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  1. Hello, i am building a simple one page website - i am using div tags to make jumps from the menu to sections in the website. It works fine except the div tags cause issues with the text on the section headers. It forces the text out of alignment - Can anyone help me resolve this issue or suggest a another option to make the menu jump to section in my one pager? Any help much appreciated .... Romina
  2. I just completed my website apart from replacing a few photos here and there. I published it with a password (captivatingportraits). When I view it on my MacBook (16") it looks perfectly fine. Nothing is outside the grid in edit mode so I figured it would be fine. However, when my friend views my website on her laptop which is slightly smaller (14"), things seem to be pushed together and don't align properly. I tried moving things more towards the center which did not fix the problem (pictures attached). Is there a code I should attach so my site looks the same on every laptop/desktop? If so, what is it/how do I go about doing that? I am very new to Squarespace and this is my first website through them. In the pictures you can see that the text doesn't align in one line as it should and the icons for social media don't align either.
  3. Hi Can anyone advise why the coded icons are causing the next section to distort? It's only happened since linking the icons to internal pages. Also can anyone advise on fixing the button alignment on the background card and adding drop shadow? https://ocht-org-nz.squarespace.com/ p/w: ocht Thanks
  4. Hi there! I am wanting to embed a vertical Vimeo video so that the sizing is responsive for desktop and mobile viewing. The issue I am having is that when I embed the video, it seems to be responsive to the width instead of the height, making the video much too tall so I have to scroll down to find the play button. When I adjust the size limitations and add centering code, I can get this to work on the desktop but then the mobile version is still off. Is there a way to have the the responsive embedding work based off the height of the video instead of the width? Ideally the video is centered in the block and fits within the visible height of the browser. I am not a coder so I'm feeling around in the dark here. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  5. My font scales down in size when I reach a certain browser pixel size (roughly over 2000px wide). How do I stop this!? You can see in the attachments where the correct screenshot has the heading text set to 8.1rem and paragraph set to 1.2 rem but then all of a sudden in the incorrect screenshot it scales down? Help! Is there some custom code I can add to make sure my font never scales down?
  6. Hello, Wondering how to have my site header not do this when the tab is shrunk down. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. I have center aligned the whole website for mobile (CSS used is attached below), however this particular section does is not center aligned while viewing on mobile. Could someone please assist me on this matter? Thanks @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { p, h1, h2, h3 { text-align: center; } } Web view: Mobile view:
  8. Hi, has anyone had any luck with the below? I am trying to add an image to only half of my home page - and have it cross into the header section. Please see image for reference of what I am trying to achieve. I'm hoping someone has had success with this 🤞
  9. The website I'm building (unfortunately I'm not able to give a url), has 5 sections to it. On the home page I want the name of each section with an image behind it. Basically what I want is for all 5 images to be visible on the page so that visitors don't need to scroll down at all. I can just adjust the sizes to make it fit on my screen, but as soon as someone else goes on the website to approve the draft, it doesn't work because their laptop has a different size screen.
  10. Howdy! I'm looking for help on a specific issue I'm currently facing on my SquareSpace website. I've added pictures on which the text in form/markdown is left to right, I'm trying to get Right to Left for the title and the text beneath. as well as the form. the language is in Hebrew which is Right to Left how can i change the CSS code to RTL (right to left) that it will affect only the needed segments. If possible, can someone add the exact code that I can copy it? Thanks 🙂
  11. Hello, Need help. My website looks great on default domain provided by squarespace but when i change the domain id or add another domain, It loses some of its styling. My website is https://garlic-dolphin-fkzw.squarespace.com/ I've changed my primary domain to https://reelstoryentertainment.com and now some styling appears different. Any help is highly appreciated. Password:V3rifi@B1e
  12. On my page I am using index pages and navigation is controlled using the index menu navigation buttons on the left. I used CSS code to make the navigation menu text visible all the time. The problem is they are not left-aligned, which looks really bad. I could not find a CSS code or an option in the style menus to left-align them. Any ideas?
  13. Hi,I only have one product block, and would prefer it to be centre-aligned,Link: anxietyempire.com/shopThanks for any tips!
