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  1. I read that some templates on Squarespace don't support a Search bar/icon for the site's header. I wonder if this is true for Version 7.1 also, which has the same template to support all features. I want to add one search icon with a bar to the header of my site, preferably next to the social icons. But I don't see this option available in the header's settings. Can anyone help?
  2. Site URL: https://ditters.com.au/ General feedback to Squarespace about the header search icon size and style in the brine template. Please see attached screenshot – the line is heavier than the other icons and the size is too small. The 3 icons don't look good as a set.
  3. Site URL: https://www.devikadaga.com/ I noticed that my home page was not showing up in Google search results when I searched for my name "Devika Daga". When I looked at the Google Search Console, I found out that the homepage URL status is "Excluded" and Coverage is " Crawled - currently not indexed." Is there anything I can do to fix this, besides submitting an indexing request?
  4. Site URL: https://www.fwdcollective.io Hi - Looking for tips/guidance on how to search my internal pages in my pages panel on my site(s) quickly and efficiently. The number of pages on my site and some of my client sites are starting to get a bit unruly. I tried folders but index pages don't go into folders it appears. Are there ways to search internal pages? Or a trick or navigation setup best practices that I'm missing? Squarespace 7.0 Brine family (Moksha template)
  5. Site URL: https://caterpillar-dog-ya7c.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am trying to add a custom png to replace the magnifying glass search icon in my header nav. Using 7.0. I've tried some code I found but it didn't work, it might have been for 7.1. Thank you! password: doublelives
  6. Site URL: https://blog.ultrahuman.com Any quick steps i can follow to add a search bar on my blog? Thanks.
  7. Site URL: https://aresgarage.com/ I am about to start uploading automotive parts to my website. I need help with 2 things. I would like to add a search tab at the top of my header for all pages. I also sell fan gear, so when I had the car parts, I would like for customers to be able to search for a specific item. Whether it be an apparel item or a specific car part. What would be the best way to do that? The second thing is that on the car parts page, I would like for there to be a year, make, and model search tab to help them find parts that fit their vehicle. Can someone help with that?
  8. Site URL: https://www.riosgarden.me/ Hi, I would like to show a search icon on desktop and mobile like this mockup instead of using a search block. Is this possible? Tapping the search icon can launch a new search page.
  9. Site URL: https://daoethicalgifts.com/search I recently included site search for our website. Apparently, Squarespace sets this type of page to "no index" per default by putting a block in the robots.txt. (Link to description in Squarespace help section) Now, Google Search Console tells me that this is the wrong way to do it: "If you do want to block this page from Google Search, robots.txt is not the correct mechanism to avoid being indexed. To avoid being indexed, remove the robots.txt block and use 'noindex'" I am worried about the Squarespace default settings having a negative impact on our ranking. (How) can I manually change the settings? Or is this nothing to worry about? Any recommendations or experience values are much appreciated!
  10. Is there an easy CSS customization for the following on 7.1? -Change the color theme from Light 1 to Lightest !? -Change the page width? It currently is full bleed of the entire page. Thank you!
  11. Since I haven't been able to get the search block to work, I decided to go with Google's "Programmable Search" and just paste the HTML to a code block. However, I'd like to have the search bar in the header instead of taking up space on every page. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.lucyryan.co.uk Hello I hope someone can help! My partner has a new website to go with the launch of her business book. If I do a google search for the site - it doesn't come up. I submitted the sitemap to google for indexing (I think, although not sure how to check that worked). I am new to squarespace and so am trying to learn about it - any help would be great!
  13. Site URL: https://aldricharchive.squarespace.com/ Hi Squarespace team, I have an site which is an archive of text and documents. I want to have a search bar where someone could, if they were looking for text or documents with the word 'Eastern Europe' for example, could input that word and it would bring up all pages and documents within the site which referenced that word. All i can seem to find is a search function, but this doesn't seem to actually search pages within the site. Ideally, this function could search text in text blocks on pages but ALSO the text in PDFs attached... I know this may be too much to ask, so the fall back would be that it could bring up all pages which mention the searched word within the text blocks, sitewide. Is this possible with squarespace? Or does it need some code or a 3rd party widget. Happy to do either! Thanks in advance Pete @tuanphan
  14. Site URL: https://www.riosgarden.me/ Is it possible to replace the existing blurry search icon with the search icon from Font Awesome or svg ?
  15. Hi, I am creating a multilingual site. In which I had created 2 blogs with different languages. I am using a search bar for the blog posts. I would like to disable the search result page redirection after hit "Enter" key. So I don't have to inject more code to make it looks multilingual. Is there : 1) A way to stop redirect to search result page after hit "Enter" key? 2) I had try to disable "Enter" with code injection in the blog page. The if-else statement is working as expected, but "Enter" key is still working. Where I did wrong? $(document).ready(function() { $('.sqs-block-search').on('keypress keydown keyup', function(e){ if(e.keyCode == 13) { e.preventDefault(); } }); }); 3) Is there a way to inject slug (e.g. /en ) in the URL of search result page, so it can be multilingual? Many thanks.
