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  1. Hello dear Squarespace Team! Could you please add more currencies to the Acuity Scheduling and Squarespace website payment system? I have many customers in UAE who are interested in your services but they want to have AED currency enabled service. Please support more currencies in your payment system. * I already sent email to support team about 4 month ago for the same issue!
  2. Hello guys! Please do something to add iDeal to your payment methods. Stripe supports it, yet it is not yet available on your part. You have just integrated Dutch as a language to your sites, please add the payment system as well as we're waiting for this for YEARS now.
  3. Site URL: https://kalopsiacollective.com/ Hi there, I'm in the process of revamping a client's website. They are a textiles manufacturing business who currently have a Shopify site set up to process orders but their main site is on Squarespace. We want to transition everything to Squarespace but having some issues. Is there a way to create a shop page for custom orders and invoice the client instead of having an auto-payment option? If this was to be set up through a form, is there a third party platform you could recommend to auto-process invoices being sent out from an order form instead of a product page? I'm struggling to find a workaround without linking to the existing Shopify site and would love some support with it! Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know if I am able to have half of my donations/purchases deposit into one checking account and the other half deposited into a second checking account? This is a nonprofit and they have a different account for grant donations than they do for other transactions and having all purchases transferred to one checking account will be a nightmare for them.
  5. Site URL: https://www.emilyridout.com/membership I'm trying to integrate a payment processor that accepts monthly membership payments with the Squarespace member areas. Is there a way to integrate something other than Stripe? I would love it if I could integrate PayPal to accept monthly payments
  6. Hello, We have a large volume ecommerce store handling over 80k+ worth of transactions a month. We have since started accepting Afterpay via Stripe but are getting huge amounts of complaints it never loads. We noticed traffic coming via links on Facebook etc are mostly affected but in overall we are getting upto 12+ complaints a day and can see we have lost sales because of it. Is this affecting anyone else? I have reached out to support but can hardly even get a reply. I have also reached out to Stripe but again no response. This might be the last nail in the coffin for us!
  7. I currently building a website to sell my products online in Thailand for Thai market. I ran into an issue that none of the payment method in Commerce section works in Thailand. I saw web developer in Thailand created a payment method such that once a customer is ready for check-out and payment, a seller creates a QR code which is good for one time payment for that particular transaction which include seller information and total amount due of the purchase. A customer then open his/her internet banking app and scan the QR code for payment. After scanning, a confirmation from the internet banking app shows the seller information and the amount due for payment for the buyer to confirm. After a confirmation click, the bank transfers the money to the seller account - no transaction fees and a payment slip pops up to the buyer for reference. Seller also receives a copy of the payment slip on this cell phone via their mobile banking app. Would it be possible that Square space would add such a payment method on the Commerce section? without it, I need to turn to Thai web developers, which doesn't have variety of templates/design to offer. Is there any alternative form of payment that would work with Squarespace template commerce section that anyone in the forum could offer for my consideration? I would greatly appreciate that.
  8. I use Acuity Scheduling, linking to Square for accepting card payments. Over the last two weeks I am repeatedly having clients’ credit/debit cards being declined due to authorisation errors. Square tells me it’s a problem with Acuity’s implementation of strong customer authentication (SCA), Acuity tells me my clients need to refer back to their banks. I am losing business over this! Does anybody else have similar issues?
  9. Site URL: https://www.mitochondrialyoga.com/ My client wants to add Bitcoin as a payment option on his website, any suggestions?
  10. My client can only use Square Up as their payment processing method because their product contains CBD. However, Square Up makes for a super clunky check out process with Squarespace. He can only add an html code "buy now" button to his website. There's no "add to cart" where the client can add more than one item and then checkout. Has anyone run into this issue? Is there a plugin or code to add a "cart" to the top of the page so it still appears like a normal check out system?
  11. Site URL: https://www.villascapetown.co.uk/ Hi, my client would like to take payments online (rather than BACS). Potentially in the £1000's per month. Any suggestions of the best way to do this? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.raisinglegends.com.au/ Hello Everyone, I am hoping to use Afterpay with Squarespace for appointments. Afterpay has told me my account is eligible for this & it is possible to integrate this with Squarespace. They sent me the below response. Does this make sense to anyone & is there more clear instructions anywhere on how to do this? Squarespace isn't responding to my requests for asssitance. As mentioned, your account is already eligible for AfterPay. We recommend to reach out to Squarespace, as the api integration is being managed on their end. They can update those details that can be embedded from your website. This is a guide you can use for integration process : https://stripe.com/docs/payments/afterpay-clearpay/accept-a-payment
  13. Site URL: https://biscobirchwoodproductions.com Hello! Does anyone know the process of coding in a different payment processor for payments to my members area? I am not able to work with stripe.
  14. Site URL: https://www.enchantingco.com What are the options for accepting payments in South Africa ? Stripe and Square both don't work for South Africa based companies and very few people in SA use Paypal. The most widely used payment processor in SA is PayFast, is there a way to use them please?
  15. Hi, I am doing the last finishes on a website in French and this is my first time using Squarespace. I bumped into some English default texts that I can't seem to modify. A user mentioned in another similar thread to use CSS code. The page template I am referring to on the website is the Events page where the default text "There are no upcoming events at this time." appears when no events are added. Is anyone here well-versed in CSS coding that could help me modify this text so I can put it in French, please? And can this code be applied elsewhere on the site, say, on the donation page template where there are some default English texts as well? Your help would really be appreciated.
