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  1. Site URL: https://stephaniewolfpr.squarespace.com/ Hello, I just added a hamburger menu to the desktop view of my site, so that the hamburger bar always appears. However, when clicking the 3 bars, the menu opens up to fill the screen. Do you have any ideas on how I can make this menu more narrow? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://awmenikah.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, I have a case that I want to change my mobile menu background and menu items colors differently for each page. Is there any ways to do it? My site URL: awmenikah.squarespace.com Pass: sikatmbuy Thank you in advance! Cheers, Wendy
  3. Site URL: https://www.lakeandmarioncatholicschools.org Hello! Would love some feedback on this website. Also, any ideas on how to fix the white line on the header right before the menu bar. Initially I thought it was the message bar but that is disabled. I have checked on several browsers and it is still there. I would like to remove it since to me it looks like a distraction. Thoughts on how to do that? Thanks!!!
  4. Site URL: https://weedwise.squarespace.com Hi. I have been asked by a designer to create a site where the menu at the top has two different background colours. One for the logo and a second for the navigation. The active page would have a yellow line underneath. I have attached a screenshot. Does anyone know how I can achieve this please? I am not a coder. Thank you! Lynne Pw: W33dw1s3
  5. Hi, How can I adjust padding of the navigation on the menu? screen attached: https://imgur.com/FX8LdFl website:https://marigold-onion-dm3a.squarespace.comPassword: Campcamp1 @tuanphan Regards
  6. Site URL: https://www.swarovskiwellbeingweek.com/monday Hey legends, I'm just wondering how I can still have the main desktop menu links in white font to be visible on the images, but to change them to black so they're visible on the mobile menu (which changes the menu background to white so the whole menu is invisible). Thanks heaps!
  7. Site URL: https://imperialcitizenship.squarespace.com password: imperialcitizenship Hi, I implemented a forced mobile menu on my site. I need help changing the menu color and also I noticed a weird behavior where every time I open the burger menu, the logo shifts a little bit to the left.
  8. Site URL: https://sswebdev-one.squarespace.com/ Site URL: https://sswebdev-one.squarespace.com/ The password for our site is: secret Here are the steps to reproduce the issue I'm trying to solve: 1) Hover over the "Services" menu item and select "Advocacy" from the drop-down menu that appears. 2) Hover over the "Services" menu item again. Actual Result: All the the menu items on the "Services" menu are underlined. Expected Result: I expected only the "Advocacy" menu item to be the only menu item that was underlined as that is the current page. This is the CSS I have defined for underlining the current / active page: .header-nav-item--active a { background-image: none !important; border-bottom: 1px solid currentColor !important; } This works fine for the top-level menu items but not for the menu items on the sub-menu. If you can suggest what CSS I should use to underline just the menu item of the current active page, I'd appreciate your suggestions. Thank you!
  9. Site URL: http://www.labelle-artistry.com Hello- I'm having some trouble with my split nav menu. I have to build in extra space on the right side of my logo to get the nav to look even, and on some devices it looks completely off. Can anyone help provide coding that will allow me to split the nav and maintain the block for the BOOK NOW button? Right now I have this in my custom CSS (not even sure if all of this is relevant). /*Make split navigation*/ .header-nav { position: absolute; top: 50px; bottom: 0; margin-top: 0!important; margin-left: 0px!important; } .header-nav-item:nth-of-type(4) { margin-right: 525px!important; } .header-title-logo a { z-index: 1000; position: relative; } header#header [href="/book"] { background: #084d68; color: white; padding: 10px; } nav.header-nav-list { align-items: center; } Thank you! Lindsay
  10. Site URL: https://helix-marigold-76hn.squarespace.com/ I need a secondary menu with dropdown function. It works in my code pen but when i move it to squarespace it doesn't seem to work, on desktop but works on mobile. any suggestions? codepen: https://codepen.io/jilldiane/pen/ZEKXdpe site:https://helix-marigold-76hn.squarespace.com/ pw: 1234 thanks
  11. Site URL: https://thehomebrewpodcast.com/ I cannot find a way to fix our mobile menu. Currently on mobile (It doesn't happen in mobile preview or in a resized desktop window) the mobile menu overlay, when clicked, shows a full extra screen of white space. If you scroll down you find the menu buttons. What's more is it's only the mobile menu overlay on the home page. For instance on a subpage the menu shows up as one would expect.
  12. Hi, I apologize if there is such thread already. I wasn't able to locate this specific query anywhere. Is it possible to do something like this? First goal of the client was to have the mobile menu look even in desktop which was already done. Second is to have a link outside or beside the burger menu, like in the screenshot. How to do it? When I applied the mobile menu look, the 'Login' of Squarespace was outside. I just hid it since it is not the link the client wants to be outside. Thanks!
