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  1. Use your custom domain for your links and set the site availability in settings for password protected. That way your links will be working but no one can view the site yet without the password. Once you enter the password, your browswer will remember it and you can test everything. Make sure you set your custom domain as the primary domain.
  2. Can you tell us which template you are using? I looked at your site but can't tell for sure which one it is.
  3. You are using a Brine family template, so I think you should be able to edit the welcome section on the home page and add a text block. That is what I did with two of my Brine sites. I have a banner image, not a slideshow. https://waterclinicfl.com/
  4. No. There is not. You can disable the right click download or save as option but anyone who wants an image bad enough can take a screen shot it of it or clip it. Many folks watermark their images to make them less desireable. I don't care to do that.
  5. That is a bit difficult and will take quite a bit of code. What is the font you want to use? The actual name of it?
  6. Enter edit mode go to pages, select your blog page, select specific blog post by clicking the title or thumbnail in the panel, not the three dots which opens the settings. Once you click the title the blog post opens on the right. Click edit up on the top left corner of the page. Then click the title of your post. You will see a vertical line. Then you can type, back space to delete. Highlight and erase, whatever you need to do.
  7. Actually summary blocks will display the posts last entry first unless you change that , and you can have multiple categories per blog post. Those cats can be hidden if you don' want them visible in the summary block. Summary blocks are very versitle designed to do this kind of thing but it does take some work.
  8. There are two templates that do this by default one is Momemtum. https://momentum-demo.squarespace.com/ The other is Forte. Gallery sections in 7.1 can be set for "slideshow-reel" which is a horizonal scroll. The images can be adjusted for full bleed, full and inset. The image height can be changed also.
  9. I could not find a page error, and I went thru your site from my phone. Could be you were still editing a page? The testimonies page possibly?
  10. No, you use the summary block cagtegory filters. I have 80 posts from summary blocks on one page, all different. Give the first two posts cat 1, second two cat 2, or whatever name you want to use. The have the two summary blocks filter those categories, fist block cat 1, second block cat 2 etc. Filter the content Click Filter Items to apply different filters to the content pulled from the collection: Category - Select a category to only display content in that category Tag - Select a tag to only display content with that tag Featured Only - Switch this toggle on to
  11. Well, Squarespace has contributors option. You can set up folks with permissions level to access the site with their own username and password. You invite them to be a contributor and you set the level of what that can and cannot do. The second option is Basic Authors. You post the content they send you, but there is a built in list of authors you create and just attach that authors profile to the post when you make it. Here is the help for both ways: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206537297-Squarespace-permissions-explained
  12. You can use two summary blocks one under the other.
  13. Most of them can actually. The demos may not be set up that way but what you want is pretty standard stuff. 7.0 has built in landing pages but they are a bit constricted to the design. I think when you say landing you are just wanting a home page with three images. As I said a number of templates with static images, not a long scrolling site will do this. An index page with a wall or grid layout will work also. I will provide you with a link to demos and sites know will do this. Two that I have built will do it just fine some have a singel image page first but you don't have to do that. yours
  14. There is not a template that will do that by default, not put the title in an actual sidebar. I suppose you could workaround it. Don't have a title at all, in the design title field, and put a text box in the header of each page with your title on the left. I use Avenue also which has a sidebar in blog posts only. I prefer to have my title on the left and nav on the right, at least I do for now. I change my site around a lot. my random views
  15. If you are using 7.1 you have to add a section to a blank page. Hit edit up in the left hand corner then add secion will pop up in the middle of the blank page. Add a blank section in the panel that opens up on the left. Then hover over the middle of that section (it might default to text) click the blue and white + sign and then add a summary block. Choose the layout you want. At that point you choose the blog page as its content.
  16. Last time this happened to someone they had accidentally disabled the page the summary was taking its content from. I suggest you check your page settings.
  17. Looks like you took care of this, using the gallery navigation controls. They set the side bar for text, bullets or hide.
  18. It it is a gallery page slideshow, by default no, not for both. The tile shows up on hover over the thumbnail. The description does not show up at all even in lightbox. If in a gallery block, then both can show up in a slideshow. This code however will make an image description, image on a gallery page, show up in lightbox.
  19. Sure you can save it in a number of different file types. Just find out what your printer prefers right click on your site save it as that type and email it to them or just ask if they can save it themselves.
  20. You didn't post what template you are using, or allow us to view your site so we have to guess to provide you with possible solutions. Some 7.0 templates have a sidebar nav as a style option, some like Wells, the sidebar is there by default. If you are using 7.1 that will take some code, a plugin, to make a sidebar menu and you will need a business plan to do that. If you are still in a trial period I think using wells is your best option: https://wells-demo.squarespace.com/ This template has the sidebar navigation option as well. It is not set that way in the demo but it is a one
  21. https://christyprice.com/squarespace-tips-tricks/how-to-add-social-media-icons-to-squarespace-navigation
  22. I have not found any code that shifts a line but tere are other things you can do that you might like: https://insidethesquare.co/squarespace-tutorials/style-hyperlinks-with-css
  23. Stick this in the advanced header code injection of the one you don't want the date to show. If you don't have a business plan place code in a code block in the blogs footer or header. <style> .view-item .meta { display: none; }</style>
  24. This is repointing domain instructions as opposed to moving a go daddy domain to Squarespace. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206541747-Connecting-a-GoDaddy-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site This is transferring a go daddy domain to squarespce, which can take longer to do: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001622188-Transferring-a-GoDaddy-domain-to-Squarespace
  25. First off I am a bit disappointed that yours is a wordpress Site. This is a squarespace users and builders help forum, but you have had some responses so I will leave it up. Who knows you might want to consider moving to Squarespace.
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