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  1. Hello! I recently came across the typewriter delete effect, courtesy of @taunphan. What I'm trying to do is changing the colors of the three different elements of the code. So for this example I would like "type" to be white, "writer01" to be of a certain hexcode. And then I would like to also change the color of the data-words according to a hexcode. Main components of what I wish to change: <div class="container"> <h1> typewriter01 | <!-- The words that we want to have typerwriter effect --> <span class="txt-type" data-wait="3000" data-words='
  2. Hi all, I want to change the cookie banner colors. So far, I managed to change the background and the font color, but I don't know how to change the CTA button color. Any ideas? This is the CSS code I'm using: .sqs-cookie-banner-v2.LIGHT { background-color: #c2a366; .sqs-cookie-banner-v2-text p { color: #efe5dc; } }
  3. Site URL: https://www.chandrastation.com/ PW: 1234 We are trying to make our website have a landing page where you click on a logo and it takes you to that portion of the website while not showing the other information. For Example if we are on the Akash portion of our site we do not want to see the sentinel link on main navigation. I have tried referring to this post but I was unable to get it to work. Please any help is really appreciated
  4. Site URL: https://octahedron-potato-km2l.squarespace.com/client-experience Hi, Squarespace support has told me (well one of them told me - the first person said I'd copied formatting from Word or something which isn't the case) that it isn't possible using the Site Styles to format the sub title of a card image block so it's left aligned but that it would be possible using CSS. I don't really know any CSS but I've had a go and came up with this but it doesn't seem to work :-( .design-layout-card .image-subtitle {text-align: left;} Would be very grateful if anyone could advise what
  5. Site URL: https://deb-roberson-noosa-naturopath.squarespace.com/ Is it possible to add a bullet point or better yet a "dash" (. - ) to the folder items in the menu navigation? Website - https://deb-roberson-noosa-naturopath.squarespace.com/ Password: Deb Thank you
  6. Site URL: https://gregorylassale.com I created two versions of my homepage: "homepage-medium" for large screen. "homepage-small" for mobile. I am trying to sho/hide the correct version via media query. It's working on my desktop but not my tablet. @media only screen and (max-width: 1194px) { #homepage-medium { display: none; } } @media only screen and (min-width: 1195px) { #homepage-small { display: none;} } I have tried different breakpoints, but on mobile (iPad) either both versions are shown or only "homepage-medium" (instead of "homepage-small"). I am
  7. Site URL: https://www.huntandgathergrocer.com.au/ Version 7.0– Brine family (Jaunt template) I need help people are complaining my site isn't mobile friendly. all they have to do is zoom out on there phone to show the site in full how I want it to be displayed but they don't and they get a bad experience. Ive tried playing with the padding and mobile break point to fix it but that isn't changing anything What do I do? please see screenshot
  8. Site URL: https://www.ssense.com/en-nl/men?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlqLdBRCKARIsAPxTGaVjdcIHrRuKU3PMthCK2HxW-uP9C4kvk6-2EvLX56cm4xhIYn8KiooaAtdjEALw_wcB Does anyone know how to make the gallery have static pictures in the sides but have the scroll down in the middle section. example here https://cobaltostudio.com/
  9. Site URL: https://www.weareconsultantsfirst.com/ Just wanted some honest feedback on the overall design and feel of this website. Thanks.
  10. Site URL: https://modernbusiness.squarespace.com How can I add an outline around the placeholder field, so it matches the button style? How can I change placeholder text? How to force form not to stack on mobile?
  11. Site URL: https://cello-opossum-2bsn.squarespace.com Hi there, password: 123 - on homepage I finally found a testimonial slider carousel that worked... but not it is re-formatting my entire page. I am trying to find the part within the code, either the css or html, that is making this happen. I would really appreciate some help! Thank you I have attached pictures of the slider and what the code is doing to the entire page.
  12. Site URL: https://www.caminodelvino.co.uk/wine Hi Squarespace Forum, I'm trying to incorporate the stacking design option for my product images. However, when I use this option and move my cursor over the image, the 'zoom' element for the 'Hover action' goes all funny and essentially zooms in on the corner of the image - not ideal... This is almost likely to be a bug in Squarespace at the moment and I have made them aware. In the meantime whilst the issue gets fixed, is there a CSS solution I can use to this problem?? Thank you!