  13. Site URL: http://www.blackbookbar.com Hi. My site (www.blackbookbar.com) uses CSS to add leader dots between the menu items and prices. To make the menu easier for my client to update, I'd like to use Squarespace's built-in Menu Block feature rather than custom code blocks, but I want to keep the look of the leader dots. I assume this can be done with a combination of scripting and css but it is well above my knowledge level. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Site URL: http://www.innervisionpilates.com Hi, I would like to create a drop down menu that when you log in through your "members area" in the primary navigation a new menu will pop up with all different areas to go to but im not sure if this is possible to do yet??
  15. I created a Member Area pages and can not hide/show top menu for a members / non-members. My pages all in a Member Area zone and in menu they hidden for a non-members. As I see they should be automatically shown, when a new member got registered and comes in. But that doesn't happen.
  16. Site URL: https://willlai.com/ I want my mobile menu looks like these.On the top side or right side. Thanks.
  17. Wondering if anyone has CSS code to make sure my navigation remains fixed at the top of the browser on PC, as well as mobile. I know there are some out there, but looking for any that have been vetted. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.foxyardstudio.co.uk/ I'm trying to change the menu bar font and sub heading fonts to a custom created one, i've somehow managed to get it working for the main headings but don't know what to do about changing the menu bar - i had a look at other peoples help pages and create the code from line 9 onwards but it hasn't done anything is there anyone who could help?
  19. Site URL: https://volverno.squarespace.com/ Hello! Is it possible to have a dropdown menu in my Norwegian button in my header? I would like it to have an English option under the Norwegian button. I cannot style the one in my Weglot so I made my own button instead. Thank you.
  20. Site URL: https://www.madebydot.tv/ @tuanphan My website is https://www.madebydot.tv/ If you have a look at the screenshot, the line spacing of the navigation menu is just so weird at the moment. I'd just like the line spacing between each page on mobile to be the same. Could you please help out? The other thing I was wondering was if I can make the project thumbnails and vimeo videos go full width only for mobile for my website?
  21. Hi I would like to centre the button on my menu overlay as there is no other navigation links linked.
  22. Hi, is it possible to adjust the font sizes of the menu items from my nav bar only for mobile?
  23. Site URL: https://www.rafiulalam.com/architecture/newyorkcity Hi! So I have a couple questions regarding pagination arrows/titles which comes with Portfolios in 7.1. First of all, I have no issues with the titles or the size etc. however, is there a way to add a link to the last portfolio page on the left hand side of the first portfolio page? And, of course, the link to the first portfolio page at the right hand side of the last page? So it's all a bit more connected or continuous, you know? [first image] Secondly, alongside the default pagination at the bottom, is there a way to add a simpler form of pagination - like, just arrows for example, at the top as well? So you can just move left and right instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom? [second image] Finally, I like how the portfolio setup looks on 7.1 but I miss how the intuitive the drop down menu was (and still is) for the folder structure, where you can hover over the main title (like "Architecture" in my site) and a menu would drop down showing the list of the pages. Is there a work-around to do that for portfolio pages as well? [So you don't always have to return to the main portfolio page every time to get access to the other pages] Thank you so much Rafi
  24. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Using Squarespace 7.1 (business package), I am trying to create a dropdown menu system similar to what is at https://www.100percentpure.com/ . My plan is to have 8 main links, each with a couple of choices underneath (e.g. main link "Gallery" would have the choice of either "Art" or "Furniture" beneath). I would also like to have the main link be ("Gallery") bring up a page with all the products in both "Art" and "Furniture". I have tried to do this a couple of ways: 1. Create subcategories off a store page (e.g. a category of "Gallery" with sub-categories "Art" and "Furniture"). This did not work because the main menu did not have the sub-categories as menu choices. 2. Adding a Folder named "Gallery" with new store pages named "Art" and "Furniture". This gets me almost there, but the main Folder does not lead to a page so I have to add a third sub-category page "Gallery" to encompass both "Art" and "Furniture". I think this is a problem that has been covered elsewhere with varying success (in the coding/customization area I believe). As an added irritation, since I am reworking the store from a previous store, the new pages do not reference the categories of existing inventory which I have corrected the categories to match my new organization. I realize there are a lot of different little problems here, but I couldn't figure out how to parse them down into smaller problems as they are all somewhat linked together.
  25. Can someone help me with how to change the mobile menu drop down menu's background color? When you click the hamburger, the text is black on a black background, hence you cannot see it. I've messed around with my color palette with no success. I need this background color to be grey vs. the black.
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