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  1. Hi there! Is there a way to download all the images, pdfs and documents in the site? FTP access? Thanks
  2. Hello! Does anyone know if FileZilla is compatible with Squarespace 7.1 or if Squarespace itself has similar capabilities? My organization uses FileZilla to link to files attached in newsletters, etc. and we are able to reupload those files if edits are made to the same link so that clients can continue to access the updated file from the original link. We are trying to switch to Squarespace but need this functionality. The file upload option doesn't seem to suffice because it creates the URL for you, so a new file will have a new URL. I saw some saying that FileZilla doesn't work with Squarespace 7.1. Thank you for your help!
  3. I have many PDFs on our site (embedded as uploaded PDFs with a link to file option in the text). In Acrobat the PDFs have their Initial View size settings set to 200%. But when opened in SQSP they only open at standard 100%. All other web apps honor the PDF view settings. Is this behavior exclusive to SQSP? Thanks!
  4. Site URL: http://harrisharrislondon.co.uk Hi, is anyone able to help us upload and embed a flip book/page turning PDF brochure we have created? It is hosted by the website PDF-Flip.com and Squarespace have told us we are not able to upload unless we have custom code on the page, this is beyond my capabilities. PDF-Flip.com have said The flip books can be embedded on existing website pages with a simple iframe code and we have been given the URL. I hope someone out there can assist! Thank you, Alex
  5. Site URL: https://www.unit-12.org/shop As part of my newest work, I'm supposed to get my CIC's website to sell tickets for a special quiz night event. My working knowledge of Squarespace is a bit rusty but I imagine this would involve create a sort of template for a PDF ticket, automatically written with the customers information like their name, email address, receipt info, transaction ID, etc. Is that possible here or is there another solution for selling tickets here? Thanks.
  6. Site URL: https://crow-aardvark-rtje.squarespace.com/ I am having trouble getting a PDF file to appear. I'm building a site for an artist and uploaded a sample resume as a PDF. I'm hyperlinking to it in a new window, but it doesn't show up in Chrome. However, it shows up fine in Internet Explorer/MS Edge. Is this because I'm in editor's mode/logged into Squarespace on Chrome? The page on the site in question is: https://crow-aardvark-rtje.squarespace.com/pagecv-1 Password is: zaradesign
  7. Hello, I'm currently in the process of moving between two squarespace sites, one old, one new. A lot of our content on our old site is .pdf reports that are accessible through 'static1' squarespace links. Now, if import content from old site to new with links to these pdfs, will they still work on the new site? Or will i have to re-upload them? Thanks in advance, Dom
  8. Hello, Since it doesn't seem possible to embed PDF files in Squarespace, is it possible to place an image and click on it to enlarge it? Or I would like to be able to download the document as a PDF file since it contains a lot of information. I referred to the following site, but unfortunately, I could not find where the "Design tab" is located. https://www.samchowdesigns.com/blog/how-to-embed-pdf-on-squarespace-tutorial Any good advice would be appreciated. FY
  9. Site URL: https://www.airflowsystems.com/ I want a Contact information popup box form to supersede a link button on my site. How should I go about doing this? Currently I have a button that links to a pdf of the specs of an item the customer is wanting to see, however before they are able to access this link/pdf/png I want a box to popup asking them for their name, email address, or phone number. Is it possible to do this with custom code? Maybe the link should just redirect them to another page and then after they fill in the items it can take them to their desired file... However I would prefer if it was a popup on the item page they were currently on, so it doesn't feel so jarring. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.
  10. Hey, what I thought was a simple ask is turning out not to be. My client is a recruiter and I need some recommendations in terms of how to set up a flow that would start with our registration form being able to accept PDF / Word Doc submissions (resumes) on this page: https://www.ariagency.ca/candidates. I understand File Request Pro can provide this capability, but they don't integrate with Zapier. I need solution to integrate seamlessly with Zapier as I need to be able to set up a Zap to connect to our Bullhorn CRM (add the candidate who registered) as well as add them to our MailChimp list(s). It's easy to integrate Bullhorn & MailChimp via Zapier; when it comes to the PDF submissions part of the equation, Squarespace doesn't seem great at this capability. My chat with an agent today on the subject was abhorrent. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your expertise.
  11. Site URL: https://www.medicurahealth.co.za/ We have built a certificate generator through Airtable, Intengromat/Make and a PDF generator service. We use Squarespace for our website. These certificates are printed out for our patients on our testing sites, with each certificate having it's own QR code. Now what we want to set up is that whenever a QR code is scanned by the relevant authorities, a digital/pdf copy of that same certificate loads up as a URL that is linked to our website so that the authorities know that it's legit. How do I get this set up on Squarespace?
