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  1. Please give us the option to add Reading Time to our blogs.
  2. I just started a blog today and people are trying to comment on it. People who are using their computers are able to comment and like without issue, but on a phone, the option to comment isn't there at all. When they try to "like" a comment, they get an error message (screenshot below). I watched the help videos and think I have all my settings correct (screenshot of those attached as well). Any ideas?
  3. I'm trying to use Ezoic for my ads, and one of the obstacles I'm running into is adding categories to my blog posts. I have them set up in Squarespace, but Ezoic is looking for them as meta data. Specifically, they are looking for the data is this format: <meta name="category" content="Food"> I would prefer not to manually add this line to every page, so I was wondering if it is possible (and how) to use a JS script to generate this meta data based on the Squarespace category. To add a little more complexity, I use multiple categories, but only one is relevant for this, so I'd also like to be able to add a conditional statement to return only the correct category. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.
  4. I know you can target blog categories in the code for additional styling, but can you stop a specific category from showing up on the main blog (list) page? I'd like to add a collection of posts, to be accessible only from it's category page url, and not with all the others. I know I could create a second blog and style that to match, but excluding a category sounds like it would be easier to manage and open up other potentials. Anyone know if this is possible or anything I could look into to try?
  5. We have a small local company and are wanting to use Squarespace to build a site. In my former career, I used to develop complex custom wordpress themes, so using WYSIWYG is a bit foreign to me in some ways, but we don't have time or current budget to build a huge custom CMS tailored to our business, content nor design wise. I'm ready to pull the trigger because of the options I've used, Squarespace seems to be one of the better ones these days... but I can't figure out how to add a blog to my template. Is this because I'm in trial mode? Seems pretty rookie, but it seems like I'm maxed out with a home page, about, services and contact. Will the blog options unlock once I sign up and pay? I really would like to scope this out before buying a year of hosting, even though it's relatively affordable... but I don't want to scrap my demo site I've been working on because I like how it's setup and didn't want to start over. Can a blog be added to any business Squarespace site, or do I have to use a dedicated 'blog' template?
  6. I have Square space website from past 10 months. I'm facing many Issues Regarding Square space and there Team as well. Unfortunately, There are many issues that's are not solve. when ever we search any thing in main website. It will open the page not the Index. Then Design and the content is Broken. The major issue I'm facing is. Once we add password protecting in our Blogs and add "Search specific page" (Limited results to one page.) in Blogs then it give error always. I request many times to square space regarding my issue and at the end created a ticket on Dec-20th-2022 about my Search issue. Then they start replaying me, "Our team is working". At the end on Jan-25-2023 the refused and said its not possible gave me article "https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/217594457-Adding-search-to-your-site#toc-indexed-content" which is published/Updated on Jan-09-2023.
  7. Site URL: https://dritschlermedia.com/blog We want to enable users to publish blog comments on our blog and allow website links. Were wanting something similar to the comment section found here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/business/best-office-hoteling-reservation-and-booking-systems It's a bonus if we can collect their email address in exchange for allowing them to comment with a website link. We don't want to allow links directly in the comments, but we do want to allow the name field to have the link tied to it. The link MUST be a no-follow link. Please help!
  8. I've been using Squarespace since 2015 and I'm disappointed that I have to rebuild my website (version 7.0) in order to use version 7.1 templates & features. With that said, is there any way to transfer my old blog content to my new website? Thank you.
  9. Can you add a forum..........much like this one..... into SP?
  10. Hello, I am trying to remove thumbnail images from my Single Column Blog, BOTH from the blogroll and from each entry page itself. BUT I still want to be able to upload a thumbnail that will appear in Summary Blocks and when the link is shared on social. I have tried everything I know how to do, and I'm stuck. Someone please help! Scott
  11. Hi, I started a blog and it is currently on a single page. I've noticed it's started to slow down the speed at which the images show up when you visit. The solution, I want to build out pages that all the content isn't on one main page. Is there a way that I can set up my blog to automatically do that, say after 20 posts of so have the last post automatically move to a new page and automatically have the pages building as I continue to generate posts? For reference here's the link to my current site www.whereiswndy.com. Thank you in advance!
