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  1. Site URL: http://www.dpoc.org I have entered by dropdown the MX records for Google Workspace, but cannot activate them because it tells me that I need to add all records. I have attached MX records and DNS records. I can' figure out how to access the squarespace dns page to add the extra dot after com, hoping that would fix the problem. I havea worked on this for about 3 days and have tried repeatedly to activate. Please help
  2. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to look at these old MX records and tell me if they could potentially be causing a problem with email delivery. I am familiar with the regular MX records that are categorized as Google Workspace. Those look good. The ones I'm curious about are in the custom records section. This domain was previously transferred from a different provider and is now managed by Squarespace. My client is getting spotty email delivery and I'm wondering if these old records could be the culprit. I am not the original designer/person who set everything up, just trying to sort this email situation out. Thanks is advance for any wisdom on this topic. Cami
  3. I just purchased a domain and have no choice but to use NameBright as the server for the time being but Squarespace's instructions for setting up the new domain don't align with NameBright's DNS editing page. Can anyone tell me if how I've filled this out is correct?
  4. A client has a domain that's managed via cpanel and we're struggling to get the DNS settings to connect properly. I have followed all the how-tos online and everything else is perfect, however it's refusing to connect to the ext-cust.squarespace.com because the cpanel won't accept www as the host name. All A settings have gone through fine, along with the first CNAME - it's just this one that we cannot connect. Does anyone have any experience or solutions for this? Thank you 🙂
  5. Site URL: http://philipmarksart.com I am trying to use javascript to dynamically send emails to my customers who have inputted their email and then hit a button. The button can be a submit button for a form or just a button. My domain "philipmarksart.com" is managed by squarespace, and i have a custom gmail email "philip@philipmarksart.com" which I have connected to squarespace. I have submitted forms which send appropriate emails to this email address when i hit a submit button. I have also used third party products and have sent emails to multiple email addresses but the emails have to be set up previously and cannot be dynamically changed. So far, I've used javascript successfully to implement a lot of custom handling on this website. From what i have discerned by web research, I believe i need to modify my squarespace and/or google DNS settings and hook up with an smtp server to accomplish this task. Google workspace provides a free smtp server which I hope i will be able to use for this purpose (although I would use other smtp servers if necessary). What i need help with is how to set up my dns records to accomplish this. Unfortunately i don't have any experience on what to add or remove from my dns table. I would appreciate any help i can get with respect to this issue. I have attached screen shots of my squarespace dns information. I would think that this capability would be useful to a lot of squarespace users. Thanks -- pjmsr.
  6. Site URL: https://www.chrisspecialtyfoods.com/ My client wants to migrate ecommerce functionality to Shopify. The idea is that the "Shop" button redirects to shop.[site].com, instead of [site].com/shop. Shop.[site].com would be on Shopify, and the rest would on Squarespace. I'm not great with DNS stuff and have been stumped on this project for many hours now.
  7. I have my domain hosted through GoDaddy and want to connect it to my SquareSpace site. However, I don’t want to update the Name Servers. Instead I just want to update the A-records and CNAME. I follow this process and the ONLY option I get is to update the name servers to SquareSpace (which I do not want to do). Config Section (clicking through): Settings >> Domains >> Use a Domain I Own >> NAME OF DOMAIN >> (auto detects GoDaddy) Connect Domain >> Get Started >> (Sign in to GoDaddy Panel) Next Window says “Update Your Nameservers” (see attached) I don’t want to do this and haven’t had to on my other websites. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Site URL: http://www.armaiti.com.au Hi friends, I really need help on this. I've followed every single step of the process: Connecting third-party domain (provider: Crazy Domain). It's still not working. CNAME entry for verify square space still as "Record not found". CNAME entry looks identical. But still not finding. And this message (attach) is showing on the webpage. I don't know what to do.
  9. Hi, everybody- I'm trying to connect a new squarespace site to a GoDaddy domain, and get the message below after completing the setup. When i check godaddy, the DNS settings look like they've been changed to the required ones for squarespace (see second attached image) , but the domains do not show up under my Domains in Squarespace settings for that site. Any ideas what the problem is? I've had to deal with this in the past on another site but can't remember what the solution was. Thanks! EDIT: never mind, i figured it out!
