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  1. Site URL: https://danielamunafo.com Hello! I'm wondering if its possible to enlarge a single image when using the gallery section: gallery type: slide show reel. I would like to click on a single image and have it enlarge on the page and be able to still click through the images while they are enlarged. I need help on how to do this. Thank you !
  2. Site URL: https://www.lppaciliophotography.com On uploading new photos to my site the image appears with a red "Draft" banner across it. When placed on the page it does not display. Do any of you, more knowledgeable than I, know what's going on. As things stand I cannot add new work to my site. My thanks in advance.
  3. Site URL: https://www.louisrakovich.com/ My website is a portfolio site so mostly consists of images. But NONE of the images on the site are showing up in Google images results, whether I search for my name, page names, text from pages, image descriptions or file names. How to fix this??? Obviously if this can't be fixed, it makes Squarespace useless as a portfolio site platform.
  4. Site URL: http://wearebelovedstudios.com Hello! Does anyone know if there's a way to make a gallery slideshow block smaller for mobile only? I'm happy with how the rest of the galleries look on the website (http://wearebelovedstudios.com), but the two gallery slideshow blocks on the homepage are too big on mobile, so you can't see the entire photo. Thanks in advance! :)
  5. Site URL: https://www.tccasagrande.com/ Hello! I am trying to make my photos scroll through after they open the lightbox. Does anyone have suggestions? All of these are image boxes.
  6. Hi! I'd like to slightly overlay a title over a border or photo. I want the text to hang off a little on the bottom. Is there a certain CSS code for this or is this an option on gallery overlay in images that I can play with? Attached is an example :)
  7. Site URL: https://www.museorigins.org/stories/conversations-with-dave-mcclinton On my miller template, the images in the blog post covers the enter screen - it's way too large. I'm not able to find the option under Site Style to reduce the width across board. Is this something i'm missing or can it only be done by custom editing. See what i'm talking about: https://www.museorigins.org/stories/conversations-with-dave-mcclinton
  8. Site URL: https://elancloe.com/unlimited-use-stock-photography-5-dollars-to-free-stock-photography Hello, I'm trying to get the photos on my mobile sales page to be shown in their actual aspect ratio so that customers can see what they are buying correctly. The photo looks something like the first one, but the 2nd one is how it looks on the sales page. Is there any way to get the photos on the sales page to be the whole photo in its original aspect ratio? These are digital products so I want people to be able to see what they're buying. Thank you for any help with this!
  9. Site URL: https://www.zazendesignandproduction.se/ Hi, I have 3 questions: 1. It is possible to to put 3 videos together without having empty an empty space as i have on my site, see attached file (pic.1) I wish it to look like this attached file(pic.2)? 2. If its possible to have 3 videos together is it then possible when you press the video that it becomes centralized as in the attached file(pic.3)? 3. Same here at my photography side(see attached pic.4), is it possible to fill the page with 2 pictures next to eachother without the white space on each side of the picture?
  10. Site URL: https://www.candacechestnut.com Trying to figure out why my hover images are appearing so large on the landing page. Reduced the size of the originals and replaced but to no avail. They appear fine on the mobile view but are huge and cut off on the desktop. Also affecting the social images..:(
  11. I have over 400 different galleries with over 406,000 photos and over 280GB in size (football games). What is the best method to add these to my website? Each page will have one gallery, on average 1000 photos per gallery. The most one gallery holds is 2000 and the least would be 100. Will I need to use an outside app in order to showcase these? Will the storage space be an issue? Will I need to batch process the photos in photoshop to reduce storage space so I don't hit any limits (are there storage limits?) Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions - Patri
  12. Site URL: http://www.alinapatra.com Hello there! I am trying to make my photos for the mobile version smaller on my homepage. The photos are extremely zoomed in and it would look so much better if I can fix this. I have a code already entered to change my social media icon colors and it worked like a charm. Then I pasted another code below it -- in attempts to fix the problem -- but it keeps saying there's an error on one of the lines. I am not a code person at all. This is like a foreign language to me so any help would be appreciated. Here is the code I copied. /* CSS
  13. Is it possible to have a shop section in the Hayden 7.0 template which allows us to sell downloadable photos and organize them in folders? If so, are there any instructions on how to do this? If not, what are some recommendations? Thanks!
