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  1. hello, I have recently revamped my entire website, created new pages, changed its title and description. And even though the changes have been saved and appear on squarespace, when i try and google my website and navigate on it, non of the changes in titles, description etc. have been applied. Anyone knows what could be happening? Thanks a lot in advance, Cheers!
  2. Hi there, I have an issue I'm trying to resolve regarding page thumbnails showing up in Google search results. I have some code block that worked for one of the pages, but I can't seem to get it to work properly on the other pages. I'm sharing the code block here for reference as well as the Google results not showing the thumbnail. Any insight would be AMAZING. I'm can't seem to figure this out. <!-- <PageMap> <DataObject type="thumbnail"> <Attribute name="src" value="data-image="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5e3c491c664a0f4ded40ab66/1630373448630-1J147LYAPB927EVGV1KO/20210828_NC_CraggyGardens_DanielleJake-346.jpg?format=1500w"/> <Attribute name="width" value="100"/> <Attribute name="height" value="130"/> </DataObject> </PageMap> --> <meta name="thumbnail" content="data-image="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5e3c491c664a0f4ded40ab66/1630373448630-1J147LYAPB927EVGV1KO/20210828_NC_CraggyGardens_DanielleJake-346.jpg?format=1500w"/>
  3. Hi there, I have tried for some time to add an existing (verified) Google Business Profile Listing to a client's site and the screen freezes at the square after allowing me to get as far as connecting the google account associated with it and clicking on "allow". I have tried troubleshooting with the following: -Waited and tried again in a few days -Tried on various browsers -Logged in, logged out -Verified emails, admin privileges, etc. -The site is live -Tried on various computers -Tried instead to just add a new business listing (this did not work either) I have successfully done this before, but I feel like there must be some update or something I am missing?) Thank you for any help or insight!
  4. I am trying everything to get indexed by google. I keep getting the following errors, but nothing is obvious to me what the issue is. It is not a big site 9 pages. It was created solely in squarespace. I included the site map as instructed https://www.noordhoffaesthetics.com/sitemap.xml I went over the SEO for each page and added the title and description. Don't understand the redirect error as the site is published from squarespace? any help would be greatly appreciated! I inspected both noordhoffaesthetics.com and https://www.noordhoffaesthetics.com Thanks Page indexing issues detected in noordhoffaesthetics.com To the owner of noordhoffaesthetics.com: Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Page indexing issue(s). The following issues were found on your site. We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search. Top issues Redirect error We're validating your Page indexing issue fixes for pages in sitemap https://www.noordhoffaesthetics.com/sitemap.xml for site noordhoffaesthetics.com Google has started validating your fix of Page indexing issues on your site. Specifically, we are checking for ‘Discovered – currently not indexed’, which currently affects 11 pages. Validation can take a few days; we will send you a message when the process is complete. You can monitor the progress of the test by following the link below. See validation flow progress
  5. Site URL: https://www.louisrakovich.com/ My website is a portfolio site so mostly consists of images. But NONE of the images on the site are showing up in Google images results, whether I search for my name, page names, text from pages, image descriptions or file names. How to fix this??? Obviously if this can't be fixed, it makes Squarespace useless as a portfolio site platform.
  6. Site URL: https://www.delicario.com/ I managed to setup an automatic feed from our online shop to Google Merchant center but the product id's don't match the ones that Google Merchant Center seems to receive. I fixed the usual GTIN issue but don't know how to fix matching the product id's and have no idea why they are different. Does anyone has some experience with this? Is this something that could be fixed with third party extensions? Many thanks, Alex
  7. It seems I'm unable to change the GTIN of my items via Squarespace. Because of this, I'm receiving disapproved or invalid as I'm unable to update UPC codes raw data. Every 8 hrs, Squarespace is changing the UPC (ID) that I manually update via Google Merchant center back to a random generated ID (example - 0a15434f-89cb-4109-9eca-5284c8ac144c). Anyone else using Google Merchant Center that's has a work around for this issue? I'm unable to find where to update this item ID in Square to the actual UPC code of the item so Google accepts it.
  8. Hi Has anyone used the new Google Merchant Center feed? I'm having a significant problem with it that Squarespace is flat out refusing to help with and I'm reasonably sure the issue is on their side. I'm coming here to see if anyone can help as the Squarespace support has been so bad on this I'm actually shocked how they can release a feature and then totally wash their hands of any responsibility in supporting it. The issue is that every single product Squarespace is sending in the feed is being disapproved by Google Merchant Centre. In addition (and perhaps partly because of) the Feed Label is set to "US" and we are NOT a US based company, so we need the feed label set to "UK". Has anyone else had similar issues and have you been able to address them? Seriously, I can't believe how bad Squarespace support is, truly shocking for a service I PAY for. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://robin-khaki-7l6n.squarespace.com/test-styles-page I've been trying to add a Google font (that is not available on the list of available SquareSpace fonts) using the following CSS: @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Barlow:wght@100&display=swap'); @font-face {font-family: 'Barlow', sans-serif;} p {font-family:'Barlow'; font-weight: 100;} While I'm in the midst of editing the custom CSS, the fonts on the page display properly. However, after I save the CSS and navigate to a different page, all the fonts change to a random font (and not even a sans-serif font!). Furthermore, when I inspect the code, it says that the font displayed is Barlow (see screen shot) Then the weirdest thing: when I navigate back to the Custom CSS area, the fonts change back to the "Barlow" font specified in the CSS. Without me making any changes! Just by navigating to that screen. Can anyone help?
