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  1. To me now clicking the cog looks more like 7.0 with general page setup/social image, etc. The page edit mode, still gives a great shortcut to many page styles as opposed to the way 7.0 distributes them.
  2. You want to link to the articles in a blog post as opposed to a link to to the Facebook link I hope?
  3. In 7.1 you go to edit post, hover around under the title and you will see and insert point, looks like a teardrop with a horizontal line, click on that then choose image under basic or a new layout under gallery. You will see add image, and the upload screen comes up.
  4. 7.0 is not being updated it is being added too, with 7.1 actually being only one template family, like Brine and its forty starting named designs is only one family. So you basically have to decide what look you want because there are many 7.0 templates that can provide what you are looking for including built in sidebar. Here is the list: Avenue (blog only) (I use it but I don't use a sidebar, I use a blog summary page) I am a big story teller, over 80 of them on my site. Bedford, Anya, Bryant & Hayden (blog only) Five. Forte (blog only) Galapagos (blog only) Ishimoto (blog only) Montauk, Julia, Kent & Om (blog only) Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready & Tudor (blog only) Wexley (one of my Favorites, great for photographers and bloggers, classic looking) all 7.0 templates have a search block function, 7.1 has a search page link, a bit different. 7.1 does not have any kind of sidebar built in, some folks know how to build a Faux one or there are plugins. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544967-Editing-sidebars I have build six sites on Squarespace, three on Avenue, one on Wexley and two using Brine. For Blogging, I am partial to Avenue. my random views derrick Lee parker quite a bit of code to make it look a bit fun and different. https://christinegregoryphotography.com/ I am using a sidebar with this template or should I say the photographer is. There is no custom Css code on this site, its built using what comes by default. If you have any questions about any template or whatever just let me know if I can help. Derrick.
  5. I don't know if the hex codes would be any brighter from here: https://www.hexcolortool.com/
  6. I think I found something already. /*creates opaque rollover effect for regular image blocks*/ .image-block:hover { background-color: #00000; opacity: 0.6; transition: all .3s ease-in-out;} Change the .3s to be slower or faster. Larger the number the slower it takes to make the transition. It will need to be modified for index page thumbnails.
  7. I am an Avenue user also and I have wondered about this to, how to change the hover effect timer also. I will work on it for both of us how about that? my random views derrick Lee parker
  8. A member of the 7.0 Brine Family would be the closest thing to the look Hill provides. You would have the choice to change to that, although I would start from scratch if it were me.
  9. Just a bit of information. While viewing your site on desktop from Chrome as a user not owner, you can hit f12 then toggle the toggle device toolbar icon on the top left corner of the dev panel that comes up on your screen. This will change the left screen to mobile view of multiple operating systems, just keep clicking until yours shows up.
  10. It works in 7.0 blog page settings advanced code injection (and I am using it there as of today) and in other places but I don't like how it arranges small text blocks next to an image on a gallery page when the code (minus style command) is added to custom css. I could not get it to justify descriptions under a summary image thumbnail. I suspect that is because I didn't target the collection. I think the code to do that would be the following with element-to-justify replaced with the actual target. .element-to-justify { text-align: justify; } Here is a tutorial to find the actual block you want to change: my random views derrick Lee parker
  11. It works in 7.0 blog page settings advanced code injection and in other places but I don't like how it arranges small text blocks next to an image.
  12. Good question, if code includes some text like "top" or "back to top" you may want to consider using an arrow or symbol instead or the word "top" in two languages on the button.
  13. P { text-align: justify } The above code may not look right with some text blocks so you might just want to put it in certain pages in advanced header so it would look like this. <style>P { text-align: justify } <style>
  14. Any page you don't want the logo to show put this in the page settings advanced header code injection. Do not put it in custom css. <style> #logoImage{ display: none } </style>
  15. First off Brine template is 7.0. Where are you wanting to do this? In a text block? Title? Header? 7.1 and 7.0 text styles config, getting there, is very different from each other. But code may not be necessary in either case. You might want to post a link to your site with a view only password, so we can take a look.
  16. Just for folks information, a nav folder url slug still functions, but from outside the site and it goes to the first item in the folder. Here is an example from my site: https://myrandomviews.com/lessons lessons is the url slug for the folder title. On my site the folder title opens the folder on hover but clicking it goes nowhere. That doesn't bother me, because it causes less confusion with mobile viewers. They cannot accidentally open the folder and then end up somewhere they were not intending to go. They press the folder title to open and close the folder.
  17. It is a whole lot css/html coding. Just to give you an idea of how much it takes to make something move look here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_animations.asp
  18. number 3, that is universal as far as configuration is set up. If comments are turned on, they are on for all blog pages. number 2. That is up to you, and how you filter, what posts are in the summary (and they can be a mix of two blogs actually) and how you layout the summary, that too can be a mixture on the same page. number 1. I choose to make a header for one blog summary page with a featured story at the top which I change on semi regular basis. The other (photography lessons) I have a drop down menu on the nav bar, and the page with the summary block has an image and quote in the header, I could make a page with a big image and link it to the summary page, if I wanted to, but I have a limited number of pages with my older billing plan. I have one blog page, but I filter what shows up on each summary page, some things I don't want duplicated so in effect my two summary pages acts like two blogs.
  19. If it is a whole page not just one post simply move it to the unlinked section of your site. It gets moved off the nav bar and can't be found then without knowing the url or there would have to be a link somewhere else on the site like in a summary block. I am doing just that with two summary pages, which allows me to create "two" blog pages as it were. my random views derrick Lee parker
  20. I really like the way the nav links activate as you scroll down to each section, really nice.
  21. I can get pinch-zoom to work with any page/image on my Android mobile. Seems to work better with landscape orientation than portrait however.
  22. .page-open #projectPages .project-controls { display: none; } or this may target a bit better either the above or this one goes into custom css. .tag-brands nav.BlogItem-pagination.clear { display: none !important; }
  23. Easiest way is simply to put a spacer block over the image and the title will shift up.
  24. This is the link that works but you would need to create a password that allows viewing only. You do that in config/settings/site availability which is the first thing on that panel at the top. https://carillon-lobster-xd75.squarespace.com
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