  14. Forgive me if this is a very obvious question but........I understand that Squarespace automatically saves every image to various different sizes and uses the best size depending on device etc. However, it also advises that photos are uploaded at a reduced size to help with page loading speed. My question is why is this necessary if Squarespace resizes them anyway - why don't I just upload the largest size there is and let Squarespace do it's own resizing? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://www.welcometowinona.com/photos I am a long time squarespace user and just realized 7.1 with the Super Bowl ad. Excited to have some new choices, not so excited that to use it you have to totally rebuild your site. Big bummer. Anyway, forever I have wanted a gallery like on the Winona site, but I can't figure out how to get the photos to act like the gallery shows, and no beginning templates start with that format. Do you all think that is some sort of special code to get photos to lay out like that? What am I missing? Don't quite know why squarespace would push their
  16. Bonjour, Je suis dans la découverte et l'apprentissage de la création de site internet avec votre plateforme. Je cherche un moyen de créer une page "Vos photos" ou la personne qui souhaiterai télécharger ses photos après un shooting puisse taper un code que je lui aurait donner préalablement pour qu'il ou elle puisse les télécharger. J'ai regardé sur la zone "membre" mais j'ai l'impression que ce n'est pas ce que je recherche exactement. Bien à vous, cordialement
  17. Site URL: https://tangerine-bamboo-5w4z.squarespace.com/work Hi there, I am editing my site using template Beaumont. I would Like to keep the same style but change to one column but edit the aspect ratio to 16:3 so I can have 3 1080p photos next to each other of the Same project. Like this: rinayang.com I managed to find the code but that makes the photo very large and messy. thanks, james
  18. I have a couple testimonial pictures (head shots) that are the perfect size when viewed on a computer screen but are huge when viewed on mobile devices. Is there a way to keep those photos a certain size when the page is viewed on mobile devices? Thanks!
  19. When I upload my background images onto my home page, no matter what I do, I can't get the edit off of it. It looks heavily edited compared to the original images. There seems to be no option to remove it and no mention of it anywhere, I'm about to pull my hair out. I've tried setting the overlay opacity to zero, and editing the site style template to minimum transparency, nothing works. I've also tried all the css codes I could find and those don't work either. Help please! The first screenshot is how the images are supposed to look, and the second image is how it looks when I upl
  20. Site URL: https://caitlin-donahue.squarespace.com/dark-theme The images are rendering blurry on my site. I have tried everything - they are the correct size, resolution. I have outlined the text, made sure the the ratios are right. I do have some custom css on my site, but it doesn't help if I delete it all either. Any advice?? I have attached one of the image files here as well
  21. Site URL: https://www.drmalloryryan.com/ Hi there, I'm looking for a bit of help or guidance. I would like to optimize and increase the speed of my site but I am a bit lost. Some photos are not loading and when I did a GTMetrix test is performed quite poorly. I'm not sure where to start. Thanks so much for any guidance! Mal
  22. Site URL: https://luminouslabs.ca/models Hi everyone, I own a architectural visualization company that does virtual tours for buildings in pre-construction so consumers can see units before buying. A feature we have been trying to implement into our website is to have all of our 3D models listed in a products page (https://luminouslabs.ca/models) so developers can have access to all models and make selections based on the style they are going for with the building. Right now I have been adding them one by one but our library has over 1000 assets and it is becoming too time consumi
  23. Hello, Tricky question. I am trying to find a way to upload multiple photography galleries (about 700 photos) of some projects into one page in a way that It use only one Url (one page with separate versions) and the viewer will be able to open the galleries for viewing. When users will enter into the page then they will see that each gallery will represent a by just a one thumbnail from the gallery (so the page will load faster). But when clicking on a thumbnail it will open an option to view the whole specific gallery (about 30 photos in a gallery) The user will enter a new page wi
  24. Is it possible to hide the photos of variants unless selected in the drop down box? I have a couple thumbnails I'd like to show by default until you select a phone and color. I'd only like the variants to be shown when selected. Because I plan to have 10 plus phone options and like 4 colors for each so I don't really want all those photos to show by default.
  25. Site URL: https://thewanderingbison.com/products/sundown-quilt-hand-quilted-sunset-quilt Hi! I have my individual product photos displayed stacked on my desktop/tablet website, but when it switches to mobile it turns them into a slideshow which severely crops the photos. It makes it look really awkward and it doesn't show my product well. Is there some custom code that I can use to make my individual product page photos show up stacked on mobile? Thanks!
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