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  1. Hi there I use the Hayden template (Bedford family) and need to remove the date and author at the top and newer/older post at the bottom. Also, in AMP format, I would like to remove date and author at the top and "Discover more from XXX" at the bottom. Does anyone know what code to inject for this? Many thanks
  2. Site URL: http://karlmackie.com Hello, can anyone help? I am trying to make the header on the desktop version of my website stick! as it does for mobile and I am having zero luck! Much thanks.
  3. Site URL: http://www.brandonandrade.squarespace.com I'm trying to get my custom fonts to work on mobile and i've tried editing the code but nothing has worked thus far. This website is supposed to be a portfolio for me and hopefully land me a full time design position so I'd very much like to fix this and understand what I'm doing when writing these lines of code lol heres the code I have in my Custom CSS window:
  4. Hi Guys, I am using a centred navigation (logo on the left, contact button on the right and menu items in the middle). Is there a way to prevent the navigation items from stacking as shown in this screen shot? Any help is greatly appreciated! I have researched options however havent been able to get anything to work. I'm using SquareSpace 7.1. Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://www.bioqtech.com/faqs I'm attempting to change the purple color that appears on the website when you click on a question. I tried playing with the design style color, but no luck.
  6. Site URL: https://www.taprk.com/ Site URL: https://www.taprk.com/ See below for details... 1) Having issues with spacing on the homepage. See attached screenshot titled, "content should fill the screen". When viewed on a wide-screen or zoomed out (control -) white space appears. 2) Having issues with text sizes and possibly more spacing. See attached screenshot titled, "text gets really small". When viewed on a wide-screen/zoomed out the text gets significantly smaller. 3) Having issues with spacing on their Management page, See attached screenshot titled,
  7. Site URL: https://www.bioqtech.com/video Site URL: https://www.bioqtech.com/video I'm having issues with the video i embedded on this site to format correctly on mobile devices (see screenshots) When on mobile device, the video takes up the entire screen and doesn't auto-play. I would like help on how to resolve both issues, however, making the video format correctly on mobile device is the top priority. See below for the code used. Code Used: <center> <video autoplay="autoplay" loop="true" width="1100" controls> <source src="https://static1.s
  8. Site URL: https://codepen.io/woranov/pen/NRqLWK Hello, I need a help with CSS code I am trying to upload. The error is: Missing Opening `{` Does anyone know where exact this Missing Opening `{` should be added? Thank you, Egle
  9. Site URL: https://lilsuka.com In the header I have my social media links, however I am unsure how to add a custom logo for tiktok. I have the image I wish to use my computer so I was hoping to know how to replace the link logo with the tiktok logo.
  10. Hello! I've tried searching for this answer on the forum and on the web but have come up empty handed. Apologies if I have missed anything. I am trying to edit both the navigation font AND the header font of my footer. They would be 2 different fonts: Header: Souvenir Navigation: Helvetica Neue I found helpful advice to include this code: .Footer-nav { font-family: Souvenir; } However, it changes the navigation to souvenir, not the header (Info, Orders, Social). Does anyone have tips on how to differentiate between these? Thanks in adv
  11. Site URL: https://easy-ercall.com/blog Hi, I am stuck. As my blog page is not in English, I'd like to change the meta descriptions into another Language or even hide some of the information. 1. On the blog main page I want to change "read more" and I'd like to hide the date. All I tried wasn't successful. 2. On the blog post itself : "comments" needs to be changed to "Kommentare" only. I managed to write it in front of it, but "comments" is still there. And similarily I need t change the language in the order section (newest-oldest). 3. The "Preview": how to change this te
  12. Hi All! So I'm setting up my store (7.1 Site) and I was wondering if anyone had any code that gives the effect of some 7.0 templates, where the store page shows the product images, and when you hover over them you get the product details (name+price). An example of the type of thing I want to achieve is on cheyennebarton.com Also, sorry if this has already been asked & answered, I searched for a while yesterday but found nothing! (sidenote isn't it annoying that this is something you could've done on 7.0 but there's no functionality like it in 7.1? maybe I'm the only one who
  13. Site URL: https://imicrobes.com/press I'm looking to figure out how to disable the links on the thumbnails. When its clicked it goes to the blog post within the squarespace website. Ideally I would like it to go to the link that is the same as the source url however that seems more difficult.
