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  1. Site URL: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/build-your-trip Hello, I have coded accordions for my website and they seem to work for some people and not others. I've been able to recreate the issue where the accordions don't open on google chrome and mobile view via google chrome. I'm not seeing any particular errors in the console that is pointing to this issue. Could anyone see if they are able to recreate this issue in chrome or if they are able to help? https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/build-your-trip Password: "SuperTrip"
  2. Site URL: https://www.jimmyness.com/ Hi there, I'm trying to add a tagline under my name on my cover page in Bedford but you can't do this without using CSS. I'd like this to display in both mobile and on computer. Any help would be amazing. I saw @tuanphan answer a topic on this previously in 2020, but the code for me just displays broken at the top of my page so I couldn't quite get it working. Thank you!
  3. Site URL: https://www.madisonpapp.com/ Hi! I am working within a new template (going beyond the landing page on my website)... I am trying to upload some custom fonts using CSS and it is not working... any ideas? The font on H1 is Roboto and is not shifting to Reey with the code below @font-face { font-family: 'Reey-Regular'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c364fe0cc8feda148eb5ce4/t/61686a3101db57695436dde4/1634232882067/Reey-Regular.otf), url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c364fe0cc8feda148eb5ce4/t/6168707da89e9254156cb854/1634234493849/Reey-Regular.woff), url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c364fe0cc8feda148eb5ce4/t/61687086bbcf2c04c957eb55/1634234502377/Reey-Regular.woff2); } h1{ font-family: 'Reey-Regular'; }
  4. Hi all, is there a way I can get the product tally / count to show up on my store page? To be next to the title category and/or next to the individual categories in the cat bar.... Thanks in advance. Lana
  5. Site URL: https://earthworm-kumquat-252r.squarespace.com/config/settings/site-visibility img { border: 1px solid black; } Password is : cuba.pak1234 Im getting this error.
  6. Site URL: https://www.xystema.com/ I have a logos on my website arranged horizontally but when I check on mobile screen it creates a 1-column only as shown below. I would like to have a 2-columns logos on mobile screen. How would I do that? Thank you and I will appreciate any help. The site password is 0612.
  7. Site URL: https://www.xystema.com/ From the images (wide and mobile screen) attached here, I'd like the following fixes: Align the name text centered vertically on both wide and mobile screen. Move the name text on the right side of the image on mobile screen same as with the wide screen. The site password is 0612. I will appreciate any help here.
  8. Site URL: http://www.stuckonitnow.com hello out there internetland i enjoy ths current navbar design im using niw, but it doesnt have deviders between each heading yet. i have a code snippet from a reply on the sams subject. but the asker had different code to work with then i do. ill send you the snippet. maybe that ccan help. squarespace wont accept my url so ill post it here if thats ok. its cannon-ball.000webhostapp.com/index.html
  9. Site URL: https://www.xystema.com/ Hello, I have a partner logo section and on the desktop it is in one row but on the mobile phone the entire row is aligned in one column. What I want is to create 2 or 3 columns instead. How would I do that? I have attached here screenshot of my actual case and my desire one. I will appreciate any help. Ciodensky
  10. Site URL: https://www.kairastudios.com/ Is there a way to change the text on the default JOIN Button on the Members Area access denied screen? We have found code on how to HIDE that button, and currently have a link in the access denied decription but we prefer the look of the button and need it to say BUY NOW instead of JOIN US
  11. Site URL: http://lolascottart.com/test Hello! I have no experience in CSS but I've been finding some code via web searches to customize my site. My goal: I'd like to see a caption when hovering over an image, and be able to click on the image to visit a full gallery. My issue: the code I have allows a capion on hover, but then the click through link stops working. I do not want just the text to be hyperlinked, but rather. the whole image should be clickable. This is the page I am working on: http://lolascottart.com/test This is code I have gotten from various google searches and youtube videos. /* enable click */ body#collection-5fcaa11867453b32ebba7c40 figcaption.image-caption-wrapper { pointer-events: none; } //-- make the overlay transparent, and cover the image .layout-caption-overlay-hover .image-caption-wrapper {background:transparent!important; min-height:100%; top:0!important;} //--change the color of the text .layout-caption-overlay-hover .image-caption-wrapper h1, .layout-caption-overlay-hover .image-caption-wrapper p{color: #ffffff!important;} .image-caption { position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%,-50%); } .sqs-block.image-block .image-caption-wrapper p{ font-size: 16px !important;} .sqs-block-image .image-caption p { font-size: 16px; font-weight: 100 !important; font-style: normal; color: #ffffff; line-height: 0.00em;} .image-caption-wrapper { overflow: hidden !important; } .image-caption-wrapper { overflow: hidden !important; } .image-caption a { display: block; padding: 100em; margin: -100em; } I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  12. How do I remove the dash in front of the blockquote source? Thanks
  13. Site URL: https://earthworm-kumquat-252r.squarespace.com/config/settings I want to create my one section looks like this can anyone help me please .I don't know css as im not programmer please help me with this how i can make this section. My first question is to make section same as picture like in between the photo with background color and typography. My second question is to how to make that static marquee same as i provide in image of header.I don't want animation just to make static marquee. PASSWORD of my site is : cuba.pak1234
  14. Site URL: http://harp-nonagon-xem5.squarespace.com Hey I've been trying to figure out a custom code for my gallery but haven't had any success. I want to add an overlay to the left and right images in my gallery so that the middle image stands out. I don't know if this can be achieved by setting padding parameters for the overlay or opacity so the overlay/opacity doesn't cover the middle image, or if there's a way to just overlay the left and right images so that when you scroll through the gallery the middle image is still overlay free. GoDaddy has this option available and I want to carry it over to my Squarespace account. The first image is what I have currently and the second image is what I would like it to look like.
