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Found 53 results

  1. hey guys, I have to make the drop-down choices start from right to left (instead of left to right). I could not find a way to solve it, since our site is mainly in Farsi, this is a big problem for me, can you help me out? I have tried to implement a css custome code with the body Id but it hasnt worked yet. @media screen { div#collection-5dc838d259401f781780b3b6 * { text-align: right !important; } } my site Best regards, farhad
  2. Hello All, Currently trying to finish up my site but it seems as though the header text on mobile does not want to center. I can not find the reason this is happening as it is centered everywhere else. Please feel free to let me know if anyone has come across this problem. The site is theaccomplishedbrain.com. Thank you!
  3. Hey there, we use the clay template. It´s a template of the brine family. For the footer you have two major design options. We would love to use the staple version. But on this version the pages are aligned to the left side. We want to align the footer to the middle. Is there any way to solve this problem with code injection? Thanks
  4. Hello. Is there a way to center-align a horizontal line instead of them being top-aligned? Also, is there a way to set the color of an individual horizontal line? Thanks.
  5. I know I would need some code, although I have no programming knowledge to know it, or where to place it. I would much appreciate your help on this one. Thanks.
  6. Hi There I am using the Harris template (York family) and I am trying to reposition the secondary navigation (phone number). At present the template will only allow me to justify the secondary navigation to the left under the main navigation menu. Not only does this look ugly, but every time the 'services' drop down is used it partially obscures the phone number, which looks ugly/awkward. I want to justify the secondary navigation to the left ABOVE the main navigation menu. Does anyone know of a coding snippet/ a workaround for this please? I attach two snapshots showing the problem and how I would like the solution to look. I have the business package so think that I should be able to make this sort of coding adjustment if necessary. Many thanks in advance for any help/support. Moderus
  7. I'm using Brine. I have my logo and navigation centered at the top of my site. BUT I'm noticing that it's not centering based on my logo, it's centering based on the total width of the navigation + logo. This is making my logo and navigation look off-centered. How can I make it center from the LOGO, so the logo is always true center? I've attached a screenshot that shows my header + nav settings and the awkward not-centered way it's displaying. Note: I've removed the "members login" nav link from my site for public viewing until I figure this out, so if you go there, you won't see it. Thanks in advance!
  8. This may be simple coding for some but does anyone know how to align the text to the left in gallery pages with the Jasper template. The default is centre alignment but I would like to align it to the left, which is not possible without extra coding? Thanks Mark
  9. Hello, I was curious as to how I can move the logo to appear in the center instead of on the left on the Tremont template. tried various custom css haven't gotten it to work properly.
  10. I had several images that were identical on my page, same size and shape. However I wanted them to be buttons that changed color upon hover. so i made them into code blocks and attached this code to them: <a href="/web-load-tracking"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5dcf22cb93b61d33686b863a/t/5dd5efa58bcf197a9a45df2d/1574301606049/2button.png" onmouseover="this.src='https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5dcf22cb93b61d33686b863a/t/5dd5efab8bcf197a9a45df8f/1574301611566/2hover.png'" onmouseout="this.src='https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5dcf22cb93b61d33686b863a/t/5dd5efa58bcf197a9a45df2d/1574301606049/2button.png'"> </a> But now their spacing is all messed up. how do i center the blocks so that they look like the second screenshot i am attaching?
  11. Hi there! I'm trying to align the image block on this page with the summary block that is below it. I've been able to do make it work on desktop by using this CSS: div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1574532362580_9047 { margin-left: -44px !important; } However, on mobile, it's way left and I'd just want to image centered on the page. I sense that I'm going about it wrong in the first place and I'd like to do it correctly. But perhaps how I fixed on desktop is sound but I can't seem to do it on mobile. For mobile, I tried: @media only screen and (min-width:769px) and (max-width:991px) {div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1574532362580_9047 { margin-left: 44px !important; }} Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  12. I have tried all of the custom code written for centering footer text on mobile only and none of it seems to work. Please help! I want to keep the text right aligned on desktop but have it center on mobile and tablet. I currently have this code which is not working: @media screen and (max-width:900px) { div#yui_3_17_2_1_1574529725307_707 * { text-align: center; } } https://sepia-cardioid-z8gf.squarespace.com Pass: acupuncture
  13. Hello! I'm using the Clay template and have most pages setup with small spacers on left/right and left-aligned images images sharing a text block beneath a Heading 1 title text block. When viewing on a mobile device the layout does a good job of putting the title block, image, and text on top of each other, but the image doesn't fill the whole screen - it's slightly aligned to the left. Is there a way to have the image fill the whole screen, left to right, when viewing this layout on a mobile screen? https://pvactx.org Thanks in advance!
  14. Is it possible to align an image inside an image block to the left or right instead of the default center alignment?
  15. I am using the Forte template and am looking for css to move the title to align over with the navigation bar on the right instead of on the default, left.
  16. I may be missing an easy fix, but I am looking to center a summary grid block so that when it adapts to larger screens, it doesn't leave awkward spacing on the right side. Any suggestions on code I can put in to simply center-align the block?
  17. Hi, I'm trying to target a specific text block on mobile so that I can adjust the text styling (from centre align desktop, to left align mobile), and other elements such as padding. Is there a way to target and style a block through CSS that doesn't affect all the other blocks? Here's the site: https://www.rejectsupply.com/ Test123 The block I'm trying to style is called "H2 Text Block" on the site itself, (ID block-ce591823b8f1025afa01) Thanks!
  18. Hi there I have a block of text with background colour behind it by using: /* otbs green backgound to text*/ #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1568246902220_52426 {background: rgb(40,171,74); padding-left: 30px; padding-right: 30px;} There is a graphic image beside the text. I would like the depth of the green block of text to match the depth of the image as screen sizes / formats vary. At the moment, as the screens reduce the images shrinks compared to the green text box. The problem occurs at the bottom of the first project. Any suggestions? The url is Eitsmn.com password Doodad195 Many thanks
  19. Any ideas on how I can have the hover text be positioned at the top of the block? Thanks so much in advance!
  20. I want to left align the blue-colored text on my page so it doesn't appear over my picture. Appreciate any help that I can get! Here is my website: https://helix-apricots-pabf.squarespace.com
  21. I would like to align the bottom of my logo with the navigation text - at present the template defaults to the text aligning with the centre of the logo. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
  22. I'm working on this page (www.meridianacademy.org/who-we-are-new) and have a series of code blocks. Two issues I'm struggling with: How do I keep each code block in a row aligned in that row? Right now, the blocks are askew within a row (seemingly referencing a column). When they stack in a mobile view, I'd like them to stack by items in a row (keeping names alphabetized). Is this possible? Thanks!
  23. I'm trying to right align the navigation bar at the top of my website. I've tried using different CSS custom styles and nothing has worked. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! The address is: www.vhomellc.com
  24. This can be done with the "div id" tag. And, if you're using Wordpress then you can use any plugin to make "Table of Content" on the same page. For instance, this website is using TOC plus plugin to manage their one-page clickinghttps://alikeyblog.com/best-water-purifiers-in-india/
  25. hello I've used the following CSS code to make buttons exact, but the text is now aligned at the bottom of the button and I want to centralize it to the top, I already tried some codes but none worked.... element--large { width: 120px; height: 20px; }
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