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  1. Site URL: https://www.johanneswarnke.com/press I want an overlay of the vogue logo and white background to cover this gallery and then, on mouse hover, to disappear to reveal the image gallery - does anyone know how I would achieve this? best, liam
  2. Hi all, I am wanting to add a forum to my squarespace site. Im at a lost of where to start/how to do so would love some guidance. TIA
  3. Hey all, I just wanted to encourage you all to check to make sure your forms are working. We noticed on Monday that ours weren't. If people try to submit, they get an error message. We've disconnected them, changed the storage method, created new ones, etc. We opened a ticket and we just heard back today (Thursday) that they need to escalated it and it "may be up to several days" before we receive a response. Luckily, we don't have that many forms on our site - but we have no idea how long they were down and what we missed out. Other than our social links, they are the only way our visitors have to contact us.
  4. Site URL: https://www.passengertopilot.com/ Hi all, I am new here and would love to get some feedback on our site. There is an interactive element and if you fill it out you will get some added value also. Would be super happy to get in touch. Thanks and best, Clemens
  5. Site URL: http://mikeyscriven.com Hello, I was looking to hopefully get some help with my Squarespace website, recently, I added a bouncing code icon using "Codeblock" and Custom CSS, however, as seen here: https://mikeyscriven.com/about the loading icon bounces between the 2 sections of my website where the background changes from black to gray. I would ideally like a way of adding that loading icon in the middle of the 2 sections (between the black and gray sections). I've tried multiple times to make this happen, sadly, I'm not great at coding and can't figure out how to make this possible. So please post some code below for me to try if you know anything. Thanks.
  6. Site URL: http://www.kelliradphoto.com Hi everyone, I *finally* created a website for my photography business. Can I get some feedback? There is one page that is currently password protected, so you can ignore that. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: http://www.theupperhand.com.au Hi, I am a total Squarespace novice and I'm keen to find Squarespace tutorials or advice that I can access as audio. Is there a podcast or similar that I can plug into to listen and learn about setting up the page, scheduling, service offerings, all of it? Really grateful for any suggestions on this. Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone! I am trying to build a webpage on my SquareSpace site that will: Prompt my customers to enter the serial number for a product that they bought from my shop into a form. Parse my Google Sheets master spreadsheet to match that serial number with my records regarding that particular serial number. Pull these records from the Google Sheets spreadsheet about that product and present the information on the page. Example: Customer has product serialized 123456 and enters this number into SquareSpace form on my page. Serial #123456 is found in A17 in my Google Sheet and has additional data associated in B17:E17. Webpage presents data from Google Sheet B17:E17. The intent to to serve as a digital replacement for the serialized warranty cards that I include with my product. I don't have much HTML experience and have tried looking into Zapier, AppSheet, and the Google Sheets API for clues into my next steps. Can someone get me on the right path to get this built? Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://skylabnyc.com/reshades/#closeencounters Hello. I have a page that hosts free downloads. I'd like to add a front facing "download counter" to my download page. I've mocked up an example of what I'm looking for in the image attached. You'll see the example in the red box in the top left of the image. The font used for the words "300 Total Downloads" example is in Arial-Regular. Here are the things I was looking for: a counter that can start from a pre-defined number (i'm pulling a number from a site that is hosting my file currently), so I'd like to start with that number on MY site a counter that updates in real-time optional a counter that can possibly pull a "total downloads" number from a third-party site Any help would be appreciated. I've looked all over you-tube for a tutorial, I've also looked on these forums but haven't seen anything like this answered. Thanks again!
  10. When I try to start the local server with a website I am getting not authorized when the server starts. The website I was given permission for is with my work email but when I run the start server command it uses my personal email ( from my personal squarespace account). How can I switch to my work email? Thanks!
  11. Hello! Unsure if I need a custom CSS to add the elements of a social media link above all my page tabs. My logo is a little larger the desired in order to be legible which leaves too much empty space in the upper right hand part of the heading. I don't know anything about coding however I think I may need to in order to make the change on this website. I would like to stack the Instagram and Facebook icons on top of the pages options in site header. If anyone can guide me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  12. Site URL: https://manley.com When I initially built this site in 2017, I was able to drop some standard <img src> code here: Design > Logo & Title > Tag Line ...and it would display a linked USA flag image in the header where the tagline would have been (to the left of the social links). See attached for an older image of the homepage. Recently, I noticed the flag image has disappeared, so apparently the <img src> code is no longer working, though the linked image is still hosted on the site: https://mlabs2017.squarespace.com/s/made-in-the-usa-w200px.gif Any advice on how to replace the tagline with an image, or add CSS to make a code block appear in that part of the header? Or how to otherwise force the image to appear in that spot?
