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  1. Hi, how do I add the search block/bar to my header? I've already added it to the footer. What css code do I use to add it to the header? I'm looking for one that is medium length and is above or under my page categories, but also doesn't span the whole width of the page. Thank you!! I saw this article below, but I'm using montauk 7.0 https://www.will-myers.com/articles/adding-a-search-bar-to-your-header-in-squarespace-71
  2. Site URL: https://www.macsparky.com I'm trying to simplify my site design. I'd like to add a single line of text across the top of the screen (above the banner) where I can have some text with a link on it (for sponsors). Any help is appreciated. ------------------------------------------------ Answered my own question but I'll leave this up for there following. It's already baked in ... Announcement bar.
  3. Site URL: https://helix-marigold-76hn.squarespace.com/ Does anyone know if it's possible to show the cart total in the header beside the cart like below? currently its like: Thanks site pw: 1234
  4. Site URL: https://imperialcitizenship.squarespace.com password: imperialcitizenship Hi, I implemented a forced mobile menu on my site. I need help changing the menu color and also I noticed a weird behavior where every time I open the burger menu, the logo shifts a little bit to the left.
  5. Hi there, Is it possible to lock the header and logo to a certain position? At a certain media width, I have the logo and header aligned to the perfect position (see attached photo). However if it scales up or down, these shift and gaps scale proportionally. Is it possible to keep the "About Us" always aligned to the left edge of the photo below? And at the same time, to always keep the Logo the same distance from the "About Us". Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Lucca
  6. Site URL: https://www.couragestyle.ca I want to shift down two words "Courage Style" down on the mobile version of my Homepage as it currently overlaps with an image and is illegible. I know it'll need custom CSS but I am not a coder but am unsure the correct piece of code to use. I have attached what it looks like on mobile and on Desktop and the Homepage code.
  7. Site URL: https://www.saccostyle.com/ I want to have the Header Navigation drop down background colour to be transparent. Currently its white. I tried some CSS code which seems to work on the site editor, but when the site is published and live it shows up as white. The code I used was this: .header-nav-folder-content { background: #ffffff00 !important; } HELP?! @tuanphan
  8. Site URL: https://elk-carnation-c43w.squarespace.com/ I am creating a "French' section on my website and would like the header button to switch to "English" once someone clicks on French. Allowing them to go back to the main website. Is there a code injection I can use on the French page to change the button on that page only?
  9. Site URL: https://silver-begonia-kw46.squarespace.com/ I been using some css codes to move my call to action however, its push all my navigation links too far to the left. Is there anyway of push the links so that it sits under my call to action button?
  10. Site URL: https://www.signify.ai Hello, and apologies indeed for asking a dumb question in the wrong way. That's how I introduce myself to all forums. Since the introduction of Site Styles, we had an issue with Header Navigation Font on the blog section of our site, being black when the same nav font is white through the rest of the site. We have now fixed that, however, nobody can figure out how to turn the 'Contact Us' button on the far right of the navigation links, from black to white. The problem only afflicts our blog pages, but it is driving me crazy. Does anyone have custom CSS to change header navigation button or even a Site Style fix for this? Normal pages, with white header font, social icons and contact button in the header: https://www.signify.ai/ https://www.signify.ai/insights Blog pages, with white header font, but a rogue black contact button: https://www.signify.ai/blog-feed/real-action-against-online-abuse https://www.signify.ai/blog-feed/trumpland-pt-4-life-after-trump Please help me if you can! Thank you Joe
  11. Hi, I designed a custom landing page that has an "enter" button, and since it's the first thing I want users to see i used the set as homepage option, However i need the title link in the header to take me to the actual homepage and not the landing page. Is there a workaround or code that could help with this?
  12. Site URL: https://www.thegarden.life/ Hello, I'm having some responsive issues that is causing my headline copy to truncate. Short of making the text small, is there a way to make this not enlarge when scrolling? See screen capture below. RPReplay_Final1626365370.mov
  13. Hi, I'm completely new to Squarespace and website code so I'd really appreciate the help. There are a few changes I'd like to make, but don't know how to: Header - website title on the right Header - Pages on the left Footer - Chain icon changed to a white phone handle icon (like this one, for example) Footer - Social icons to be on the right of the text that's currently above them (email icon on the right of "E-mail", phone handle on the right of "phone number", IG icon on the right of "Instagram" I'd appreciate the code to be broken down in 2 distinct sections - header & footer. This way I can put the //comment and know what code is for what :) https://nonagon-heron-h5s3.squarespace.com/ Password = develop
  14. Site URL: https://www.martinfaltejsek.cz Hello, I have done nothing to the site design and today I accidentally found, that my site header has a really strange appearance. The website: https://www.martinfaltejsek.cz. When you are on the home page, the header is transparent as it should be. But when you go to the "Personal" or "Weddings" portfolio it changes to something like a duplicate of the original photo in the background. In "Commercial" section there is even only a plain grey background in the header. I guess Squarespace has done something to the CSS or so and it has changed unexpectedly. Please, what can I do with this in order to have my transparent header back again? All background photos are supposed to be fullscreen with transparent Menu/header. Thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://herecomesthespooky.com/ I am looking for some help here. I loaded a customer font (titled "WerewolfA" on my site) and it displays just fine for everything but recently it will no longer display on my mobile header and I cannot figure out why. For the past several months the font would display just fine on both a PC website and the mobile site but now it suddenly will no longer display the custom font for the mobile header. Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance! Website is:https://herecomesthespooky.com/ Here is the code I have saved/loaded: @font-face { font-family: 'werewolfa'; src: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f3ed8e17415291d748ed192/t/5f47098bd4d74d11f98c6409/1598491021415/WolfBrothersAcademy-29vX.otf'); } .header-nav-item a { font-family: 'werewolfa' !important; } .header-nav-item a {font-size: 40px;} nav.header-menu-nav-list a { font-family: 'werewolfa' !important; } nav.header-menu-nav-list a {font-size: 55px;} h1 {font-family:werewolfa;} .header-title-text { font-family:werewolfa; } .header-title-text {font-size: 70px;} @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) {a#site-title { font-size: 80px; } }
