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  1. https://www.hallowapotheca.com I’d like to make the price appear on the same line as the title of product blocks as shown in attached pic. Any way to do that? I’ve tried various codes from similar questions on the forum but they haven’t worked. TIA
  2. Hi Tuan! My page is https://www.nuligoods.com/shop/p/grey-blazer I'm trying to move the accordion into the "product description" space. Is this possible? Currently I used the built-in accordion function in the "additional info" section. If you have any suggestions on getting an accordion function (markdown? custom CSS code?) to this position I would be so grateful. I'd want to be able to replicate it for each product I'll add Thank you!!
  3. In version 7.1, from the main store page I can see a list of my categories. Is there any way to see the list of subcategories as well without having to click on the category?
  4. Hello Everyone, Please help me with CSS code needed to redesign Squarespace's Product Block. This Product Block was added to the page called LOADED under the SHOP navigation folder in the header. Squarespace's standard settings for adjusting the style/design of a Product Block are extremely limited. Website link: https://carrot-disc-nsp7.squarespace.com/loaded Password: peak Please see attached JPG file for what I would like to accomplish. GOALS: STEP #1 Increase Width of Add to Cart Button STEP #2 Change text on button to read: $42 | Add to Cart STEP #3 Delete the Quantity text & box What is the CSS code is need to accomplish these goals? Thanks so much in advance! Freed
  5. How do I increase the resolution of zoomed product images on my site? The click/hover features both display a very pixelated, low-quality image. It's not utilising the full image size to zoom in and instead, appears to merely zoom into the smaller, web-display version on the product page. I have tried resizing the images, going from 500KB to 20MB - all of them look equally pixelated on zoom. The first image shows what the artwork should look like when zoomed-in - vs. what it actually looks like using the zoom feature. The third image is of 2 versions of the same piece; however one is 4806 x 3399 pixels, the other 1748 x 1240 pixels - and they both look equally pixelated when using the zoom feature, despite one being almost 3x higher in resolution. Thank you 🙂
  6. Is anyone selling stock photography in SquareSpace? I have very specific aircraft images that I'm targeting to a very niche market and I don't want to give away most of my revenue to a stock agency. Are there any downsides to using SquareSpace over an agency? Can I protect my images from unauthorized downloads? Is there a good search feature which would use my keywords? Thanks.
  7. Site URL: https://www.therestoreshop.com/shoprestoreproduct/p/restore-facial-moisturizer Does anyone know how I can move the "product size" field and "product quantity" field on the same line. I included an image for reference?
  8. Hello! Thanks in advance for taking a look at my question. I have long wanted a nice neat solution to adding an extra label on the store front. Many of our products are seasonal and will all have a specific delivery/collection date. In this case, I have a Valentines Day product that could do with a label saying "V-Day Exclusive" or words to that effect. I have tried using CSS from other posts, but nothing really hits the spot. Aesthetically – black circle, white text, Sofia Pro, proportional to page. Bonus thanks if the CSS provided can be easily tweaked for future occasions. Let me know if you need any further clarity on the above. I have attached a deliberately garish pink version so it's clear what my ask is.
  9. Hey I am trying to remove or disable the Add to Cart button on my product pages. I don’t want people purchasing through the Cart but I would like the convenience of being able to add and remove items through the product page. I tried using a custom css code but it doesn’t seem like it did anything. Wondering what others have done. thanks
  10. Hi,I only have one product block, and would prefer it to be centre-aligned,Link: anxietyempire.com/shopThanks for any tips!
  11. Hello everybody, i am having some problems in creating a new badge ("New") for some of new products. I have followed the link i have found in this forum https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/adding-a-custom-product-badge-to-squarespace but somehow is not working. I have created the tag "new" in the Alice Pink product and then added in the codes for 7.0 version (i am using Brine family template, Clay ) in the Setting->Advanced-> Code Injection->Footer and changed the 6th and 7th line (from "pre-order" to "new") but nothing happens. Can someone help me? 🙂 Thanks a lot!! Anna
  12. Site URL: https://www.giftandcrate.com.au/shop I have my site set up with the product categories enabled as a sidebar. It was working perfectly before the weekend but now the category links have disappeared. They should be in black on the left hand side of the products. I does not matter whether I enable them in sidebar or at the top I see nothing, not even evidence that the link is there but just the same colour as the background. How do I get them back?