  16. I'd like to add a custom search engine, built through Google(https://support.google.com/programmable-search/answer/4513882?hl=en&ref_topic=4513742) , to our site. Google's instructions for adding to a site in general are as follows: However, so far my attempts to add a code block have failed, as have my attempts to edit the HTML directly--though, on this front I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so that could be a factor... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://www.healthhavenmd.com/shop How do I make the Search input field placeholder text smaller for 7.1? And how do I change the color as well? Thank you!!!
  18. Site URL: https://carrot-bronze-bld8.squarespace.com/blog Hello, Is there a way to increase the width of search bar border in the blog header? Thank you!
  19. Site URL: https://www.spiritofhealthkc.com/ For several months now our search bar has not been working properly. We have a title called, "Best Practices For Avoiding & Combating Viruses" but if you search the full title these ways, it says it can't find anything: "best practices for avoiding & combating viruses" "best practices for avoiding and combating viruses" "viruses" "Best Practices For Avoiding and Combating Viruses" However, if you write it exactly how the blog is written with the same punctuation (caps and & symbols), it will show up "Best Practices For Avoiding & Combating Viruses" or "Viruses" This happens with all of our blogs. I've reached out to Squarespace numerous times over the last few months about the issue. They've re-indexed the site several times and below is their most recent response. Is anyone else dealing with this? Any ideas on what is going on? "After taking some additional time to investigate, I can confirm the issue you're seeing with the built-in search bar is due to an issue on our end. In this case, the issue is preventing partial phrases or keywords from returning results. In order to view a specific post in search results, the exact title needs to be entered. I can also see you previously reported this issue in February, 2020 on a separate email request and can confirm we have noted your sites instance of this issue for our Design and Engineering teams to review. They’ll use this feedback when implementing fixes and improvements in future releases." "This bug's impact will vary depending on a number of factors like the type of site, the volume of content, how visitors navigate the site, and the ways the content is promoted or organized. For example, a lot of sites may never experience this behavior because of their site's structure/content or how often their visitors dig up older posts. For your site in particular, it looks like all of your posts are on a single Blog Page with posts dating back to 2014. If your visitors are frequently searching for older posts, you may want to consider creating multiple Blog Pages so you have an additional layer of organization - Blog Page, Category, Tag. Also, since the Blog Page and Summary Blocks display posts in chronological order, you may want to create a tag/category specifically for these popular posts. You may also want to consider hiding the Search Block from your Navigation due to its inconsistent results. You can do this from Design > Site Styles > Header:Layout > Search Position > Hide. This will encourage visitors to explore the other links and pages you've set up for finding this content."
  20. Site URL: https://resumeinsider.net 7.0/Brine I have both a primary and secondary navigation on my site. My search results page (I'm using search on my blog) shows both. I'd like to be able to limit the nav to EITHER primary or secondary. Any thoughts on how to do this?
  21. Site URL: https://www.theuselesscrafter.com/search?q=cake%20topper Hi there! Is there a way to change the image size of photos in the search results? Right now the default is cropping them to square on my site but that is cutting off titles and other important parts of my images. https://www.theuselesscrafter.com/search?q=cake topper TIA!!! Celeste
  22. Site URL: https://www.benjaminhope.net/search?q=W2021&f_collectionId=61113dfab02e12340317a54e I'm using 7.0 Brine with a gallery and internal search that references only the gallery. At the moment, if I search for a text string that happens to be part of the filename of one or more of the images then the search results include the corresponding filename(s) (along with the usual title etc.) Is there a way of preventing this? i.e. a way of preventing the filenames from appearing in the search results. Many thanks
  23. Site URL: https://www.littlegardenclubofmemphis.org/ Is there a way to add a search block to a single page? The page does not include events, products, blogs The page is gated by MemberSpace Thank you
  24. Hi there This is my website url: https://www.astoud.com/ There are a few thing that i am trying to adjust on my website search bar 1. Change font size, weight (bold), and all cap 2. Change the "type to search" from the search bar to something else 3. Result only so product title (doesn't work on mobile) and tags, prices (if possible) 4. For the result change the font size and weight of the product name 5. Resize the spacing and image size between results 6. Remove the black border box 7. Also please take a look at mobile version as well Here are the code for search bar that i currently use .search-input { border-left: none!important; border-top: none!important; border-right :none!important; border-bottom: 2px solid #000000!important } .sqs-search-page-item .sqs-main-image-container { width: 50%; float: 3px !important; padding-right: 0 !important; } .sqs-block-button-element {width: 80% } div.sqs-search-page-item .sqs-main-image-container { margin-bottom: 20px !important; } div.sqs-search-page-item .sqs-content .sqs-content { display: none !important;} .sqs-search-page-item .sqs-main-image-container img { width: 30% !important; height: auto !important; top: 0 !important; bottom: 0 !important; right: 5px !important ; left: 0 !important; } Thank in advance
  25. Site URL: https://bigkidbakesale.squarespace.com/ Hi, Site Password: bigkidbakesale I'd like to make an update to the Shop Page. My goal is to add something similar to this example to my site: https://changemaker.joindough.com/meet I will eventually be featuring more than three bakers and want users to be able to search by location/food type/gluten options/vegan options/etc. And I really like this site example. I feel like this is going to require a lot of coding customization but wondering if anyone knows an easy workaround? Any tips or help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
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