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  1. Placing HTML in the list item's description doesn't actually display the code. Seems this will require custom code injection. Anyone know how to insert custom HTML below the description in an auto-layout simple list?
  2. Hello, I have created an age limit in html css js and I would like to know where to put it so that it works. Thanks for all answer πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Site URL: https://hawk-walrus-dxd2.squarespace.com/ Hello! Is is possible to add breadcrumbs to entire site? πŸ™‚ pw is xenia Thank you in advance!
  4. Site URL: https://www.thebeautifulproject.org/about-our-programs Hello! I have been running into an issue with an image I embedded onto a page. The reason the image is embedded to start with is because it's an image map and I want people to be able to click the elements on our map to learn more about them. I'm able to see the image map fine on desktop, but on the mobile site, the image seems to be overflowing and creating a much wider page than I desire. I would love if someone could help me with some code to keep the image within the container on mobile by putting the image into a horizontal scroll. I don't desire to make the image smaller, I just want to put the image map in a scroll container to keep the normal width of the mobile site. I would also love a scrollbar for people to see. Below is the code for the image map I have placed into the embed block. <!-- Image Map Generated by http://www.image-map.net/ --> <img src="http://thebeautifulproject.org/s/PROGRAM-PIPELINE-medium-1476-750-px.png" usemap="#image-map"> <map name="image-map"> <area target="_blank" alt="Black Girl Imagemaker Workshop" title="Black Girl Imagemaker Workshop" href="https://thebeautifulproject.org/black-girl-imagemaker-workshop" coords="188,227,429,252" shape="rect"> </map> Thank you to anyone that can help!
  5. Site URL: https://raeraeoflight.org/the-beat-goes-on Hello, I am a beginner and not very good with HTML. I'd like to add an image to my post-submit form but have no idea how to construct the HTML. I have an image ready. Can anyone walk me through the steps? Hopefully it's not too complex! thank you in advance.
  6. Good afternoon. I have custom codes (not created by me) that I would like to add my site. Specifically on a certain page. It contains javascript, CSS and HTML. The purpose of this custom code is to randomly generate images (saved on a folder in my desktop) at a click of a button. I've tried everything I could think of and nothing seems to be working. I should also note, I am not a coder. Any advice or help is appreciated!
  7. Site URL: http://www.mbwines.com/contact I have a site where i'm using the list block for a staff directory. My client wants the email addresses for their staff encrypted, but I'm having a hard time enabling HTML in the description field of the lists. would appreciate any help!
  8. Hi all, I am not quite sure if I am tagging the right thing for the topics. But I am looking to create a job-finding site where it will require two types of users, people who are finding a job and people who are finding an employee. My question is, is there any add-on or third-party extension of some sort that could potentially make this an easier task rather than coding all the way through? possibly something like this site. https://www.jobsite.co.uk Thank you! Best T
  9. Site URL: https://grtv1.squarespace.com My client needs to use an embedded form code to have the website user submitted data post to a CRM dashboard they use. The problem I'm having is that this form looks extremely basic, and it is not responding to any CSS styling that I have tried. The form code looks like this (currently NOT on the site link). Can't even see the submit registration link, since it is in white text and just a regular text link without a button: And my client and I want it to look like this (which I was able to achieve using SS form block with custom CSS. But I can't get the data to integrate to the client's CRM dashboard as it is with a fairly new provider called spark.re. So my question is.... will there be anyway to style the code from the first screenshot above, to look like I was able to make the SS form block look? In case it is helpful, here is the link to the page where I have the HTML code block: https://grtv1.squarespace.com/home-spark-form-raw-code Hitting my head against the wall trying to find a solution for this.
  10. Site URL: https://grouse-ukulele-6nd4.squarespace.com/ I am building a site for a music venue with multiple artists a night so would prefer use text to communicate the lineup as opposed to the date/time feature. I have titled each event by day so I was hoping to hide it from being repeated in the time/date line under the event. Then secondly, I have the same problem in the calendar menu where it displays the event time automatically.
  11. Site URL: http://iampylot.com/bloodgown Hi there, I'm trying to embed a Twine HTML file by copy/pasting the code into a code block on a page, however it displays incorrectly on many levels and actually affects other elements on my webpage. What I want, is to be able to link people to this page, and have it take up the entire page, no header or footer, just the Twine HTML file doing its thing. Any help appreciated!
