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  1. I think i discovered what is causing the problem but not the solution. I do have a workaround. If you set the summmary WALL for more that 20 items, the block loses the items in config, just goes white and the images will not load when viewing no matter which layout you use, so the answer is to set the items the same as the blog iteself allows 20 posts max.
  2. Some of my own images on my SS site are not loading today. Mostly thumbnails in summary items.
  3. Site URL: https://www.myrandomviews.com/ Today I had to reconfigure my blog and remove a blog summary page. Maybe too many items, I don't know. If I set the summary block design for wall instead of list, grid, or carousel I can't see the items in config mode. The page, no matter what the setting, I was using grid, takes a long time to load the images and it when it does load, its from the bottom of the page up (that has to do with the order of the blog posts, oldest gets loaded first I suspect. ) I thought the use of wall and blank summary block might be a Custom CSS problem, however removing the code made no difference. I am using a summary block in a blog post using the blog as the source, that seems to be working but it is only five items. Derrick
  4. You can get the template here: https://www.squarespace.com/templates/browse/v7 Scroll down until you see "Start with Nueva" Your two week trial starts as soon as you say yes. We are here to help if you need it.
  5. Take a look at this 7.0 one, simple changes of the text, some images and I think you can have want you are looking for: https://nueva-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=true
  6. The site you posted is built with 7.0 and uses the Momentum template. Momentum is an all purpose but still very unique template. The i button is bult into that template by default. https://momentum-demo.squarespace.com/
  7. Squarespace 7.0 has built in landing pages with multiple formats. They can be easily set up with action keys and take the visitor to two sections quite easily. The question is, how do you want navigation to work? Does each section have access to the other or they to be unlinked? I split my site, but not totally in half if you know what I mean. my random views
  8. I normally use the website/business logo as a favicon, if possible. Some are too detailed to use that small. Mine is a camera, which fits a photography site just fine. I think it adds a little something extra to a website tab. This site's logo make a nice looking favicon: https://christinegregoryphotography.com/
  9. I am surprised that you have not received a reply to this yet. I apologize for not replying myself. The site you linked is made with the Wordpress Medics theme. It is pretty straight forward and can be made with any 7.1 template to mimic it. There is one 7.0 Squarespace template designed specifically for medical practice, the demo is for a denstist. It isn't the same asthe site you linked but it is a very sharp looking template. https://keene-demo.squarespace.com/
  10. The map gen html code won't work in custom css. It has to be placed in a code block on the page where you want to us it. The image itself is in custom files which is accessed thru custom css and the address for that image is added to the code generator.
  11. I think the initial navigation, the landing page, should be simple and obvious. It sets the tone for the whole site. Mine is two buttons, actions, that tells the visitor what my site is about and how to get there. Pictures and Stories (blog posts and photographs) once someone clicks a button then the whole site is available for them to look at, about page, stories and images by category displayed in either an index page or blog summary page and some stories grouped on the nav bar itself. Once inside a story, if it is large, more than one part, I make sure to connect the parts together with a button or text link. As a foot note to the above, the back to top arrow on my pages is one of the best additions I have made to my site. A viewer can get back to the nav bar in a second from wherever they happen to be. my random views
  12. Wells is a unique template in that the gallery pages display as a slideshow/grid. The layout does not have to be fixed as with other templates, images can move around based on browser and monitor size and aspect ratio. Here are some hints for Wells gallery page tweaks: Layout To make thumbnail view the default when visitors land on Gallery Pages, choose Initial Gallery View: Thumbnails. Gallery Pages set as the homepage can have different layout settings. Use the Homepage Gallery View tweak to set this. To hide the thumbnail option, uncheck Enable Gallery Thumbnails. Use the Gallery Style tweak to choose if slideshow images resize to fit the browser height with no cropping (Fit) or crop to fill all available space (Fill). Set the size and shape of your thumbnails with Thumbnail Aspect Ratio and Thumbnail Width. Image captions display in the site-wide sidebar in slideshow layout. They don’t display in thumbnail view. Style image captions with the Text tweaks in Site Wide Options. For color, titles follow Headings Color and descriptions follow Body Text Color.
