with our members area so that our members dont have to create a new account on SquareSpace, their details would be shared between the two systems. Someone suggested an API could be the best way to do this but I have no clue where to start.
  9. Does anyone know how to add an 'I agree' checkbox style option to terms of service when people subscribe to your members area?
  10. The sign-up form to my member areas no longer work and when I go into my member areas it just says status code 500 and my current member areas are no longer viewable. Is anyone else getting this error? if so how do I fix it?
  11. In our member area we want to have a videos site. Curiously, we already have a videos site developed. We can put it in the members area via an <embed> tag for a very crude proof of concept. We need, however, for that web site to not be visible on the open internet. Site is linux/apache2. Looking for ideas how to implement this.
  12. When will Squarespace allow site admins to manage and edit memberships? There are situations where we have individuals wanting to pay for memberships in person. We are unable to take their payment because we are unable to add them to that membership manually. This has cost us multiple memberships. I also need all memberships to end on 12/31. I cannot edit membership due to Squarespace's inability to truly manage memberships. I must go and cancel all memberships on that date. I have to do this one by one. We at times have 70+ memberships. Squarespace states they want simplicity for member areas and provide no solutions. Squarespace's failure to provide true management tools is forcing me to look at alternative platforms for clients. Does anyone know a workaround or a better way to do the aforementioned tasks?
  13. Hi, is there any way I can create a customized greeting (with clients' first name) for members' homepage?
  14. Hi, I'd just like someone with more experience than me to help me think this through. I've created a website and member areas with the intention of emailing my members once a week. That's the whole function of the membership. I was considering creating separate blog posts for the individual groups and emailing those. I had hoped to be able to schedule the blog posts/emails to be published/sent ahead of time. I've already subscribed to the member areas and was planning to subscribe to a Squarespace email plan. --- --In reading about the member area/email issues, I'm wondering if my plan can even be implemented. Is it possible? --Would I need to add a newsletter block to get all of my members to opt in to the emails? --I understand that Mailchimp integration is possible, and wonder if that would be a better solution? I would appreciate any insight you can offer me on how to set this up.
  15. Hi all, I have created trial content that is public (about half of a full article) as a teaser for site visitors. If they like the content, they can sign up and get access to the full articles. However, if someone has purchased a subscription and happens to visit a public page that links to the trial guide, they will be taken there instead of to the full guide that they purchased. Of course, they can still get to the full guide by visiting the member area--either by typing in the URL for the member area page or clicking on a link in the member navigation. I think this is a little confusing for members, so I'm wondering if I could create a script to query the Profiles API and check if a user is signed in and has purchased a subscription. Then if they clicked on a page that leads to a trial guide, and they are both signed in and have purchased a subscription, they would be redirected to the member area. First off, I'm wondering if this is possible and secondly, how I might go about achieving the querying of the Profiles API. Any tips would be much appreciated!
  16. Does anyone have any experience with integrating the Discord app with a subscription membership within Squarespace? Im setting up a member workshop and would like to give each member automatic access to a private Discord server room since some of the workshop will require this type of community interaction provided by Discord. Thank you
  17. Dear All, I hope you can help me. I have a members only page, which I would like only members to access using a unique login and password for each member. Is this possible?
  18. I am currently building a Membership Site for a Military Sorority. We want to regulate access to the account and eliminate the option to Create an Account and only have the option to sign in only. This way, my client can vet the potential members through their application process and manually create an account that the approved new member can log in to. The issue right now is when you go to login on to a membership page, the popup still has the option to create an account on it. Does anyone have a solution for this problem or some code that can get rid of all options to create an account on the site and have it as strictly a login option? They have already invested in the Membership add-on, so I would prefer to stay with it if it can be resolved. But, if there is not an option to solve this within the Squarespace Membership, then can anyone recommend an alternate service that I could link them to that would provide the same services?
  19. I am trying to find a way to create products that are free and do not require going through the checkout process once logged into the members are. I have created the store, products and have put it behind the members area. I just want to find a way to turn off the checkout process as it is not required. Any one have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Hollie
  20. Is it possible to add a 7day free trial to the membership? Im kinda flabbergasted that Squarespace hasn't added this by default ...
  21. I have a blog inside a member area. The RSS feed for the blog breaks in all RSS readers, I assume because the reader is running up against the password protection. Is there any way to make RSS work with member areas, or to achieve something similar to RSS for member areas?
  22. In the member area, I'd like to provide a list of categories. This addition of categories on the left is already built into the sqsp builder: Next, when a member enters a category, I'd like them to find subcategories, each of which contains a bundle of videos. However, in the builder, once I enter into a category (say, for example, the Yoga category), the only option is to upload videos. I could not find a native method of producing a subcategory at this stage: I would really appreciate any help on solving this issue! How should one go about using code to circumvent this limitation - or am I missing something elementary here? Thank you! Babuji
  23. In the member area, I'd like to provide a list of categories. This addition of categories on the left is already built into the sqsp builder: Next, when a member enters a category, I'd like them to find subcategories, each of which contains a bundle of videos. However, in the builder, once I enter into a category (say, for example, the Yoga category), the only option is to upload videos. I could not find a native method of producing a subcategory at this stage: I would really appreciate any help on solving this issue! How should one go about using code to circumvent this limitation - or am I missing something elementary here? Thank you! Babuji
  24. We have a members page that allows members to purchase our products at a discount. One of our members has lost her password. How do I retrieve it for them?
  25. Hey There, I am currently designing a membership for a client and I have a few questions around the billing options. My client in on the second tier subscription which entitles her to have up to 3 memberships. Her offering is an annual container where you can pay up front for the full year or pay monthly payments. She would also like to offer an another payment option for her clients to sign up for just one month of content. My questions are; Is this possible, as I can't see an option offer anymore payment tiers? How does the billing cycle work? Can you set it so that all payments are withdrawn at the start each month on the same date? If someone signs up mid month will the payment come out on date of sign up? Is there a waitlist option? If you can set up a third payment option, can you limit that client to only have access to one month of content? Sorry for all the questions, I can't seem to find these answers in the usual SS help! Thanks so much, Alice
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