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  1. I'd like to know what Squarespace are doing about an eco policy and actions. Competitors such as WordPress hosts like Krystal and Green Geeks run on renewal energy hosting and I've yet to see anything from Squarespace on this, not even a clear message on the website. It's a huge sales point for my clients who come to me looking for climate effective solutions and I'm increasingly having to recommend WordPress as the better option simply because I can see the accountability that I can't get from Squarespace. I hope that there are plans - it's not acceptable if there aren't - to make changes soon or to share what those changes are if they've happened so that those of us who use Squarespace in our business can share that message. It's enough to offset, that's a support, but the change needs to happen at source and Squarespace seem to be completely off message or way behind on this. If I have missed any messaging, I'd appreciate a link.
  2. Site URL: https://developers.lulu.com/home Im looking for help integration of Lulu print API with Squarespace..As Lulu API have their own Api...We would like to automate the print order process thru Lulu api.. if any one could help would be great!
  3. I have had no trouble at all editing pages in Squarespace, but I am completely befuddled about the system for publishing those changes once they're made. In other web design software I've used you make your edits, you save those edits, you preview them, and then you click a button to publish the results, so they go "live". As far as I can see there's nothing like that on Squarespace. I've never seen a "publish" button or anything that would be its equivalent. On top of that, I can find nothing in the help system covering that, and I haven't found anything helpful when I Google the question either. There's obviously some basic point I'm not understanding. I did today manage to publish some changes to some existing events that I made, but part of me suspects that I did it through some backdoor method. I would have thought that you'd edit the event (you know, using "edit"), save those changes, and work from there. But that's a dead end. I can make and save the changes, but nothing more than that. Eventually I clicked on the three dots to the right of the event name, clicked on "Settings", and then edited what showed up in the Content box. When I saved that, it did publish automatically. But that seems unlikely to be how the site is supposed to work (you edit through "settings", not through "edit"?). What am I missing here? This makes no sense to me at all. Paul
  4. New here, my site is- heidiwright.co.uk - I have searched everywhere to ask if people can have a choice of styles of images on my site, colours etc that they click then what they choose will then go onto a card template? Mix and match, that then land on to a template, similar to how you pick a Snapchat emoji? Is Squarespace able to do this?
  5. Hello! I need help regarding transferring domain from old website to a new website. I tried to unlink the domain to the old website but it won't open since there is a bug to the old website. I keep on searching ways but it won't appear knowing that the old website is already corrupted.
  6. We used a third party to transfer our content to the updated version of Squarespace. We desperately needed a refresh. The process was long and arduous but we're happy with the new site. I've been asked to ensure our older blogs are transferred to the new site. Prior to officially making the switch, I was told or under the impression we would have access to these after switching. I can only see some of the blogs and have read that they won't be available now that the site is expired (even if we reactivate to access them). Does anyone have expertise in this area before I reactivate the old site? Thanks! Elissa
  7. My website looks perfectly good when designing, when its published it is jumbled in both desktop and mobile formats. Why is this?
  8. This is maybe a slightly self-indulgent rant, but I really am curious if other devs encounter this issue on this platform. Just now, a whole code block feature randomly stopped working. It was down on all devices. I even had the code saved separately so I was in my desktop code editor, trying to troubleshoot the issue. I finally posted a plea for help on here. Probably spent more than 30 mins on this one thing. ...and of course, as soon as I made the post, I refreshed the page and the code started working. No changes at all. This isn't the first time that I've wasted time trying to figure out something that was just Squarespace throwing a hissy fit. Sometimes I literally walk away and come back the next day, and the issue has vanished overnight. Sometimes I really dislike this platform because I feel like it shows me errors that don't exist simply because it's lagging behind the changes I'm making. Or it works perfectly fine in editing preview mode, but shows up differently on the main site. As a new-ish dev, I keep thinking that I'm making mistakes in my code. But no. It's just Squarespace. Anyone else have similar frustrations? Is there some kind of back-end secret that overrides these issues I should know about??
  9. Can anyone help me figure out how to upload an ePub file for users to download? I was able to easily upload a PDF for users to open and download, but when I try to do the same with an ePub, the file upload window won't display the epub file for me. I'm hope to avoid having to host the file on another site if possible. UPDATE: I ended up zipping the file as a work around, but open to any other suggestions if folks have had success with other approaches
  10. I used Custom CSS code to make drop down lists on my page. Unfortunately, when the lists are all collapsed the page is still loading blank space that is the full length of the lists when they are all dropped down. It is not adjusting the page height based on what is viewed. How do I make the page load only the space needed for what is currently visible?
