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Found 25 results

  1. Hello. I'm trying to add CSS to display the full height of the banner image on this webpage. I'd also like to hide the Page Title background wrapper that is appearing as a white box in the top left corner of this page. This site is on the Marquee template and I am unable to update to Brine at the moment. https://www.theneighborhoodinitiative.org/layla-15
  2. Hello all! My client has the marquee template for her site and the drop down mobile menu doesn't work. How can I help resolve this?
  3. Site URL: http://www.arthurkorbielphotography.ca Hey! I want to add a call to action button/highlight button in my main navigation for the last link (Book Now) I've already tried a bunch of other css codes , however they don't seem to work for me. When I add the following code: .main-nav li:last-child a { background: #000; color: #fff !important; padding: 10px 20px !important; border-radius: 20px; } It does exactly what I'm looking for, except for one thing - It applies the look to the last item in of the navigation headings/drop-downs (See Screenshot). I want it only applied to the "Book Now" in the main navigation, not the menu items in the dropdown menus. My website is - www.arthurkorbielphotography.ca
  4. Hello Everyone, Looking to find the CSS to enlarge the size of the social media icons in the footer area. I've tried multiple CSS but have not quite gotten the right one. I'm hoping to enlarge the icons while keeping them centered. I'm using the Marquee template. Link is below and I'm grateful for any help. Thank you much! someguysgetit.com Cheers!
  5. I am wanting to experiment with the wave of the marquee feature. For example, I'd like to experiment with changing the start and end points of the wave, or try flipping it vertically. But I don't know what the ID is beyond .marquee Thought?
  6. Site URL: https://www.rumahkeduamedia.com/rkm-news Site URL: https://www.rumahkeduamedia.com/rkm-news Please help, my marquee text not running in mobile and desktop view, i use windows and open basically in google chrome/ firefox, and if i opene from mobile phone, i'm open using safari/chrome
  7. Site URL: https://www.wondersmithaudio.com/stmarys Hi everyone! I'm using the Alex & Sonny theme, which I believe is part of the Marquee group of themes. I want to hide the banner image and title just on this page: https://www.wondersmithaudio.com/stmarys Just to be clear, I want to hide the entire banner/title wrapper so that the main page content bumps up to the top, just below the navigation. Any help is much appreciated – thanks! -Jeremy
  8. Site URL: https://www.rumahkeduamedia.com/rkm-news Please help, my marquee text not running in mobile and desktop view
  9. Site URL: https://www.secretariatcenter.org/horses/sua-sorella I am trying to add a banner/background image to the footer of my template. The image is fine to display across all pages as the footer already does. I found this really neat hack on youtube but when i follow the steps to put it in the CSS coding area in squarespace it doesn't work nor does it work in the code injection or embed code options, Any thoughts? .Footer-blocks--top {background-image: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56dcd2e3b09f95353bb68496/t/62cdc052e1ac2e3eb1392604/1657651285358/Make+a+Difference.png'); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size:cover; width:120%; margin-left: -10%;} Link to the hack:
  10. With the Marquee template when you set up product categories (ex. Men's, Women's, Unisex) for an e-commerce shop, they appear at the bottom of the page right above the footer. So if you have say 50 products, the user has to scroll to the bottom to see what categories there are to filter the products. Is it possible to move this to the top of the page where it makes the most sense?
