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  1. Hello, I'm currently building out an e-commerce website for our fashion boutique and we're finalizing some technicalities. We currently use Shopify as our inventory database (because Stripe sucks) and we display our product via Squarespace. I've linked each product with an individual Shopify buy button, adding the code to the product's "Additional Information" section. Everything is smooth and the checkout process has no problems, but the biggest problem is the spacing between the description of the product & the positioning of the buy button. You can clearly see it in the screenshots. Is there a way I can pad the code to move it up or add the code in a way to have the Shopify buy button directly under the product description? Adding spacers and other blocks do not help. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Would anybody know how to change the lightbox theme to light overlay (rather than dark overlay) for the images (both the feature and caroussel images) on a product detail page? I tried these with no success: .gallery-lightbox-background { background-color: white; } and: .product-lightbox-background { background-color: white; } I'm using Avenue template 7.0 Thank you,
  3. Site URL: https://fernandacortina.com/ Hello, I am trying to center the last product on one of my shop pages so it's not aligned to the left. Can't figure out the right CSS for it.
  4. Hi, Would anybody know of a way to jump directly to the content of the product when the item is clicked, rather than see the title header each time? I've had no luck with anchors, could anybody suggest some coding? I wonder if the "Page Header Code Injection" in Advanced Store Settings could be part of the solution? I'm using Avenue template (7.0) Thank you in advance, (image as an example of jump to content)
  5. Site URL: http://laurynichols.com/wintertime-christmas I sure wish Sqarespace would have a way for all customer reviews/testimonials to be posted under one page that could be put in navigation. As it is now, they stack up under products (for mysterious reasons under random products) and repeat, word for word, under yet more products. How annoying for someone trying to look at things! My customers want to leave reviews, but the only format available is really a mess. I'm a woodcarver with endless individual items, one customer for instance bought three separate things, wrote review for each, and all three reviews show up here there and everywhere, so anyone scrolling through products can't escape seeing her reviews over and over. Anyone have work around solution? thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.wanderlustnursery.com/shop/products Hey folks! I'm hoping this is an easy one for the hive mind here. I'd like to include a link on my main product page to a filtered list that only shows products that are not sold out. I'm not trying to hide the label, but actually filter the product blocks entirely. I can't seem to find a way to do this out of the box... Here's the site: https://www.wanderlustnursery.com/shop/products
  7. Site URL: https://badger-tarpon-f38l.squarespace.com/config/pages I'd like to change the layout of the store page so that I'm able to have the product with info and buy button all in one column(please see screenshot) Any suggestions? Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 12.40.29- is the reference Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 14.30.58- is from my Squarespace account which I'm working on.
  8. Site URL: https://www.solsticephoto.com For the past couple of days SS is not showing the default (first) image as the featured image for a product. All my product pages show blank images until I click on the blank image and then see the product details. If I edit a product product and override the "featured images, is by default the 1st image associated with the product" then it shows up properly. Is this a setting I can change? I am waiting for SS to get back with customer support....... here is a link to a product pages that is having the issue https://www.solsticephoto.com/2022-flat-track-racing
  9. Hey I am trying to remove or disable the Add to Cart button on my product pages. I don’t want people purchasing through the Cart but I would like the convenience of being able to add and remove items through the product page. I tried using a custom css code but it doesn’t seem like it did anything. Wondering what others have done. thanks
  10. Heya, We recently launched a new members area with subscriptions. I've just noticed some of our members are being charged 10% GST successfully, and others aren't. I've had a look around to try and work out why but cannot for the life of me find the issue. I've posted a screenshot below. The monthly subscription cost is $49. You can see where they were charged the 10% and where they weren't. This is all from the same week. We only have 1 members area. What am I missing?
  11. Hi there! My website is fertha-s.squarespace.com My question is this: Is there a way to add an additional layer of product information that can be used to further filter out products of a specific category... I.e. If I click +shop women > Dresses I'd like users to be able to refine by colour, size and price. An example of what I mean can be found on the Ben Sherman website here - on the left hand side of the page. Essentially it's a tickbox that will filter down based on those 3 criteria. I've tried tagging products and then using the archive block BUT this method displays all results tagged with the colour blue (for example) rather than specifically blue dresses... I'm stuck here and this feature is integral to the user journey. Any help for ideas? Rob.
  12. Site URL: https://www.davidirelandsings.com/operagarb Hi! Just wondering if there's a way to use group all product pages together without using their individual IDs? I'm trying to take my site title (and nav footer) off all product pages, but would rather not do it for each one individually, as it'll mean adding to the code every time I add a new item. Is this possible? D