  13. Hi all, I want to have a different logo on my header ones you scroll down. This is the case; The background of my website is dark, but if you scroll down, a white header appears. But because the background of the logo changes from dark to white, the logo is not nice on one of these backgrounds. Because of this I have created another logo and I want to add this in a way that if I scroll down, the logo also changes to the other logo with another logo. Basically; If I scroll down I want to see the alternate logo on my header. [See attachment] [I don't know if this is relevant] Bu
  14. Site URL: http://www.myartbeatflorals.com I recently watched a tutorial on how to create a collapsible/accordion FAQ page. Worked great...except I just discovered it does not appear as collapsible when I visit my website as a visitor would...on desktop or mobile. In edit/dashboard mode, it works as it should. Here is the code I used: <script type="text/javascript" src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3').css('cursor','pointer'); $(".markdown-bloc
  15. Hi everyone, I have embedded code for my booking engine. As you can see from the screencapture, the embedded element is not centering as it should. How do I force this? Thanks for any help! Here is my embed code: <div class="booqable-product" data-id="polaris-slingshot"></div> And how it looks:
  16. Site URL: https://pend.squarespace.com Password: test Struggling to change the colour of the three navigation pages in my header on the top section of my homepage only. 🤯 Using this code and having no success: [data-section-id="6014371da2117e3eec3b40bd"] { .header-nav-list a { color: red !important; } } Any ideas?
  17. Site URL: https://www.addictgalerie.com/gallery-view I managed to put a big menu extension with the vidéo of Adlytic Marketing. However I want to change only the fonts of the subfolders ( what is circled in my square in red on the screen shoot). It is possible? here is the line of code I pasted in CSS: /********* Mega menu code *********/ /* Adjust width and vertical position */ .Header-nav--primary .Header-nav-inner .Header-nav-item--folder:nth-child(5) .Header-nav-folder { position: fixed; width: 120vw; left: 75vw; top: 53px; display: none; }
  18. Site URL: http://www.studio-poise.com/new I believe I've identified the right code to alter the button to the color/style I would like. When I add it to the CSS editor, it changes it the right way on the WHOLE site. The problem I'm having is targeting ONE page of the index. I've tried using collection ID, I've tried using the URL slug #the-space-intro-section (using pacific template), I've tried even using the specific box identifier - nothing seems to work! I've successfully changed the heading colors for each section using the URL slug, but can't seem to get this to work... I'm trying to g
  19. Site URL: https://salmon-hibiscus-r5wx.squarespace.com/ pasword: dante123 hey guys. Question 1 I managed to find the YUI ID for the border I want to change to red but of course we can't target YUI only. Been searching in the source file on what ID or other could be targeted but nothing changes the border. Can someone help me find the ID please? Picture attached Question 2 When an answer is selected from the drop down menu, either yes or no, is it possible for the border to turn green? If yes, how can I change that?
  20. Site URL: https://koi-pufferfish-mn7c.squarespace.com/ Hi There, I'm trying to figure out how to scale all the main banner images on the site. The code below worked on the home page but I don't know how to make it work on the other pages. @media screen and (max-width:767px) { body.homepage #page section:first-child { min-height: 20vh; margin-top: 10vh; } } I'm open to any new ideas. Below is the site info: https://koi-pufferfish-mn7c.squarespace.com/ pass: surf Thank you.
  21. Site URL: https://www.nayoung-heo.com/ The css I used for two custom fonts shows up in editor mode but once I navigate to a different tab and view the site, the fonts don't show up and it just displays the default fallback font. Please help! This is the code used: @font-face { font-family: 'NibPro-Light'; src: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f70e2ee85b66a7f80fcca67/t/6094647bbf6c5041e26a7bce/1620337787489/NibPro-Light.ttf') } h1 {font-family: 'NibPro-Light';} h2 {font-family: 'NibPro-Light';} h3 {font-family: 'NibPro-Light';} h4 {font-family: 'NibPr
  22. Site URL: https://bamboo-stingray-l426.squarespace.com/config/ I've created a side navigation menu in a 'Meet the Team' page. I'm a total beginner at this, so how do I change the color (from gray to green) once a specific link has been clicked? In my code right now, the links are clickable and I know how to link it, I just don't know how to make it change it's color from gray to green? BTW, the link is redirected to the same page but different content. ALLCOORDINATION TEAMPROVINCIAL DIRECTORSPROJECT TEAMMEMBERSGLOBAL AMBASSADORSBOARD OF DIRECTORSMORE ABOUT CYMP
  23. Site URL: http://www.helenarodemann.com Hi there — I'm trying to create a vertical line that meets both top and bottom horizontal line. I've been trying to find out how to do it to no success. Additionally, I can't for the life of me figure out how to reduce the line height spacing between the items on the right. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you
  24. Site URL: https://www.immyhowardmillinery.com/bandanna-bows Hi there, I am in the process of building some product pages on my website (the current products listed are demos set up by my Squarespace template and are unlinked, but the pages are enabled) and the current layout of my products is 3 per row on Desktop view. I am trying to alter the mobile view of my product pages to have 2 products per row, instead of 1 product per row. Is there a way I would be able to do this? Any help would be much appreciated. I am very new to using Squarespace so apologies if I have overlook
  25. Site URL: http://www.riverlandcollective.com I have multiple pages with text blocks on one side and an image on another, and I want the blocks to be vertically aligned center. I was able to make it work using "display: flex; align-items: center;" on some pages but not others, and I have no idea why. Here's an example of a page where it's working (see the first section): https://www.riverlandcollective.com/about And an example of a page where it's not (see the first section): https://www.riverlandcollective.com/work What am I doing wrong? 😭
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