  12. Hi, I started a blog and it is currently on a single page. I've noticed it's started to slow down the speed at which the images show up when you visit. The solution, I want to build out pages that all the content isn't on one main page. Is there a way that I can set up my blog to automatically do that, say after 20 posts of so have the last post automatically move to a new page and automatically have the pages building as I continue to generate posts? For reference here's the link to my current site www.whereiswndy.com. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hi, I would like to change the shape of the main blog page images. I would like to have it rounded with 10 px radius. I found a CC code, but change only when the blog is embebed for example in the homepage. Which code can i add? thanks Rocio
  14. HI I just launched my site and created my first Blog - I noticed the Blog's title area appears to be failing to very large font size and there does not appear to be a way to. reduce the font size? On mobile. this is crazy big. Can point me in the direction to change the size of the fonts, that you https://www.smallfstops.co.uk/blog/sunset-getting-the-direction-right-direction Thanks Andy
  15. Since I cannot find any answers online I will ask here. I am exporting blog posts from one squarespace 7 site and trying to import them into another squarespace 7 site. I am using the wordpress import and export xml file, and it keeps failing. The one time it worked, instead of importing the blog posts, it imported all of the pages from the site, which I thought wasnt even possible. anyway, I need to simple just import the blog posts. any thoughts? I keep getting this error. Thanks — WORDPRESS Import complete. Status: Failed — The import has failed. — com.squarespace.v6.business.content.exceptions.InvalidContentItemException: urlId cannot be null: 9DXR4ELWSH3NLRACA2AM — Importing data from WORDPRESS.
  16. Hi, any help will be hugely appreciated. I would like to use Squarespace for our new company website. MD is unsure, they want their three latest blogposts to appear as headlines on the home page. Their blog is in Wordpress. I have been searching for custom code to enable me to pull the content from the external site and update when a new blog is posted. Many thanks all. Rebecca Sire is still in trial development so can't supply that but here is a link to the rough homepage. https://blue-strawberry-n7pa.squarespace.com pw: test
  17. Hi, When I went to add a post to my blog I got the following error message: Error parsing Custom CSS, verify Custom CSS is valid. So I went into Design > Custom CSS where I found the code pasted below. I think I put this code in there to prevent people from right clicking. It was to protect my images, but obviously something has changed and it is now giving an error message. At the bottom of the code block it said they error was in the syntax in line 1. I am using the Avenue template. I'd really appreciate some help if anyone knows how I can fix it. Thanks Susan <SCRIPT language=JavaScript> var message = "function disabled"; function rtclickcheck(keyp){ if (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && keyp.which == 3){ alert(message); return false; } if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1 && event.button == 2) { alert(message); return false; } } document.onmousedown = rtclickcheck; </SCRIPT>
  18. Hello. First time posting here. I hope I am posting my question in the right topic. My question is this: What is the difference between drafts and needs review? Ideally I would love for Squarespace to create a Published tab for easier navigation between published and unpublished content but unless or until that happens, I'm making the most of the current features. It's unclear to me however what the fundamental differences are between drafts and needs review, if any. I'd love to know more in order to help me utilize them in a way that works for me. Does one offer functions that the other one doesn't? Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. -Cynthia
  19. I need to feature 2-3 recent blog posts on the homepage, but I can't find any way to add the blog or selected posts on any page but the blog page itself. Basically, the blog page should be the full blog as usual (probably displaying 6-12 posts at once), while the homepage should display only 2-3 posts sorted by date or tag. Is there a block, section, or content type that I'm not understanding? If not, what is the workaround? Any guidance would be appreciated!
  20. Hi there, I have entered 5 blog posts into the "news" section of my website, but none of them are showing up on the live site. - they are all set to "published" - the page is enabled - I have set the number of posts for the page to be 5, so there is neither too few posts to be published, or too many. I can't even see the posts from the CMS unless I click on each one individually. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going on? Thanks so much, JW
  21. Hello Wha is in your opinion the best blogging template in SQS? I am looking for: +options in custom meta data +author pages +flexibility in summary blocks Thanks!
  22. I have created a blog within my Squarespace website. I now noticed that each blog post I have are showing the exactly same page title regardless of what I have typed as the page title for the specific blog post or in the optional SEO title in the blog post settings. Anyone had this issue and know how to solve it? So the page titles each blog post are showing is the page title of the blog summary page. Thanks for any help! AR
  23. Hi all, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has found a custom coding solution for adjusting the ordering of blogposts in a summary block. I'm working on an archive website, so changing the dates of each entry to adjust the ordering isn't an option for me, as the publish dates are important to display. Squarespace orders the blogposts in reverse chronological order, but I would like them ordered in chronological order. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  24. Site URL: https://dave.online/writings I have a site I blog on with three primary categories. I built a little menu at the top of the page that will display the blogs within a specific category, and I want that displaying on the /writings page. But when someone clicks it and goes to say, /writings/category/travel I want just the blogs to show without this menu. Any help would be amazing. Thank you!
  25. Hello. I am struggling with the author pages in this site rudagt.squarespace.com Definetely I need a proper author page for each writter where the author profile is on top and similar as the author profile in the bottom of each blog post. There is a way to achieve this with Js or CSS? I have looking in the forum but there are mos people wanted to erase the author profile than show it. Thanks
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