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  1. Site URL: https://www.louisrakovich.com/ My website is a portfolio site so mostly consists of images. But NONE of the images on the site are showing up in Google images results, whether I search for my name, page names, text from pages, image descriptions or file names. How to fix this??? Obviously if this can't be fixed, it makes Squarespace useless as a portfolio site platform.
  2. Site URL: https://cylinder-triceratops-8fh3.squarespace.com/ Hello! I have embedded a Google Maps 'My Map' onto one of my blog pages, on the embed code I have stated for it to be a specific size, mainly to make it bigger and fill up the page, which the default code didnt quite do. However when I view the page in the mobile view, the embedded map is still the same size that I made it in desktop mode, is there a piece of embed code that can be used to make the map size down for mobile purposes. In addition I believe that the map is aligned to the left hand side, is there a tweak to the code or some additional code that can allow me to align to the centre? The first screenshot is the map as it is current in desktop mode, the second is it in mobile mode, where I am having the main issues and the third image is a screenshot of the embed code that was used to get what I have currently
  3. Site URL: http://cuteyorkiepuppies.com As far as i know, ive done everything to assist with the indexing process. i have done multiple live tests with google and bing and they say my site can be crawled and indexed, but they still are not getting indexed. I'm new to this and im learning on the fly. Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Without paying for a service that does this, how can we add our Google reviews API to our Squarespace website? Without adding a screenshot of the reviews or using the Squarespace quotes. Does anybody know the code for this or how we can generate it? Thank you!
  5. Hello! I noticed in my Google Workspace account (activated/purchased through SquareSpace) that I could add another domain. Purchased a new domain in SS, and connected all the links, but when I went to activate a new email in Workspace, Google said I needed to purchase another license through my third party provider. Now that you have context: If I purchase another Google Workspace license will it be a completely new instance of Google Workspace or can I manage it from my "first?" And is there an add-on purchase option or is it always the same flat price? Thanks! Steve
  6. Site URL: https://www.mohanbali.com Hi all, My Google SEO is showing the details of the content of the home page instead of the description, evenjhough I have put SEO description for the home page. Can you please help on how I can fix this. Cheers.
  7. Site URL: http://cephtactics-dental.com Hey, Does anyone know how to add google translate to the top of the website to change all pages to a particular language? Thank you 🙂
  8. Site URL: https://www.kandlphotography.co.uk/ Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue or has a fix for this? Google won’t seem to index or crawl my website. I have had a Squarespace website for around 4 months now and I’m not appearing in Google when I use site: (my url). I understand I might not appear in searchers because of SEO but I would expect it to be found on Google when I directly search my url. I’ve done all the things needs, set up Google console, add a sitemap, used url inspection to crawl and index my site but nothing seems to be working. I can see my website under the live url but it just can’t be found. I have contacted both Squarespace and Google but both haven’t been able to help.
  9. Site URL: http://lloydbirchdrone.co.uk Hello all! google search result doesn’t return my site title it returns the background image file name… so bizzare!! Any help appreciated! See screenshot below
  10. Site URL: https://www.thinkgreenet.com/home Google Search Console indicated that my home page could be indexed; however, it does not index it and I am trying to determine why. Proof is that a Google search on "tutor near Bartlett" (not in quotes when I searched) does not rank at all. Google does not have any trouble indexing the pages on my homepage. Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Site URL: https://www.richardsaltermusic.com/ Hi everyone. Sorry for the long rambling post. I've got a question about SEO if anyone has a moment to answer please. I'm not very web savvy but have built my site. I tagged all the images on there, but with the benefit of hindsight I unknowingly used keyword stuffing. That was a few days ago & yesterday I noticed that my ranking, which was page four of Google has disappeared. Well, it's still on Google but is not even in the first ten pages. The site is my portfolio, and there's probably close to a hundred images, in three galleries, on there. which I've tagged in descriptions. I have revised all the image tags to just three keywords: "Richard Salter Music." Is this still going to be considered keyword stuffing? I really wanted to know if these revisions are sufficient to restore my previous ranking, or is there anything else I need to do? There's no manual action notices on Google search console. Some say that my ranking will just restore, others say it's not that simple. Any suggestions or guidance gratefully received! Thanks in advance. x
  12. Site URL: https://www.abandonedbuildingbrewery.com/home We're trying to run Local Ads on Google Ads and our ads are not able to be approved because of malicious software. We have no scripts running. We have contacted Squarespace Support who sent us an article about how Google issues warnings regarding unexpected behavior. This is not a warning. There are no errors or security issues in Google Search Console. Please see the email below from Google: Please help!