  16. Site URL: https://jhuynhdesign.com Dear Squarespace team,On my website, I have set up a "splash screen", which is a GIF that animates off the page. I only want this animation to appear the first time the homepage is initially loaded. My first problem was that this animation would appear anytime I tried to navigate to a new page on the website, but I then realized it was because I applied the code in the site wide code injector. I then removed it from there and injected it to just my "work" page, but it has a portfolio layout on the page. Which then leads to the animation being displayed every time a new project page is clicked on. Is there a way to just have it load on the first "work" page and not the corresponding project pages within it? Is there a better place to put the code and add additional code to have it play only once on the initial homepage load? FYI to set up the splash screen, I currently use the code below injected into the advanced page settings of my "Work" page(which is the portfolio layout) .thanks!Jessica <div class="splash-wrapper"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/604960c8e5cc251ac72ff9f5/t/60b741b47e6b260d3ca3fb2b/1622622645566/wordmark-transparent-final.gif" width="500" height="auto"></img> </div> <style> .splash-wrapper{ position: fixed; z-index: 9999; background-color: #ffffff; height: 100vh; width: 100vw; display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; justify-content: center; align-items: center; animation-name: slideOut; animation-fill-mode: forwards; animation-duration: 2s; animation-delay: 3.375s; } @keyframes slideOut{ from{margin-left: 0vw;} to{margin-left: -150vw;} } </style>
  17. Hello, I'm trying to create a holding page whilst I design the rest of my site. I'm trying to position my logo at the top left of the page (typically where the header places it). However I don't want the navigation links on the right. I can use coding to remove the header altogether, but then my logo sits far too low. Does anyone know a way around this/solution? Thank you.
  18. Site URL: https://mandolin-parrot-rlyc.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm trying to change my site header color to #f1ece1, but when I insert the following code into my Custom CSS, it's not doing anything: .homepage header.Header.Header--top { background: #f1ece1; } Can someone help me out? Many thanks! Regards, Jan Password: intero
  19. Site URL: https://www.jennyggordon.com Hi, I reset font pack. I set fonts to Abel for headings. It works on H2, 3 and 4 (image1 is with H2). When I put H1 in (see image2), it does not change, it goes to the default and I don't understand why or know how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jenny Version 7.1 Template: Myra
  20. Site URL: https://acresoflove.org When I take my website full screen on my desktop I notice my headings get smaller? Does anyone know why and how to adjust this?
  21. I have my navigation header set to transparent but the black bar still appears on portfolio pages, not others pages. How can I have my images be full bleed on hover with no color on the header bar on these following two pages? Any special CSS code i need to use? Thanks
  22. Site URL: https://www.fchc.us/ Hello, I want to display my logo on the left and also the title in the middle above the navigation tabs. All the coding that i have seen on the forum has been not working so I wanted to know how I could do this
  23. Unfortunately I can't link to the website yet. Im basically trying to add a "TM" to the H1 on the home page, but I can't figure out how to style the TM separate from the heading.
  24. Site URL: https://marigold-wolf-xzky.squarespace.com/ Hi there, first time posting on the forums but felt encouraged based on other threads I've read from. I am working on developing a site and cannot get the header of this blog page to be the custom typeface we are using. When I click into the blog it is correct, just on the single-column summary page the title is incorrect. Being that the site is in development it is password protected. The url is: https://marigold-wolf-xzky.squarespace.com/articles The password is: "documentation" Please see screenshots below. The first one (serif header) is incorrect and on the summary page, the second is on the page itself (correct). (P.S. - this entire issue could be fixed if anyone knows why DM Sans [ a typeface from Google Fonts ] is not available on the typeface library built in to Squarespace, third screenshot shows it missing) For extra info please see below is the custom CSS I have added to the site so far: @font-face { font-family: DM Sans Bold; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60b6cf5779f0bf166f136d86/t/60b6d289297d2d2c20d94420/1622594185119/DMSans-Bold.ttf); } h1 { font-family: 'DM Sans Bold'; } @font-face { font-family: DM Sans Medium; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60b6cf5779f0bf166f136d86/t/60b6d2951b7c4d7e9fd99a37/1622594197373/DMSans-Medium.ttf); } h2 { font-family: 'DM Sans Medium'; } @font-face { font-family: DM Sans Regular; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60b6cf5779f0bf166f136d86/t/60b6d29712d078031a56253c/1622594199973/DMSans-Regular.ttf); } h3 { font-family: 'DM Sans Regular'; } H4 { font-family: 'DM Sans Regular'; } // // // h1.entry-title { font-family: 'DM Sans Medium' !important; } .h1.blog-title { font-family: 'DM Sans Bold' ; }
  25. I have a website I am working on and the client wants 2 rows on the header. First row are Menu options and second row Social Links. Both tight to the right, while logo is on the left. How can I create 2 rows on 7.1 with CSS?
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