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  1. Site URL: http://www.parentalis.app/ SquareSpace ask for 7 records DNS to add my domain. I fix 6 on 7. I don't achieve the last one, as you see on the screenshot, could you explain me how to fix it ? thanks
  2. Site URL: https://westdesign.agency I have completed my design for a new site. They have an existing URL that we are transferring to SquareSpace. I have unlocked and received the code from the current registrar. It says it is in the process of transferring. Do I need to do anything with the DNS records? attached are screen shots of what I see currently. Thank you for your help.
  3. Site URL: http://www.melthammoor.org - How to find the CNAME host/alias code - Aargh! Can anyone help in the few hours before Squarespace helpdesk opens? Currently my client's site is down. I'm transferring a domain to Squarespace from 123-reg, began process on Friday and waiting, but 123 said it can take up to a week. So I thought, maybe whilst waiting I can at least connect the site on 123 to the Squarespace site so at least the new site goes live. But without doing the 'connect' process on Squarespace, I can't see the unique code for host/alias referred to in the guide. And with just the other @ and www records it won't connect. Is there any way to find that code? And I am having trouble even setting it back to their old site as my screenshot of the previous DNS settings as it chopped off the end of the www record. So now the site is down 😱 I also have to make sure I don't break their email - so far all fine. I've not touched the records related to that, and they already automatically appeared on Squarespace seeming ready for launch. No matter how many sites I launch this mysterious part really stresses me out!
  4. I just purchased a domain and have no choice but to use NameBright as the server for the time being but Squarespace's instructions for setting up the new domain don't align with NameBright's DNS editing page. Can anyone tell me if how I've filled this out is correct?
  5. Site URL: https://flightpath3d.com/ Our website is hosted on a 3rd-party domain and is connected to Squarespace via the 4 A record IP addresses provided by Squarespace - see https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035485391-DNS-records-for-connecting-third-party-domains IP addresses:,,, All 4 IP Squarespace IP addresses are malware compromised - see https://verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com/url/ip/result?ip= What is Squarespace doing to eliminate this malware issue? This is a very urgent issue for us and will lead to a material impact on our business if not resolved immediately. Are other Squarespace accounts seeing the same problem?
  6. Site URL: https://www.philipparedding.co.uk Hi I'm trying to connect a Squarespace site to names.co.uk - not names.com. The instructions I found all talk about names.com having a squarespace dns template, names.co.uk doesn't have that. I can edit the DNS records but it does not accept @ as a host name. "Host name for A record 3 is invalidHost name for A record 4 is invalidHost name for A record 5 is invalidHost name for A record 6 is invalid." Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. For my custom record, what do I put for host?
  8. Hi there, we currently have a squarespace site with the domain and DNS being hosted by a third party. We have just built a new Squarespace site and need to now point our domain to the new site. Squarespace says “If all records are entered correctly, your domain should connect to your site within 24 hours. At times, it can take up to 72 hours. Visit the Domains panel at any time to check your progress.” Does anyone know if that is a Squarespace thing or a third party DNS issue? As our DNS host has quick controls of making updates in 2 minutes, so we are confused as to why it can be up to 72 hours, is it a Squarespace reason for the slow changeover? Doesn't make it easy to 'launch' our new site, when we don't know when it will show up as new. Love any thoughts people have. Thank you. PAT
  9. Site URL: https://www.profane.co.uk I can't access my DNS codes on my squarespace site. I have connected my domain name from a third party (Go Daddy) which is saying "connected" and coloured green under Settings>Domains> on my Squarespace site . I took a screengrab of the Squarespace DNS settings when they flashed up at the point of connection. Although google have verified it, I am having trouble getting google to index it - at present the Google search console says the URL is not on google and suggests there is a "redirect error". I've waited days, way over 72 hours. Page fetch - redirect error I need to check squarespace DNS settings to see if there is anything I need to copy and add to my domain providers DNS. Troubleshooting videos suggest I need to add the long code under "host" and if that doesn't work amend the TXT records... but I cannot access the squarespace DNS records in the first place to get this information? Each time I look it up I am told to go to Settings>Domains> highlight domain> DNS records on my site but the trail stops after Domain>primary??? The screengrab of DNS settings that I took at the time of connection does not display the long code. Can anybody help me - I realise there are a few issues here. Have emailed squarespace but no response in two days? And bot keeps on sending me troubleshooting but I fall at first hurdle i.e. you need those DNS codes from squarespace to effect any change. 1/ Need to find DNS on squarespace for my site 2/ Need to get my site searchable
