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  1. Site URL: https://tbdwebsite.squarespace.com/ hey guys! trying to reduce the space between dropdown links in my menu. see photo attached! is there any CSS to move the items closer together?
  2. Site URL: https://trombone-disc-lhma.squarespace.com/config/ I am helping someone configure her page before it goes live... We're still in the building stage. I've noticed her Home Page menu is way too cluttered. I've seen how easy it is to use the Pages location to create folders for dropdown menu. When I open the pages folder... the plus sign on the top right of the pages window (Main Navigation) will not display the plus sign to add a folder. * * * I have no idea what plan she is using. Is there a limitation on the use of dropdown menus by the plan purchased OR perhaps the use of page templates? I'm familiar with other basic items of entry and manipulation... but this one has me stumped. * * * IF the use of templates limits the use of dropdowns ... will it also restrict the replacement of images and backgrounds as well? It also appears I cannot replace any template images. * * * Thanks for any assistance. * * * Until that time...
  3. Site URL: https://evolutionboulders.com I can't figure out why I have no visible menu icon on mobile. I've tried making my logo smaller on mobile view, changing the orientation of the header layout, and adjusting the menu overlay options and nothing has worked. The menu icon/burger doesn't show on mobile preview when I'm working on my desktop either. Any ideas?
  4. Hey, I'm trying to adjust width of the dropdown options in my menu. Is there a way to make each option "responsive" to the length of the copy? Examples attached. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I'm building my site in 7.1 (mainly to get to grips with using it) and I've come across one problem I can't seem to fix. The dropdown navigation has white text & a white background(image attached) My header colour palette is yellow, whereas the main website has a white background, I'm wondering if this is part of the problem. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can find any workaround for me. Site is here: https://hexaflexagon-star-bh8p.squarespace.comPasword: 123123
  6. Hello, I'm trying to add an accordion/dropdown to a website (it's still in trial at the moment so can't share web link). It is going to be used on a page showing the team of a company, so within each entry it also needs to include a picture of them. I have used the standard markdown used for an accordion, which by itself (without an image in it) works fine. I have then used an HTML image reference within it, and when it does this, only the first name appears. And when it is opened/clicked, the next name then appears below it (and so forth). But then when you close the top name, they all disappear (apart from the top one). I have also tried created an animated collapsible using HTML, CSS and Java (https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_collapsible.asp). This code was copied exactly, using a code block for the HTML, adding the CSS into the custom CSS, and adding the Javascript into the page specific code injection. The list options are created, but don't actually open when clicked on. If anyone can provide any insight into how to get either of these solutions to work that would be greatly appreciated. Screenshots are attached for reference. To confirm, I'm using the Henson template. Many thanks, James
  7. Hi there, Our business has been threatened with a lawsuit unless we upgrade our website to W3C standards for ADA compliance. I have managed to make all of the fixes required thus far via my limited coding skills or work arounds. I also downloaded a great (and free!) accessibility widget that seems to offer a lot of nice functionality. However, the dropdown menus in my product pages still can not be read by an e-reader and I can not figure out how or where to add custom code to modify them. I have found the code required but despite having gone into developer mode, I don't see where to inject this code in order to modify the drop downs and make them compliant. Has anyone else done this or can they point me to the right place? Or is this simply not doable on the Squarespace platform? Any thoughts or advice are welcome.
  8. Hi all. New to squarespace. Not sure if this is the best place to pay. Essentially I am trying to find a way to: 1. Decrease the font size in the drop down menu in mobile view 2. decrease the size of the drop down menu 3. change the colour of the dropdown menu. Thank you. Togger.
  9. Site URL: https://www.supercatalystlab.com/shop/p/e-01-wallet Hi there! I wish to move dropdown from additional info to under main product information, Feature & Spec tab is using markdown in the additional info section. There isn't any markdown option in the main product information box, so I kept it in the additional info section. The code I used for dropdown is below. <!-- Dropdown Accordion Code --> </script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3').addClass('ui-closed').css('cursor','pointer'); $(".markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3").nextUntil("h3").slideToggle(); $(".markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3").click(function() { $(this).nextUntil("h3").slideToggle(); $(this).toggleClass('ui-closed ui-open'); }); }); </script>
  10. Site URL: https://www.onlyrural.co.uk/ Hi there! I have inserted css to rotate active menu items so they are upside down to create a subtle effect, but when I'm on any individual page in the drop down folder, all navigation links in the folder are rotated meaning they are all upside down and pretty unreadable. I would love this only to effect the active page within the folder. Even if the folder button itself (Projects) is upside down and then the single active page in that folder also, that'd be fine.. Hoping anyone can help.. Thanks! Here's the code I've entered: /* Nav item active transform */ .header-nav-item--active a { transform: rotateZ(180deg) !important; }
  11. Site URL: https://www.sumofeight.com/ We are trying to move the drop down menu headings on the side panel of the mobile site higher up. Right now they are in the middle of the page. Does anyone know some coding to do this?
  12. Site URL: https://scarlet-parrotfish-ntsp.squarespace.com/ My client wants a sticky navigation bar at the top of their site-using the Stella template. I don't have experience with code but I found this code on another blog: .Header, .Mobile { width: 100%; /* for IE and Edge */ position: fixed; /* for IE and Edge */ position: -webkit-sticky; /* For Safari 6.1+ */ position: sticky; /* Latest browsers */ top: 0; z-index: 4; } When I tried that my drop down menus for each of tabs were no longer available. Like I could see them but then I couldn't get the mouse to click on them because the navigation bar was "stuck" and would be in the way I guess?? Not sure if anyone has had this issue or not?