  10. Site URL: https://www.herocards.us/ Google Console appears to be indexing my site but says "couldn't fetch" every time I try to submit the sitemap.xml. There are other forum posts about this, but the only resolutions I'm seeing range from "wait" to "don't worry." It has been a month since I first submitted my sitemap, and I'm still getting "couldn't fetch" under GC Sitemap, and "Indexed, not submitted in sitemap" when I do a URL Inspection. Help!
  11. When I search my site through google search engine, I am shown a random picture from the site . How do I choose the image that I want to be displayed when someone searches my site? Thanks a lot
  12. With Google axing Universal Analytics on July 1st, it's important you set up GA4 (Google Analytics 4) ASAP. Check out the below video, where I walk you through how to set up Google Analytics 4 on Squarespace 👇 If you like this sort of content, feel free to subscribe for more Squarespace SEO tips and help.
  13. My google workspace is down and it is because Squarespace have done something with my URL. I have contacted them on twitter, email, facebook, and instagram. I am not getting any responses. I am trying to run business here and cannot access my email at all. How can I contact squarespace and actually get a response?
  14. Hello! I noticed in my Google Workspace account (activated/purchased through SquareSpace) that I could add another domain. Purchased a new domain in SS, and connected all the links, but when I went to activate a new email in Workspace, Google said I needed to purchase another license through my third party provider. Now that you have context: If I purchase another Google Workspace license will it be a completely new instance of Google Workspace or can I manage it from my "first?" And is there an add-on purchase option or is it always the same flat price? Thanks! Steve
  15. Site URL: https://justinried.com Trying to add my Squarespace website to the Google Search index. The Search Console gives an error when attempting to crawl the URL, however. For the last 5+ days, it's given a "hostload exceeded" error. Any thoughts on a solution? Time Sep 20, 2022, 8:21:50 AM Crawled as Googlebot desktop Crawl allowed? Yes Page fetch error Failed: Hostload exceeded Indexing allowed? N/A Indexing User-declared canonical N/A Google-selected canonical: Only determined after indexing
  16. Hi, First of all cards on the table - i am not techie. I'm far from techie. I created a website for my new business using Squarespace on the recommendation of a friend (a web designer), and I'm having huge issues with my site and google indexing it. I was under the impression that this was something that automatically happened, but after nearly two months my site has still not been fully mapped. Upon trying to remedy this I have used Google Search Console to try and manually get google to take notice of me, but have this morning received a message from google saying: Page indexing issues detected in petertillyhypnotherapy.co.uk To the owner of petertillyhypnotherapy.co.uk: Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Page indexing issue(s). The following issues were found on your site. Top Issues Blocked due to unauthorized request (401) We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search. Any clues about what the issue is? And how i fix it? Also, is this a common problem with Squarespace? I am a little disappointed that after a couple of months my website is not visible to google which is costing me new clients. Any wisdom would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Many thanks, Pete
  17. Hi, Im using categories in my shop to separate different articles of clothing (tees, hoodies, caps, etc). For example "https://www.duhvoli.com/shop/hoodies" is a category page for all my hoodies. Google is ignoring these urls and suggests I "Alternate pages with proper canonical tag" (it choses the first product page under said category instead) How can I add canonical tag to category page? If it's not possible, what would be best solution to fix this? Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.sokytennis.net/ Is there a way to set up our calendar to send a push notification to people when events are created or cancelled? The calendar is on our site? Or if that doesn't work is it possible to embed a google calendar to do similar?
  19. Feedback on site and advice to appear on search engines. Not appearing using keywords. Also on Bing..putting website title.. nothing?
  20. Hi everyone, I am currently building my website and I have trouble hiding the folders of the navigation bar from google search (see screenshot). I managed to hide single pages via the SEO options but there's no option to hide the "title"/"main catagories" from the nav bar. Is there an easy way to hide all pages but the coverpage from google search until I'm ready to launch the website? Hope you can help me with this issue!
  21. Hi everyone, I have been working on my new site for a couple of months and finally went live last week. I have submitted sitemaps and waiting on pages to be indexed. My question is if I keep editing my posts to add internal linking and adding alt text to images (should have done this alt text in the beginning), I have also added some affiliate links, does this have an affect on how those pages are indexed?
  22. When my website comes up in Google search, it includes text directly below it - as a site description - from a page that no longer exists. How do i stop it from showing up??
  23. I've been wanting to improve my website traffic so I've been looking at SEO. I've got descriptions etc set for each page and for my blog posts. Yet when I Google my website domain, most of my blog posts are missing! No wonder my website doesn't get much traffic on my blog. We're talking about over a year's worth of content so there has certainly been enough time for them to capture them. My SEO settings on my blog make all posts/pages in my blog available to search engines. Does anyone have any suggestions about what's going on and what I can do to correct this? Edit: Bing has more results for my blog than Google but still not all
  24. Hi When googling my website (certainly via Microsoft Edge) a yellow Webroot Caution is displayed, warning users of potentially unsafe content that can affect their online security. Where do I start looking to solve the issue? Thanks, website below if there's anything blatant. www.bluesquarewm.com
  25. Site URL: https://www.sidoti.com/events I want to get our events to show up when someone searches "x near me" or "online conferences". I have tried putting the event on Eventbrite which is another issue since it doesn't even show up in the searches there. What can I do to our Squarespace page or update the HTML to make this happen? I am fairly new to Squarespace and coding but have a more experienced team to help. Is there a step by step guide someone can link me too. Any idea why Eventbrite isn't even showing in their search. It's published, active, and public so I don't know what else the issue could be?
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