  13. Site URL: https://www.britannia.smokd.co.uk/ Hey, hoping someone can help out. I've been struggling with indexing issues for site: britannia.smokd.co.uk for a couple of months now. At first google would not index it at all. Squarespace support tried several times to help, by regenerating sitemap etc, but ultimately with no luck. Eventually, going via our google ads account, I managed to chat online with someone at google, who, despite it not relaly being within the bounds of the 'allowed' chat reasons, did take all of the details and say he will look at it. A month or so following this chat, we have now appeared in SERPS, but with pretty poor ranking, and no MetaTitle or Description, despite these both being set, and defined on the page (which I have confirmed viewing source). (shown below) Also, if I search for most keywords that I know are present on the page, they are, apparently not being seen by google e.g. site:britannia.smokd.co.uk bbq (https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Abritannia.smokd.co.uk+bbq&sxsrf=ALeKk01cr13Hfkhbss8cB7g-PEE_2XkB7A%3A1627920350081&ei=3hcIYcXBBMKW8gLauYagAQ&oq=site&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYADIECCMQJzIECCMQJzIECCMQJzIECAAQQzIHCAAQsQMQQzIECAAQQzIKCC4QxwEQrwEQQzIKCAAQgAQQhwIQFDIECAAQQzIOCC4QgAQQsQMQxwEQowI6CwguEMcBEK8BEJECOgsILhCABBDHARCjAjoLCAAQgAQQsQMQgwE6BAguEEM6EAgAEIAEEIcCELEDEIMBEBQ6CwguEIAEEMcBEK8BOggILhCABBCxA0oECEEYAFD7jwtY35ULYMKfC2gAcAJ4AIAByAOIAc8HkgEHMS4zLjQtMZgBAKABAcABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz) Throughout, I have been attempting to re-index the page in search console with no success - the indexing request is often rejected and then gives no further information as why - and even says the url isn't available on google - which it obviously is (if only poorly) - screenshot also below. I am thinking that there must be something preventing google from seeing the content on the page, but really can't work out what - there arent robot.txt files blocking access, and the content is in theory easily seen - certainly to a user. It is a single page site, which possibly isn't helping, but we really don't need other pages currently. It's built using a standard 'page' rather than a cover in squarespace, which means I've had to set this as a 'non-linked' page - but squarespace have confirmed this is correct and should not be causing these issues. Hoping someone may have had similar (and resolved) as when even google don't seem to have sorted, I'm starting to lose faith! Thanks in advance, Tom
  14. Site URL: https://thedetoureffect.com/ I enabled AMP on my blog posts last week because I was advised it will speed up my site. It didn't, and it looked horrific and hid all the important information so a couple days ago I disabled it. Now, in Google search results my page still comes up with the crappy AMP version of my pages. When will it stop? Do I have to request reindexing for every single URL one by one with Google now? None of my Black Friday ads probably showed up this whole weekend because of AMP.
