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  1. Site URL: https://www.kairastudios.com/ Is there a way to change the text on the default JOIN Button on the Members Area access denied screen? We have found code on how to HIDE that button, and currently have a link in the access denied decription but we prefer the look of the button and need it to say BUY NOW instead of JOIN US
  2. When I am on a member page, is it possible to read information on the member using Javascript? For example, name, email, id? Thanks,
  3. Site URL: https://gopher-conch-8yty.squarespace.com/communities-offer Hi All, I have added css to the buttons on my site to change their hover state and to also change their background to a gradient. How do I do this to the Membership sign up buttons too?
  4. Site URL: http://squarespace.com Can I mandate the required password attributes for users when they register as members on my site? More specifically can any of these password attributes be enforced: Lockout Duration: 30 Minutes or Until Administrator Intervention Password History: 10 Previous Passwords Unsuccessful Logon Attempts: 6 Minimum Characters: 8 Characters for Standard Users, 15 for Service/Generic and Privileged Accounts Complexity: Enabled, enforcing a combination of Upper and Lowercase Characters and use alphanumeric and special characters. Maximum Password Age: 90 Days Minimum Password Age: 1 Day
  5. Hi all, I am wanting to add a forum to my squarespace site. Im at a lost of where to start/how to do so would love some guidance. TIA
  6. Site URL: https://www.heitlandinnovation.com/ I am looking for a solution inside members areas. I want to build a community inside a members area (micro platform) where people can fill in their information in pre-designed profiles. Anyone a solution for this inside of Squarespace members areas?
  7. Site URL: http://www.ginapiccaloastrology.com How can I change this client's Member Sign In to a button in the Navigation Menu? help! : ) (why isn't it in line with the other navs anyway?)
  8. Site URL: http://activateagency.co.nz Hi there, I'm wondering if there is currently any way to automate email campaigns to free members area subscribers? Eg. members receive an automatic email thanking them for registering and giving next steps; queue emails to arrive a certain period after they've registered for memberships etc? I know that I can automate to regular mailing list subscribers, but I can't see any way to set up the same automation for those who register as members, which seems like a pretty essential tool that I had honestly assumed would be available based on the combination of regular email automations & members areas. I've just migrated my email marketing from Mailchimp to Squarespace and created a Members Area for an online workshop programme we are delivering. We already have the list of approved members, so I have been able to import them successfully into a mailing list and send them an initial welcome email using a regular email campaign. However, I note that I can not manually add these participants into a membership and give them access to the members area - I have to email them again using the regular email campaign function, and ask them to register for the members area, at which point I'm unable to automate emails to them as free members rather than "customers". Even if they register as members to gain access to the members area and then I manually add them into an additional mailing list, then it's still not possible to automate an email sequence for them because they have to "subscribe" to the mailing list themselves... So it seems like the only way to be able to have the combination of 1. participants in a free membership + 2. automated emails enabled is to make people register for a membership AND then subscribe for an additional mailing list... which somewhat defeats the purpose of automating emails to get people engaged anyway. It would be wonderful to know if anyone has a good way around this, or if not whether this functionality is likely to be forthcoming in future? Thanks in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://www.shiroica.org/ I have been building a Non-profit site for a community cemetery association. I have it up and running but am really rethinking the features I chose. The association wants to be able to contact people and notify them of updates. They also want to be able to share the approved minutes and other information in an easy way for members to see, especially if they are unable to attend the meetings in person. Since this is a Cemetery association, many of the members are closer to being residents than long term supporters so there is a push to spread the word easier and to fund raise more efficiently. I am tapping into ideas and opinions here. Which is a better choice for the site, Member areas or an email campaign subscription? I know the member area can provide separate access but there is no kind of verification, anyone can just sign up and be in. The email campaigns thing is a little unclear, 3 campaigns and 500 emails. If someone subscribes to the newsletter is that an automatic notification when there is a new post or is that part of the email service? I am trying to simplify this as much as possible since the majority of members lack basic computer literacy beyond things like clicking on Facebook. There are other things I would like to add as time goes on including a site listing and obituary database so others can search and locate relatives and the like. Any feedback, ideas or opinions are completely welcome.
  10. is there still no solution to adding a free trial to membership areas?? its crazy how inflexible the member page is!! how are we expected to conduct a serious business?? Anyone have any tips?
  11. Hey there, I'm working on a website for a new company that offers used vehicle inspections. They want people to be able to purchase their inspection, and then have access to a "dashboard" of sorts where the company can upload a pdf of their inspection notes. Ideal if it could also show where they are in the inspection process, ie: Request Received, Inspection Scheduled, Inspection Completed. It doesn't seem like the Members area of Squarespace enables you to have direct communication with members (like upload a PDF that is only available for a specific user account). But please correct me if I'm wrong! If you know of another solution that would work with this, let me know. Thanks in advance! Seth
  12. Site URL: https://www.bluebirdfoundationinc.org.au Hello, I am setting up a new Members Area on my website (Bedford template). The pages in the members area appear with a Sidebar Navigation panel (as though they are within a folder). Can I use custom code to remove the Sidebar Navigation panel on certain pages only? (see attached screenshot)Thanks for any help you can offer!
  13. Site URL: https://www.bluebirdfoundationinc.org.au I am trying to replicate pages from my main site in a Member Area. It seems as thought the whole Member Area operates as if it is a folder. I would like to use the Sidebar Folder navigation for this page but I DON'T want to show every page in the Members Area. Is there a way to use custom code to remove the first five pages from the Sidebar navigation? The page is https://www.bluebirdfoundationinc.org.au/aboutsinginglinks-l1-copy You can log in to the Members Area using: email = bronlawson@bluebirdfoundationinc.org.au password = pleasehelp You can compare it with virtually the same page content that I am trying to replicate on the main site at https://www.bluebirdfoundationinc.org.au/aboutsinginglinks-l1 (password = Sing1) Any help would be very much appreciated!!
