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  1. Hi all! I've had a 7.0 site since 2020, and recently decided it needed a redesign. I started a trial (using 7.1) and spent a lot of time on it before discovering that swapping my subscription over to the 7.1 site isn't as easy as I expected. Since I've already spent the time creating and refining it, I'm trying to find the best way to cancel my 7.0 site (paid annually) and start using the 7.1 version without wasting too much money. Squarespace's guide recommends contacting them to see if you're eligible for a pro-rata refund after cancelling your site, but from what I'm reading here that seems only applicable for Circle members and designers - please correct me if I'm wrong! Swapping from annual payment to monthly only seems to be possible after the current billing cycle, and I can't find any way of extending the free trial more than 7 days (as I'm not a Circle member). I'm grateful for any suggestions, Thankyou in advance!
  2. Squarespace has too big a gap between contributor/managers and admin. ie Contributors can't add new pages (for example); they need full admin access, which includes billing privileges. Which is bad. Essentially, if I'm to give a client the ability to add their own content pages, I need to hand over ownership so my credit card is not wearing their purchasing decisions. This suggests a cynical approach by Squarespace to increase purchases or leapfrog the reseller for a direct relationship with the end client. This exposure – and lack of clarity on costs incurred and time to recoup from the end client – is the biggest impediment to us developing Squarespace websites for clients. It makes Squarespace not fit for its core purpose: reselling a product (the website).
  3. Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to get one plan for a website and scheduling service? or do I have to pay for 2 different plans?
  4. Squarespace has too big a gap between Website Editor and Administrator. ie Editors can't publish new pages (for example); Only Administrators – who have billing privileges – can publish new pages. Which is bad. Essentially, if I'm to give a client the ability to publish their own content pages, I need to hand over site ownership so my credit card is not wearing their purchasing decisions. There is lack of clarity on costs so incurred, meaning too much time to recoup from the end client. Plus a need to anticipate these transactions and define terms in the contract. The easiest win (ie a minimum), would be to de-couple Billing privileges from Administrator, so you could attribute Administrator, without Billing. Currently, selecting Administrator mandates Billing, even thought they're seperate privilege line items. But, ideally, either including the ability for Website Editor to publish new pages, or a new Website Manager role, is necessary. This suggests a cynical approach by Squarespace to either increase purchases by the client ("Hey, I'm not incentivised to check if selecting this feature incurs costs; the reseller will let me know … probably"), or leapfrog the reseller for a direct relationship with the end client. This exposure, or pressure to handover the account to Squarespace, is the biggest impediment to us developing Squarespace websites for clients. It makes Squarespace not fit for the purpose of reselling the platform while retaining the hard-won relationship with the client.
  5. I have been hosting my site with Squarespace (version 5) for 10 years and today my site appears to have disappeared. 😧 Today I went to my site URL and that's when I began to see the following issues: 1. On my domain (hosted elsewhere), Squarespace is now displaying a "custom domain" mapping page. Weird, but Um ok I thought this domain issue would be easy to fix until I encountered another issue....... After noticing my site not showing up on my domain properly, I then tried to access my site by typing in my regular account URL with the Squarespace subdomain affixed to it (e.g. mysite.squarespace.com). Then I saw this.... 2. On my account URL, my site is gone and Squarespace is displaying a page that says the account is "Available." WHAT? How can MY account, that I've been paying for for many years, be Available suddenly out of nowhere? How can this be happening when I have a monthly plan? Can someone please let me know how I get my site back online? Also, does anyone know how to get expedited support from Squarespace on this matter? I opened a ticket but as I use my site for work, I don't have time to wait around until tomorrow to get this resolved.
  6. I want to set up a member area on my website, but I want it to serve as an Alumni membership portal whereby Alumni (members) can set up an account and check if they are up to date on their annual dues paid to the organization - not necessarily access special content. Do the member areas support this type of billing history search by "members."
  7. Site URL: http://www.enjoysnacks We have started using discount codes in our store for expos and promotional events. I have noticed that customer information (billing information) is missing for those orders whose order total is $0. Apparently, Squarespace thinks that shipping information and billing information is the same thing and that customer information for orders of $0 is not necessary. From a marketing perspective, not collecting the information of people placing orders is questionable. Many of our products are ordered as gifts so the billing and shipping information are different. Also, this means that only one email notification is sent out to just the recipient. This means that the person who placed the order is out of the loop for their order. I'm surprised that no one else has encountered this error. I have never seen an e-commerce system not collect the information of the person placing the order.
