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  1. I think it's highly unlikely. It's not their target market.
  2. Squarespace is a 'website builder', and whilst this means that you can produce a professional-looking website very easily without technical knowledge, it also means that you are unable to access backend code (like PHP) where something like this would need to be integrated.
  3. No. If a product is on sale, the discount will be deducted from this. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  4. Squarespace doesn't have multiple ship-to functionality. The accepted workaround is for customers to place multiple orders, checking out once for each shipping address. Each order will have a single delivery address for tax purposes.
  5. Typically, you create a post on the public "Blog collection". It will contain a thumbnail, title and enough copy to attract visitors and to entice them to follow the link and read. Within the post you'll have the short intro and a read more link that takes them to the protected post that contains the full article. This other blog post will be on the Member Area protected "Blog collection" and, if the visitor is not a member, they'll see the 'not authorised' page encouraging them to join.
  6. You're exactly right! You used to be able to paste a long list of entries in one go, but since the new block editor UI was introduced you must paste each line manually. It's a recurring nightmare, especially for standardised lists like states, countries, template names and so on. We had hoped that the issues with the Form Block Editor UI would be resolved by now, but it's taking longer than expected. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  7. I haven't seen any issues with the logo size on other sites where invoices are printed. Have you recently changed the site logo used in the header? If not, I recommend you contact Squarespace Customer Care as the community cannot troubleshoot printed invoices.
  8. It appears to be working for me. What symptoms are you seeing and on which browser/version?
  9. If you're looking for something that automatically converts the recipe page there are paid addons that can do this but you are unlikely to find a free solution. A free workaround, although it requires more effort, is to manually copy your recipe content into a PDF and make this available on the page to be downloaded or printed.
  10. PayPal supply the code for the messaging (see Add Pay Later messages). You may need developer help to make it Squarespace specific. The buy-now, pay-later messaging is generally added to product detail pages and the cart. Take a look at a Squarespace site where the main competitor (AfterPay) is being used for examples of BNPL messaging. For example, https://bloom.squarespace.com/shop/p/pumpkin-caramel-scone-17.
  11. If it's any help @Vathson, I don't currently have any issues connecting to dev mode sites via SFTP.
  12. Squarespace doesn't have a built in solution for payment by cash or invoice. However I know that a number of merchants use our Wishlist extension to allow customers to submit their cart without payment. This allows the merchant to follow-up manually regarding payment (invoicing off-system). Note that as these orders will not be processed through the checkout, the items ordered will not be removed from inventory. You'll find more information on the product page. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to our pre-sales or feel free to send me a DM.
  13. You can set your currency to £ GBP by heading over to Payment Settings and selecting your currency from the dropdown. This will change the currency displayed on your scheduling page, and also which currency your payment processor will use. Your account can only accept one form of currency. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  14. If the item is being purchased using the Squarespace checkout, this variant information will be included in the order confirmation and order fulfilled email notifications that are sent to the merchant and the customer. You cannot change the information that is sent to PayPal. This is simplified and will not include all the product details. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  15. Are you planning on providing a set of actions/triggers to allow Squarespace users like @Avin to use Integromat for this specific purpose? I ask because it doesn’t currently exist. Without this, Integromat will be of no use to a typical business owner who does not have Data Analyst or Developer skills and yet wants to manage stock levels for different products.
  16. Member Area pages are the same as other pages, except they are protected from public access by a user's password. Regarding your specific question, if a blog page is placed in a Member Area, the posts will not be public. This includes all information, including titles and excerpts. To make titles and excerpts public, you'd need to create and maintain two blog pages. One that you want the public to view and one that you want to contain the details for members. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  17. This refers to the fact that all Squarespace 7.1 sites use the same template. Because of this, you can make any 7.1 site look like any other 7.1 site. However, Flatiron is a Squarespace 7.0 site and these use different template families that have different features. It isn’t possible to use a feature from one 7.0 template on a site built with another template. The homepage features of Flatiron are specific to this template. To use it you’d need to start again with a new trial. It may be possible to create these features on your 7.1 template but only by writing custom code (CSS and JavaScript).
  18. You can add the following to prevent the title overflowing its container and hyphenate it automatically. The browser is free to break words at appropriate hyphenation points, following whatever rules it chooses. .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-title { word-break: break-word; word-wrap: break-word; } Notes: This 'code' is CSS. Add to Design > Custom CSS. An example of the code being used is shown below. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  19. This is currently only possible with a separate ‘add framing’ product or by using a Squarespace extension called Trunk Inventory. The additional product may be possible to code if you have fixed sizes and frame costs.
  20. Squarespace still uses the old PayPal integration (we're waiting for the newer one!) so whilst Squarespace does support PI4 (PI3 in the UK) this isn't obvious to customers because no "Pay-in-4" messaging appears until a US-based PayPal user logs in to their PayPal account on the checkout page [of a US-based site]. If you enable PayPal you should be able to confirm that this works. If required, custom code could be used to add PI4 messaging to product pages in the same way that AfterPay messaging currently does. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  21. Hello @geglaja I've updated the code to allow you to change 'Select' to 'Sélectionnez'. When changed (in line 4 of the code), it should now work on non-English sites too. This is what I see when I add it: Note that when I checked your site I found that it contained many snippets of code, including errors and several versions of unnecessary jQuery. These have known security vulnerabilities and are also potentially slowing your site.
  22. This is due to custom code snippets that you've added, including at least three versions of jQuery which shouldn't be there and could slow down your site unnecessarily. I recommend you remove all the code (from Code Injection) and then test again. The problem should disappear. you can then carefully add code one section at a time until you identify which section is causing the problem. I do recommend being very cautious about installing code that you don't understand as it could affect your site's reliability and security.
  23. The margin above the AfterPay messaging is set to minus 22 pixels by default, placing it tight against the pricing. Reducing this to something like -10px will add some space. The AfterPay messaging uses 'browser safe' fonts by default (Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif) but these can be customised easily to a font-family you are using on the site, for example Brandon Grotesque. Optionally you can also adjust the font weight and the letter spacing to get the look that you want. The AfterPay messaging uses the class '_2NN0IlogY' on the product page and the class '_3Dgr8g-LT' on the cart page, so if you want to change it in both places, you'll need to use both, For example, using the following CSS you can set independent settings for each page type: /* Afterpay messaging on product page */ ._2NN0IlogY { margin-top: -10px; font-weight: 300; font-family: 'brandon-grotesque'; letter-spacing: 1px; } /* Afterpay messaging on cart page */ ._3Dgr8g-LT { font-weight: 300!important; font-family: 'brandon-grotesque'!important; letter-spacing: 1px!important; } Notes: This solution is CSS. Add to Design > Custom CSS. CSS changes to the cart are not immediate. You will need to refresh your browser for these to be visible. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
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