  15. When adding a new section to my website - how can I use custom CSS to make the section smaller in height than the squarespace minimum height? An example of the look I am trying to achieve is attached. Please see the part in the green circle.
  16. Site URL: https://marketingrecruitment.digital/services Hey all, I'm looking to create a responsive grid layout for a services section on my website. Right now it looks pretty good, however, I'd like to be able to adjust two things: 1) Keep the height of each image block in the row the same height regardless of the amount of text. 2) As screen size shrinks, instead of going from 3 columns to one, it should go from 3 to 2 to 1. Here's the existing code I have for the image blocks. section[data-section-id="6166c23546b0db43ac0138d0"] .sqs-block-image { background-color: white; border-radius:10px; box-sizing: border-box; margin: 5%; padding: 30px; } @tuanphan I've been seeing your name everywhere. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  17. Site URL: http://www.andreaaronica.com Hello everyone, what I'm trying to do is a animated underline hover effect under the pages on my header (squarespace 7.1). The password for my website is: almostready I managed to use this code in my CSS: nav a::after { border-bottom: 1.5px solid #000000; content: ''; display: block; position: relative; top: 0.5px; /* Change the vertical position of the underline */ transition: width 0.35s; width: 0%; } nav a:hover::after, nav .current-menu-item a::after { width: 100%; } And it works just fine even though it takes the page titles slightly up. Not a big deal (But if I can fix also that it would be great). The real problem is with the mobile version. The underline is too wide and it doesn't underline just the text but also the social buttons and the button. The code I used for mobile is: @media (max-width: 979px){ nav a::after { top: 0px; /* Change the vertical position of the underline */ } } but it does absolutely nothing, actually it messes up the desktop version. I really tried every kind of css code I could find but I'm totally stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  18. Site URL: https://mmschristy.squarespace.com/ Hey! In 7.1 I've added two text blocks side-by-side on the footer of a website. On desktop it looks great, but on mobile the blocks stack on top of each other. How do I make them keep their columns? website: https://mmschristy.squarespace.com/ pw 1234
  19. Site URL: https://www.hoyden.no Hello! I've made a really simple footer. It contains of two text boxes beside each other. On desktop, the page displays as I want. Under 767px (on mobile), the footer breaks into two different lines upon each other. I want the text to be beside each other. Anyone with a suggestion for how this could be solved? It's built up with two text boxes besides each other: (left aligned to the left and right aligned to the right) It looks correct on desktop: On mobile (below 767px) it breaks into two lines upon each other, and I don't want this
  20. Hi! I'm trying to change the text of my links when you hover over them; for example: Link reads "hohm" and when the cursor moves over it, it changes to "home" Link reads "uh-bout" and when the cursor moves over it, it changes to "about" I've seen custom CSS for changing link color but not actual text.
  21. Hello Everyone, I have no real experience coding and I want to ensure the image seen on the desktop view is roughly the same size on mobile. How can I do this?
  22. Hi there, I applied a CSS font to my H1-3, but not 4 and it is showing up on four and I cannot get this to revert to the Squarespace desired font. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://azalea-wedge-79l6.squarespace.com/success-stories/native-shoes I've been trying to find the correct fix, but I'm not a CSS whisperer. Maybe one of you can help? When this page is reduced to mobile or table, the text overflow in the Poster Image Block isn't staying within the constraints of the block. How do I fix it so the entire Image Block reduces in size including the text? https://azalea-wedge-79l6.squarespace.com/success-stories/native-shoes PW: jldnetrush
  24. Hi I'm very new at this so bear with me 🙂 I have used some custom css to have the images on my site appear greyscale and colour on hover. I used this: .image-block { filter: grayscale(100%);} .image-block:hover { filter: none;} It works great, but it is site-wide and I am looking for a way to take it off for just my homepage image so that it is colour with no hover effect Many thanks
  25. Site URL: https://spark-pros.squarespace.com/about-spark Hi, I added some css to these blocks, but now it's always being cut off on the right, on desktop and mobile. Site password is: Swello
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