  10. I'm still inside the trial period but I was nevertheless able to successfully map my Squarespace site to my domain. However, all mail to @mydomain.com is now bouncing. As a layer of complication, I run all @mydomain.com email through Gmail, so my DNS records include Google's MX records, but my email only started bouncing after I made the switch below. My A records look like this: NAME: @.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [squarespace IP address] NAME: *.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [mydomain.com IP address] NAME: ftp.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [mydomain.com IP address] NAME: mail.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [mydomain.com IP address] Obviously, I have the two Squarespace CNAME records in there as well. On the Squarespace page to check whether your zone records are properly set up, I recall there were three additional @ A records, all backups. They disappeared once the first one was recognized. I don't think that has anything to do with my problem either, but I'm mentioning for the sake of completeness. So, is there anything I'm doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have our Website through Square Space, and our emails through GoDaddy. GoDaddy sent me DNS setting I need to change at Square Space to make sure our mail is going to the right place. I changed the CNAMEs, MX and TXT Value. My issue is with SRV settings. They are asking me to set: Port, Protocol, Name, Service, and Priority. I am only able to input the Name and Priority values. Any help would be great. TIA
  12. What is the advantage or disadvantage of connecting a domain vs simply forwarding the domain? For example, the .com is the primary domain, but we also own the .ca, .co, .info & .net of the same name and similar named domains. Domains are registered thru GoDaddy but website is hosted with Squarespace. In the past, we have simply forwarded the address to the primary domain but Squarespace allows us to connect non-primary domains. Any disadvantage of connecting multiple addresses to the Squarespace site instead of simply forwarding? Any advantages? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, I want to build a multilingual website, I'm thinking of paying for 2 separate websites and I want to configure them under 2 subdomains as follows: en.website.com (Main site, default language) fr.website.com (Copy of the main site, secondary language) My idea is to finalize the full English version under en.website.com, then go duplicate the full site in one click, then go configure it and translate it into French under fr.website.com. Here are my questions: 1 - Is it possible to configure the main domain website.com to the main site en.website.com? 2 - Is it possible to configure the secondary site under the fr.website.com subdomain? 3 - Does Google consider this structure SEO Friendly? In the end, I want to have 2 sites under 2 subdomains under 1 main domain name. Thanks
  14. Site URL: https://www.cedarboatclub.org Hi there, I host my domain through GoDaddy, and I thought I took all the necessary steps to verify the email campaign address. However, even after merging all of my SPF records and setting the TTL to 600 seconds, I still cannot get the domain to verify it. Here's what I have: TXT @ v=spf1 include:secureserver.net include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:squarespace-mail.com -all TTL: 600 seconds It has been over 36 hours since I originally tried punching in the SPF record. Any ideas? I'll also let you know if it just fixes itself, since I thought setting the TTL to be low would be enough. Thanks.
  15. Site URL: https://ttohc.com Hi There, I just updated my domain's DNS records to point to my new Squarespace site. Everything is green in the DNS Settings in Squarespace. But when I navigate to the site, I'm getting a message saying "Your connection is not private". Site URL: ttohc.com Screenshots below. Thanks!
  16. Site URL: http://www.parentalis.app/ SquareSpace ask for 7 records DNS to add my domain. I fix 6 on 7. I don't achieve the last one, as you see on the screenshot, could you explain me how to fix it ? thanks
  17. Site URL: https://westdesign.agency I have completed my design for a new site. They have an existing URL that we are transferring to SquareSpace. I have unlocked and received the code from the current registrar. It says it is in the process of transferring. Do I need to do anything with the DNS records? attached are screen shots of what I see currently. Thank you for your help.