  16. Site URL: https://point-manatee-dntb.squarespace.com Is it possible to create a standalone payment processing page, which would be hidden? This is the existing page which I'll need to replicate on the new site https://weddingalbums.ie/payment/ I'm just unsure on how to go about it. https://point-manatee-dntb.squarespace.com Password: Albums2021 Thanks in advance!
  17. Site URL: https://onyxhive.com.au Hello, Amex have contacted me regarding to help me grow my business, we do take payment for Amex through Stripe, the thing is, Amex created a merchant ID number for me and the payment needs to go through their payment gateway FIRST THEN stripe. Right now the payment process for a customer is: Add to cart > Pay through stripe integration with Amex > receive order But what Amex told me what needs to happen is: Add to cart > Pay through Amex payment gateway > Amex sends the fees to Stripe > Customer gets receipt The workaround is for a customer makes a phone call and order through me and I make a manual payment through the Amex gateway manually. I called stripe and they advised they can't implement this, can squarespace help me?
  18. Site URL: https://www.cycloneshockey.net/ Help! I've put together a website for my client, part of which is an e-commerce site. They only use Square to accept payments and track inventory. I've connect the account but I need it to work for online transactions, not just in-person. I have seen some of the posts here in regards, but I haven't seen a way to solve the problem yet. Anyone have any successful solutions?
  19. Site URL: https://capaofruit.com/ Looking for a Shopify Express Checkout solution. We've received feedback from buyers that they would not like to input personal info before receiving the option to checkout with a credit card or PayPal. Is there a way to make this work were buyers can buy with PayPal or Apple Pay without having the input personal information? Image attached is Squarespace default checkout page. Image on the right is the goal.
  20. Hello , I would like to add Giropay payment method for my website as our business in Germany. I found the guidance on StripeDOCS, https://stripe.com/docs/payments/giropay/accept-a-payment?platform=checkout But Im absolute beginner in this field, after read it over and over again I still can't get what should I do to make it happen 😞 Hope I would find some support here 🙂
  21. I'm in Canada - and we use Moneris within our shop. We want our site for our customers to reserve cakes. We have a limited amount of cakes a week and commerce is the only option that allows us to put a cap on orders. We want our customers to pay in store, Is there a way we can remove the payment method at checkout? We still require their name and contact info, however we do not require them to pay online. Initially we set up a form for our customers to fill out, but there wasn't a cap amount. When I reached out to the Squarespace support team, they suggested we go the form method and email customers if we get reservations past our cake amount available. This would make our website obsolete as that's what we currently do through facebook and instagram. We rather spend our time making cake than chasing our customers and letting them down. Please someone have a solution - even if its the CSS code I can inject in my backend to remove payment method :)
  22. My client wishes to add a Parking Permit paying page to their website. And so I need a form that can input specific fields, Permit Number and Car registration number, then a payment button linked to their stripe account. Is this something that can be done without coding? Sláinte Patt
  23. Hello Community. I would truly value your time in helping me. You knowledge and experience is very helpful. I'm feeling overwhelmed reconciling my needs with available functionality in SS Scheduling and payment processors. I have read most of the self-help under "scheduling" and "payment" in the SS manuals. I'm not reaching out without spending my own time first trying to understand practical application. My Business: High-volume service business (Photo/Video with appointments ranging from 1 to 4 hours.) I want to streamline booking and payment, both for my peace of mind and convenience of my clients. I have decided to use Stripe. For accounting, I have decided to use QuickBooks. Questions & Scenarios: Do any of you have an efficient way to account for Stripe processing fees requiring little time and effort? I'm considering not refunding clients for cancellations within 24 hours and issuing a coupon towards a later appointment. Does anyone not issue refunds only offering coupons for future bookings like some organizations? What's the thought behind this? Do you recommend? How do you handle cancellations, specifically how do you manage them with SS Scheduling? How does Quickbooks account for this? Example: (In this scenario, I've decided I will always reimburse a customer the full amount, but charge a cancellation fee.) A customer books. I arrive. They're a no-show, or cancel same-day. When they booked, they were charged $100. The cancellation fee is $25. Do you issue the refund through Quickbooks or Stripe or SS? When you refund the $75 and keep the $25, how do you account for this? Is it automated within Quickbooks? Again, the most important overriding principle is to maintain efficiency both for myself and the customer. My original idea was to have a client go online, book, pay, I arrive. Nothing is this simple however. I want something that's seamless and fair for both myself and my time and my potential clients. Thank you in advance Zach
  24. Hello, New to building out sites and have a question I can't figure out. I appreciate your folks help in advance. Looking for a way to solve the following on a squarespace site (using plugins or 3rd party app is okay if necessary) : When a customer books a service of ours (whether online, via phone or in person) I need to be able to generate a unique username and password for them that gives them access to a gated customer portal. Once in the portal, our clients invoice is dependent upon many unique factors so most often quotes are completely different from client to client, so I'd need to be able pre-populate their back end customer portal with a specified amount they owe unique to them. Lastly, we accept deposits to reserve the service date... so it'd also be ideal to accept partial payment and then have remaining balance available to pay at their leisure. Hope this makes sense. We have the business plan and the site is already connected with stripe and PayPal to accept payments. Thanks
  25. Site URL: https://www.mondana.se/sv/ I am a happy sq-user and site builder but has not yet set up a shop for business to business. The client needs "a buy first – pay later function". I've learnt that the only way to do that is to use an external part for the actual shop, like Shopify. I would be so grateful for some examples to show the client so they can feel comfortable with an Sq-site with a Shopify solution implemented. And would be happy to hear about any experience of that.
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