  14. I cannot get the text to align here, even though it looks like it is aligned in the editor before I press publish: In edit mode, it looks like this:
  15. Does anyone know how I can tighten up the area between the gallery and the menu area of my website? A little to much grey for my taste
  16. Hi, I love the way the site looks when its on desktop. (www.occasionalotaku.com) It's simple and easy to read. However, when it's on mobile or tablet, the images obscure the lettering and makes it entirely illegible. Is there any way to adjust the image? Also I'm still on the 7.0 edition. Thanks!
  17. Small text is vertically aligned in edit mode but not when published. I simultaneously selected all 3 small text boxes and vertically aligned them. In the middle text box I made sure to check the align to top arrow. I've tried re[lacing the text boxes. Not sure what to do next. TIA
  18. Hi there, I am currently experiencing a new issue when developing a site. I have been working with the new Fluid Engine for a while and this is the first time i have experienced this and it is very frustrating! The issue is, is that when i go to mobile edit mode, whenever I move or adjust the size of a block, rows are getting added without me asking. Just for a specific section - not all sections are affected by this. I am aware there is a feature when you can drag a block to the bottom of the section so it can add new rows for you automatically, however this isn't about that - this issue happens whether i am at the top or bottom of my section. Everytime i move a block all rows are pushed down by 1. I am so confused. My only solution to this could be that it is my code that i have uploaded to the code-injection for some animation in that section that is causing the issue - however i do not see anything in my code that would make this happen. Anyone else experiencing this? Any help would be great! Thanks a lot!
  19. Hi I would like to know how I can achieve the following 1st Title of image. By person 1 2nd Different length title of image By person 2 With each column starting at the same point to have a list that looks good on pc and mobile. I can get it looking great on the pc by using 3 different size text block but on mobile it shows all the first text block then the second then third and looks a mess. Is there anything I can do? This is for the winners and highly commended competition entries. I am new to producing websites having said I will help out my local camera club. We all do this for free.
  20. Greetings! We would love feedback on the design of our resource page for teachers. We are trying to build this in the spirit of the web version of the email we send each day in Constant Contact (here is the link). I tried my best to build it using sections, an image as the background, and shapes on the left and right quarters of the page. We are seeing scaling issues that I don't see on other websites. When we zoom in (on mac using command-plus) the button text begins to shift to two rows along with other the other text shifting. Also, our users cant copy the image from the page by right-clicking without clicking on the image first. Is there a way to fix this, as well? Any first steps for fixing this for a math teacher/principal with very little experience? Super grateful for any responses! John
  21. Would anyone know how I might align these four buttons in a masonry blog, across 4 columns, Any help greatly appreciated
  22. Hi I have a 4 column masonry blog structure, which I'm using across 3 separate pages, where on one page I have 4 blogs, another 2 blogs and the other one 5 blogs. Currently all these blogs are align left, but I'd like to align them all centrally, on the 4 column structure. Could anyone advice. I've attached pictures of all sections
  23. Hello, I would like to left-align the captions for my gallery slideshow, so they are aligned with the left margin. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Dom
  24. Hello smart people! I really need help. Website: https://sparrow-tomato-zxzd.squarespace.com/ Password: testmode1568 There is one specific detail that my client needs to fulfill. I need to make a separate section of the selected products (maybe in the form of summary or separately added products) with a heading and a link in the vertical form. You can see it right after the first intro section on the site. I think I managed to write the CSS code for the vertical typing: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1673529093892_132548 h4 { writing-mode: vertical-rl; transform: rotate(180deg); margin-left: 17px; position: relative; right: 10px; } #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1673529093892_130008 .sqs-block-button-element--small { writing-mode: vertical-rl; transform: rotate(180deg); margin-left: 17px; position: relative; right: 10px; } But everything turns out very crooked and I can not add more products to this block, because they go out of the grid, and I need to keep the distance between products in 5px. Perhaps such a block is better done on the basis of summary and customize it with CSS? The problem is that this vertical header and link should be above the light grey rectangle which is on the left border of the screen. If I didn't explain myself properly, here's the website where we took this idea from: https://www.nakedcph.com/en/. They have the same block called New arrivals with the ability to scroll the products to the right. I'm also attaching the screenshot. Please, if someone can help me with this I will be infinitely grateful 🙏🏻 P.S. I have done the section in figma, maybe there is a way to convert it to html and css to just add it as a custom section to the website?
  25. I used to have 5 products across the bottom, but now I only have 1. I tried updated the settings on the product styling, but it only makes the product graphic larger and I can't figure out a way to center the product image. Site: https://hanna-hanseroth.squarespace.com
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