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  1. Check if you have enabled Express Checkout.
  2. Squarespace do not currently include any features to filter products like this. However, you can do this with a third party product or by hiring a developer capable of doing this.
  3. @BureauSF I didn't receive a notification to show that you'd responded (way back in January) so I'm not sure what happened there. Here's a post that should do what you need: https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/squarespace-products-changing-sold-out-to-sold-or-something-else
  4. A Code Block can be used to display code (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Plain Text - with 'Display Source' checked, or inject code- with 'Display Source' unchecked. Display Source will always checked for CSS, JavaScript, and Plain Text because you cannot add these directly to a web page. This is the case with any web page, not just on Squarespace. If you want JavaScript to run on a web page, you must first place it within some HTML script tags. By this I mean that you must add <script> at the beginning and </script> at the end. The <script> tags are HTML and they tell the browser to expect some code (otherwise known as 'script'). When you have added these (as it appears you already have), the code is considered HTML. For this reason, select HTML from the dropdown, instead of JavaScript. When HTML is selected, you will be able to uncheck Display Source and the code should work, at least whilst logged out.
  5. If you add your 'Discover More' link to the navigation, we can provide you with the CSS to style it this way. I don't see any (York) template specific features being used, so another option would be to choose a Brine-family template instead. This includes this feature in Site Styles.
  6. Hi Juliette You may want to start a new question/thread for this, as it's slightly different to the thread above. There's not a built in feature to do what you need, but it can be built with some JavaScript code. Assuming that you want customers to be able to pay for preorders rather than just put their name on a waiting list, the way that I'd usually do this is to add a 'preorder' tag to the product(s). The JavaScript will add a badge to products tagged 'preorder' that is styled to match SALE and SOLD OUT badges. You shouldn't need an image. -Paul
  7. The sitemap is generated automatically by Squarespace, as you mentioned. You cannot update it manually. If there is an issue with the sitemap, you should contact Squarespace Customer Support. You can reach out to them here. You will need to provide them with more detailed information than you have posted. For example, you will need to be specific about what is missing from the sitemap so that they can confirm this.
  8. Squarespace 7.0 supports sites in German, but it isn't currently supported in version 7.1. See the support article Change your site language.
  9. Squarespace has not been designed to host video files directly. You can host your videos on YouTube (or Vimeo) without them showing on these services. If using YouTube, set the video to ‘unlisted’ when uploading it. You can then embed it using a Video Block, but it won’t appear when searched on YouTube.
  10. Unfortunately, this is not configurable. If you use Squarespace’s built in commerce features, you are forced to ask customers for (potentially unnecessary) address information. One workaround is to embed an alternative commerce platform into your Squarespace site instead of paying for Squarespace’s commerce features. By using the cheaper Squarespace ‘business plan’ and adding a third party service designed for selling digital content such as Sendowl, you can avoid the need to prompt for unnecessary information. I wrote an article that explains how you can use Sendowl with Squarespace that you may find helpful. Let me know if you need more information.
  11. Hey @Glitteringwhite, can you provide more information, for example the site URL so we can see the business sector and the services offered? There are sector-specific solutions.
  12. I know. It's not ideal. If your goods are set up as 'physical' then there's no way to remove the shipping address option. You can add your weight to the requests for better pickup options by raising a feature request through Support.
  13. Presumably for Finnish? This can be done with varying levels of success, but you’ll have an issue when you reach the checkout. The checkout contains fixed text that cannot be changed within Squarespace, even with code. If you are prepared to purchase a third party translation tool, then you could use Squarespace for commerce. If not, you would be better choosing another platform. See a similar post here:
  14. You can display a HD video without these issues if you host it on a paid video plan, such as Vimeo's Plus or PRO membership plan and use the embed code rather than the video’s URL.
  15. There's nothing you can do about this within Squarespace or with internal code. See my previous post here:
  16. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but that solution will appear to work when logged on, and when the page is refreshed, but it won't work for visitors who navigate to the page from another page on your site. This is because the document.ready function will not fire when this template loads a new page (see Ajax). For example, this is what I see: Replacing it with the onInitialize function will fix this.
  17. It depends what you mean by a "designated email address of my choosing". When configuring Squarespace Commerce for a small business, you would typically add your own email address - the one where you want to receive these emails - as the Reply-To Email in Commerce > Customer Notifications. Then, if a customer replies to their Order Confirmation email, it will arrive in your inbox. That should satisfy step 4. Is this not what you are doing?
  18. They are investigating why the label isn't there when the cart is initially empty. I've updated the solution, so it will cope with or without the "0" label.
  19. @yeshidesigns This has stopped working because the ARIA labels are not appearing on the Squarespace 7.1 cart icon when it is empty. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) labels are important attributes that make a website accessible to people with disabilities so I've asked Squarespace whether this is an intentional rollback, or a bug.
  20. I checked and your DNS records are correctly configured for Gmail, and the email address is valid. What symptoms are you seeing, other than no emails?
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