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  1. There are several issues with member area nav- my current issue is when someone navigates back to the main site they no longer see the main site nav and the member area dropdown is only visible. I really wish members could seamlessly switch back and forth without having to log out. Is there a way?
  2. Site URL: https://themillgym.squarespace.com Hi, I am building multiple member areas for a client. But i don't want to display every page. Basically I am first building a blog page and then linking the blog posts to another page because I can better customise what we are trying to display. So I want all the blog pages in the member area hidden in the navigation. I know I can hide the page like normal but then all the links to the other page get broken. Does anyone know how I can customise what appears in the navigation? Thank you Ryan
  3. Hey! Does anyone know how I can integrate Acuity and SS Members? My client (a yoga studio) has a SS website and an Acuity (not scheduling) which manage their monthly subscriptions and class bookings. She's currently using uScreen to host her virtual/online library of classes but would like to move to members. We link Acuity with uScreen with Zapier currently - so if someone buys a virtual & in-studio membership the payment goes through Acuity and Zapier sets the client up with a uScreen account. How can I link up SS members and acuity? so they're talking to each other, as some of the client's memberships include live classes in her studio and access to the virtual library. Has anyone done this yet? Thanks so much!
  4. We are building an online streetwear site . but our is a bit different . i m part of a large organization so on the site i would like to have exclusive products for only verified members . so what im trying to make basically is a public store with public collections/products for sale aswell as a private part on the site where to access you'll have to fill out a form and get manually verified that you are a legit member of the organization to have access to the private exclusive products. as for now . i cant seem to find a way for this to work with squarespace. any advice or help is much appreciated SixTrads Team
  5. Site URL: https://cramlab.org Hi there I'm having difficulty setting up a usable member area navigation. I simply want a new dropdown menu item to appear when a member signs in, but this appears difficult in 7.1. I select "replace main navigation", but then I am unable to create anything more than a single navigation item so everything appears in the same dropdown. There is the option to add pages to the member area, which of course I could use to add links, but I am unable to unlink this from the dropdown menu item. I can't imagine I'm the first person to want something more than just a single menu item in a members area so assume I'm doing something silly. Thanks in advance for the help, Chris
  6. I would like to get the information of a logged-in user to populate their landing page (the first page they visit after logging in). Is there a simple way to do this? Right now I've gone down the Profiles API rabbit hole, but as we don't have the fancy Commerce package, I won't be able to use these. Just getting the name and email address of a user onto a page after they've logged in would be hugely useful.
  7. Hi Champs, Could all the extra services like Scheduling, Email Campaigns, and Member Areas work with and form the same database of clients/leads/contacts? I'd love to setup a complete and comprehensive ecosystem together with the website for my clients. But as it stands now, they would need a separate CRM instead of just doing everything within the SQSP-sphere. Any ideas? Big Thanks from Amsterdam!
  8. Hi, We are non profit creating a visual campaign for companies and organisations to use on their own platforms. Companies and organisations sign up to join the campaign. When they sign up the choose an animal, they would like to sponsor. Each animal can only get chosen by a maximum of 5 companies/organisations. We have 40 animals to choose from. We are trying to figure out how to best set this up in squarespace. The easy solution would be a digital product for each animal, but our challenge is, that the downloadable assets will not be ready for download by the time they sign up to join the campaign. So this solution will not work. We looked into a service product, but we don't see an option to upload files there either. We then looked into membership areas, which might do the trick, as we can then create a member area and use email campaigns to notify the companies when the downloadable are there. But it looks like we will then have to create a distinct members area for each animal because all companies otherwise will have access to all assets for all animals. The biggest members area plan, we could see, was 10 distinct areas, so we can't create 40. Can anyone help us identify a solution, where we can have people sign up and then somehow allow them to return a few weeks later and download the assets without giving the access to other assets than the one they signed up for? Thank you in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://apple-octagon-469r.squarespace.com/account/login I am looking to set up my Member Area to only allow my members to login as i'm no longer interested in enrolling more members. I have tried to use custom css to hide the iframe footer (or at the very least the 'Create account' `a` tag), but I can't remove it To no avail, this is what I tried to use in custom css: #user-account-login-root > div > div > footer { display: none; } Any idea why this doesn't work? Anyone have a good workaround?