  10. Site URL: https://viciousdesignsau.squarespace.com Site URL: https://www.viciousdesigns.com.au Hi! I've been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to connect my third party domain (above) hosted on Australian Websites to my Squarespace (www.viciousdesignsau.squarespace.com). I've searched through all the manuals and troubleshooting for adding/editing DNS records in various configurations, how-to guides for .au & .com.au domains, tried adding TXT records, but after the 72 hours (each time a new edit was tested), it always comes up saying the connection has failed. The A records all appear fine, it's just the CNAME records. I also submitted a ticket through customer care almost a week ago and haven't received a single response except for a case number and I'm getting increasingly frustrated that nothing seems to work, and that I can't get an answer. Can anyone please help?! Have attached screenshots of my Squarespace and third party DNS settings because I'm completely lost as to how to get this to work without wasting more money on a subscription that's effectively useless. I'm paid up on the eCommerce basic subscription until next week because I thought it needed to be attached to a paid plan for any of the settings to work and I really don't want to renew unless there's a resolution. Any assistance would be amazing pretty, pretty please!!! Cheers, Dayle
  11. I'm confused over connecting a .tv domain to my SquareSpace account. The domain is hosted at the registrar eNom. But the domain currently has a website active at another hosting company. So there are two Name Servers at eNom that point back to the other hosting company. At that hosting company there are tons of options under the DNS & NAMESERVERS option. This hosting company where the website currently resides also has several email addresses with the domain. I hope to move everything from that hosting company with the website on SquareSpace and the emails elsewhere. So the question is what/where to start changing DNS records. It seems like I should do it on eNom and I've looked at the SquareSpace Host Records settings but they differ a bit. Any advice on what to do here is appreciated.
  12. Site URL: http://gpm-partnership.co.uk Good morning, I am trying to set up Office 365 through my domain which was transferred to Squarespace yesterday. I have input all of the required DNS record and custom namespaces, the error I am getting from Microsoft is: 'We've detected that gpm-partnership.co.uk has Delegation of Signing (DS) DNS records, used for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), configured at your domain's registrar or previous DNS hosting provider. DNSSEC is not supported by Microsoft 365 DNS hosting. To continue setting up Microsoft 365 to manage your DNS records, go to your domain registrar or DNS hosting provider and disable DNSSEC or delete the DS records.' I have looked online and supposedly DNSSEC can be disabled through a tab in advanced domain settings (where the name space setting are) but this tab is not present when I go in to these settings. Anyone have any idea how to disable DNSSEC to clear this error?
  13. Hi there, This issue is related to Squarespace Email Campaigns. Everything was working fine for me until a couple of days ago when I verified my third party domain by adding this DNS record -> "CNAME squarespace._domainkey squarespace-domainkey.squarespace-mail.com" By doing this I intended to hide "a1e0.squarespace-mail.com" on the top of my Email Campaigns to only show the name of my business. It worked fine. Now when I send my emails the Squarespace mark has been gone. The issue is that after doing this open rates suddenly got inflated. They are not accurate as they used to be. Any email delivered to gmail accounts is shown as Open in Squarespace Email Campaign Statistics regardless if it was opened or not. Can anyone help me with this? Just in case I have attached a screenshot with a list of my domain DNS records. Thanks so much!
  14. Help! My client had a WIX site before Squarespace. The domain won't connect and I'm assuming there are extra settings in here I need to delete but I don't know which one's. Are the MX ones from Wix or is that from her mail? I don't want to mess up her mail.
