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  1. Site URL: https://www.noiristhenewnoir.com/work For example I want to move Casualties of a Heist (short) and The Tale of a Gunsmith (short) to a new section next to work called Shorts. From what I have read it isn't currently possible to do this for portfolio pieces. Does anyone know if Square space will look to implement this ability in the future.
  2. Site URL: http://www.darinboville.com O.K., I'm stumped. I want to add more "projects" to my page but I want to organize them by year. The most obvious way to do that, I think, is to have a divider of some sort with the year and then have all of the projects beneath it from that year. (Rough idea attached where the years have been added) But I can't figure out how to have a text box between portfolios without making them a separate section--which has waaaaay too much white space above and below. What am I missing? Also open to suggestions on alternative ways to organize the pr
  3. Site URL: https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson-2 Hi all, Do you think its possible to add a button to a portfolio item hover? https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson-2 password is Garstang
  4. Site URL: https://www.annawasson.com/ As you can see on my site, when you hover over each portfolio image on the portfolio grid, there is a transparent black overlay with the caption. I have been tinkering with custom CSS to make the overlay a solid color (light blue) with the caption when you hover over it, but I can't seem to make the opacity completely opaque on hover. Let me know if this is possible.
  5. Site URL: https://www.anthonytemplin.com/ Check out my first website. It is my portfolio website where I offer my services. Please review it, any thoughts? https://www.anthonytemplin.com/
  6. Hi, I'm trying to make a portfolio where a have say 5 projects I've worked on on a page, 4 items on that page will be videos that you can click and play, but the 5th will be an image that would contain multiple videos for that project. I don't want to display all videos on one page and would rather be able to group them. Thanks for your help
  7. Site URL: https://www.reeceanderson.ca/ Hi, I'm having difficulty finding the duplication function for my portfolio page. I'm finding the duplicate function on the blank page settings but not the portfolio. Is this something in 7.1 I'm restricted of? The Squarespace template is 'Kester'. Thanks in advance, Reece
  8. Site URL: https://www.josegallegosnieto.com/ Password: help --- Hello! Recently I applied the following code to change the color of text links on my site on hover. #page a:hover { background-image: linear-gradient(to right,currentColor 100%,currentColor 0); color: grey; } This works perfectly, changing my links to this appearance on hover: My problem is that this also applies itself to my portfolio-hover-fixed block, but as a background color. I need a way to exclude the portfolio block from the code mentioned above. In other words, I want that code
  9. Hi first time using Squarespace to set up my photography website. I'm not familiar with coding so need some help with removing the < previous project and next project > links that show at the end of the gallery block as below. I can't select the links whilst in edit to delete. When i inspect the page coding it looks like the code below controls this section as it entire line (i.e. arrows and words) are removed from the squarespace page when i delete the html code, but reappears when i exit editing. Can anyone help with a code i can insert into the specific pages that i would li
  10. Site URL: https://snail-tan-e6y2.squarespace.com Hi, I'm using squarespace 7.1 and trying to make the items in my portfolio page grid have varying heights, more like the image attached. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Site URL: http://www.sophiefarines.com Hello, I have a precise idea how the homepage needs to look like on my site but unfortunately it doesn't work we the pre build tool. 1. I first try the image block poster but then I realize it is a total mess on mobile ( see screen shoot) 2. So for now I use by default the block image "stack" but on desktop it doesn't look as intended. Does someone could putting the text on the image on desktop and keeping it tidy for mobile?
