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  1. Hi, @tuanphan I never got any notifications on answers to this questions so apologies for the radio silence - it's a problem that got pushed to the back of the queue! The link to the page is: https://www.twigsbranchphotography.com/wedding-suppliers-in-shropshire I tried adding that before the code in custom css but it changed all images on that page back to square, not just the banner image? What are the problems with the drop down? Seems to work fine for me? Many thanks!
  2. Hi, can anyone help with a bit of coding for Mint template? I have already added coding to a single page to make all images circular but want the banner image as normal - is there a way to just have the banner image as standard (not in a circle/oval) and the rest of the images remain circular? I've added images to illustrate what I mean. Complete novice here so please bear with me! TIA
  3. @tuanphan Aah, just noticed the bit above the code! Will try in the Custom CSS now! Thanks!
  4. Thanks @tuanphan I copied that to the page header code injection but it didn't work? Have I done it wrong?
  5. Hey guys, can any one help with a bit of coding that will remove the page title on my blog landing page but leave it on all the individual blog posts? So in the image, I want to get rid of the word BLOG?When I use the following code it removes the title from all individual blog posts too, not just the landing page: We are using Mint (which I know is retired but I don't have time to deal with the fallout of a new template right now!).TIA!
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