  10. Hi There, I am looking for some help and advice around analytics and the Members areas. I am wondering if there is a way for me to track the activity/interactions with the content in my member's area. I understand I can find some information such as the names, emails and the date of when users signed up to my member's area, but I am wondering if it would be possible to see when they last logged in and what content they interacted with within my member's area. Thank you in advance for your time, Cheers, Jack
  11. Trying to figure out if the Members Area feature wlil work for us. We want to post content on our site that we don't want public. We want it gated so that we know who's viewing our content. We think just creating a free membership for users to sign up and look at our content will work. However we don't want just anyone to sign up. We want to review and approve requests before we let members in to our gated area. Is that possible?
  12. Site URL: https://flourishmeditation.com/ Hi friends! We use Tribe currently as a community platform for our members. It's separate from our site, and I'd love to switch from Tribe to something that integrates better with Squarespace. The Squarespace members areas themselves don't allow for interaction among members, from what I can tell. Any suggestions on what platforms I should explore? Thank you!
  13. Site URL: http://www.a-mfasteners.eu Good morning, everyone, I am looking to put in the members area variable prices, ie, depending on the type of customer that is to appear a price or another, from Squarespace have told me that they do not have this feature but I have been recommended to post here in case any member had done so. Do you know how I could integrate these price variants according to customer? Thank you very much
  14. Hi! This is our scenario: We purchased the member area for a specific audience in our site. Now, we don't want to confuse our other audience to see the "login" button that is not intended for them. These are the outcomes we want to achieve: 1. creating signup/login button in a sub or drop-down menu to make it subtly visible for specific audience. currently, signup/login button is only visible in the "menu bar". Or if it's possible, creating a button and the pop-up for signup/login will be there. 2. once you login/signup, and you'll be in the private homepage, the logout button will still be visible even if you hide it from the menu bar. currently, we hide our login button and you can't see it in the menu bar. Once we signup/login for testing, I cannot logout because the logout button is not there. Can you share how to achieve these outcomes? Appreciate your help, thanks.
  15. Hello! I'm working on building a site for a friend. They basically want a simple landing home page that has an image which links to a password protected page that hosts an embedded video. Below the video, they want to have a "login" button which will lead certain individuals to a designated member area (each individual will have their own custom member area with unique content). Is it possible to put the login button/link in a block below a video? And is it possible to have users sign up with a username and password rather than an email? My friend would like to pre-assign usernames and passwords for each user (they can then change the passwords after the first login).
  16. Site URL: https://www.marleyshouseofsport.com So my site is built to have members login to TWO separate pages which provide them with information unique to them. Member Areas was completely useless for my purposes and I could see that early on so I had to find another solution that allowed me to have my clients log in to my website and view their account info etc. Enter Sentry Login. A brilliant solution to everything. I've been using them for ages without a hitch. This was fine in the beginning when I never expected more members maybe ever than say 100 max. But now unexpectedly as the business has grown I find myself with 1000 members who want to come aboard and want accounts but I am unable to set up accounts for that many people so I've had to turn away huge amounts of members or at least put them on hold. The squarespace 1000 page limit has hit me at about 300 members (with 2 pages each). Now these two pages have most of my unique data piped in through to them via referenced cells from googlesheets in iframes on the backend. Theres a case where I could do this for ALL data instead of some but it would take some kind of coding sorcery to then use the same shared shell pages when people log in and their iframe google sheet data uniquely switched out to each appropriate individual each time. If there is one that is the only thing I can think of that could ever solve this. I just can't seem to get around the need for more and more pages as I add more and more member accounts. One idea I had (and it's a pretty inelegant, awful and confusing one for members) to add more people is to buy a few seperate sites and domains and duplicate my current site, buy new sentry login subscriptions for each to allow members to join, and then send clients to the slightly differing URL's to log in and explain to them the situation and not to log in to the other sites or the main one... What a nightmare right? But I'll have to do that and look like an idiot if I don't come up with another solution soon. So you see that by way of initial poor design I have stupidly painted myself into somewhat of a tight corner. So much work has gone in and I have such a complicated google sheets backend system going on that a complete redesign is out of the question. You might say the solution is to hire a developer and ordinarily speaking I would agree but the current financial situation makes this impossible and I'm left to try to tackle things on my own with little to zero coding knowledge. Willing to learn I just have no idea which direction to head in doing so. Any ideas at all please let me know. - Marley
  17. Hey there, I'm working on a website for a new company that offers used vehicle inspections. They want people to be able to purchase their inspection, and then have access to a "dashboard" of sorts where the company can upload a pdf of their inspection notes. Ideal if it could also show where they are in the inspection process, ie: Request Received, Inspection Scheduled, Inspection Completed. It doesn't seem like the Members area of Squarespace enables you to have direct communication with members (like upload a PDF that is only available for a specific user account). But please correct me if I'm wrong! If you know of another solution that would work with this, let me know. Thanks in advance! Seth
  18. I have been doing some experimenting with email campaigns as well as creating lists. I created my list of subscribers by manually importing them via csv However, I noticed that, even after I removed my mailing list, I still have a list of subscribers and I am unable to remove them. Is there anything I can do to completely remove them. The contacts I have gathered are ones I won't be using going forward.
