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  1. Site URL: https://www.uscthetatau.org/recruitment Hi there, I've been trying to figure this out for a little while to no avail. I have a schedule page on our website that is meant to have all information centered on the page BESIDES the actual event information, which should be left aligned. When I refresh the page, the events actually move to the prefered location, but I have been unable to figure out as to why they do not do this automatically. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!
  2. Site URL: https://elk-carnation-c43w.squarespace.com/le-forum-des-journalistes-canadiens Is there a way to change the alignment of an image block card? I'd like the image to be to the left of the text instead of on top of it. I've tried CSS but nothing is working. I'd also like the card to be in the centre of the section. Website: https://elk-carnation-c43w.squarespace.com/le-forum-des-journalistes-canadiens pw: JourFor2021
  3. Hi there, Is it possible to lock the header and logo to a certain position? At a certain media width, I have the logo and header aligned to the perfect position (see attached photo). However if it scales up or down, these shift and gaps scale proportionally. Is it possible to keep the "About Us" always aligned to the left edge of the photo below? And at the same time, to always keep the Logo the same distance from the "About Us". Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Lucca
  4. Site URL: https://www.charliefollows.com Hey, does anyone know how I can align image cards with text so that the text takes up the whole width on mobile. Please see images to better explain what I mean. Thank you in advance 🙂
  5. Site URL: https://www.iv-profusion.com/ Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time formatting this video on both mobile and desktop (most importantly desktop view) as you can see, my captions below are cut. Can someone please help me with the css codes to format this? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I've added some code within my site via the code block, along with the design and advanced sections in the back end. For reference (since my site is not live yet, only in private viewing) the custom codes allow one code block text to wrap around to show different text and the second one is a counter for the numbers. I noticed that those code blocks do not show up centered only on our mobile viewing. Please see the images as an example. Is there a way to center that for better viewing? Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://ellipsoid-algae-rphj.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am wanting to align an image to the bottom of a section. I have an image of a laptop screen that I would like to snap to the bottom of the section without any padding. Would anybody have any thoughts on how to achieve this? Site password is: TA3 Thanks, Chris
  8. Site URL: https://silver-begonia-kw46.squarespace.com/ I been using some css codes to move my call to action however, its push all my navigation links too far to the left. Is there anyway of push the links so that it sits under my call to action button?
  9. Site URL: https://www.marikennedy.com/ Hello there, I'd like to know how to align an image to left on mobile only. It's the circular logo block: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1625229922969_70203 Thanks M
  10. Site URL: https://impala-rose-x7cw.squarespace.com/ Hi there! I'm working on a 7.1 website, and on the "Work with me" page, I have 2 rows of "stack" images where the buttons are not in alignment. Here is the 1st one: And here is the 2nd one: I looked through the forum and tried a bunch of different code people suggested, but nothing worked. Can someone please help? Thank you so much in advance!! - Chloe https://impala-rose-x7cw.squarespace.com/ Site PW: Peony2021
  11. Site URL: https://www.thierrybamas.fr/toutes-nos-patisseries Hi, did you know how is possible to center the .product-scarcity an font please ? Thanks
  12. Site URL: https://koi-moose-nw8a.squarespace.com/ Hi! Can anyone help me get the three image blocks (green circles) on this page to align? https://koi-moose-nw8a.squarespace.com/screening-services Site password is: IWPCAPITAL TIA!!
  13. Hi,I only have one product block, and would prefer it to be centre-aligned,Link: anxietyempire.com/shopThanks for any tips!
  14. Site URL: https://bird-antelope-bfrm.squarespace.com Hi @tuanphan! Hope you doing well ! I need help to align an image and a texte on the bottom on the same line without using the space but with CSS Code. Can you help me ? Here is the link : https://bird-antelope-bfrm.squarespace.com Pass : TheAntidoteInk Thank you so much !!
