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  1. Site URL: https://www.traversebooks.com.au/sitemap.xml I see no meta tags on the site map. Aren't these needed for SEO to be effective? (I've added SEO decriptions in template settings)
  2. Site URL: https://rusartro.squarespace.com/search Hello dear helpful community! I'm building a site for a Russian company using Brine and I managed to localize some of the built-in text. Special thanks to @tuanphan for his Search Block custom code 👍🏽 https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/164077-how-to-edit-customise-search-box-placeholder-text/?do=findComment&comment=375210 What I'm struggling with is the translation of "Type to search..." on the search Page. I'd like it translated OR hidden. I found this thread https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/156697-customise-styling-o
  3. Site URL: https://cinnamon-gold-cr9n.squarespace.com/ Hey there, I'm building a website for someone that is using a lot of affiliate links. Instead of selling her own items, we are using blogposts to show a picture and the source URL for the affiliate link. On the pages of the website, this is working as planned. But she wants to make it so that when someone searches, the results show a lot like the summary blocks that we use for the regular listings. Ideally we would be able to show blog thumbnails in a grid, and that when someone clicked the image or title, it would take them to
  4. Site URL: https://keyboard-jaguar-k52z.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'm trying to achieve this effect: when clicking on the search icon in the header, it opens a full screen window where to type the search and where the search results are shown. Something like this: https://pauliandsisters.com/search This is the website I'm working on: https://keyboard-jaguar-k52z.squarespace.com/ Password: tpt-2021 Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hello Is there a way to create a phone or organization directory list with search or a lookup function based on department or category of people and function?ThanksBuck
  6. I knew I should use another platform to build a store but I like building with SS so much that I risked...(( Is there an option to display product thumbnails on the Search result page with some custom code? I'm using Brine
  7. Site URL: https://daoethicalgifts.com/search I recently included site search for our website. Apparently, Squarespace sets this type of page to "no index" per default by putting a block in the robots.txt. (Link to description in Squarespace help section) Now, Google Search Console tells me that this is the wrong way to do it: "If you do want to block this page from Google Search, robots.txt is not the correct mechanism to avoid being indexed. To avoid being indexed, remove the robots.txt block and use 'noindex'" I am worried about the Squarespace default settings having a nega
  8. first of all! Hi! After experimenting with shopify and some other systems i tried out SS now...and I am happy to hear that the "price on request" topic is solved without problems with squarespace, that made me dig deeper... Another feature that i would really need is a better search option. I made a "mypage/search" page but when only written parts of the title or text it doesn`t give me results.
  9. Site URL: https://www.don-viajes.com/search Hi, I'm trying to find a way to customize padding / margin on my default search page. It looks good on desktop, but I need to adjust it for mobile as the search field is quite close to the header. This is the page I'm talking about: https://www.don-viajes.com/search And these are the screenshots for both mobile and desktop: Thanks!
  10. Today Search bar replies that some information we have does not exist on our site. It's a disaster. But if we can replace the text ”Your search did not match any documents'' with a link to a help page, it would be a lot better. Until Squarespace have fixed this problem. Squarespace answer this is on the working-list. Since the search function seems to work on our blog pages, the help-page should be a blog page. Also important search-words have a chance to be found there by the Search-function. Is there any ideas on coding for exchange the answer to a specific link when Search
  11. How can I add a Search Block to the top of the site, in or near the header? Thanks.
  12. Site URL: https://www.daveandco.co.uk/ I've been configuring my site for SEO and how it appears in Google Search. However, the changes I make in Squarespace don't seem to affect the actual search. Everything looks good in the Squarespace previews and as I want it, the reality, however, is very different. How do I get the changes made in Squarespace to carry through to Google? Below I've included the current appearance in Google Search Results. Then the associated settings in Squarespace.
  13. I am using a Code Block set to "display source" to showcase several code snippets on a blog site. However, I find that if I have any HTML in these blocks it messes with that post's display on the Search Results page in Squarespace. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a way to display code on my site without it being read by Squarespace besides just inputting it as text? I have contacted Squarespace as I think this is a flaw in their "display source" function. However as soon as you mention custom code, they refuse to help.
