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  1. Site URL: https://www.madeinbed.co.uk how do I change the width of the drop down wider according to the width of the text?
  2. Site URL: https://jakejensen.squarespace.com/config/pages I was just wondering how I could line up my menu items to be closer to the logo in the middle instead of to the edges of the screen. Since I've already done all that I can to make sure they are on the same line, I will need to use some CSS. I would need the left block of menu items to float right and the right block of menu items to float left. I don't even know what the menu items are listed in the CSS so I don't know how to tell it to float a certain way. I will include pictures of what I mean. Would anyone know how to do this?
  3. Hello, I would like my header navigation folders to be clickable and to land on a contents page with a list of pages in that folder. Multiple folders (~5), each with (~3) pages in them. I've read a few things around and the CSS code I have seen to do it seems overly complex. Any thoughts on how to approach this? Kindly, Bryn
  4. Hey, I'm building my site in 7.1 (mainly to get to grips with using it) and I've come across one problem I can't seem to fix. The dropdown navigation has white text & a white background(image attached) My header colour palette is yellow, whereas the main website has a white background, I'm wondering if this is part of the problem. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can find any workaround for me. Site is here: https://hexaflexagon-star-bh8p.squarespace.comPasword: 123123
  5. Site URL: https://wolf-puma-68z2.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm about to launch my website and have one hang up that I just noticed. I really wanted to have drop down menus as my store is a large part of my website. But I didn't like how I couldn't click on the folder button itself. Whenever I clicked on the folder button nothing would happen. So I used some custom CSS to make it so that clicking on the folder button itself lead to a link. That way I didn't have to have the word "Shop" appearing under a folder that was also called "Shop". But I realised that this doesn't work o
  6. Site URL: https://tarantula-quillfish-w6xe.squarespace.com/ The navigation in the header moves to two lines even though there is room on the page when the page gets smaller. How do I increase the padding so it stays on one line longer? URL: https://tarantula-quillfish-w6xe.squarespace.com/ PW: !GCet0@E#8 Thanks.
  7. Site URL: https://flugelhorn-lobster-77am.squarespace.com/config/design My menu items are on one line when the webpage is full size, but when it gets smaller they go onto two lines and look super messy.
  8. Site URL: https://pletttruckrepair.ca/ I would like to have 2 phone numbers linked in the main navigation menu only on mobile, not on desktop. I would like desktop navigation menu to remain exactly as it is. Most answers for this type of thing are using collection id, but from what I understand that only works with pages not with external links (phone numbers in this case). SS 7.0 Bedford theme Any help would be much appreciated. @tuanphan (looks like you have provided solutions to very similar questions)
  9. Site URL: https://www.ttci.tech A while ago, I modified the CSS for my menu dropdowns so they'd have an opaque blue background. Is there a way to review the code injected or potentially alter/remove it?
  10. Site URL: https://gecko-flugelhorn-am5r.squarespace.com/ Hello everyone ! I tried to find some information on this forum but I only found partial answers. I began to use the Balboa template. My goal would be to have a vertical menu. Not only vertical in a header staying at the head of the page but as a fixed sidebar stayling left during the scrolling on the page content (I hope it is clear). To be clearer, I added a screen shot of my old website to keep it more understandable. I saw that some templates naturally does this kind of things. I tried bedford but didn't find the pla
  11. Site URL: https://www.jonesnewyorkplatinum.com/collection When on our main collection page we have the 4 category options visible (Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Sets). When you go into a category the only menu option visible is "All", but I'd like all the categories to still be visible instead. So if someone is looking at our Earrings, I want them to still be able to see all the categories so they could, for example, switch over to Necklaces, instead of having to click All and then choose Necklaces. I can't figure out a way to do this.