  15. Site URL: https://www.delicario.com/ I managed to setup an automatic feed from our online shop to Google Merchant center but the product id's don't match the ones that Google Merchant Center seems to receive. I fixed the usual GTIN issue but don't know how to fix matching the product id's and have no idea why they are different. Does anyone has some experience with this? Is this something that could be fixed with third party extensions? Many thanks, Alex
  16. Site URL: https://www.sanddunesunsets.com/ Hi guys, I'm trying to set up goals into Google Analytics to track various funnels of my store's checkout flow. However I can' seem to find Squarespace's general funnel URLs to track the general checkout flow. Shopify provides the following URL's to input into Google Analytics: Step Name Screen/Page 1. Viewed product /products/shoes 2. Added product to cart /cart 3. Added address /checkout/contact_information 4. Added shipping info /checkout/shipping 5. Added payment info /checkout/payment Does anyone know what Squarespace's general checkout funnel URL's are? Thank you! Fiona
  17. Site URL: https://foam-yoga.com Hello, I can't find my website when I search it on google research but my website URL works and I have good access to all the pages when I follow the URL. Is it a SEO problem ? I did the URL slug, SEO title, SEO description. Help would be great !! Thanks, Agathe
  18. Site URL: https://iguana-chinchilla-xt92.squarespace.com/location Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to round the corners of your map block? I've tried block id and border-radius but it just makes the border rounded with the map over the top.... Also does anyone know how to add a transition on the :hover of a link? I'm trying to figure out how to transition my page links with a smooth in and out transition. pw for url: chocolate
  19. Hey there, My google workspace subscription was due today, I could renew my domain but i cant seem to renew my email subscription. Ive updated my billing info. The button for renewal does not turn on when I click it. Ive recieved an invoice but its says unpaid and it does not give me the option to pay. Can somebody help please?
  20. Site URL: https://www.devikadaga.com/ I noticed that my home page was not showing up in Google search results when I searched for my name "Devika Daga". When I looked at the Google Search Console, I found out that the homepage URL status is "Excluded" and Coverage is " Crawled - currently not indexed." Is there anything I can do to fix this, besides submitting an indexing request?
  21. Site URL: https://www.westendwellness.ca/ Hi, Not sure what the problem is but the SEO text I input on the site is not what comes up on Google search. I have been patient, under the impression Google needed time to crawl the site, but this has been still the same for the past 5 months! I have included, images to show the difference and what appears. I was wondering if i have to have done something else. I did outsource the job of setting up the website to another, and they did inject code into the advanced section ( i have included an image of the code in the attachments) which maybe that is what is overriding the SEO element. BUT, I don't know if that is the case, but if it was and i was to remove it, will it effect my ranking on google. Anyone who has experience in this, please share tips or advice. Thank you, Mak
  22. Site URL: https://www.fridaypetite.co.uk/latest/black-friday-petite-clothing Hi, having some issues with an error in how the title of a top performing article is appearing on google. For some reason the words 'next next' have suddenly appeared at the start of the correct title. The article was written a year ago and definitely did not appear this way then and must be a fairly recent issue. I've checked the page for errors and requested the page to be reindexed but as yet it is still displaying incorrectly. This is not an issue on Bing or any other search engine that I can tell. Any insight anyone might have on what the issue could be would be much appreciated! Thanks. S.
  23. Site URL: https://www.sanddunesunsets.com/ Hi guys, I'm trying to set up goals into Google Analytics to track various funnels of my store's checkout flow. However I can' seem to find Squarespace's general funnel URLs to track the general checkout flow. Shopify provides the following URL's to input into Google Analytics: Step Name Screen/Page 1. Viewed product /products/shoes 2. Added product to cart /cart 3. Added address /checkout/contact_information 4. Added shipping info /checkout/shipping 5. Added payment info /checkout/payment Does anyone know what Squarespace's general checkout funnel URL's are? Thank you! Fiona
  24. Site URL: https://millnerproperty.com.au Hi, The inbuilt default map by squarespace is not suitable for what we're trying to achieve, so we built a custom html page with google api to display a custom google map with custom pins and multiple pins with cards. https://fluffyduck.com.au/millner/maps.html The issue - I can't find any information where / how to embed this into the site where required. If I choose 'code + html' it says 'script disabled' when it tries to load the google elements If I choose 'code + javascript' it simply displays all the html elements/portions If I choose 'embed' and put the above url in place, it attempts to parse it and just displays NULL - Hopefully I'm over looking something very simply here and hoping someone can assist. Thanking everyone in advance
  25. Hello everyone, this website hasn't been launched yet but I was trying to include Google translate through code. My client decided not to use it as the translations weren't accurate. Although I fully removed the code, the Google translate option is still there after I refreshed and everything. Has anyone encountered this issue and what was your solution?
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