  12. <script> let imgs = document.querySelectorAll('section.page-section.gallery-section.full-bleed-section.background-width--full-bleed.section-height--medium.content-width--wide.horizontal-alignment--center img'); for (i= 0; i < imgs.length; i++) { alert("Hi!"); i++; } </script> <style>/* section.page-section.gallery-section.full-bleed-section.background-width--full-bleed.section-height--medium.content-width--wide.horizontal-alignment--center img { display: none !important;*/</style> This is the code that I am working with. I am trying to have it match to www.chicagofashioncoalition.org. I am able to get the images to disappear with the CSS that I have commented out, yet, Squarespace seems to edit out the javascript with the nodelist. Anyone have any ideas why Squarespace is not liking this particular line of JavaScript text? I've seen people able to manipulate, so, I know that it's possible.
  13. Site URL: https://www.jordanpappas.xyz Hello! I have a (hopefully) simple ask here: I'd like to align my header logo with my main body text below it. To be clear, I want the leftmost side of my logo to align with the leftmost side of "Jordan". What CSS/HTML can help me achieve this? Ideally, I can adjust the left/right padding on the header margins, since i'd like to move the navigation links inward as well. Very new to front-end -- thank you for your help! Password is: 2022
  14. Site URL: https://www.myrecruits.org/live I have added a YouTube Playlist Gallery that in my Codepen the thumb title is wrapped but in my website the text runs into each other. I do not see the container and cannot figure out where the code differs. Can anyone take a look at my Codepen and my website and tell me what to do to make the adjustment? https://www.myrecruits.org/live https://codepen.io/addicted2u143/pen/eYrdZzX
  15. Site URL: https://treeoflifemysteryschool.com I need to verify my website with Google. The website is https://treeoflifemysteryschool.com. This use to take about 5 minutes -- simple adding an HTML file to the site's header. Note that the domain name is registered at GoDaddy. Does Squarespace allow the upload of the Google HTML file -- site-wide? I don't want to go into each page and upload the file. This seems like it ought to be easy. At this point, I'm partly just curious. Thank you. Judy
  16. Site URL: https://codepen.io/simonschiller/pen/ZeeVOr Hello! I'm trying to get this stopwatch on to my website, but I'm not sure what I should be putting in custom CSS, and what I should be putting in the code blocks. Could someone give me some help? https://codepen.io/simonschiller/pen/ZeeVOr
  17. Site URL: https://elephant-raspberry-f4jz.squarespace.com/ I've been learning coding and have learned so much from the forums -- but I have hit a roadblock. Code is almost working but it's not displaying icons (from font awesome) which I thought I linked through the html link src tags and is doing this strange lift and lower action before it settles on the page. If anyone could help you'd make me very happy. It's 5am and I've been working since 8 PM 😞 Here is my codepen link: https://codepen.io/annamakesmagic/pen/vYjNJLg And here is what I pasted into the html block: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <wrapper class="hero"> <div class="hero__wrapper"> <div class="wrapper"> <div class="panel animated slideInDown"> <h3>Tenant Representation</h3> <p>The right space is essential to the well-being of your business. We create strategies to ensure you’re in the right space, at the right time, for the right price.</p> <div class="slide"> <h4>Services</h4> <ul> <li><i class="fa-solid fa-chess"></i> Project Strategy & Planning </li> <li><i class="fa-solid fa-shop"></i> Development & Renovations </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Competitive Landscape Analysis </li> <li><i class="fa-solid fa-percent"></i> Demographic Studies </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Lease Administration </li> <li><i class="fa-solid fa-magnifying-glass-location"></i> Site Selection </li> </ul> </div> </div> <div class="panel animated slideInDown"> <h3>Investment Acquisition & Sales</h3> <p>We know what makes a good deal and have a knack for finding them. We assist buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of investment properties and land.</p3> <div class="slide"> <h4>Services</h4> <ul> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Manage Real Assets Investments </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Pre-Acquisition and Pre-Development Due Diligence </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Property Development & Investment </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Capital Markets </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Environmental Site Assessments </li> </ul> </div> </div> <div class="panel animated slideInDown"> <h3>Project Leasing & Management</h3> <p>Leasing the last 10% is where the profit lies. We know our markets and leverage longstanding relationships with retailers and brokers to ensure the project gets done.</p> <div class="slide"> <h4>Services</h4> <ul> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> service </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> service </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> service </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> service </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> service </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> service </li> <li><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Lease Administration </li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </div> </wrapper> </html>
  18. Hi all, I'm trying to create a Squarespace homepage for my teaching and I already have some courses I wrote in self-contained jupyterbooks. If I understand correctly, starting with 7.1 and the demise of the developer mode, there is no way to upload a folder to Squarespace, so the only way I see it possible to use my Jupyter Books as course pages is to have the courses hosted somewhere else (e.g. GitHub Pages) and just put links in my Squarespace page. Is this correct or there is another way I don't know? It would be extremely tedious to rewrite all my content in Squarespace pages, not to mention that since we're talking about mathematics and computer science materials, there are extra difficulties with formulas etc. So I would really want to keep the courses as I have them, but link them in a more self-contained, professional way to my Squarespace site. Thanks!