  13. Site URL: https://forte-demo.squarespace.com/ Hi, this is my first post so be gentle 😊 There are a couple of features that I would like to add from this Squarespace template: https://forte-demo.squarespace.com/ to my own webpage on here. I'd like to make the dropdown menu for "projects" positioned lower and with a small arrow/triangle at the top (I've attached a picture of the menu). Also, I'd like to know how to style the dropdown menu - is this an option on Squarespace? For example, how do I position the list on the left-hand side, rather than the right? This is how mine looks at the moment: I would also like the effect of when you mouseover the top menu, the opacity of the mask covering the image fades in. Thanks so much for your help!! Tomm
  14. Hi all. New to squarespace. Not sure if this is the best place to pay. Essentially I am trying to find a way to: 1. Decrease the font size in the drop down menu in mobile view 2. decrease the size of the drop down menu 3. change the colour of the dropdown menu. Thank you. Togger.
  15. Site URL: http://www.thesupremecollective.co.uk Hi everyone! I'm so hoping someone will be able to help me. I've scoured these forums and also the the web and feel like I'm getting closer but still no joy as of yet! I wanted a minimalist look for my navigation menu, so I've put all my nav links in a folder - this works great on desktop. However when on mobile, I don't like that you click the burger icon and then you have to go and click 'Menu' (which is what I've named my parent folder) to get the list of links. I'd rather those links just be there straight away. I believe the key is in setting aria-expanded to true. I'm a beginner coder (at best! ha!) Any help would be much appreciated. I've put this in Design> Custom CSS: // Trying to make the mobile menu automatically show as dropped down - doesn't work! // #mobileNav .folder-parent a { aria-haspopup: "false" !important; aria-expanded: "true" !important; } I'm on squarespace 7.0 Marquee. Website is www.thesupremecollective.co.uk Thank you everyone in advance. x
  16. Hi! Is there any way to remove the "Select" text on the Product Variant Dropdown, so that it only say "Farve" and "Motiv"? Thanks in advances!
  17. Site URL: https://wedge-blue-j2fz.squarespace.com Can anyone tell me how to decrease the size of the font in the dropdown menu of my site's header. Right now the dropdown font is the same size as the primary menu item. I'd prefer that is would be slightly smaller. Is that possible? Is it possible to change the color of the dropdown menu's text? Thank you.
  18. Site URL: http://www.gastingerwalker.com/ currently our drop down menu is a column that feels intrusive an bulky. I would like it to be a row - see mock up image attached
  19. Site URL: https://www.xystema.com/pricing/#page-section-61a215ff3b53df1223d55072 Hi, I am trying to create an html combobox with my code below. I am having difficulty to effect the "Select" scriptβ€”it is not working. Could anyone help me figure out what I was missing in the code? I am sure there is... Website link: https://www.xystema.com/pricing/#page-section-61a215ff3b53df1223d55072 Password: 030774 <div class="industrial"> <select class="industry" id="industry"> <option value="fixer">fixer</option> <option value="booster">booster</option> </select> </div> <script> $('.fixer').ready(function() { $('#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1638012322305_113084').show(); $('#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1638012322305_166770').hide(); }); $('.fixer').select(function() { $('#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1638012322305_113084').show(); $('#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1638012322305_166770').hide(); }); $('.booster').select(function() { $('#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1638012322305_113084').hide(); $('#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1638012322305_166770').show(); }); </script> <script src='https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.1/jquery.min.js'></script> <style> .industrial{text-align:center;border-radius:6px;width:185px;display:flex;flex-flow:row wrap;align-items:center;margin:auto;box-sizing:border-box;padding-bottom:35px} .industry{font-family:Lato;font-weight:400;font-style:normal;font-size:.7rem;text-align:center;letter-spacing:0.0em;vertical-align:middle;width:50%;height:35px;} </style>
  20. I'm working on creating a site for a business with the tremont template. The navigation bar needs to have dropdown menus but the template has click to dropdown built in - is there a way I can change this to hover?
  21. Site URL: http://www.innervisionpilates.com Hi, I would like to create a drop down menu that when you log in through your "members area" in the primary navigation a new menu will pop up with all different areas to go to but im not sure if this is possible to do yet??
  22. Site URL: https://www.sumofeight.com/ So I am trying to add a space between the 'all styles' drop down link and 'shop clothing system' heading. Every time i use code it seems to add spacing between the drop down menu headings as well, which i don't want. Can anyone help me? I want to add about double what is there now.
  23. Site URL: https://www.agirlaftermyownheart.co.uk/home Hi all, I really need your help. When my dropdown mobile menu is open, the area where my logo is seems disconnected from it. When scrolling, it brings up all the content underneath. It appears as if the mobile menu is not fully covering the page or something? I cannot find any css on this. Desktop is fine, just mobile.
  24. Site URL: https://www.noiristhenewnoir.com/contact Hello, I'm trying to find out how to make the drop down menu on my navigation transparent or translucent rather than a black box. Can anyone other any assistance?
  25. Site URL: https://dodecahedron-orchid-lh4b.squarespace.com/home Hi, if I disable header on the home/landing page, is there a way for me to create the sort of drop down menu I have there just now with custom css? I would like to use a fully featured header on the rest of the page and I can't find any way of doing this while having a clean landing page. Also, is there a way to pin the dropdown menu all the way to the right side of the page? the site is: https://dodecahedron-orchid-lh4b.squarespace.com/home PWD: PleaseHelp Thanks a lot!
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