  12. Site URL: https://scaacquisition2020.com pw:1234 This is making me nuts. I need to remove the image overlay that appears when you hover over the portfolio links on my homepage. There is no setting within the design color editor and I've set all "image overlays" to transparent just to be safe but still can't figure out what the CSS should be to remove this annoying default setting. EDIT: Here is the correct CSS for anyone interested .portfolio-hover-bg-overlay { display: none }
  13. Site URL: https://leemichaelfriedman.squarespace.com/media I need help. I have my portfolio on the bottom of the page and love how it looks on the desktop. When i look at it on my mobile device, the background "image" or color is way too long on the mobile. How can we make it shorter so it looks like how it would preview when editing in the squarespace editing site?this is how i want it to look. Screenshot from editing site on squarespace. this is how it looks like on an actual cell phone. 😞
  14. Hi, I coded my website from scratch HTML, CSS and JS. However, I needed a CMS and I paid someone on fiverr to help me convert my site into a WordPress theme. But now I understand the true cost of WordPress. Development cost + all plugins that need a "pro" account to get useful features. Here is my website : testing.nicolas-duclos.com Yesterday I tried to start from a white canvas on Squarespace, but I don't seem to be able to achieve the same design. What's blocking me is : - My custom slider using "Swiper.js" to show blog post. I think I wrote to show 2.5 posts which make
  15. Hi there, I have a simple but nail-biting issue in my website (https://www.thesqueezeblog.co.uk). I have a portfolio with some sub-pages: Portfolio URL: /asia Portfolio subpage URL: /asia/israel When user arrive in Israel page, he/she can click on a link sending the to a page called jerusalem. My issue is that I cannot set the URL of this jerusalem page to /asia/israel/jerusalem because of the error message below: Couldn't update this collection. The URL is already in use. This error appears only if - for the jerusalem page - I use the SLUG of the Portfolio /asi
  16. Hello, As a Squarespace account holder, I am looking to evolve my more advertising creative-showcase site to one that is more geared towards a UX portfolio/background. I saw one online that I like which would has many of the things I would look to strive for: https://shawnkelshaw.com/ Can anyone make any recommendations to what site(s) would make good matches for this one, or UX? I have some saved as possibilities, but would love perspectives from folks as well. thanks!
  17. Site URL: http://www.dntl.co.uk Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help. I currently have a Portfolio / Gallery of images on my homepage and I'm trying to get one particular image in that gallery to link to the separate /shop section of my page rather than the current /work/merch which is currently pointing at. If I try to change the Slug in the settings / cog icon. I can only change the 'merch' part. It doesn't allow me select the entire line. If I play around with inspect on Google Chrome, all I need to do is change this: <a class="grid-item" href="/work/merch" id="yui_
  18. Site URL: https://thevisualbrand.squarespace.com/home Is there a way to have the portfolio be shown on a home page in the gallery section similar to how you can link a blog?
  19. Site URL: https://www.eliaroehrs.com/fineartprojects Hello, I am trying to change my Portfolio page font size for the different pages, when in the 'Hover: Follow cursor' format. Do you know how to alter this? Also the size of the font when your are in a portfolio page and there shows arrows with titles to the next page. If you had any advise that would be wonderful! @tuanphan thanks!
  20. I can't find a way to do this and really want to avoid having to create a new page from scratch just so it can feature in the navigation bar. I'd be hugely grateful for any guidance!
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to have the hover link change to white so it can be viewable on the background image. I tried this but it didn't work ul.portfolio-hover-items-list:hover li a:hover { color:#ffffff; }
  22. Hi All, Pretty bummed out right now. Just finished a week long migration from cargo collective only to find out the portfolio sub page don't seem to be lockable. My plan is the basic one. My site structure is essentially a home page and 3 sub portfolios: art, design, and writing I see how you can lock an entire portfolio. I do not need or want to do this. I want to lock ONLY 2-3 individual projects. Please tell me I'm missing something or that all this requires is an upgrade. Otherwise why in the heck is this not possible. Seems so basic. thanks! A
  23. Site URL: https://www.stoik-trisula.com/work Hey, is there any chance to play gif image when mouse hovering portfolio items? The only option for now is just background color. Thank you!! example : https://plus-ex.com/experience I'm using Squarespace 7.1 and Mark Novo template
  24. Site URL: https://www.calumramsaydesign.co.uk/ Hi Guys! I'm very new to squarespace circle, just trying to figure out how it all works. Here is my new portfolio site, let me know what you all think 🙂 Thanks!
  25. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to create this kind of layout with the portfolio grid: https://youth.studio/work/ I already got it to display the project as 1 column using this custom css (But it seems a bit buggy. It randomly jumps back to 2 columns): /* change portfolio grid to 1 column */ div#gridThumbs { grid-template-columns: repeat(1,minmax(0,1fr)) !important; } Is it possible to get the text on the left of the image, something of a divider and then the image on the right? Thanks in advance! (My site isn't published yet so I don't know how to sha
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