  11. We have an employee portal that is accessible via password. We have not changed the format but just noticed the link to the portal just directs us back to the homepage. The URL Slug is correct so we cannot figure out why the portal no longer works. Any ideas? Thank you.
  12. Hi there. I am trying to add a splash screen to my site that would show a short video clip at full screen before directing to my full site. I am very lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hello! I am new to Squarespace and a novice to site design and coding. Recently, I launched a website at apexeyenc.com, but there is a unsecure notification when typing in that domain name. Only when the entire website address is typed (https://www.apexeyenc.com) are you able to browse through the site. The SSL certificate is active, and I have attempted to run the site through multiple SSL checks and passed (doesn't appear to be a mixed content issue). Any help or suggestion is much appreciated! Thank you so much.
  14. New here. My site is slow. Customers like a quick interface and mine is not quick. We added all of the services, booking, and products to my page. now the extension, square, is processing payments 30minutes of loading time. I have not problem with clearing internet, restarting my computer, every customer order is slow. Go and try to book and process a payment and you will see. How can I get my page to load faster?
  15. Hi there, I was wondering what is the difference between someone opting out of marketing communications and unsubscribing from one of our mailing lists. For example, we have a general newsletter sign-up and we also have mailing lists created for courses that we run. Let's say a user has signed up for our newsletter but later decides they want to unsubscribe from our mailing list. Do we still have permission to send them marketing communications? Another scenario would be that a user belongs to our newsletter AND a course mailing list and they decide to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Can we still send them communications for the course mailing list that they are still subscribed to? I would appreciate if anyone has any insights on this. I'm fairly new to this mailing process. Thank you for your time.
  16. Hello, I'm trying to have my redirect open in another tab when I select a state and click the "GO" button, I would like the redirect to open in a new tab instead of the current page. URL: https://bobcat-piccolo-j79l.squarespace.com/where-is-my-refund Password: DoubleD480
  17. Hi there, I run a tourism business down here in Australia that also sells merchandise. Our website is set up with SquareSpace, but we have a Square terminal POS for selling products in person. We are now looking at setting up an online store too. I would love to use SquareSpace for this online store (to keep it simple) but unfortunately SS doesn't integrate with the Square Reader in Australia (USA only!). So I'm now thinking the best way to keep my online/POS sales seamless is to build my online store with Square, but keep my website with SquareSpace. Is it possible to build a Square Online store and embed it into SquareSpace? I don't want my customers redirected from the website when they want to make purchases as that always seems dodgy! Any help would be amazing! I can't believe how confusing this has all gotten! If there are any other alternatives you can think of I am open to suggestions! Thanks, Ellie
  18. I am running into errors integrating the NIFTYKIT coding into my website. I have followed all of the directions on this page but my mint page is still not functional. The wallet connect and mint looks fine but doesn't actually do anything. Has anyone else in web3 tried to create a mint page on their squarespace website? I would love to know how you did it. Did you use nifty kit or another platform? Looking to make this simple and smooth. Thanks!
  19. We’ve been collecting updates all month. Here’s everything that happened at Squarespace in November! Which updates are you most excited about? Commerce Introducing the Order Status page Your customers can now keep track of their orders from a new order status page, which updates automatically when you change the order’s fulfillment status. Previously, customers could reference their order information in their confirmation email, but they couldn’t check for changes within Squarespace. Learn more about the Order Status page. Manage key features of Member Areas in the Membership panel We added a Memberships panel to the Commerce area of your site so you can manage key features for your site’s members-only areas from a central location. Before this, these features were only available in the Member Areas panel. Learn more about the Membership panel. Purchase shipping labels from the Squarespace app You can now buy and print shipping labels from the Squarespace App. Previously, you could only do this on the computer. Learn more about purchasing shipping labels on the iOS app. Email Campaigns Woo your mailing list with seasonal templates Want to dazzle your audience with a beautiful email campaign? We’ve added new seasonal templates you can use to create an eye-catching, traffic-driving campaign. Check out the seasonal templates Marketing > Email Campaigns by clicking Create. Google Workspace New plan option alert: the Business Standard plan In addition to Google’s Business Starter plan, we now support the Business Standard plan when you sign up for Google Workspace from your Squarespace site. The Business Standard plan offers 2TB of cloud storage per user and some other features you may find helpful. Learn more about Squarespace’s integration with Google Workspace and the Business Standard plan. Squarespace Scheduling Admin calendar redesign We redesigned the Scheduling Calendar page to give it a more streamlined look. Everything