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  1. How do you want to change the Access Denied Screen? Please include a link to a protected page.
  2. This cannot be removed! You cannot style the popup windows for login and sign-up, or the account panel where members manage their account. As you'll have seen, this means that anyone can join and access the member content without being approved. I raised this - and other Member Area limitations - with Squarespace but there's no news on when or if this will change. If you're interested, you can view my list of Member Area limitations here.
  3. As I say, best to check with them as the Mail Exchange record is pointing towards GoDaddy.
  4. From the domain records, it appears that GoDaddy was your email provider too. I suggest you check back with GoDaddy as they will be able to confirm if this is the case.
  5. The short answer is no. This is because you cannot limit the overall quantity of products to '4' in the checkout. There's a similar thread here.
  6. Remove You should be able to hide it by adding the following to Design > Custom CSS: #sqs-member-access-page-root button:first-of-type { display: none!important; } Redirect You can add an alternative 'Join' option by adding a link within the text of the Access Denied Screen (you can edit this in Design > Access Denied Screen) or you can write some JavaScript to modify the behaviour of the original button instead of hiding it.
  7. You appear to be missing an underscore within the media query. It should be .home__verticalline not .home_verticalline.
  8. Yes, it's possible to do this with JavaScript but there are a number of factors to consider. For example, which page(s) do you want to redirect? Do you want to always redirect or prompt visitors to choose? Which languages do you intend do support? Also, if you post a question that will require code, it helps if you include a link to the site. If the site isn't live, you'll also want to set a password in the visibility settings and share it with us. Without this, we won't be able to view the site.
  9. Please share the public password that you've set, so that we can take a look at the page. This will make it easier for the community to provide an accurate answer.
  10. Nested categories are a feature on Squarespace 7.1, but not in 7.0.
  11. There isn't a built-in feature to do this, but a number of workarounds may be possible. Each will have different advantages and disadvantages that would need to be considered. Also, custom code will likely be necessary to make it user-friendly. Here are some ideas: 1. Create a separate product for each color, so you'll have 4 products for the 4 colors of the bodysuit. This will meet your requirement for four products on the Product List Page (shop-swim). Then, add a faux color selector on the Product Detail Page so that the user can switch between the different products (the wh
  12. There are many [expensive] search replacements that can add better search facilities but none of them are likely to fit your specific circumstances - wanting to search internal posts but then send visitors to an external URL. It may be worth improving filtering and categorisation of products, rather than adding search. For example, allowing users to filter by 'size', 'colour', 'brand' and so on, in addition to product categories like 'Dresses'.
  13. It's normal for code to be disabled in the preview pane whilst you are logged on to the site. This is because it can cause problems within the Squarespace editor. You'll therefore want to open the site in a separate browser window whilst you are not logged into Squarespace. To do this: First check that you can view the site without logging in by opening a new Incognito (or Private) window. Go to the site's domain name (something.squarespace.com) by typing this into the address bar at the top of the browser window. Don't add '/config' at the end. If you see a message say
  14. It isn't possible to do this, even with code. This is because the built-in search function returns very basic results and they don't include the source URLs.
  15. I haven't seen any issues personally and nothing has been posted on the status page, but that doesn't mean that there isn't an issue. I suggest you reach out to Squarespace Customer Care as they can help you to troubleshoot this. You can reach out to them here.
  16. The category list usually appears in alphabetical order because this is predictable; it is what the user will expect and it's very effective because it's the optimal order for users to scan quickly. On Squarespace 7.0 there isn't a feature that allows you to reorder them (there's a feature on 7.1) but if you're feeling adventurous you can do it with some code. Here's a link to another thread that should help you:
  17. As you're using a 'Brine' family template, you can do this by displaying the 'Sort + Filter' element. Whilst viewing your products page, go to Design > Site Styles and then choose a Display option:
  18. Paste the supplied code into Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > Footer. You will need to be on a Business or Commerce plan.
  19. If you would prefer a ready-made enquiry form that automatically includes the product title and product URL in each submission, you may be interested in our Product Enquiry Form extension. It's easy-to-install and can be enabled site-wide or on to products you've tagged. The button name and form details can be customised to meet your needs. It's compatible with Squarespace 7.1 as well as Squarespace 7.0 sites using a Brine-family template. You'll find full details here: Product Enquiry Form.
  20. Squarespace is a serverless web builder - there's no server to access. This means that when Developer Mode is enabled, although you can use FTP to create folders and then files within these folders, you cannot access a root folder. It sounds as though you need a proper web server where you can have more control.
  21. Can you explain what you mean?
  22. Yes, you could hire a developer to write some custom JavaScript to display individual subscription products as if they were variants of the same product.
  23. Squarespace doesn’t Track requests in the forum. Posts are generally answered by Squarespace customers. The Squarespace platform doesn’t offer the feature that you’re currently asking for.
  24. Sadly, Squarespace doesn't have a very advanced system for managing sales tax yet. You can set it up on a country-by-country basis, for example IVA in Spain, but there isn't a facility to manage different rates for different regions within Spain, such as the Canary Islands.
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