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  1. Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to edit the comment pop up page. i am interested in adding a checkbox to have the option to subscribe to newsletter. Or something like that. Use the email they submit for the comments itself. Is it possible? Thanks
  2. Hi I have recently started using archons with #example as HTML link - linking to <p id="example"></p> in the text to jump user to that section after click. When checked in google search console I am getting new warnings from those sites - AMP pages is not valid - pointing to those links “There is an invalid attribute or attribute value in the HTML tag.” . Is that something that should concern me? Will it impact my SEO? Thank you!
  3. What sometimes happens with the fluid engine on my home page is that the block section gets super long with empty space. You can see it there right now when you scroll little bit down. Is there a way to get rid of the blank space quickly? or with code? It always takes very long and I need to scroll and move it and scroll. Any ideas? Thanks. site: https://aboutphotography.blog/
  4. Hi, on my website https://aboutphotography.blog I am trying to display comment counts of blog posts on my homepage. Even though Squarespace offers native integration of Disques it still does not show comment count of blog posts. I was told I need to edit HTML code for disqus to make this work. But then I was told you can not edit HTML of quarespace. So I wondering if it is possible to make this work and if not is there a good alternative for commenting module that would show comment counts. Somehow my readers find it annoying you have to insert email address everytime you want to comment with squarespace.
  5. Hi, Right now my summary block on my home page have date and comments. Is there a way to add category as well? Thank you! https://aboutphotography.blog
  6. Hi, I am trying to hide my darkmode toggle on mobile on home page. I tried to modify this @media only screen and (max-width:676px){ #darkmodetoggle.botton-floating-fixed { display: none !important; } } into this @media only screen and (max-width:676px) {#collection-65c0a68371f15338b01c8988 #darkmodetoggle.botton-floating-fixed { display: none !important; }} But it just doesn't work. Could you help please? Thanks Site www.aboutphotography.blog
  7. www.aboutphotography is my website, but I dont have the block yet there. is it possible to get the code without the id so I can actually test it when I add the block? Thank you
  8. Is it possible to have a block on a side that sticks to the top while scrolling? I would like to have a block on a side of the page that would stop on the top of the screen when scrolling and lasts for the rest of the section. Is it possible?
  9. So I have this problem. When I edit my section and add summary block in list form, for some reason it creates so much of blank space under the contet and it stretches my sections far apart. Then I have to manually resize the summary block and then manually resize the section space. It is such a pain. A small edit in summary block is like 10 minutes of resizing work. Is there a way to to limit size of summary block to content displayed? Thanks
  10. Every now and then I visit my website from outside of admin and recently Avast started warning me again some files want to be downloaded. Which is weird. Can my site be infected somehow? https://aboutphotography.blog
  11. So for anyone wondering, I just used different sections and hid them ( )
  12. So I am also trying this code /* Tablet-Mobile-Home-Summary */ @media screen and (max-width:991px) { section[data-section-id="65c0ae38487ca123bde1eeec"] { a.summary-thumbnail-container.sqs-gallery-image-container { padding-left: 0 !important; } .summary-thumbnail-outer-container { width: 100% !important; float: none !important; margin-left: 0 !important; } .summary-content.sqs-gallery-meta-container { width: 100% !important; float: none !important; } } } but I am only getting to partially grid, just can not make the thumbnail full width. Thanks for any ideas 🙏
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