  8. Site URL: https://tarantula-lobster-atz4.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I have a Canadian client who wants to know if they can receive their Squarespace yearly bill/invoice in Canadian dollars? (For accounting purposes.) Is that possible? (It's currently in Australian Dollars as that's where I'm located.) Thanks in advance, Jess
  9. So I am trying to figure out how to set up an initial down payment option for customers. I am building a small batch of boxes, I need the customers to put a deposit down and pay the remainder plus shipping once the boxes are complete. Example A - Customer wants a box made out of maple, the deposit to get them on the list is $100. The total cost of the box minus shipping is $375 so once I am done building this batch of boxes I need them to be able to pay the remainder $275 plus whatever the shipping is going to cost to their location. Example B - Customer wants a box made out of walnut, the deposit to get them on the list is the same $100. The total cost of the box minus shipping is $425 so once I am done building this batch of boxes I need them to be able to pay the remainder $325 plus whatever the shipping cost is to their location. So the way I have it working in my head is, I put up the item, limit the quantity to the amount I want to make, once they put down the deposit fee and all of items are reserved I have a list of all the people who put down the deposit and their email, I build the boxes and send out a mass email letting them all know it is completed and they need to finish the transaction by paying the fee + Shipping and I get them shipped out with a return email with the tracking numbers...??? Any help or keywords that I can search or research would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Erik
  10. Site URL: https://www.csitrustcompany.org/ Hello, our G Suite Basic subscription lapsed and has been suspended. We would like to reactivate. Have already reached out to customer support here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/219648707-How-do-I-contact-Squarespace-Customer-Support- Live chat just provided us a document...and I can tell you that its very confusing...It would be much easier with a button linked to "pay this much" and then complete the transaction. Do we really have to cancel this and subscribe to that to reclaim an active status from a suspension? Next steps Note: After cancelling your subscription in Squarespace, we can no longer help with Google Workspace. Consult Google's documentation for any of the following actions. To take next steps, log into your Google Workspace Admin Console: https://admin.google.com/a/yourdomain.tld (replacing yourdomain.tld with your domain). Depending on what you want to do, you can: Set up billing with Google to ensure uninterrupted service Upgrade to another Google Workspace plan Completely cancel your account FAQ Will cancelling my Squarespace site cancel my Google Workspace subscription? No. Billing for Google Workspace is handled separately. If you cancel your site, we’ll continue to renew your Google Workspace subscription using the credit card on file. Will cancelling my Google Workspace in Squarespace delete emails, contacts, or other content from my inbox? No. Cancelling your Google Workspace in Squarespace transfers the billing aspects of the account to Google, but it doesn’t affect the content in your inbox. All emails, contacts, and other content remains intact after cancelling Google Workspace in Squarespace. I see a "Failed to Cancel Google Workspace" message. You'll see this message in your Billing panel if you don't have any Administrators in your Google Workspace account. To resolve this, set one or more of your Google Workspace users as an Administrator. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Email & Google Workspace. Click a user. Check the Administrator option to give this user full administrative access on the Google Workspace account. Click Save. You should now be able to cancel your Google Workspace account from the Billing panel. Note that Google Workspace user levels are separate from Squarespace permission levels. A Squarespace user with Owner or Administrator permissions won't automatically have Google Workspace Administrator privileges. How do I cancel an existing Google Workspace account so I can sign up in Squarespace? During signup, if you see the error message Failed to register for Google Workspace - A Google Workspace account already exists on this domain, visit Troubleshooting Google Workspace to learn more. You won’t be able to cancel the existing account following the steps here, as the existing Google Workspace account may be hosted with Google Workspace directly or another reseller.
  11. Hi, I would like to be able to automatically create an invoice simply by a customer entering their email on my website instead of direct payment. So instead of manually reading the mail they entered and then creating an invoice for them and then send this I would want this to be automated of some sort. Has anyone been able to do this in squarespace or something similar by third party?
  12. Hello Community. I would truly value your time in helping me. You knowledge and experience is very helpful. I'm feeling overwhelmed reconciling my needs with available functionality in SS Scheduling and payment processors. I have read most of the self-help under "scheduling" and "payment" in the SS manuals. I'm not reaching out without spending my own time first trying to understand practical application. My Business: High-volume service business (Photo/Video with appointments ranging from 1 to 4 hours.) I want to streamline booking and payment, both for my peace of mind and convenience of my clients. I have decided to use Stripe. For accounting, I have decided to use QuickBooks. Questions & Scenarios: Do any of you have an efficient way to account for Stripe processing fees requiring little time and effort? I'm considering not refunding clients for cancellations within 24 hours and issuing a coupon towards a later appointment. Does anyone not issue refunds only offering coupons for future bookings like some organizations? What's the thought behind this? Do you recommend? How do you handle cancellations, specifically how do you manage them with SS Scheduling? How does Quickbooks account for this? Example: (In this scenario, I've decided I will always reimburse a customer the full amount, but charge a cancellation fee.) A customer books. I arrive. They're a no-show, or cancel same-day. When they booked, they were charged $100. The cancellation fee is $25. Do you issue the refund through Quickbooks or Stripe or SS? When you refund the $75 and keep the $25, how do you account for this? Is it automated within Quickbooks? Again, the most important overriding principle is to maintain efficiency both for myself and the customer. My original idea was to have a client go online, book, pay, I arrive. Nothing is this simple however. I want something that's seamless and fair for both myself and my time and my potential clients. Thank you in advance Zach
  13. Site URL: http://www.kidspaceprograming.com Hello! When a customer is making a purchase from my site and entering their credit card information in, the only have to enter the number and code. They are not asked for their expiry date. some of my customers are older and have had an issue trusting this. I've contacted Stripe and they said its not on their end, it has something to do with squarespace. Can anyone help me clear up this issue please?