  13. In my product page, when I click on a product to edit, it goes to a loading screen that never loads. Please help me resolve this as it's impacting my business for new releases!
  14. Hey, I need help editing my product. I just want to change some images, but I just get a loading screen that never ends. I tried finding my product and editing it through my inventory section as a possible alternative, but they don't show up there either. Take a look at the files to see what I mean, please get back to me on this asap as I would like to change the stock of my inventory as well as I don't want to negatively impact business. Editing the rest of the website works fine.
  15. Hi Anyone know how to create a form so customers can find a fragrance/product using tags amongst the full product listing. Thanks Brendan
  16. Hi, I have Gelato connected to my store. it is a POD and I use this because I found the quality to be better than others sites. I have successfully added products from them. However I've added a product recently, It shows in my Squarespace inventory but not on my website, It aslo isnt showing up in the category or as a featured product. I have attached the settings for the product I just can't work out why it isn't showing in the store.
  17. Site URL: http://philipstewart.squarespace.com Hi, When selecting a product in the shop, "from £40.00" will appear by default below the product's title. Is there a way I can remove this text so that a price is only shown when an option is selected from the drop down menu? Many thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!
  18. Hello, I'm currently building out an e-commerce website for our fashion boutique and we're finalizing some technicalities. We currently use Shopify as our inventory database (because Stripe sucks) and we display our product via Squarespace. I've linked each product with an individual Shopify buy button, adding the code to the product's "Additional Information" section. Everything is smooth and the checkout process has no problems, but the biggest problem is the spacing between the description of the product & the positioning of the buy button. You can clearly see it in the screenshots. Is there a way I can pad the code to move it up or add the code in a way to have the Shopify buy button directly under the product description? Adding spacers and other blocks do not help. Thank you!
  19. The default action is a zoom in on the same picture no matter which accordion item is clicked. Is there a way to assign a picture to a specific accordion section and for it to change to that picture when it's clicked?
  20. Hi Folks, I cannot find how to apply a specific font (directly from custom CSS) for two particular titles of my e commerce: Product main titles Categories navigation I've succeeded to apply the font I have on every other headers, paragraph, button ect but not these two last one. Let me know if you have the solution :)
  21. Hi there, Has anyone come across a clever way of working with Meta Pixel events to track views of products with specific tags? For example, I'd like to be able to create a tracking event for all product views that have the tag "Abstract" or "Blue." If it were category, perhaps I could do something with URL slugs, but I'm stuck when it comes to product tags (and specifically because products often have more than one tag). Anyone have any experience with doing something similar to this? Thanks!
  22. Hi, I have just about finished my website for selling photographic prints, however I have hit a roadblock displaying vertical format products in a gallery and horizontal format images in a different gallery. I have discovered that I can only display one format of images across the site!!! Seriously Squarespace are you kidding me? Sorry folks, rant over, but this is a huge disappointment considering todays technology. So I have been hunting the forum and not found any great solutions. The best I have found is to use some code to "object-fit" the image into the default aspect ratio so nothing is chopped off. However in my case this looks very poor in my landscape format gallery with small thumbnails and lots of space around each image (see second image below where I have added a dotted line showing the vertical format constraints). I should say that my vertical format gallery page is great (see first image below), and am very happy with that. Note that I also tried setting a square format as a compromise to suit both formats, but it is not a great option either. What I need to do is be able to set my second gallery to a 3:2 horizontal aspect ratio so that it does not affect my first gallery which is 2:3 vertical. Can anyone suggest how I might achieve that with some code please? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Damien
  23. Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to get some digital products in my store to be 'Free' instead of viewing $0.00. The word free is very powerful in ecommerce, so I'm a little taken aback as to why you would ever want to display '0.00' for an item, other than the obvious fact of it's more to code. Would it be best to use a Javascript code-injection which changes all instances of $0 set in price to the string 'Free'?
  24. Is there a way to edit the prices on a website so that they look more clean? For example, the prices on my website right now say "$49.99", "$29.99", etc. Is there a way to change the prices to "50 USD", "30 USD", etc.?
  25. Pretty much as the title says. Is it possible when adding a product to have an area that shows wholesale cost (that I paid) and then I can choose the markup, 30% say. That way it's easy when it comes to doing a sale. I know what my wholesale was. I would NOT want that information available to customers. Is this an option? Or something I could code in? Thanks!
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