  13. Site URL: https://www.brooklynandbowery.com/ Hi! I need to only add 1 variant. how do i do that?
  14. Hi everybody, I'm working on a website for a small-scale music label and we'd like to have a page that acts as an archiveand as a central place to download the music. The problem is that we'd like to be able to categorize and sort by various categories, like mood, tempo, genre and so on. Is there a way to do this in SquareSpace? I know products can be sorted by category using commerce, but we already use that option to sell products and we don't want to mix songs and products into our product page. Right now we just have a bunch of sub-sites and hyperlinks, which is not dynamic at all and doesn't look great, you click on, for example, mood, and then on the mood you want and get redirected to the according site, which is a) painstakingly slow for the user and b) not very dynamic since we need to upload quite a large amount of songs that often have multiple categories that would apply to them. For reference, if you scroll down a little on https://artlist.io/ you get a overview of their songs and have the option to sort on the left, that's roughly the functionality I'd like to implement. I'm thinking some sort of database would be able to fix this, however I'm not very knowledgeable in that area, I have little experience with mySQL, but not enough to set up something totally custom. Any ideas? Many thanks, Julian
  15. Site URL: http://skincobeautybar.com I'm trying to edit the product details page on my mobile site. Right now everything is stacked in one column and I want the layout to be more functional. Trying to get the description to be wider instead of thin and long. Any help would be appreciated!
  16. Site URL: https://oddthing.co.nz/ Hi there, I'm looking for some help with the number of product thumbnails displayed per row on my store. I have created a product page which has three thumbnails per row. Currently the three thumbnails reduce to two thumbnails per row when viewed on mobile. When viewing on mobile, I would like this to change to one thumbnail per row & ideally two thumbnails per row for tablet. Is this achievable with custom css? Thanks for your help in advance! 🙂
  17. Site URL: https://www.thebigbunsclub.com/buns/p/big-bun-box-of-4 Hello, I am trying to create a custom style for my custom form pop-up window that appears after clicking "Add To Cart". I know how to change its background color, but no idea how to change the buttons properties, or if it is even possible. Any information would be great!
  18. I used the code below and it worked for my main product page but when I go to each single product it still zooms and doesn't allow me to see the full photo. can anyone help me figure this out?! much appreciated.
  19. Hey, I'm looking to change the font size in my product titles. I am able to edit this in Site Styles>Assign Styles when I choose a "Simple" layout for the product details. but as when I choose "Full" or "Wrap" I do not see product details as an option in the same Assign Styles area. Any idea where to find this?
  20. Site URL: https://activestatedesigns.squarespace.com/shop Hello there, I think this is a long shot, however, I was successfully able to get the the getAttr function for finding a varient and filtering by varients in my shop. GREAT FEATURE! However, all my variants have a photo tied to them. This way if you are on my product page and select a Blue shirt, the blue shirt is shown in the image. Is there a way to get the Universal Filter to filter the attributes for Blue (was able to do that with the code below), however also show the images fo that variant? { //name: "Color", //dropdown name //multiple: false, //getAttr: 'variant|Color' } I know it's a long shot, but thought I'd ask. Thanks! Lorne My site is here: https://activestatedesigns.squarespace.com/shopPassword: SiteTest
  21. This problem just started a few days ago. I've been uploading products for about two weeks now. Normally I type the name, description, price, model, upload the photo, set the shipping, add the variants, then add the tags. I've done around 300-400 different products like this without issue. Now it seems to reset the name, description, and price after adding the photo, tags, or advanced shipping. The solution is to save the product after every section is filled out. That's leading to a lot of time wasted. I've tried cache reset just in case, with no luck. I'm wondering if anyone in the community has experienced this, or if I've done something to make this happen. Thanks in advance. I apologize if this has been answered, I wasn't sure how to word it.
  22. Hi Tuan! My page is https://www.nuligoods.com/shop/p/grey-blazer I'm trying to move the accordion into the "product description" space. Is this possible? Currently I used the built-in accordion function in the "additional info" section. If you have any suggestions on getting an accordion function (markdown? custom CSS code?) to this position I would be so grateful. I'd want to be able to replicate it for each product I'll add Thank you!!
  23. Site URL: https://www.skipthesmalltalk.com/ I would like to have Product Block that display the Add to Cart button first and then the description. I have figured out a work-around to format it the way I want (like on this page): https://www.skipthesmalltalk.com/calendar/skipthesmalltalk-online-march-30-2022 Notice that it's Picture, Title, Quantity and Purchase Button, then the description. But it requires me to insert a Product block w/o the description but with the Add to Cart button. Then I just have to duplicate the description from the Product page in the Event description. This is usable, but very annoy every time I upload a new event or have to change anything in the description. Is there any way to use code-injections to place the Add to Cart button above the description in code blocks? This is a very similar question to the one here, except I'm looking for the button to have for Product blocks, not on the Product detail page:
  24. Site URL: https://adammannphoto.com/shop When I "quick view" a product in my store, all of the product details are not showing up. Well, they're technically there, but they're displaying in white. I cannot find an area in the design menu to adjust colors for the quick view contents. I went through all of my color schemes and the header and paragraph text are always black, never white. Any ideas how to fix this?
  25. Site URL: https://gregmaroney.com I keep 4 product blocks on the home page, changing them out every time there is a new release (every 1 or 2 weeks). I haven't been able to change them since 4/29. The new products are listed on their own pages and functioning (Joy on Singles page and Quiet Piano vol. 3 on Digital albums page). When I do the add product search, none of the most recent products are showing up. I attached a screen shot of how typing in Joy led to completely unrelated items. Does anyone else have this problem? or an answer?
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