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  1. Site URL: http://kaytdefever.com/design I'm updating my design portfolio web site and I'm having some problems whipping my quote boxes into shape. I got started with some code I found online, and then went about customizing it. But I'm not super adept at code and I need help. Here's what I have yet to figure out: I want the gray quote box to line up and go the full width of the gallery image below it. When I put 100% in my code, it went wider than the images...?! How do I change the type color? Ideally, I'd like the source (person saying the quote) to flush
  2. Site URL: http://www.zakkaworkshop.com I am interested in breaking a product name onto multiple lines. For example, one of my products is currently named: #ZW6301 5 β…›" x 2 ΒΌ" Rose Gold Double Clasp. I would like to format it as: #ZW6301 5 β…›" x 2 ΒΌ" Rose Gold Double Clasp Any tips on adding returns within the product name? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.map-ebt.org/home Have 3 logos (as image blocks) laid out horizontally in my footer when viewing on desktop. I would like to force these logos to stay in a horizontal row in my footer when in mobile.
  4. Site URL: https://nonagon-dahlia-n98k.squarespace.com Hey experts I've had a go at trying to solve this but with no luck. I have a section on the homepage of my site where I have text to the left and an image to the right. They both currently align at the top (Squarepace default I guess) see picture. But I'd really like them to align through the middle vertically. Like the second picture. I know it's only a minimal tweak but it looks so much neater. Please help, I know there's probably some simple CSS and if someone could help with this section, I could probably figure out how to c
  5. Site URL: https://www.madeinbed.co.uk how do I change the width of the drop down wider according to the width of the text?
  6. Site URL: https://demo11parkplace.squarespace.com Howdy forum peeps, I am currently using "Lightbox Anything" plugin and I'm looking to vertically center my lightbox content for the lightboxes that are triggered by clicking on the building floors. Currently focusing on Floor 9 for testing. I tried using the following css to target the "base page" that is being used as the lightbox content, however it only works when the page is viewed independently NOT as a lightbox. #floor-9-lightbox .sqs-row { display: flex; align-items: center; box-sizing: border-box; justi
  7. Site URL: https://guitar-turbot-wyhd.squarespace.com/ Hi - first I want to align both fields side-by-side. Then the three check-boxes underneith also side-by-side. Thank you and all the best from Oslo, Norway + STAY SAFE!!!
  8. Site URL: http://www.pantryphilosophy.com I need to resize and center this image on Tablet and remove the hyphen on the title. I am using the following code: //IMAGE RESIZE ON TABLET// @media screen and (max-width: 1024px)and (min-width:641px){ #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1596512003680_56399 { width: 100% !important;} } //REMOVE HYPHENS MOBILE & TABLET VIEW// @media screen and (max-width: 1024px)and (min-width:641px) { p, h1, h2, h3 { -webkit-hyphens: manual !important; -moz-hyphens: manual !important; -ms-hyphens: manual !important; hyphens: manual !im
  9. Site URL: https://www.botisseva.com/about The 'about' section of this website is very long, so I added arrow buttons at the bottom of each section to take you to the section below. I did this by adding the relevant section ID to each button and then enabled smooth scrolling with this: html { scroll-behavior: smooth; } I'm fairly happy with how it works, except that when it scrolls down it lines up with the text in the section, rather than the top of the section itself, which doesn't look as good (so basically there is no margin at the top). Does anyone know how to make it line
  10. Site URL: https://www.j7t1h.com/art-1/past-beyond Hello, I can't find away to center captions on my gallery page. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried adding the code below, but it doesn't adjust? .gallery-grid-wrapper p.gallery-caption-content { text-align: center; Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Site URL: https://oriole-buffalo-2d5z.squarespace.com/home-2 Hi, I'm trying to move the arrow controls and captions of my slideshow gallery (section 3) Here's my site URL: https://oriole-buffalo-2d5z.squarespace.com/home-2 (password: inda) Any suggestions on how to: 1) move the slideshow control arrows to the upper right corner? 2) increase the weight and size of the arrows? 3) move the captions to the upper left corner and change the font family and size? ps. I dont' want to use a summary block unless there's a way to link the images to other pages on
  12. Site URL: https://maxishop.ca/shop As you can see our drop down search menus are aligned left --> would like to have them moved to top of the page where they should really be . especially for Mobile view .. Is there a CSS for this ? I could not see where that can be adjusted in DESIGN .
  13. Site URL: http://www.greensalon.co.uk The logo on the website I am designing has been aligned to the centre. However, the right hand side of the logo is aligned to the centre of the page, rather than the centre of the logo being aligned to the centre of the page. This results in the logo being off-centre. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!