  14. When I signed up for the trial workspace account I selected annual billing because I knew I would always need at least that one account. Now when I go to add new accounts the only option available to me is annual billing for all new accounts. Is there a way to switch to monthly without losing my email account/having to pay again for the existing account or a way to simply add the new accounts on monthly billing?
  15. Site URL: https://www.infinitegamecoach.com/about My site was created by a web designer in Australia, and is still billing me in Aus$. It doesn't appear on the billing page I can change this to USD? Also he is still getting the billing notifications but I am not. I turned off the billing switch in his Admin profile but how do I insure future renewal notices come to my email? Many thanks!
  16. Site URL: http://http%3Awww.dyoungstudio.com The editor thinks my domain site is my trial site. I cannot delete either of them. I do not know what tags are. Thanks
  17. Hi:) We are new to squarespace. We have a website registered with squarespace under one user, who owns it and pays for it. The question is whether the invited contributors also need to purchase plans in order to be operative in their roles (e.g. at admin level). We noticed the "free trail" countdown displaying the same way for the owner and the contributor and got confused about that. A clarification would be most welcome. Thank you, Tomek
  18. I hope someone could help me. This has never been an issue before and I'm not sure what's changed. I'm trying to update my credit card information and the site keeps asking me to fill out VAT-information, even though I'm not exempt from VAT and I don't have a business. How can I remove the VAT-exemption and/or bypass the questions regarding VAT?
  19. I'd like to have a payment page where clients can enter an amount to pay and enter a credit card number to pay it. The idea is I'd be sending them a bill, and they'd be paying it on my page through Stripe. Is this possible? From what I've seen, SquareSpace seems to be more oriented around a shopping cart model, which is not what I want. The Donation block is similar to what I'm looking for. But it'd be for paying a bill rather than sending a donation.
  20. Hello SquareSpace Community, I'm looking for guidance from experienced SquareSpace users. I have basic level of website design experience. (less than 3 years) A company reached out and asked for me to build a site designed to allow schools the ability to offer a single software product to their students at a discounted rate. I don't have an issue building the original site. However they want to be able to duplicate the original site, make small changes (Use a different domain, add the school logo, add an email address to be notified when a purchase is made at each individual school and change theme colors) for it to be used by multiple different schools. I understand that SquareSpace allows for the management of multiple sites under a single console and for the duplication of an original site. The only catch being, if you want E-Commerce capabilities (Payment Processing) you have to pay for a SquareSpace subscription on each individual site. Here are my questions. Is it possible to assign an email address of someone at the school to be notified when a purchase is made and low inventory for the single product on each individual site? Is it possible to route the funds from each individual site to each individual school? In other words can I link an individual Stripe account to each individual site under the same SquareSpace Console? Any insight that could be provided would be incredibly beneficial! Thank you all for your help and support! Josh
  21. Hi everyone, I am a copywriter and am looking for a way to design many different templates for my clients that they can choose from without having to pay for each template/site. I hope I am making sense! For example, with Wix it was possible for me in the past to work on multiple sites which weren't live but only in my dashboard. Thanks so much! Kristina
  22. Site URL: http://classic-kids.squarespace.com Squarespace billing is from the US although on the invoice it says Squarespace Ireland, therefore, credit card fees apply which are not permitted in the EU for invoices in euros. Is it the same with you, fellow EU SQ customers?
  23. Currently for me to get a copy of my monthly invoice from squarespace we have to login into the system and download the invoice manually. Is there a way to have monthly invoiced emailed?
  24. I’m just wondering people pocket the first year circle discount when billing a client. Do you invoice them every year for the hosting yourself or ask for a credit card and handover the website to them? I can see in some instances you may contract regular maintenance and content creation for a client in which you bill them a monthly fee. But if it is something simple that you want to hand over, fo you pass the discount to the client or keep it?
  25. Site URL: https://www.grantsoutdoor.com I have set up a way for clients to book me themselves using the acuity scheduling integration with SquareSpace but have run into a problem id like to correct within the next week before (March 10, 2020) we began getting extremely busy. I essentially am scheduling a year in advance for my schedule and my contractors schedule for recurring service visits for lawn mowing and I would like automatic billing to happen after we have marked each visit complete. PROBLEM: I can't get Auto payments after we complete the appointment/service to be billed? I can't figure out anything other than notifying customers that they need to pay to keep from having service interrupted. I can setup an automatic email reminder to send after we complete the service in which they can click on and pay easily from a stored card, but I can't realistically keep checking every account to ensure that they did pay. Another option is that myself and the contractors can charge their card manually but id prefer not to allow them to see that information. *My idea is similar to Lyft, Auto-collect when services rendered are completed and allow to leave a tip
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