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  1. As the logo has the ID "block-yui_3_17_2_1_1610731993235_6249" you should be able to nudge the logo up by using something like this in your Custom CSS: /* Move specific logo up the page */ #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1610731993235_6249 { top: -185px; } Of course, this will leave a gap on the page where it used to reside, so you may need to adjust the top padding of this section afterwards, depending on the effect that you want.
  2. In all honesty, I think that the full Timely page is the better solution on mobile devices, due to the limited space available.
  3. Squarespace Commerce includes PayPal and Stripe for online payment processing, allowing to use one or both. You cannot improve or replace the payment options for Squarespace Commerce and so cannot improve the current PayPal integration. You could add a standalone 'pay now' button from PayPal but it will completely bypass all the benefits of Squarespace Commerce and send customers straight to a payment form. As these transactions will not be managed on Squarespace, they won't use inventory management, customer accounts, shipping options and so on. This forum is not routinely monitored
  4. Although you cannot create lists of variant options, it can help to create some draft products to use as templates. For example, create a product with a helpful title like "Women's clothing product with colours and sizes" and then add the typical variants for this type of product. If you save this as a draft, you can open it later and click Duplicate to create a new product with these variants, ready to add the product details and images.
  5. As @tuanphan commented above, it will help us if you can provide a working link to the page on your site. If your site isn't live yet, you may need to set a site password and share it with us.
  6. This is available on other platforms, but isn't possible that Squarespace can do on its own. It requires a third party solution that pulls the orders from the API and prints them. It's very specific and because Squarespace wasn't built for this market, it will most likely need to be purpose built. I recommend that you use another platform for the cafe orders, and then link to this from Squarespace.
  7. Redirects are activated from top to bottom, so higher redirects will take priority over conflicting redirects below them. If you have specific redirects, place them above broader redirects that may conflict (for example, the main Blog Page).
  8. This Squarespace 7.0 feature isn't available on Squarespace 7.1 yet. It can be achieved with code, but because 7.1 has been designed for a small icon, some adjustments to CSS will be needed to ensure that a wider text option fits within your header on both desktop and mobile. The url you posted is currently password protected, but you haven't shared the view-only password yet.
  9. Custom Adobe Fonts are still supported on Squarespace 7.0 sites, but as you haven't provided a link to the site you're discussing, I'll assume it is a Squarespace 7.1 site. Custom Adobe Fonts aren't supported in version 7.1.
  10. This Member Areas feature is available on Squarespace 7.1, but isn't available on your Squarespace 7.0 site.
  11. No problem. This forum is not monitored for product feature requests but you can raise this as a feature request by opening a ticket through Customer Care. They'll document your feedback and share it with the appropriate team.
  12. The same restrictions apply. It's the same for all commerce and member area popups.
  13. This isn't possible. It is shown in Squarespace's own Clarkson font and, for security reasons, is shown in an iFrame that cannot be amended.
  14. If the post titles are the same but the URL structure is different, you can create a single redirect rule for all blog posts, like this: /[name] -> /videos/[name] 301 The [name] variable tells Squarespace to substitute the post URL for each blog post.
  15. Blog post URLs always begin with the Blog Page URL slug. You can choose the name of this, but you cannot remove it. Making the page the homepage will not change the url of posts. If your old blog didn’t have the blog name as part of the URL slug, you can create URL redirects to forward visitors away from urls that don't exist to the new ones.
  16. An email is automatically sent 24 hours after a cart or checkout is abandoned. You can customize the email, but not the timing. This forum is not routinely monitored for product feature requests so if you want to raise this as a feature request, open a ticket through Customer Care. If this helps you, please click "Like" below ⬇️
  17. If you are on a Personal Plan, you can add CSS to the Custom CSS panel in Design > Custom CSS instead. However, to do this you'll need to identify the unique collection ID of each page where you want the logo to change. For example, to change the Work page, you'd add this instead: #collection-5fea1f43c45737001d813e30 { .header-title-logo img { filter: invert(100%); -webkit-filter: invert(100%); } } Note that collection-5fea1f43c45737001d813e30 is the ID of the Work page. You can find the IDs of other pages by following this guide. If this helps you, please clic
  18. Hi Jill This normally fixed by setting the height of the iFrame in pixels, for example height="1100px" like this: <iframe src="https://smartmls.mlsmatrix.com/Matrix/public/IDX.aspx?idx=732a374" width="100%" height="1100px" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe> However I couldn't find the MLS Search page on the site, so if this doesn't work, please point me towards it. Paul If this helps you, please click "Like" below ⬇️
  19. This is a long thread containing a number of questions, so for the benefit of anyone reading this, I can see that you are having difficulties with your header nav due to long links. The CSS is not working on your site because the phrases are long and cannot 'break' onto a new line within the space allocated. If you add a space after the "/" characters, it should enable them to break more easily, like this when the CSS is applied: Another option, which you may or may not have considered, is to add separate links for each language and then show or hide them according to the
  20. When I google your name, the Squarespace site is the 7th item on the first page of results.
  21. The support article should help with the majority of DNS providers. If it doesn't help, I recommend you contact Squarespace Customer Care. You can reach out to them here.
  22. On the darker page (like the Work page) open the Settings panel of the page you want to change (by clicking the 'gear' icon next to the page name within the Pages panel). Then click on Advanced and add the following to the PAGE HEADER CODE INJECTION area: <style> .header-title-logo img { filter: invert(100%); -webkit-filter: invert(100%); } </style> When you save the changes, the logo will be made lighter on the darker background. If this helps you, please click "Like" below ⬇️
  23. You can use Ecwid with Squarespace to allow you to take payments with Square. As mentioned in my previous post, this does not mean that you can integrate it with Squarespace Commerce - you can't. You'll be using Squarespace for the website only, not for the commerce features. The commerce features will all be managed on Ecwid, including product inventory, sales, analytics and checkout. You can get a free Ecwid account to try out Ecwid Buy Buttons and take payments with Square. Bear in mind that Square typically takes a larger cut of all transactions than Stripe. Their standard
  24. That's very interesting. Perhaps something has changed that has yet to be announced? Any news? @KLin @TonySyros @MaddieSmith
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