  14. Site URL: https://mustard-sturgeon-9a97.squarespace.com/sag-harbor-1 Hello, I hope you are well. I was wondering if someone can figure out why are the images in my section not aligning properly? The white space around the image is not aligning properly. When the browser is bigger in dimensions, the alignment seems to be right but you can still see it not aligning with others. Can someone help me on this? I want to make sure everything is aligned properly following the grid. Password to website is : 1234
  15. Hi everyone, I'm curious about something that I have been noticing on the mobile version of my site. I attached a screenshot for example. It appears that while on the desktop version the text is centre aligned, but on the mobile version the text is somewhat aligned in the centre but I seen an indentation if the text goes over two lines. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Gabriel
  16. Site URL: https://grape-flamingo-lj23.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm trying to align a text block to the edge of a background image on 7.1 (inset image). I have managed to do it to a certain extent with the following css but it's not responsive on larger screens. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1609362102104_6792 { position: absolute; bottom: 0; transform: translate(100px, 150px); } Have attached an image to explain it better. I just want it in the same position for any screen size from a tablet, laptop and desktop upwards. URL: https://grape-flamingo-lj23.squares
  17. Site URL: http://orchardroomnyc.com Hello! I am trying to solve for aligning our current 'Book Now RESY button' on the site header. orchardroomnyc.com Is there custom CSS that can help handle this for us? The goal would be to right align before the current Instagram icon, it would also be great to center it with all the other site header elements. Thank you in advance!
  18. Site URL: https://www.janameierroberts.com/ I would like the description font on my pages to align with the images on the left instead of being centered above them. When I look at the site on my very large retouching screen, the font is even centered?? Not sure why?? Also, the quotes on my About page are suddenly centered. Is there a way to change these alignments? I'm sorry, I'm a complete novice who tried to gussy up her site on her own...
  19. I'm working on this site: https://jacqueline-misla.squarespace.com The home page and Expertise (https://jacqueline-misla.squarespace.com/expertise) page are both using Poster Image Blocks. I'd like to center the text on the Image Blocks on the Expertise page while keeping them left aligned on the home page. Can anyone help?
  20. Site URL: https://www.roomone.ca/new Hi There, I've searched the forums but this is all very out of my area of expertise with coding. I am rebuilding my homepage but would like to know how I can get the images to go side by side when in mobile view. Either so that there are 2 images per row instead of the stacked 1 per row it does now. It just breaks things up too much and since my website viewers are mostly mobile I'd love to appeal to them. I'm referring to the image blocks under the main header that says 'Skincare Basics' and the products towards the bottom that says 'Tessa's F
  21. Site URL: https://www.shopnead.com/ Hello, I am trying to get an even margin (left and right) for the three main elements of the website. I would like the inset header to lead the size of the side margins across the body and the footer of the website. Would someone be able to help me figure this out? CSS is also fine. This is an example page but ideally it would be the same across all the pages. URL: https://www.shopnead.com/vintage PASSWORD: Radcliff Thank you, Maxime
  22. Site URL: https://www.pollen.love/ I would like to align my site tite/logo to the left instead of center. Is this possible? I have used previous versions where this task was very easy and now they seem to have taken away that option. Very frustrating.
  23. Site URL: https://swan-trombone-y58x.squarespace.com Hi ! I was wondering if you could help me to figure out how to create something like in the attached image. I don't know how to create a block division/block alignment in such a way to be able to have a centered image like the one in the rhomb shape. My page is: https://swan-trombone-y58x.squarespace.com pass: Swan I started doing something similar on the "Oferta" page but I cannot center the image to be exactly in the middle.
  24. Site URL: https://www.marktippet.com/new-home I have a carousel at the top of my page which will only ever have 3-4 images. I have custom-sized the gallery block so that one image does not take up the entire width of the block. https://www.marktippet.com/new-home Currently, the carousel shows the first image in the gallery left-aligned, then the second image centred, then the final image right-aligned. Ideally, I'd like the carousel to display each image (including the first and last) centred in the block, with the edges of the next and previous image also showing and some padding
  25. Site URL: https://fox-grouse-ccw4.squarespace.com/config/design Hi On my site, I have a list of code blocks containing images coded to swap on hover, however on mobile the code blocks seem to be off centre and stretch off the page but on desktop they look ace. I was wondering if there is any css or anyway to get around this to keep my blocks centre. Thanks! forum.mp4
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