  11. Site URL: https://www.bodyandbraincoaching.co.uk/ Hi, I have used the new scrolling bar on the home page of this website. It's linked to a section at the bottom of the page. It works perfectly on desktop and Android mobiles, however it does not work using Apple safari on mobile. Do you know if there is a way to fix this so it will also scroll on mobile Safari? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://tympanus.net/codrops/2021/06/30/how-to-code-the-k72-marquee-hover-animation/ Hey guys! I have tried to follow the code on this attached website to make this marquee scrolling animation on codepen (https://codepen.io/madihasyed/pen/qBxBqGr) But I am not able to view the CSS elements properly, and I'm a complete newbie to Javascript so I have no idea how to import or attach the JS files to this code. Please let me know if there is something to be done from my side in order to achieve this effect! Thanks a TON ❤️
  13. Site URL: https://www.thelibertyproject.org/ Hey, I would like the "Hospitality // Food & Beverage // Wellness brands //" part to to be a horizonatally scrolling marquee text and play in an infinite loop instead of starting or ending at any one side. Please let me know how to go about this. Thanks a lot ❤️
  14. Site URL: https://www.bodyandbraincoaching.co.uk/ Hello, I am trying to close up this white gap on my home page. The marquee is on a section of its own as it has different coding to the image card. I would like the image card to be full screen and butting up to the marquee banner. Is this possible? or is there a way to get the image card full screen within the marquee banner section? password - Digbear1 Many thanks, Nicole
  15. Site URL: https://www.orinblissbrecht.com/ I'm trying to add a skinny, animated message marquee below my navigation. All the tutorials I've tried seem to work halfway or not at all. I'm very new to CSS. Could someone provide a step by step for a CSS novice? Thanks!
  16. Does anyone know how to make the announcement bar text scroll in marquee effect all on one line without any blank space after it ends? I want the text to endlessly repeat. See example here: https://www.atnndesign.com If anyone can drop some custom CSS for this design, that would make me very happy!
  17. Greetings ! I asked this question before when I was practicing to make webpage now im making original webpage for my studio and I need to add marquee effect of certain type but im unable to make that can anyone help me to make that kind of marquee. I add a example of both the marquee i want and where i want on my webpage.
  18. I want to add rotating marquee like this. Please anyone help me how to add this design rotating marquee.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm using the Alex template and I'd like to increase the width of the content areas. The banner areas are full screen but the page content is narrower. Did I miss the site width setting in the design styles? Is there css I can use? I've attached some screenshots of the design I'm trying to achieve from another template where I could control the site width. The active site I'm working on is https://igcalgary.com/home Thanks for your help.
  20. Site URL: http://www.yimthai.com.au/ I am using the Marquee template, and I have two "links" in my site navigation, which link to an external website in a new tab. It seems that my template automatically styles these links similar to a button, with a background colour behind them, and a smaller font. However, I can't find how I can change the styling of these links. I have searched the Design > Site Styles, and in the navigation there are only options to style the "page" navigation items, not the "links". Any help would be much appreciated – surely this can be done through the Squarespace interface. Thank you in advance
  21. So I have my logo top center at 500px and underneath it, centered, is my navigation bar. I would like to be able to scroll down, past the logo and then lock my navigation bar (along with the header color background) to the top of the screen so it's always there, across the whole site. I haven't yet found a custom css code that does all that. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I've uploaded two screenshots. The first representing the before, with the logo, and the second being the after, once you've scrolled down and the nav bar locks into place at the top. Thank you!!!!
  22. Hi there! Just wondering if anyone could help in regards to making a collapsible "click to reveal" type of text on this page for the text that isn't in bold font. Just to make the page less cluttered: http://www.malamoonphoto.com.au/pricing-packages/#sessions Thanks, I appreciate your time, Suz :)
  23. Site URL: https://doctorverena.com/blog-1/2020/2/3/grass-fed-grass-finished-grain-fed-or-organic-meat Hi, Can someone please help me with some CSS for changing the font size of the blog title and the author and date on a blog page in the Marquee template? I'm not sure how to target these areas. https://doctorverena.com/blog-1/2020/2/3/grass-fed-grass-finished-grain-fed-or-organic-meat Thanks!
  24. Site URL: http://www.nomadistmoon.com Hello, Basically my blog posts revolve around 5 main themes (wedding, couples, food, travel and real estate). I already added the choice to view the posts of only one category in the main menu but I would also like to add that choice while on the Blog page (in its header or main page) but unfortunately, that theme doesnt let you edit anything in the blog page. Any idea or code that could help ? thanks a lot !
  25. Looking to increase the size of the scroll arrow that shows up on the Index Page when using a Marquee template.
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