  19. Greetings I'm trying to create a true download button β€” NOT a file "get" that opens in another Window/Tab… Basic code should be along the lines of: <a download href="asset_path/brochure.pdf"> Download Brochure </a> I've had no success at integrating this into an existing button though. Any Suggestions hmmm? Thanks
  20. Site URL: https://chromatical.com.au/ Hi everyone, I'm keen to hide some sort of 'hidden easter egg' on my site somewhere and wondered if anyone had any code they could share with me as ideas? I have Googled and can only seem to find pages that show other peoples cool easter eggs. Rather than code that I can add to my site to make something happen. My objective is to get people to explore the page and if they find it I'll send them a code (or something like that) to get them spending time on my site. Hope someone can share any cool ways to do this on squarespace. Very open to ideas. Thanks heaps
  21. Site URL: https://www.trainsinthevalley.shop/ Hi! I just noticed today that my User Account Link is hidden. My site has a custom HTML Header that I designed myself. This code worked for months, but I noticed today that SQS's JavaScript isn't targeting the User Account Link. Therefore it isn't adding the "loaded" class to it. Also, it would normally remove the irrelevant span tag, so that only one would be displayed. Most likely it was a recent update that broke my code. I played around with the code inspector on Chrome, but I wasn't able to figure it out. So here I am! I know this is a pretty unique situation, but any help would be super appreciated! I'm sure I'm just missing a JS class or something simple. Here is my HTML: <!-- User Button --> <div id="user" class="user-accounts-link" data-controller="UserAccountLink" data-controllers-bound="UserAccountLink"> <a class="user-accounts-text-link custom-button custom-button--header" style="line-height: unset;" href="#" tabindex="0" aria-label="Sign in or create account"> <i class="material-icons custom-button__icon">person</i> <span class="auth custom-button__text">ACCOUNT</span> <span class="unauth custom-button__text" style="color: white;">SIGN IN</span> </a> </div> Thanks! -Corey
  22. hello! i was wondering if there is a code that i could inject to change the promotional popup to have rounded corners instead of the square corners? and also, is there a way to stop this black box around the x button that immediately appears on the pop up, and it only goes away when i click on the screen? thank you!!
  23. Site URL: https://chromatical.com.au/strategysauce Hello, I'm wondering how to make text change words, so it keeps rotating through certain words repeatedly? Similar to a gif but it's actually flipping through words? I've uploaded a screenshot of my header text. It has a list of examples in it. But instead of me listing all the people I help in such a long list like that, I wanted the list of words to rotate through making it interesting and short. So instead of writing... Business & Marketing strategies designed to help you make more money from your courses, memberships, programs, subscriptions, group coaching & workshops It could be Business & Marketing strategies designed to help you make more money from your courses (and the other words would rotate through where it says courses). Looking forward to hearing from you.
  24. Hi there, I'm looking to hide my navigation (header) but keep the announcement bar on one page only. Any ideas how I might accomplish this? Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!
  25. Site URL: https://lashappealsouthlake.squarespace.com/book I've added my scheduling software via Square through the embed functionality. It works perfectly, but I dislike the small logo that appears at the top of the widget. Any advice on how to eliminate just that part? Here's the code I embedded: <!-- Start Square Appointments Embed Code --><script src='https://square.site/appointments/buyer/widget/6mhg388g4cqx0q/LFEKNNDZQKZCG.js'></script><!-- End Square Appointments Embed Code -->
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