  13. The simplest way is you add the text to the image in photoshop or some other program, save the whole thing as an image and then when it is on your site, replacing the original image, the whole thing becomes clickable without the need for any code.
  14. I have that on my site, not on the homepage but it would be easy to do. Use a blog summary block and also use the category filter. Give your latest post the category "latest" and the summary block will display it. Put the actual blog in the unlinked section of your site, and your summary block will in effect become the blog. https://myrandomviews.com/storysummary
  15. Those are anchor links and how they work depends on your site and template.
  16. You set the design of the block for list, and if you have an image enlarge it. You can set the text for large as well. This will make each excerpt wider than a blog page post in a list. If you want a post in a summary block to be full bleed, set the block for carousel with only one item per row, aspect ratio 3:2 standard. Number of items per block still can be at 30 with blocks chained together on the same page which allows as many posts as you want on that page with a bit of category filtering per block.
  17. That doesn't require a plug in, it is one of the choices you have with a summary block layout, list the posts as opposed to displaying them as a wall or grid. . Its a very simple change to make in design settings of the block. I can adjust the image size, make it bigger or smaller as well as the aspect ratio. I have far more control over a summary block than I do the actual blog page display. https://myrandomviews.com/stories/lessons
  18. Unfortunately there is not, no code solution either. The summary block method, and there are styling plugins for those as well, is the only workaround available at the moment.
  19. If you use an actual summary block instead of the blog listing page, which is not really a summary, you can have 40 entries and then chain blocks together on the same page using category filters. I have a blog summary page with 80 posts on it. Summary blocks can be designed all kinds of ways with code unlike an actual blog listing page. When you use blog summary blocks the actual blog goes into the unlinked section of your site. To use create a new blank page add a section then click insert point and add a block. I use 7.0 but my page should give you a look at what they can do for you: https://myrandomviews.com/storysummary and here is a tutorial for using summary blocks in 7.1
  20. For me personally, I would prefer to have the apartment photos the first thing I see when I click learn more on the home page. For example when I click Penthouse and Terrace, the banner image is fine, but under that I would put just the line of text The Perfect Couples Getaway in bold larger type, the slideshow immeadiately below those words and the description of the apartment below the slideshow. Let the images sell the place first, the old saying is sell the sizzle then the steak and the images have sizzle.
  21. With most website hosting companies going to super scrolling (one page like) mobile driven tempate designs, the menu in a menu function is going to go by the wayside. Squarespace simply is ahead of the soon to happen trend. One major website company puts it this way to their clients: Unfortunately, mega menus don't work this way. They display too many irrelevant items at once, which creates a lot of visual distractions. I can't say I totally agree due to the fact i have a number ofnav folders with drop down list of links on my own site, but like others here I will have to deal with the above concept at some point, as more and more of the traffic to my site is coming from phones as opposed to desktop and folks want to scroll and click a block or image, not a line of text.
  22. In order to guide you to the proper template and platform 7.0 or 7.1, and the proper billing plan, what is prompting this change? An update in design? Easier changes you want t make yourself? Etc?
  23. By default yes, but you can change the published date in the 7.1 blog post settings. I did that when I moved from a shared public blog site to my own personal site. I had some sixty posts that I moved/copied using cut and paste.
  24. I was under the assumption that the question was how to have a button that leads to the latest blog post not to a summary block. I happen to have four or five ways to get to my blog posts both direcly or in a list. If the question is to have a button that goes directly to the latest post without being part of a list or without changing the url, then one way to do that is always give the latest post the category "latest", and filter the button link to that category. No url changing is required but the cat would have to be added to the latest post and removed from any others. So if I put the following url on a button and use the category filter properly then the latest post will come up, as an excerpt by itself so you still need to click read more to get to the whole post. https://myrandomviews.com/stories/category/latest https://myrandomviews.com/stories also gets you there but the post is the first of a list of posts. So which is better? Either way, one more click is needed to get you to your final destination.
  25. This help article explains it: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206537197-Changing-site-ownership
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