  14. Site URL: https://www.bnedesign.com.au/search?q=poo&f_collectionId=5f0d71620f26b73045d69f54 Hi, I'd like to change the color profile of the main section of the search results page to match the style of the rest of the site. Also my logo is white so the default white background doesn't work. Thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://www.peterzizzo.com/ Hey Squarespace family — this site I've launched a few weeks ago is not performing as well as planned in terms of SEO ranking. I'd like to rank #1 for "Peter Zizzo". I've added an H1 tag to the text in the footer and the title is set up properly. The domain name is also set up properly. Can someone take a look and let me know if I need to modify the H1 tag in anyway? Do I need to add the tag behind the logo? https://www.peterzizzo.com/ Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://www.travelingmitch.com Hey all, I'm hoping that someone can help me out a bit here. For the last few months, I've been trying to fix an issue on my site, and I've had no luck. I'll attach a photo, but essentially, I started to notice that in Google search results on desktop, the date was appearing before the title. So, essentially, Google was scraping the date as part of the title. I talked to a developer, and they said that it was due to the Skye template. They suggested that I switched templates, but that sounded like a big undertaking. Before I try to d
  17. Site URL: https://www.heathermunrocreative.com Hello! Since I had my website designed in Squarespace, none of the web page meta data has shown up correctly. Having Google recrawl sitemap and pages has only made it worse. So when you type in Heather Munro Creative, none of the copy that should be listed under page names (About, Connect, Portfolio, Blog, etc.) shows up AND some other pages without metadata show up, including a nonexistent page called Marketing. When you search in Bing, it is also incorrect. Both list jpg images instead of the wording I chose as metadata. Squarespace assur
  18. Hi, We are trying to build a custom search page where depending on the search query, we want to display a customized results page. For instance, if a customer searches for walmart, we show him an hyperlink to walmart website, for amazon a hyperlink to their amazon's website. But if a customer searches for a string that we don't know about, we display an html page indicating we don't the query string. Any suggestions on how can we accomplish this? I'm familiar with javascript so happy to add custom codes if it would let us accomplish what we are looking for. Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://seamstofit.com I am an SEO beginner and I am wondering if hidden products are visible to web crawlers and other search engine information gathering tools. We are a consignment clothing store and have about 100 new products a week and rotate our sold items off of our site leaving a rolling total of about 1000 products at any one time. We would like to keep our sold items on our site but we don't want them to show up in Squarespace's search so I guess they must be hidden. Hence my question. Any help or clarification will be appreciated.
  20. Site URL: https://camilokoch.com Hello. I would like to customize the theme of the search page (www.camilokoch.com/search) to 'dark minimalist,' currently set on 'white minimalist' by default. There is no visual editor neither theme selection option for the search page; is there a way to force this page to utilize the dark minimalist theme? Thanks.
  21. I read that some templates on Squarespace don't support a Search bar/icon for the site's header. I wonder if this is true for Version 7.1 also, which has the same template to support all features. I want to add one search icon with a bar to the header of my site, preferably next to the social icons. But I don't see this option available in the header's settings. Can anyone help?
  22. Is it possible to create a checklist search filter on squarespace like the one they use?
  23. Site URL: https://www.testifyofchrist.com/testimonies/steve-and-bonnie-larsen I built a website for a guy that is collecting stories from website visitors. He then takes those stories and publishes them as blog posts. He wants people to search by their name but if they search for his name, every single blog post comes up. So my question: Is it possible to have the search function not to look at author names? His name is Marc Ensign and if you search that in the bar on the website. Thanks for any help! Seth
  24. Site URL: https://www.topawardsasia.com/en/topawards-winners Hello, I need your help to know why suddenly the search button disappeared in dekstop, it is working fine on mobile. Thank you
  25. I want to search for specific templates that are more for video production type sites. I cannot find a search template area that allows me to search and try out specific templates. I see the categories but that is too broad and time consuming. trying to find a 10 specific named templates and try them out. How do I do this?
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