  15. Site URL: https://ponderstudio.com.au/ Hi All, I have purchased an email hosting account from crazy domains and have my domain hosted on squarespace. The aim is to connect my emails on crazy domains to squarespace by altering the DNS records to have it pointed correctly. Crazy domains support have recommended the following two records to be added to the dns settings ontop of the standard dns settings: Entry #1 Host: mail.ponderstudio.com.au / Record: A / Priority: N/A / Data: Entry #2 Host: ponderstudio.com.au / Record: MX / Priority: 0 / Data: mail.ponderstudio.com.au To authenticate this ive been using the rc.ds.network site to check the IMAP server is connecting but no luck. Any ideas or things that im missing or have made a mistake on? Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://www.sparrowtheapp.com/ @colin.irwin or anyone - I would really appreciate your help. I bought a domain on CloudFlare: https://sparrowstartup.com/ I am now trying to connect my SquareSpace account to it. And it's not working. I've followed the guide for updating the DNS on SquareSpace but the DNS statuses on SquareSpace + the actual CNAMES keep randomly changing their status from red to green and back. Please see images below. The DNS settings right now are NOT proxied on CloudFlare. Yet I'm still having this issue. Please help me fix this.
  17. I’ve been waiting several days for SSL certification and today I got this message that it had failed due to a DNS error but it’s not entirely clear to me what I have to do to resolve it and Squarespace support are closed on a Sunday! Please can someone guide me? I’ve attached screenshots of what I can see on my end! Thank you!
  18. Site URL: http://www.brew.ae Hello, I need to point my url to my site. However my domain name is with etisalat. The image shows what elements I can adjust on their side to point the domain name. However, if you look at the Squarespace image, you see that it has A records, Cname etc. I dont get any of that available on the etisalat side. Just NS1 , 2, 3 4..etc. What do I need to adjust or add on the etisalat side, in order to make this. thanks for the help. p.s i am not technical at all so apologies in advance
  19. Site URL: https://www.ipag-ehealth.ch/ Hello I have a domain from a third-party provider and i have now connected the CNAME's. Both lines are green. My question: do i need the A-Records? For what are they good for? Does the website work without problems, if i let the A-Records red? Thank you very much in advanced for your answer. Greetings
  20. Hello. I'm trying to configure the Squarespace to use an externally-administrated domain. Whenever I try to set it up with www.<domain>.com, Squarespace insists that I'm trying to migrate the root <domain>.com record. I do not want that. I just need the www.<domain>.com to point to Squarespace. In principle, I can run the migration, and everything goes through with root record pointing somewhere else, but Squarespace never considers migration finalized (because root A record doesn't point to Squarespace servers) and so the SSL certificates never get updated. Is there a way to fix that? On that note, while I understand that a lot of people might enter www.<domain>.com when they mean <domain>.com, simply assuming this is always the case is exceptionally inconvenient.
  21. Site URL: http://grapefruit-tambourine-pwf4.squarespace.com My domain is still not connected after 2 weeks, and it keeps telling me that I have an "A record" that I should remove from my DNS, but I do not have that record! My domain is from Namecheap. The record Squarespae tells me to remove is "", I looked it up and it points to namecheap in NYC, idk if that means anything, but again i do not have this record on my namecheap DNS. Does anyone know how to solve it?! Thanks a lot!!!! See the attachments for reference.
  22. Good afternoon. I seem to have a weird DNS setting inside of my Squarespace DNS. Namecheap is housing my domain. There seems to be an error appearing and an IP address inside of the "current data" column. I have searched through the support files but can seem to figure this one out. This does not appear in my Namecheap DNS settings. Everything has been set up correctly inside of my Namecheap DNS settings and is all green inside of the Squarespace panel. For some reason this popped up (please see attached image). My SSL and DNS settings are not updating and I'm wondering if anyone knows if this could be the cause / if there is a remedy for this. Please note, I have blurred out the IP for security purposes. Hope that does not interfere in the solution. Thank you in advance!
  23. Is there a way to make lets say test1.thishotel.com to point to my dns server but leave the main site www.thishotel.com pointing at square space servers?
  24. I’m researching the best system for setting up a waitlist in a hospitality setting - I would like to know how well an application like this works when connected to a webpage. It would act like a booking system, transferring details across once a payment for booking is made. Thank you in advance,Natasha
  25. Site URL: https://begoodtoyourselfbymargo.com/ Hi, I transferred my URL from the Bluehost. However, to access my old site on Bluehost, I need temporarily redirect my new Squarespace website to the old one via IP. I've been trying to adjust the IP in DNS settings, but it gives me an error. Technically, I can transfer my URL back to Bluehost, but I want to see other solutions. Thanks
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