  13. Site URL: https://www.studiosoulistic.nl Hi everyone, I created a marquee (found the code somewhere on the internet) but now I want the section height around it a bit smaller. More like an announcement bar, if that makes any sense. I've been trying for hours but unfortunately I can't make it word. It's about the section where you can see "brand design / web design / social media resources". If someone could help me with adjusting my code, I'd be forever grateful!
  14. Hi all! Welcome to our forum club for German Circle Members. This is a place for you to ask and answers questions of your fellow community members that are either specific to Germany or you prefer to get a local perspective on. We'd love you to all start by introducing yourself! Feel free to use the following questions as a jumping off point: Where are you based in Germany? How long have you been building Squarespace sites? What kinds of clients do you build sites for? If you had to pick a new career today, what would you pick?
  15. Site URL: https://uk-tefl.com.squarespace.com Hey! I'm wanting to add a page to my site where I can let users check if their certificate is valid. Ideally, this would work with me having a file of user name, course, date, and cert number which the site can access. On the page, a visitor can type in the cert number and it would bring up the user info/ certificate valid text, confirming their certificate. While if the number is not recognized it would prompt them to email us. Is there a way to do this, or plug in avaliable to match my needs? TIA Laura
  16. Can I set up a forum/community in squarespace. Is there any plugin for that or is it available out of the box? Thanks S Thomas
  17. Is there a way for us to manually flush the DNS cache?
  18. Site URL: https://rangerclub.uk Would anyone spare a few minutes so test out our website (we are a UK based, members only truck club). It's been developing for over a year now and has a fair bit of content. Ideally it should be as easy to use as possible but due to my extensive use at this point I'm biased when judging the site's usability. I'm most worried about mobile use as desktop use is only 20-30% percent. To save money we have the basic Personal Plan and I've done everything in my power to avoid the limitations (mainly no JavaScript / iframe). I've made custom 'member's only areas' (before it was a Square Space option) by making password protected pages.
  19. Site URL: https://aboutbeavers.squarespace.com Hi! I recently build a small portfolio website. It was important for me to always have a white website with black writing/menu. However, I saw my website on a friend's Android phone. And it turned out that (during the day!) the website was black. And also the burger menu was dark grey instead of black/white (depending of which page it is). I guess this is the dark mode that the browser enforces? Is there a code to prevent this from happening? On my iPhone there is always everything in white (see Screenshot) - even at night with system-wide dark mode. Best regards, Seeeeeg
  20. Site URL: https://youtu.be/cKxhyVtgBTc Hey there Squarespacers! Becca here with a free training on the brand new type of page section available in Squarespace - List Sections. 😍 List sections are kinda like collection pages; they contain multiple items in one place. You can have a title and button for each section, and then an image, title, description, and unique button for every item in the list. There are three kinds of layouts and all kinds of cool settings available for each! In this video you’ll learn how to add a list section to a page, change the content, and some of the settings that you’ll need to know when creating your own. I wanted to post it here for anyone curious about giving this new kind of page section a try! Here is a link to the video on YouTube; enjoy:
  21. Hello. First of all thank you for the help you provide in the forum. So helpful! I would like to know if it is possible to remove notes from the source code on our website. Notes as the one I attach in the screenshot: Thank in advance for your time!
  22. Site URL: https://www.mbs-solutions.de I need to create an online manual for our technical products (no PDF - HTML ...). Has anyone here already done this, what are your experiences, which tools have you used? I am looking forward to your feedback Stay healthy Tom
  23. So, my Display Name elsewhere in Squarespace is just RightRon and all over the web for 30+ years and will be my author name in text on the site I'm planning to build. To be told I can't use it in the Forum because it is someone else's name is disconcerting. I'm using the longer awkward email header. Can this be because I had a now cancelled account years ago? Can that be corrected so I can again use my own name again? It will be seen that all my old information is unchanged now. Any remedy? Ron Hufham aka RightRon
  24. This isn't a squarespace per se question, but many other ecommerce site have an option or a compatible plugin to allow a customer to download a product tear sheet (something that has photos of the item, spects of the item, company logo, contact info, etc.). As I mentioned I haven't found a compatible plug in to make this based off of the info that already exists in a squarespace product page. Does anyone know of a software or otherwise efficient way to create these for their products? As of now, I would be doing it in photoshop, which seems quite inefficient. I've attached an example of what I am looking to create. thanks,
  25. Site URL: https://www.milavanila.com/ I created a multilanguage site Spanish as default and English. the Spanish site works fine but the English site doesn't have the menu or the menu is not appearing. Thanks
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