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  1. Site URL: http://www.simpleclearhelpful.com.au I think I am happy I have found Squarespace. I have registered my domain name and like a Squarespace template. I want to know can I use the image how do I publish the template? I guess the rest like is it easy to edit the template and publish it to my domain name will come later.
  2. Site URL: https://www.pupilaphotography.com Hi! The URL of my page 'www.pupilaphotography.com', is still not on Google. I've been waiting for one month for the website to be indexed. Any advice?
  3. Hi there, I have tried for some time to add an existing (verified) Google Business Profile Listing to a client's site and the screen freezes at the square after allowing me to get as far as connecting the google account associated with it and clicking on "allow". I have tried troubleshooting with the following: -Waited and tried again in a few days -Tried on various browsers -Logged in, logged out -Verified emails, admin privileges, etc. -The site is live -Tried on various computers -Tried instead to just add a new business listing (this did not work either) I have successfully done this before, but I feel like there must be some update or something I am missing?) Thank you for any help or insight!
  4. Site URL: https://www.slicklobster.com Hi All, I have a google workspace account which has been suspended - The Squarespace instructions tell me to go to Workspace and 'reactivate' my account. However, there is no option to reactivate the account - when I log in to Squarespace and go to workspace it only gives me the option of signing up with a new email address - I have tried using our current email address but it says they are already in use. When I log into google workspace it tells me that I have to go through the reseller. I have absolutely no way of reactivating and accessing our emails. We've had no business emails for 5 days now. I have tried contacting square space multiple times and still have nothing from them. The live chat only seems to be open during American business hours despite offering services to Australia as well. I'm desperately hoping someone can help me get the account reactivated. Thank you, Chelsea
  5. Site URL: https://www.tonybabarino.com/orange-county-ca This should not be a problem in 2022. I simple copy/paste my Google AdSense HTML into a Code Block........and I see nothing. What are the clear, step-by-step instructions to make this work? How did SquareSpace not make this copy/paste HTML for Google AdSense easy by now? It's nothing new and there seems to be problems making it work. Please help! Thank you.
  6. Site URL: https://sparrowstartup.com/ Hey, so I'm using https://search.google.com/test/rich-results and when I type in my website https://sparrowstartup.com/ for both mobile and desktop, it gives me the following 7 errors (aka objects which couldn't be loaded). Outside of the robots one, how can I fix the other errors inside the red box? Please provide specific, tested solutions. Thank you, as I appreciate your time very much.
  7. Site URL: https://garagedoorfredericksburgva.com I have seen this on a few Squarespace websites and it does not seem to be an issue on the Tagembed site. This client subscribed to Tagembed to show live Google Reviews on the website at the bottom of this page: https://garagedoorfredericksburgva.com/testimonials-page. They will only appear if the page is refreshed. It is Squarespace 7.0, Brine template. Anyone have any insight on this?
  8. Site URL: https://www.blueturtlepsychology.com.au/ I'm having some issues setting up the recaptcha in the newsletter block. I've followed the step by step instructions for set up and have pasted in the External API keys. The recaptcha box shows in editing mode but on the live website it isn't there and the submit button doesn't work when an email is entered. If I disable the recaptcha then the sign up works fine. Any ideas why?
  9. Site URL: https://www.louisrakovich.com/ My website is a portfolio site so mostly consists of images. But NONE of the images on the site are showing up in Google images results, whether I search for my name, page names, text from pages, image descriptions or file names. How to fix this??? Obviously if this can't be fixed, it makes Squarespace useless as a portfolio site platform.
  10. Site URL: http://www.malvine.eu Google Ads has flagged all of my ads, claiming that 'malicious software' exists on the site. My website doesn't use any custom code or third party plug-ins. It's a simple e-commerce website using the Hyde template. Google support have given me particular links which they have found unsafe content on: https://www.malvine.eu/api/1/performance/settings https://www.malvine.eu/api/census/RecordHit https://www.malvine.eu/assets/ui-icons.svg https://www.malvine.eu/e-veikals They told me they cannot "elaborate or provide exact information on the detected links." There are no errors on Google Search Console or any of the third party malware scans that I've ran on the site. Does anyone have any experience with this and would be able to help me solve this issue?
  11. Site URL: https://yourboatclub.com The homepage rich snippet shows pages we do not want to feature in our rich results. I want to update the pages shown in rich results, or at the very least delete the rich results showing up at the moment. The pages should be "Reserve Now | About Membership | All Locations | Contact Us" and not "Reserve a Boat | The Reservation System | General 3 | Partnerships" β€” which is not always what I see when running a search in incognito mode (sometimes a specific location page is featured in the rich results, which we DEFINITELY do not want). I wonder if this is something auto-generated by Squarespace? Can I simply disable rich results from showing up at all? Not my desired result, but better than the wrong pages being so visible to users who find us by search. I have read various guides online for how to add schema marked up code, but nothing has changed. Customer support said this is considered a custom coding issue and outside their scope of support. Does someone have insight here?
  12. Site URL: http://www.wellnessbylb.com Hi Squarespace Community - First time poster here πŸ™‚ I recently launched my website and was disappointed to receive my Google Console results because I have no idea where to begin with addressing or fixing the problem. If anyone has any suggestions about where to even begin, I would be so grateful. Thank you, Laura
  13. Hi mates, I'm trying to understand if it's possible to link two different forms with a single Google Sheet on 7.1. Right now, I assume that if I use the same name, one of these will erase all the pre-saved data. Is there any way to do that? Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm looking for a widget that will give me a Google review rating badge that I can put on my SS website. Can anyone recommend one? I'm not looking to show individual reviews--I want to showcase the aggregate rating (5.0) with stars and show the amount of reviews that rating is based on.