  14. Site URL: https://collie-oriole-x7fl.squarespace.com/ I want the header to be transparent on the home page because there's an image in the first block that fits well with the design. However, the header styles are applied universally across the whole website making the site look more bland. Thank you, help is very much appreciated!
  15. Site URL: https://www.cboothandson.co.uk/ Hello I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue. I want to insert some CSS that will stack the different 'category navigation' links at the top of a product page on top of one another when viewing a product page on mobile devices. At the moment customers have to scroll along the 'category navigation bar' to find the category they are looking for. There is no indicator for the customer either, so unless they know this is how this site works they will miss a number of the categories. I have attached a screenshot below of how
  16. Site URL: https://www.bookythings.me/ site: https://www.bookythings.me/ password: booky Hi! Can someone help me move the Submit button from the newsletter block so it's on the same line as the Email field? See screenshot below: Thank you!!
  17. Site URL: https://www.frillup.ch/ I am trying to add Zoom-in action for my product images. It doesn't seem to work. Can anyone please help me? https://www.frillup.ch/shop/p/pashmina-80-cashmere-double-color-w6xds-8we8g-sl54w-648fc-7wzsd-enw7r-e5493-mc6l2-fwd7k
  18. Site URL: https://rcaarc2021.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I am creating a multilingual site (English, French) and have read that having 2 different footers is possible using CSS and maybe Javascript to hide Lang 1 when user is on Lang 2. I am using Brine and on 7.0. Can someone help me out here? Site pw rcaarc2021 Thank you!
  19. Site URL: https://football-bloggers.com/authors Images that should have been lined up horizontally will be forcibly resized and lined up vertically when the screen gets smaller. How do I get four images in parallel, even on mobile? The template is WAV. The video is attached for reference. squarespace.mov
  20. Is it possible to use CSS or other coding to turn on the ability for users to pinch-to-zoom on images in Lightbox view on mobile devices? (It would have to be the usual zoom in/out gestures, in Lightbox mode, on a Gallery Page.) I don't understand why Squarespace still doesn't allow this. Every other website and gallery maker I know of does it, as it's a hugely useful feature for photography and art given how small mobile screens are. Thank you!
  21. Site URL: https://counselingplace.org/ Hello, Our agency sends out newsletters through Constant Contact. I'm trying to find a way to have a new subscriber email submitted through our Squarespace website forwarded to our Constant contact email list. I tried to insert the code below in the Custom CSS under the Design tab but it didn't work. Should I place the code elsewhere? Is there a different code to use? <!-- Begin Constant Contact Active Forms --> <script> var _ctct_m = "c49b46fbc2c14cd55eabc265afa697dc"; </script> <script id="signupScript" src="/
  22. Site URL: https://isabela.design Hi I uploaded two custom fonts on my site, Manolete & Helmet. Both are ttf files I have a Mac & when I run Squarespace on Chrome, the fonts look fine but when I'm on Safari only Helmet shows up. Helmet is also the only font that shows up on mobile (I tried both Chrome & Safari on an iPhone iOS 14.4.2). I read that I should also include other source files as well but I added the src url for woff/woff2/eot, etc. for Manolete and none of those changed anything, also skeptical because both fonts I used are ttf files so maybe it's
  23. Site URL: https://www.likemindedproductions.co.uk/podcast/archive Hi, Having some issues adding a colour to the background header of my blog post pages. The blog page is fine (https://www.likemindedproductions.co.uk/podcast/archive) but when you go to a post: (https://www.likemindedproductions.co.uk/podcast/archive/season2/grief-holiblobs-clown-episode-10) there is no background. Any help greatly appreciated. All the best, Andrew
  24. Site URL: https://www.skalarsystems.com/en/home Hi there, I have designed a website with different category options in the menu bar. Under some of the categories, there are sub categories. Problem: With the desktop view, all the categories display. On mobile however, only one of the subcategories from each category displays. Does anyone know how to resolve this?
  25. Site URL: https://martifosteryoga.com/prenatal I am trying to have a schedule button on mobile only at the top of every page. I can't seem to get the button that is the header to appear on mobile, so I have added a section below the header that has a button. I want this section to only appear on mobile. I have tried this on one page (https://martifosteryoga.com/prenatal) , which does what I need, but then messes up the desktop view by eliminating some of the section below it. @media screen and (min-width:767px) { [data-section-id="6047a5919976e42da7b47e4b"] { display: none;
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