  15. Site URL: https://the-bridge-hampton.squarespace.com/partners-1 Is there a way to centre align the images in a section gallery instead of having them left aligned. Here is the page: https://the-bridge-hampton.squarespace.com/partners-1 Thanks, Mark
  16. Site URL: https://www.roomone.ca/new Hi There, I've searched the forums but this is all very out of my area of expertise with coding. I am rebuilding my homepage but would like to know how I can get the images to go side by side when in mobile view. Either so that there are 2 images per row instead of the stacked 1 per row it does now. It just breaks things up too much and since my website viewers are mostly mobile I'd love to appeal to them. I'm referring to the image blocks under the main header that says 'Skincare Basics' and the products towards the bottom that says 'Tessa's Favs'. I know there is a work around with doing gallery blocks but I'd like text beneath them which seems to be lost with gallery blocks. Thank you and much appreciated! Tessa
  17. Site URL: https://gopher-antelope-sfzz.squarespace.com PW: 1234 Hello looking to get the images to align vertically center since they are different heights and everything i've tried hasn't worked. any suggestions?
  18. Site URL: https://www.piethoutenbos.com I have been using the little dot dragger to align image bottoms, sometimes next to another image, sometimes next to a gallery. I have noticed that resizing the window narrower the alignment falls off. Here are some links as examples. Scroll down to 'Material Variations' section on the pages linked below: https://www.piethoutenbos.com/petals-side-tables (Images next to gallery slideshows) https://www.piethoutenbos.com/halsey-prime (Image next to another image on top then images next to gallery slideshows below) I have many instances of this, and it becomes more evident when viewing the site on mobile as I have the site always stay in desktop mode but the site gets scaled a bit making the misalignment more evident. However its also pretty evident on laptops when the windows are narrower. Is it possible to force content that is 'next to each other' to always remain aligned on top (which happens automatically) but also on the bottom? I have also attached 2 images showing the same content at different window widths showing the problem. There are many instances of this on my site. I would like all images that are next to each other to 'snap' to this bottom and top alignment. Thank you!
  19. Site URL: https://www.lawmac.com.au/ Developing a website for a client using the Bedford template. Only moderate technical knowledge. I wasn't happy with the gap between the banner and the body copy, so I found a Custom CSS in Squarespace Circle and used it. main#page { padding-top: 40px; } Seems to work fine. However, one of the pages in the folder (Project infrastructure) has the logo at a different height than the others. Any insights as to why it's happening and how to fix it (bring it back into alignment with the logos on the other pages in the folder? Thanks.
  20. Hello again! The alignment on my newsletter form button is off. See screenshot attached. Is there any way to adjust this so that they are aligned? Thanks in advance 🙂
  21. Site URL: https://sheep-tetra-sgjg.squarespace.com/paintings-drawings Hi, When previewing my site on mobile, it looks like the hamburger icon is just slightly too far to the left of the screen, making it off-centered. Is there a way to make it centered on every mobile device? Thanks!
  22. Hello, I posted a question on this forum ten days ago regarding resizing portrait-oriented images to match the height of two landscape-oriented ones in the masonry grid. (I deleted the old post because it seems that it made me unable to create a new one into the same category.) I found out the right CSS to do that: .gallery-masonry-item img { max-height: 547px !important; object-fit: contain !important; } Now I have a new problem: while the image's height is correct and align with the two on its side, I still get a gap space under it so I continue to have the problem in the following rows. I think it depends on the wrapper or on the spacing between the rows in the grid but I cannot figure out how to write the solution in CSS. I attached a screenshot to show the situation. Could you help me finish the code to solve this? Thank you.
  23. Site URL: https://elephant-burgundy-4hry.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css I cant keep my text and images on a grid, i tried using you equal boxes code with no luck
  24. I used code to change image block size on mobile view, but the image aligned to the left. How could I change it to be in the center?
  25. Hello, I'm trying to create a holding page whilst I design the rest of my site. I'm trying to position my logo at the top left of the page (typically where the header places it). However I don't want the navigation links on the right. I can use coding to remove the header altogether, but then my logo sits far too low. Does anyone know a way around this/solution? Thank you.
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