  12. Site URL: https://www.edtech-consultants.com/ Having an issue. I injected this widget script into the site footer, but after doing so the navigation menu on mobile is completely non-functional: Code in footer: <!-- Calendly badge widget begin --> <link href="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.css" rel="stylesheet"> <script src="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.js" type="text/javascript" async></script> <script type="text/javascript">window.onload = function() { Calendly.initBadgeWidget({ url: 'https://calendly.co
  13. Site URL: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/welcome Hello, I've managed to set a welcome/cover page (SP v7.1), on my site before entering the main site. My welcome page is here: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/welcome Pword - bluebird I have set this page as my home page - https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/home I notice now that my 'welcome' page appears in my main menu both on desktop and mobile (see attached). How can I remove this link so it does not show on desktop and other devices? Many thanks, Best, Faiz
  14. Site URL: https://ththealth.org Circlers, in search of fresh, dynamic nav bar ideas? I currently have a flexible menu in place but I am looking to replace due to customer feedback/challenges with hover and load on this one. Because this is a health plan, the nav is essentially a site map and fairly robust w categories, access links. Please share any site ideas, inspiration and/or plug-in options. Thank you!
  15. Hi, does anyone know how to reduce the width of a dropdown header menu (from a Folder) in 7.1.? I am building a multi-lingual website, and the menu looks quite odd being significantly wider than the options (see screenshot). Any help would be great!
  16. Hi All, On an unlinked project page I need to make the menu and footer invisible. Found a great code somewhere, works like a charm. One issue: When creating a subscription form, or contact form, the white boxes in which you would need to type are invincible. See screenshot with and without code. Underneath the piece of code that makes the menu and the footer dissappeer (which I need). How can I change it so I do have the white subscription boxes? Many thanks in advance!! <style>#header { display: none !important; } #preFooter { display: none !important; } #f
  17. How can I change the font in the dropdown menu in the ordering process when selecting variants?
  18. Hi, I'm doing a new website in Squarespace, trying to get the meny situation of "centered logo, menu on the right". I'm trying to use custom CSS and sometimes it works? But only in "edit CSS" mode? Right now it's not happening at all. Does anyone have a simple fix for this? Trying to center the logo on a design with the menu on the right. The code: .header-title-logo { display: flex; justify-content: center; } .header-title-logo img { width: auto; max-width: 100%; max-height: 90px; margin: auto; } This soluti
  19. Does anyone know how to create a drop down menu in the footer navigation in SP 7.1? thanks !
  20. Site URL: https://rauchbrand.art Hello, I am trying to change the background color of the dropdown menu to transparent. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Frauke
  21. Site URL: https://thesurfside.com/ Hi there, I am having trouble finding the code that can change my Burger menu icon to an image icon that I have already uploaded to the Custom CSS area. I have a sun icon that I would rather use. After looking for a while, my template is named Brower. ID :5c5a519771c10ba3470d8101 Also- why can't I switch from templates to other templates? That seems like a fail on Squarespace's part. Please help! Thank you!
  22. Site URL: https://www.swimllc.com/ In designing my site, I have drop down menus which are "folders" - beneath are the "pages" - my question is why there is a "slug" for the folder since the purpose of the folder is to allow viewers to click pages below the drop down menu - I think this is confusing since the hand icon appears implying the folder is clickable while only the pages listed in the drop down menu are clickable - any workarounds?
  23. Hi all. I'm trying to add various languages to my site, I think I've followed the instructions and duplicated the various pages and hidden them in the non-linked bit. I've confused my immensely now and can't figure how to change the English menu titles in the header to correspond to the other languages. Is there anyway to this without going down the coding route? Thank you!
  24. Site URL: https://adictcreative.com Hey guys, is there any CSS that can push my full bleed image on mobile behind the MENU text with no white space? Or centralize the word MENU as it is currently at the bottom of the white margin seen on my website. Thanks in advance!
  25. I'm trying to make it so that the menu isn't clickable in a navigation for two specific menus. So only the pages below it are clickable and not the actual menu. I'm trying to do it for this site: https://quadra-capital.squarespace.com/ (password: quadracapital) for "investment solutions" and "contact." Would really appreciate any help!
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