  18. Site URL: http://www.melthammoor.org - How to find the CNAME host/alias code - Aargh! Can anyone help in the few hours before Squarespace helpdesk opens? Currently my client's site is down. I'm transferring a domain to Squarespace from 123-reg, began process on Friday and waiting, but 123 said it can take up to a week. So I thought, maybe whilst waiting I can at least connect the site on 123 to the Squarespace site so at least the new site goes live. But without doing the 'connect' process on Squarespace, I can't see the unique code for host/alias referred to in the guide. And with just the other @ and www records it won't connect. Is there any way to find that code? And I am having trouble even setting it back to their old site as my screenshot of the previous DNS settings as it chopped off the end of the www record. So now the site is down 😱 I also have to make sure I don't break their email - so far all fine. I've not touched the records related to that, and they already automatically appeared on Squarespace seeming ready for launch. No matter how many sites I launch this mysterious part really stresses me out!
  19. Site URL: https://flightpath3d.com/ Our website is hosted on a 3rd-party domain and is connected to Squarespace via the 4 A record IP addresses provided by Squarespace - see https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035485391-DNS-records-for-connecting-third-party-domains IP addresses:,,, All 4 IP Squarespace IP addresses are malware compromised - see https://verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com/url/ip/result?ip= What is Squarespace doing to eliminate this malware issue? This is a very urgent issue for us and will lead to a material impact on our business if not resolved immediately. Are other Squarespace accounts seeing the same problem?
  20. Site URL: https://www.philipparedding.co.uk Hi I'm trying to connect a Squarespace site to names.co.uk - not names.com. The instructions I found all talk about names.com having a squarespace dns template, names.co.uk doesn't have that. I can edit the DNS records but it does not accept @ as a host name. "Host name for A record 3 is invalidHost name for A record 4 is invalidHost name for A record 5 is invalidHost name for A record 6 is invalid." Any help would be much appreciated.
  21. For my custom record, what do I put for host?
  22. Hi there, we currently have a squarespace site with the domain and DNS being hosted by a third party. We have just built a new Squarespace site and need to now point our domain to the new site. Squarespace says “If all records are entered correctly, your domain should connect to your site within 24 hours. At times, it can take up to 72 hours. Visit the Domains panel at any time to check your progress.” Does anyone know if that is a Squarespace thing or a third party DNS issue? As our DNS host has quick controls of making updates in 2 minutes, so we are confused as to why it can be up to 72 hours, is it a Squarespace reason for the slow changeover? Doesn't make it easy to 'launch' our new site, when we don't know when it will show up as new. Love any thoughts people have. Thank you. PAT
  23. Site URL: https://www.profane.co.uk I can't access my DNS codes on my squarespace site. I have connected my domain name from a third party (Go Daddy) which is saying "connected" and coloured green under Settings>Domains> on my Squarespace site . I took a screengrab of the Squarespace DNS settings when they flashed up at the point of connection. Although google have verified it, I am having trouble getting google to index it - at present the Google search console says the URL is not on google and suggests there is a "redirect error". I've waited days, way over 72 hours. Page fetch - redirect error I need to check squarespace DNS settings to see if there is anything I need to copy and add to my domain providers DNS. Troubleshooting videos suggest I need to add the long code under "host" and if that doesn't work amend the TXT records... but I cannot access the squarespace DNS records in the first place to get this information? Each time I look it up I am told to go to Settings>Domains> highlight domain> DNS records on my site but the trail stops after Domain>primary??? The screengrab of DNS settings that I took at the time of connection does not display the long code. Can anybody help me - I realise there are a few issues here. Have emailed squarespace but no response in two days? And bot keeps on sending me troubleshooting but I fall at first hurdle i.e. you need those DNS codes from squarespace to effect any change. 1/ Need to find DNS on squarespace for my site 2/ Need to get my site searchable
  24. Site URL: https://viciousdesignsau.squarespace.com Site URL: https://www.viciousdesigns.com.au Hi! I've been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to connect my third party domain (above) hosted on Australian Websites to my Squarespace (www.viciousdesignsau.squarespace.com). I've searched through all the manuals and troubleshooting for adding/editing DNS records in various configurations, how-to guides for .au & .com.au domains, tried adding TXT records, but after the 72 hours (each time a new edit was tested), it always comes up saying the connection has failed. The A records all appear fine, it's just the CNAME records. I also submitted a ticket through customer care almost a week ago and haven't received a single response except for a case number and I'm getting increasingly frustrated that nothing seems to work, and that I can't get an answer. Can anyone please help?! