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  1. Site URL: https://www.touchofgingerrecipes.com/ I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but the reviews on the recipes on my website are not showing up on google search. I have attached a picture of what one of my recipes comes up like on google search. Mine is the first recipe pictured that says "no reviews." But, it does have a review (I use a powr plugin). Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Some websites are set up so that if you copy some text from their site, it adds a link to their site when you paste it. Does anyone know a way to achieve this in Squarespace? For someone with little to no coding skills (ideally a simple script or code snippet they can add to their site customisation). NOTE: I am aware that it not possible to completely stop people copying content, so please do not explain how people can just take a screenshot etc. My objective is to add whatever deterrents I can even if it won't solve it completely. I found an article about a script called Copy-Magi
  3. Site URL: https://www.charliefollows.com Hello, I am trying to embed Vimeo videos onto a page but the script is disabled. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Hi, hope someone can help me out. I have a script with an icon which I want to embed on top of textblock. I want to use the <embed> function using this code: <script src="https://cdn.lordicon.com//libs/frhvbuzj/lord-icon-2.0.2.js"></script> <lord-icon src="https://cdn.lordicon.com//nocovwne.json" trigger="loop" colors="primary:#121331,secondary:#b4b4b4" style="width:50px;height:50px"> </lord-icon> How can I align this icon in the centre of the block? It is now aligned to the left. Thank you in advance
  5. Hey everyone! I'm currently trying to add an HTML/JavaScript code block that allows a page to make API calls/HTTP requests. I've attached a simple HTML file screenshot with all the code I'm trying to add to the code block. This HTML file, when opened on chrome, successfully queries the API using JavaScript 'fetch' and receives a response which is added to a table and displayed in HTML. Unfortunately when copied on the Squarespace code block, I get a script disabled message on the editing page and then a fetch failed when viewing the page normally. Any help would be greatly apprec
  6. Site URL: https://www.livewireradio.org/events/20200121 I'm trying to add scripted Eventbrite ticket sales buttons to our events and would like to style them the same as the buttons already on our site but can't figure out how to do it. I'm hoping I can either use a squarespace button and have it run the script below from Eventbrite, or format the button the Eventbrite code generates to the look the same as the others. Password for site: SSForum The first button is the standard squarespace button with a link. The second button is a scripted button using the code below from
  7. Site URL: https://harveys-furniture.com Greetings, Searching for a solution to embedding a script provided to me from a client working with Simpl.fi that tracks their Facebook Pixel. I have informed them that Squarespace can implement their Facebook Pixel however they prefer to use their pre-existing service. I have added the script to the <head> section within sitewide Code Injection but I cannot use the Chrome extension provided by FB to since it's obfuscated within the script. Is this the proper place to add the script and how can I be certain it's firing correctly, thank
  8. Here's the problem scenario. We are holding an election for my organization. We cannot do it in person. I plan to create a form where people can vote for nine candidates maximum. I would like to know if it is possible to add a script to a form that counts the number of check boxes checked and kicks the form back when it exceeds nine boxes checked, directing voters with an error message that informs them of the voting error. I'm also looking for info on how to implement it. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: http://prwomeninbusiness.squarespace.com Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read. I'm trying to imbed a countdown timer widget into my page. I've followed all the instructions and read a lot of forums to see why I'm getting a script disabled code. I am a complete novice at this so go gentle with me :) Here's what I've tried based on other forums: -Logging out, viewing the page from an incognito tab -Disabling Ajax, that doesn't apply because Ajax isn't used with 7.1 versions of squarespace -Triple checking I've copied the code correctly I've attached screen
  10. Hey there! I'm currently finishing a website that was started by another user -- it hasn't been published yet. The site is mostly stock, built using one of Squarespace's templates. As far as I can tell, there is only one piece of embedded custom code which is for CanadaHelps' donation form. The code for the form is directly from CanadaHelps (and is currently working on our old website). Sometimes I can see the form in development and everything looks OK, other times I'll be working on the site and there will be an error message where the code is inserted. When I edit the page, there
  11. Site URL: https://fccsaintpaul.org/newsletter I'm trying to find a way for script to appear on my site. I don't seem to have the ajax loading option to turn off. Any ideas?
  12. Site URL: https://geckovacations.squarespace.com/ Password: 12345 on the Home Page there is some code for a property search widget. It doesn't show up when the site is live nor in edit mode in Squarespace 7.0 but works fine when I tested it on a 7.1 template. Attached is the error shown. Can anybody please tell me exactly what to do? I am not a coding expert.
  13. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well, I'm encountering a peculiar issue with the Editor. I've inserted a code block with a few lines of jQuery that dynamically hide a couple of sections on my homepage. I've deliberately put this script in a code block and not as code injection, so that the Editor would disable it while I'm working on the site. But Squarespace inconveniently loads the script when I'm in the Editor instead of showing me the Safe Mode notification -_- Do you know how to prevent this from happening? Cheers, Marina ✨
  14. Site URL: https://kirklandcapitalgroup.com/blog/kirkland-capital-group-approved-as-a-verivest-verified-sponsor I have a script to add a lead capture horizontal bar at the bottom of a page. This is generated from a lead magnet service, beacon.by. <script async src="https://beacon.by/leadcapture/embed/62782234ac9019d5"></script> I have it showing with success via the page header code injection on this normal page on my site. However, I have added the same script code to the Post Blog Item Code Injection and it does not show up on the blog post pages such as this one. Ad
  15. Site URL: https://www.dazeddigital.com/beauty Hi! I've recently started discovering the options Squarespace offers for site customization, but was left without answers on this question. Is it possible to create a Floating/Scrolling Logo, like the one the Dazed Beauty site has? If so, how would you/should I go about it? I appreciate the answers!
  16. Site URL: http://buffalobiketours.com Hoping to get some help here -- the images on my blog posts keep disappearing. Some background: I recently purchased a Squarepaste plug-in code for my site to create a timeline effect. It requires I place the images in a Quote block. It will work for a day or so but the images then disappear and display as broken links. See this example: https://www.buffalobiketours.com/black-history-buffalo/1 The timeline in halfway down the page. Any suggestions? I can share the code for the plugin if that helps. Thank you!!
  17. Site URL: https://remitaniel.squarespace.com/ Hello! I am trying to add custom CSS and JavaScript to a page of my website. I am using the template Dario 7.1 (unable to turn off Ajax loading in the Design > Site styles). If I add a <script> tag into an HTML code block of my page, "Script disabled" appear in the Edit mode. On View mode, the script does nothing. If I add the script within a <script> tag into the site footer (Settings > Advanced > Code injection > Footer), the script content seems to not be executed, in Edit and View mode. If I add t
  18. In the Page Settings / Advanced for a single page, I'm trying to embed a form from JotForm and also turn off the menu bar at the top of the page. I can make one or the other work, but not both at the same time. How would I go about include a CSS <style> and javascript <script> so both work? Thanks....
  19. Site URL: https://jsartistry.squarespace.com/ Heya, I'm trying to add Timely scheduling javascript (i think) to a booking button in the navigation of this website. Basically, I want customers to be able to book their appointment thru the timely platform within my site and i want them to access it thru the navigation button. Thank you 🙂 The code that Timely gave for me to embed a link to the site is below. But I'm not sure how I can relate this to the button. HEADER: <script id="timelyScript" src="//book.gettimely.com/widget/book-button-v1.5.js"></scrip
  20. Site URL: https://www.andreasbenckert.com/clei I've had to alter the size of the Gallery-Reel, because I felt it was to large, even after setting it to minimum 30. I ended up solving it by writing a custom CSS, which is: .gallery-reel-wrapper { height:50%; } @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .gallery-reel-wrapper { height:100%; } Problem now is that I get 50% padding under the Gallery-Reel on larger screens. Is there a cleaner way to writing the code or can I add another line to remove it? Appreciate all the help 🙂
  21. Site URL: http://www.hidearvirgule.com Hello guys, I'm from France, may I ask for your help: I want to make a page where I can generate some random words/ pictures clicking on a button. Is that possible with javascript, and if so, how can I incorporate it in Squarespace page ? Thank you so much for reading me, have a good night Flo
  22. On the front page of Squarespace, there is animated text at the moment: Make it beautiful.Make it loud.Make it tasteful.etc. etc. What's the simplest way to do something similar on my own website? Is it done with js or css or something else? Thanks for your answers.
  23. Site URL: http://www.flyingcircusparis.com Hi, I want to use product blocks on my site instead of product pages, however i can't find a way to add linebreaks in the titles. Is there a script that can turn the " | " into linebreaks for those elements? or any other way! That would help me lots because on mobile it looks really long. thank you so much
  24. Site URL: http://www.flyingcircusparis.com Hello, i would like to show the quick view window on mobile. And on another note, add line breaks on product blocks titles, does anyone has the secret to this? Thanks for the help Camille
  25. Hello, I'm trying to inject a piece of Javascript code in to a page that has a form. What I want is to run the Javascript code with an XMLHttpRequest and wait for a response (onloadend) and then continue with the form post to the Squarespace servers. I can pause the execution of the form post, but I don't know how to resume it! I've tried things like: document.getElementsByClassName(the button class)[0].click() and document.querySelector('[data-form-id="<form id>"]').submit() They give 403 Forbidden How would I do it? Thanks!
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