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  1. Hey tuanphan! I just dropped this code in and it worked to make my blog post titles smaller, the only issue is that the spacing is now pretty big, is there a way to keep that font size, but close up the spacing? URL: https://www.earthexplored.co.uk/explore-more-deals Password: 123456 Reference image attached, with red boxes to show the gaps I'd like to close up! Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone! Is it possible to increase the maximum number of Blog Posts shown on a page to more than 20? I want to use the Categories + Tags filtering systems to showcase holiday deals through my Squarespace website, the whole filtering system will only work if I can include all the deals on one page (around 70 in total). Here's the URL for reference: https://www.earthexplored.co.uk/blog Password: 123456 Is this possible using the blog format (or any other on Squarespace?) Would really appreciate any help or support 🙏 As an aside, I'm getting super frustrated with some of the arbitrary restrictions on Squarespace, everytime I find a solution to a problem, I discover some other random restriction that puts me back to square one. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks!
  3. Hi tuanphan, Thanks for looking at this- you're totally correct they were Primary Buttons. I have changed a few to Tertiary buttons now. I'm still not totally happy with the layout, is there a way through custom code to give me more control over button size? Thanks!
  4. I would be happy to use just a gallery and then contain the deal info on standalone pages (linked through the images), if that would give me the filter functionality. Could that be a bit of a workaround? (if there is a way to add filters to gallery blocks that is). Thanks !
  5. Ahh sorry! Of course! https://www.earthexplored.co.uk/weekly-top-10-deals-test Thanks soo much for taking a look 😄
  6. Sorry I didnt get a notification of your response! Certainly! Check out this page- https://www.earthexplored.co.uk/weekly-top-10-deals-test I have multiple pages like this all of which I would want the same functionality. Temp Password: 123456 Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone, I hope you're all good? I'm a little bit stuck and I'm not sure how best to format my website. Essentially its a travel deals page where I want to link out to awesome flight and hotel deals! The site URL page gives you a flavour of what I mean (as does the screen grab video attached). I'm looking for a way where I can add multiple filter options to these pages, so members can filter by a few different variables (Departure Airport, Destination Country, Style of Trip- Budget/Luxury etc). So rather than having individual pages based on category (what I have now) I can have one page, with all deals, which can then be filtered by users. When the user finds the deal they want, they would click 'Learn More' and be taken to a page with more information about the deal. I'd ideally have two of these pages. One for 'Free Members' and one for 'Premium Members', with the latter having loads more deals to filter through (maybe 50-60 deals!). Is something like this possible? If so I'd be soo grateful for any pointers, or any Custom CSS I could use to make this happen 🙏 If you're a travel lover, happy to give a free premium membership to the site when its launched as a thank-you! Thanks! Mark Screen Recording 2023-03-17 at 13.00.29.mov
  8. Hey Everyone! New to Squarespace and I'm loving working on my website (I can't wait to launch!). There is only one issue I'm facing, I want to make the Tertiary Buttons specifically smaller, both in width and height. I spoke to support and they said this is only possible through Custom CSS... Does anyone know if this is possible and what the code may be? Thanks in advance! Mark
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