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  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with Member Areas because no ‘manual approval’ feature exists. Anyone will be able to sign-up by visiting https://www.fleurswholesale.com/account/login/create, no matter what you do! I’ve posted about this a number of times because it makes this feature totally unsuitable for around three-quarters 75% of situations where memberships are required, including bodies, societies and clubs, but Squarespace are not listening and do not seem to grasp how important this is. I recommend you (and others reading this!) log a feature request with Squarespace. You can reach out to them here. I also recommend ‘liking’ and ‘voting up’ the questions about this, to raise the profile of this limitation. Here are some similar threads about this:
  2. A merchant outside the US cannot use Carrier Calculated Shipping on Squarespace. They will need to manually calculate costs instead, based on weights/volumes.
  3. Hi Claire Is it the height of the image that you want to change? The dimensions are being set by the SVG file and because images will appear at 100% width on the Squarespace page, the SVG will retain the aspect ratio making the height around 210px. You can make this appear less by placing the SVG higher up the page by adding some negative margin in Custom CSS: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1627505219076_5381 .sqs-block-code img { margin-top: -100px; } If you want to reduce both height and width, you can add a Spacer Block beside the Code Block instead of using CSS. Paul
  4. The banner video above is playing fine for me on mobile 🙂
  5. As your site is on Squarespace 7.1, you need to replace the YUI with plain JS. Here's the updated guide that I wrote:
  6. Have you reported this to Squarespace? You can reach out to them here.
  7. If you've used any custom code (such as CSS) please provide us with a working link to the page so that we can take a look. If you haven't used any code, I recommend that you get in touch with Squarespace Customer Care and ask them to help you to troubleshoot this. At this time of day you should be able to contact them for an interactive online chat.
  8. If you add variants to your products that have different prices, the word ‘FROM’ will appear before the price automatically. If your products don’t have different variant prices, can you explain why you want the text to appear?
  9. I recommend the Table Block. See my old post here: Let me know if you have questions.
  10. Squarespace do not routinely monitor this forum for customer feedback or requests. You can reach out to Squarespace Customer Care using this form.
  11. You are trying to add an 'iframe'. Adding iframes to Code Blocks is considered a "Premium feature" and isn't available on the Personal Plan. For more information, see Premium features.
  12. By setting the middle option (P2) to be the default option for standard paragraph text, it allows you to add text that is larger (P1) or smaller (P3) than this without using custom code. There's no technical or SEO reason for the names, they are just used for simplicity in the Rich Text Editor (RTE). They won't appear in the page markup - the part that the browser/search engine/site visitor sees - and so won't influence SEO differently. In the markup, all three will appear as "<p>". Squarespace just adds the class 'sqsrte-large' or 'sqsrte-small' for the non-standard options P1 and P3 respectively.
  13. Using Squarespace Scheduling, a customer can make a reservation and pay for it on their own device. The merchant cannot take the payment using a Square card reader.
  14. To add (CST), you can add the following to Design > Custom CSS: .event-time-localized:after { content: "(CST)"; }
  15. My tip is to use an Events page/collection. Add an 'event' for each vacancy. Set the title of the 'event' as the vacancy title. Set the end date to match the date when the vacancy closes, so that the vacancy is automatically removed from public view. You can use a couple of lines of styling (custom CSS) to hide 'event' elements that you don't need.
  16. When I tried, I could add this item to the cart. Is it possible you are trying to add a second one to your cart? Your cart icon shows one item in there already.
  17. There isn't a feature for this. If you'd like each product colour to be listed separately you must add it as a separate product. You can link the variants by including something in the product description that includes links to the other products. For example, also available in blue. If you can provide some more details (including a working link to the site) it may be possible to add some code to improve the user experience.
  18. You can do this if the transactions are for the purchase of products/services in Squarespace Commerce and the business is in the US. Squarespace doesn't support Point of Sale (POS) outside the US yet or for Squarespace Scheduling.
  19. You can build custom forms to gather information from clients when making their booking. This guide explains how to create and edit them: Client intake forms and agreements.
  20. When a Squarespace feature isn't working as expected, the forum community can only check whether we see the same issue. We cannot help you to fix it. I recommend you get in touch with Squarespace Customer Care and ask them to help you to troubleshoot this. At this time of day you should be able to contact them for an interactive online chat.
  21. If you do not want to import all Etsy listings you can: Create a temporary Store page for the import and then use the Etsy importer (Inventory > Import) to import everything into the temporary store. When the import is complete, move the required products to the correct store page and then delete the temporary page. or In Etsy, export your listings to a CSV file. Manually edit the data to delete the unwanted listings and then format the data to match the Squarespace format.
  22. Did you change the default text for the Add to Cart button ("Aggiungi al carrello" to "Acquista" ) in the Product Editor by setting a custom Add Button Label? If yes, try unchecking this option and then view the product again to see if this fixes the issue.
  23. You cannot prevent visitors from creating member area accounts. This is currently one of the major limitations of Member Areas. They'll still be able to visit https://www.1831.co/account/login/create.
  24. Haha! 😊 No magic tricks required! As the calendar effect is triggered by a hover pseudostate (:hover) you simply need to toggle this using your favourite browser developer tool. For example, using Chrome: Right click the element to Inspect it. The element will be highlighted in the DOM Tree. You'll usually need to navigate up the DOM Tree a little at this point to identify the correct element that has the pseudostate. In the Styles tab, click :hov. Check the :hover checkbox. You'll see the event 'flyout' appear even though you re not hovering over the element. You can now find the elements that were previously hidden. Here's a quick screencast: I hope this helps. If anyone reading this wants to learn more about the features in Chrome DevTools, Google has a great series of guides here: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/overview/.
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