  12. Site URL: https://www.meshsecurity.io/ I want to upload a support guide (PDF) so that I can include it as a link in order emails that our customers receive. So the customer clicks a link in the email and it opens the PDF. Is this possible? So far I can only achieve this if I create a link and then drag it under the main navigation (I don't want this to be publicly facing). I know I can create a new page and then add the PDF as a link behind some text there - but that means our customers would have to make an extra click, which I want to avoid. Looking forward to your suggestions, Brian
  13. Is there free .pdf embed code out there somewhere? I'm trying to embed a multi-page .pdf file on one of my clients web pages, without having to use a subscription service like Issuu or hosting it on Adobe's cloud. Is there a more straight-forward path for embedding a .pdf from a public Google drive folder? Any tips/tricks greatly appreciated. 😄
  14. Hello ! Is there a way, where completing a form on my website (SS 7.1) is automatically converted into a pdf, so I can receive it by mail ? Currently, when you complete a form, I can receive it by e-mail, but I would like to receive this form as a pdf on my mail and not just text. Is this possible ? Thanks !
  15. Hi I have set a pop-up on a clients site, with the post-submit message to include a clickable link to a PDF, which works fine. However there is a URL link in the PDF pack to the site (About page) and it doesn't work - "Safari can't open the specified address - first part of the address not valid". When I open the PDF on my laptop the link works fine, just not when opening the PDF from the post-submit message. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Site URL: https://goldfish-koi-xjg4.squarespace.com/ Hi there! I need to attach 2 PDF files (terms + cancellation policy) to these customer notification emails: 1. order confirmation 2. order shipment confirmation I would like the customer to receive these pdf as part of the email, so they can just click on PDF sign and open it or save on their computer. Thanks!
  17. I'm creating a media kit for a client of mine. I'm familiar with how to attach the file to the website for download but I would like for my .pdf to also include active links that allow the press to download a high resolution image of them. In other words, I need for my document to be able to provide someone who downloads it with the ability to also download photos from the document as they wish. Is there a way to do this through Squarespace?
  18. I have the following PDF on my site, but, despite the file absolutely having a name, browsers list the page has having "no title," and only show the URL in the tab bar (not a page name). Any ideas? Also, is there any way for file URLs to be on my own domain, and not "static1.squarespace.com"? I don't want all my visitors to be easily see that the site is hosted by Squarespace. Thanks for any help.
  19. Site URL: https://epwsociety.com/ I have hand coded a table in HTML and using a code block but need to hyperlink different cells in the table to different PDFs already saved in my website database. Using href="master-website-URL/s/pdf-name" or "master-website-URL/pdf-name" doesn't work. Any ideas as to what I am missing?
  20. Site URL: https://www.calvarygolden.net Hello, Each week we post our worship bulletin on our website as a PDF for those who are participating online. I'd like to be able to, in a simple way, upload that PDF when it is complete and have the link on our website always point to the most recent one. Is there a way to do this? Currently I have to do too many steps: Link each place the bulletin link appears on my website to a URL Mapped URL: calvarygolden.net/bulletin Upload the most recent bulletin to a hidden page (create a link to a file, upload the file, choose it, then apply) click on that link to see what (long) URL SS has saved it to Copy the URL and then un Settings/Advanced/URL Mapping, map /bulletin to the URL Thanks, Scott
  21. I am building out an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and would like to add an option to Save/Download the whole thing as a PDF. I can't find any info on SS or the forum. Any thoughts appreciated.
  22. Site URL: https://ar-go.live Hello, I would like to embed small (1-2 page) PDFs into my site so that users can download them from a text link. Could you help? Squarespace says to use Issuu but I would like a free work-around if possible. Thank you so much!!!
  23. Site URL: http://www.landquist.com I would love some help getting custom css code injected into my website, in order to make a PDF submit to my email. Does anybody have a way to do this? The form block hasn't been working seemlessly, and after almost missing two huge quotes this week due to it, I would like to move to a fillable PDF.
  24. Hi. I run an educational resources store, with free and premium products. But... I can't seem to upload pdfs as digital products. Is there any way to change this? Thanks
  25. Is there any way for the urls of my files (namely pdfs) to be under my own domain, instead of "static.squarespace.com"? This just doesn't look very professional. Thanks so much.
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