  19. I am working on building a website for a law firm with the client requesting that the website contain a secure portal for clients to access confidential information through the website. I am trying to figure out how I can accomplish what the client desires through a Commerce website set up. I was initially thinking that this could be accomplished with customer accounts or perhaps the members area, but I am not sure if these would allow for secure communications which would provide the level of confidentiality the client is requesting. So I have three questions for anyone who has mastered this challenge: 1. Do you have a code that would allow a page on the website to function as a secure client portal? 2. Do you know of a third party integration that can be integrated in order to function as a secure client portal? 3. Do you know a solution working within Squarespace which could accomplish the function of a secure client portal?
  20. Site URL: https://www.uvquilters.com/ Hello, I am trying to set up a members area on uvquilters.com. The login is working fine, but the navigation doesn't change after a user logs in. The only part that changes is the login button now says account. How do I get the pages I have under member areas to show in the main navigation?
  21. Hello all! I have a client using Squarespace's Member Areas to store and sell educational video content. We're now starting to work with university bookstores to sell semester-long memberships to the different member areas. The bookstores want us to sell them coupon codes which they can then, in turn, sell to students for a set price. The student enters in their purchased coupon code upon registration, which in turn provides them with 4 months access to the member area and educational content. Currently, we can create unique coupon codes within Squarespace for this, but I have to manually create and set parameters for each individual coupon code, which is wildly time consuming when we've got an order for 50 codes. (I have to name each code, type in the unique code, set the start and end dates, specify that it can only be used once, that it can be used for member areas, etc.) It's also not easy to view all of the different coupon codes -- Squarespace has it set up like a list that you have to scroll through in a side bar, I haven't found a way to view them all on a more spreadsheet type of list, which makes it difficult to check on the status of different codes (if they've been used already, etc). Can anyone think of a better way to create & manage these codes?
  22. Paid newsletter subscriptions and premium gated content access are quickly rising as one of the best ways for bloggers, writers, artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs to sustain themselves as business owners. A successful business that relies on memberships usually does so because they already have an audience primed for their offerings. But, what if you don’t have an audience yet? Some creators use memberships and Member Areas as a way to offer freemium content and test the waters. Generally, freemium content is content that is offered for free to early adopters of your subscription membership. It takes time and effort to turn those free subscriptions into paid ones, but it’s not impossible to do! According to the service Memberful, a great first step is to be transparent with your members about your story and invite them to be partners with you in your journey to paid content. Other recommendations from Business Collective are: Offering special rates for founding members Offer promo codes Avoid cognitive dissonance by putting a price tag on content that was already free Still offer some free content that is different from content for paid subscribers Do you offer freemium content? What are your tips for turning free subscriptions to paid subscribers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
  23. Site URL: https://www.fleurswholesale.com/ Hello, I am wanting my members to have to apply and be approved to get the log in information. I can hide the account button from the public pages and just have the 'creating your account' like as something we send out to people once they are approved. However, I would like to be able to have the account log in button on public pages so that the approved customers do not have to click the email link everything they log in. The issue with this is that when you click on the account log in button, there is a button to 'create your account' on the pop up that comes up. Password - flowerpower
  24. Site URL: https://www.beethovensgarage.com Is it possible to create a bulk discount for member areas? I'd like to create an option on my site for teachers to purchase, say, 20 memberships and distribute them to their students at a reduced rate.
  25. We are considering adding a member area to our site, mostly for networking and sharing purposes. From looking at the help pages I know that sqaurespace does not have an integrated forum feature, which we would ideally have as part of this. I am already doubtful that squarespace can do the other part of what we want, but thought I would ask here in case any one is aware of a solution! Is there a way: to automatically create a members profile page that can be viewed by other members - literally a picture, a couple of sentences of blurb, a couple of tags for search purposes and contact details. for members to share updates - e.g. a blog page attached to a member profile where they can share things updates about projects they are working on and ask for feedback/help/collaboration etc.? add a shared members calendar so members can pencil in potential dates for events/activities so they can see what each other are planning and either collaborate on events, or choose alternative dates if someone else is already planning something at the same time? Any assistance on this would be much appreciated.
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