  15. Site URL: https://secondchanceagency.com/ Hi all, We can't run google ads to our website due it flagging for malware. I have reported this to Google and asked them to highlight which files are causing the problem but due to Covid limitations on their services they haven't got back to me. Could you please advise the best way of detecting and removing the malware and taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again? Thanks, Conor
  16. Site URL: https://www.abandonedbuildingbrewery.com/home We're trying to run Local Ads on Google Ads and our ads are not able to be approved because of malicious software. We have no scripts running. We have contacted Squarespace Support who sent us an article about how Google issues warnings regarding unexpected behavior. This is not a warning. There are no errors or security issues in Google Search Console. Please see the email below from Google: Please help!
  17. Site URL: http://www.littleloaves.je Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble where customers on my site are finding it difficult to input their addresses due to the Google Autopopulate function at the checkout. I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands which is not indexed properly on google maps, leaving a lot of properties off the map. As such, when a customer is typing in their address having typed in their house name or number, when they see their street pop up they click it, but it deletes everything they had already inputted, which most of the time goes unnoticed. This is meaning I am having to contact a lot of customers to get their correct address. Is there a way of disabling this feature? Thanks πŸ™‚ Harriet
  18. Site URL: https://www.siloamspringsmuseum.com/ I have been struggling to get my webpage to appear on Google for about a couple of months now. I started working at a local history museum a few months ago. They had already created a webpage using Squarespace, but wanted a fresher look and some updates. The website never had issues with being discoverable until I chose a new template and launched it. I've tried multiple routes, such as making sure the indexing by Google button was on, claiming a sitemap via Google, making sure my website domain (done through a third party) was connected and up-to-date, and so on. No matter what I've done or changed, it still is not discoverable. Can anyone give advice on how to fix this? Here is the website link: https://www.siloamspringsmuseum.com/
  19. Site URL: https://www.smartcoolingsolutions.com/ Hi, I would like to hide my entire squarespace website from search engines like google and bing, not just specific pages of the website. Is there a way to do it? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi, I've been building a website and needed a search bar on two pages which will act as resource directories. Currently, we've used an accordion to create a drop down menu. The titles are umbrella terms for different types of wellness practices / integrative healthcares and when you click on one you then get a list of resources in that category. However, we also want people to be able to type in key words in a search bar so they can get every anxiety resource, for example. The search bar allows people to not be limited to one wellness practice and find everything we have under 'Anxiety.' As SquareSpace's search bar feature is down for the time being, their help team suggested we use Google's Programmable Search Engine. While there are clear instructions on adding this search bar to your site's header, I can't find instructions on adding the search bar to 2 specific pages. I've attached a screenshot of the layout with SS's search bar to show how we want it to look with Google's Programmable Search Engine. I'm not especially proficient with coding so guidance / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mercy :))
  21. Site URL: https://www.sidoti.com/events I want to get our events to show up when someone searches "x near me" or "online conferences". I have tried putting the event on Eventbrite which is another issue since it doesn't even show up in the searches there. What can I do to our Squarespace page or update the HTML to make this happen? I am fairly new to Squarespace and coding but have a more experienced team to help. Is there a step by step guide someone can link me too. Any idea why Eventbrite isn't even showing in their search. It's published, active, and public so I don't know what else the issue could be?
  22. Site URL: https://www.potsandpaperbysteph.com/ I have noticed that my website appears differently in google when my business name is searched with and without spaces. When you search 'potsandpaperbysteph' this is what appears: When I google it with spaces, this is what appears: 1. How do I get google to display my site so that my homepage appears first when my name is searched without spaces? 2. How do I get the full list of sitelinks to appear when customers google my name with spaces as they do without? My analytics tell me that my highest search keyword is 'pots and paper by steph' with the spaces so I'd really appreciate it if the my homepage/the sitelinks could show when people google this too! I hope that this makes sense - I'm a total novice and any help would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ Thank you!
  23. I have a client who wishes to upgrade Google Workspace from the starter ($6 a month/per user) to the standard plan. When I attempted to do so through Google Admin Console, it redirected me to the Third-Party servicer or Squarespace. Squarespace does not have a clear method for upgrading to the standard or higher plans. Does anyone have a workaround, or is Squarespace addressing this issue anytime soon? Thanks.
  24. Site URL: https://www.ginoseast.com/los-angeles I am having issues locating where I can place additional tags in my url link. I have 3 buttons I am tracking on Google Ads and need to get the click back info from those buttons. I need to add an onclick attribute directly to the code for the button/link. I do not know where I can edit the url to hold the following parameters in highlight: Add the code to a text link: In the code below, replace "http://example.com/your-link" with the URL for your website or telephone link, and replace "Download now!" with your link text. <a onclick="return gtag_report_conversion('http://example.com/your-link');" href="http://example.com/your-link">Download now!</a> I am trying to avoid moving to developer mode because its only 1 page I need to make these changes on. Thanks for the help.
  25. Embedding it is simple enough. But that won’t work on smartphones or small devices quite well.
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