  14. Site URL: https://trek-id.com 1) need members to create a page with their custom content up to 4 text fields and up to 3 images with description. 2) add dynamic and system created numbering formate to page name.
  15. Hello I was wondering with multi member areas if you can assign specific users to the areas. Lets say I have 2 member areas and I have 4 users. 2 users, when logged in (with there user ID's) are directed to their member area assigned to them ONLY. The other 2 users, when signed in are directed to their member areas. Basically each member area has its own content specific for those users in the area. Thank You
  16. Hey - I haven't explored Member Areas at all yet. I attended a webinar when it launched, and I remember people asking whether you could bulk upload email addresses and have the system create accounts automatically. At the time the answer was no, as far as I remember, does each account still have to be created manually? Or has bulk account creation been added? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I've recently opened up a membership community using the Squarespace Member Area feature. After a few months of testing we have come to a massive road block with regards to how membership fees are processed. We have a few beta members and we would like to offer them a few discounted months after purchasing while they test out the site. As well, in the future we would like them to be able to receive discounted months every time they refer a friend to sign up. What we have discovered: 1) Discount coupons can ONLY be applied at the time of initial member area sign up. There is NO WAY to discount any future monthly purchases or offer any type of referral program. 2) If you ever modify the purchase price of your membership area, it only impacts future purchases. There is NO WAY to modify existing members membership fees. Squarespace support suggested work around was ask our members to cancel their subscription, re-sign up at a reduced rate and then ask them to cancel AGAIN and sign up for a 3rd time at a new full rate!!!! I cannot believe that this is their actual solution. How unprofessional would that be for us to ask members to cancel and re-apply not once but twice. Apparently there is a feature on the Commerce side of SS that you can pause monthly subscriptions to products, however this same function is not available to the member area. I then tried to see if this was something I could manage in Stripe when processing their payments, but it wouldn't work. I would have to still CANCEL all my members in SS and then set them up as reoccurring payments in Stripe. This cannot be because as soon as I cancel them in SS they lose access to the membership area. If anyone has ANY recommendation on how I can get around this it would be greatly appreciated. I assume we will need to find a third party processing work around or move to an alternative platform that can manage things like discount coupons for existing members and allow us to have affiliate benefits.
  18. Site URL: http://www.nourishedmag.com Hi all, I am trying to add paid members only pages to an existing site. I have added the member areas add on from Squarespace and trying to figure it out. And, I just stumbled on Sentry login, which, is cheaper. So, I am wondering if anyone has done a comparison and what the pros of using Squarespace's native member areas are ? Also, as part of this paywalled site, I am added a forum hosted on Discourse. Does anyone know how I can disable access to non-paying members or those who have cancelled their membership? Thanks Asha
  19. Can I set up a forum/community in squarespace. Is there any plugin for that or is it available out of the box? Thanks S Thomas
  20. Hi, I'm helping a client move from Memberspace to Squarespace Member Areas because they want to have everything on the same platform. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how the memberships can be transferred. I believe canceling the Memberspace account will not affect any recurring payment plans set up by her current subscribers as long as we use the same payment processor. However, we would have to have them sign up again to be members on Squarespace Member Areas (for free this time) because Member Areas doesn't have any import - is that correct? Has anyone done this before? How did you manage the sign-up process on SQSP? We would have to keep it free for existing members (who already have the payments set up on the payment processing platform) but paid for anyone new? Thanks in advance for any insights!
  21. I'd like to extend my website to have an online community - like users register access their profile, post to a forum / discussions? Something like Hivebrite / Might Networks / Disciple
  22. Site URL: http://juliahanlon.com Hi, I am working on establishing a member area on my site. I unfortunately don't like that when a member logs in it does not take them straight to the members only content. and the member repaced navigation only shows up when they are in the member area. My thought for a workaround is have a link in the main navigation for the member content but if they are not logged in it redirects or shows the about the membership page. Is there a way to make this "access denied" page redirect to another page I have already designed or is it possible to make this "access denied" page fully customizable and not just change the title. attached is the image of the current "about the community page" as well an image of the "access denied page" Tim
  23. I'm unable to change the page title displayed in the browser for my Members Area page. This is because the area (presumably) isn't accessible to SEO since it's behind a paywall. However, SEO page titles also determine what the page is called in the browser tab. As a result it's currently just 'Blog 3', which is incredibly unprofessional for a paid area of the site. Any tips?? Squarespace really needs to work on its Members Area features.
  24. How customizable is the profile side of Squarespace? I'd like to integrate things like achievements on my online learning page, so little trophies attributed to users if they finish a module. On top of this, if I could get users to upload items for assessment to my attached Google workspace drive but have it retain the information for which user submitted it. Honestly, I just have no idea how this side of the website works. The profiles section so far just looks to be a list of email addresses which only exists in case I want to do an email campaign. Happy to outsource this side of things to another provider if that's the easier solution and still affordable!
  25. Hello, This is my first time here so I'm sorry if I made any formatting mistakes/put this in the wrong spot. Is there a way to limit the number of devices logging into an account? I want to have a member area but don't want multiple people to log into the same account at the same time. Can I make it such that when a device tries to log into an account that is currently being used by another device, it disconnects one of them?
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