functions the same, but you’ll notice some UI changes, like the New and Class buttons being consolidated under an Add New button and new dropdown filters. Learn more about the Scheduling calendars. Unfold Bio Sites Drive revenue from your Bio Site with PayPal In addition to Stripe, you can now accept PayPal for tips and crowdfunding in your Bio Site. Learn more about accepting payments on Bio Sites. Showcase your NFTs on your Unfold Bio Site Connect your crypto wallet to Unfold to display your NFT collection right on your Bio Site with the new Collectible Storefront section. Learn more about setting up the Collectible Storefront section in your Bio Site. Websites and domains Create eye-catching content with text highlights The text toolbar just got a new tool! You can now choose between 11 text highlights to make your text stand out and add even more flare to your content. Learn more about text highlights. We’d love to see what you create with text highlights! Show off your site on this post. Internationalization: Fluid Engine Fluid Engine is now available to sites in our fully supported languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. The initial launch of Fluid Engine was only available to English sites, so we’re thrilled about this development. Learn more about Fluid Engine. Internationalization: Regional formatting preview We added a preview of how dates, times, and currencies display on your Squarespace site in the Language & region panel based on your chosen language. Prior to this, you had to change the language and look in relevant areas on your site to see those. Learn more about changing your site’s language settings. Style your social icons Social icons in 7.1 headers and social links blocks now have the option to add borders with new styling options. You can add a personal touch to those icons to help them stand out on your site. Learn more about social icons.
  20. I am selling photos on my site and would like for the viewers to be able to drag the photograph they are viewing and place it into a fixed background picture frame. The objective being for the viewer to see the picture they are interested in being displayed in a frame e.g. over a fireplace. Can this be done in Square space or in another software and then "imported" Thank you. Gerry
  21. Last time I used this, I knew there was a "Headlines" section. (photo 1) Yet when I came back, I was trying to use my favorite section template (photo 2) to find out that the category it was in was gone. Does anyone know where this could possibly be located at?
  22. Is there a way to save specific comments or posts on Squarespace forum - kind of like you can with stack overflow? I was hoping that there would be a tab in my profile where I could see everything I've liked, but the only space I can find it is on my main profile and it gets drowned in other activities. Am I missing something or is this not a feature? Sorry if this is something obvious I'm missing.
  23. Hi! I'm building up a site with an initial splash screen with a mini logo animation before jumping into the homepage. I've worked out everything except for it to play only once when the user opens the site for the first time. Currently is playing every time I go back to homepage. This is the code I used: <div class="splash-wrapper"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6356c0bbe92a431593bd2c3c/t/63764a3958e64a4de52927e0/1668696635137/Serendipity+Studios_LogoSHORT.gif" width="500" height="auto"/> </div> <style> .splash-wrapper { position: fixed; z-index: 9999; background-color: #FFFFFF; height: 100vh; width: 100vw; display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; justify-content: center; align-items: center; animation-name: slideUp; animation-fill-mode: forwards; animation-duration: 2s; animation-delay: 2s; } @keyframes slideUp{ from{transform: translateY(0vh);} to{transform: translateY(-100vh);} }
  24. Hi, Is the squarespace edit page down? When I go to edit my website the edit home page loads up something that looks like the site is down or something. Please see attached screenshot? Any ideas? R
  25. There are far too many basic accessibility issues with Squarespace, that need to be corrected with injecting custom code. Their new "integrations" for auto-focus and skip to content, is far from enough. After building a site for a client, here are some basic things I've had to implement to make it SEMI W.C.A.G. 2.1 compliant [and who are we kidding, compliance is the bare minimum for accessibility]: Links & Hover States: CSS for hover states on interactive elements. Inline and button links edited for padding and legibility. Header & Navigation: Site tagline within a content property for screen readers. Navigation link styling, Mobile fixes for better spacing and alignment. Footer Social Links: Original block was not screen-reader accessible using VoiceOver and TalkBack. Custom HTML block replacement for better descriptions, and sizing. Newsletter, Search & Forms: Field style edits for better visibility. Error box edited for better contrast. Replacing red with the redwood brown and ivory moon text. Squarespace Pages: Custom CSS and coding to fix internal pages. Including search results, 301 password protected pages, and blog and shop features. (As much as possible.) And that's just a brief overview. The fact that we can't even add a compliant hover state, is ridiculous. I had to build out an entirely custom social footer link block just because it doesn't read out the social platform the icon goes to. For example, Patreon doesn't have an icon, so it uses the link icon. Which screen readers call out "link". That's it. Adding custom CSS/development code is not best practice, and causes clunky loading. Who can we get in touch with to improve Squarespace accessibility?
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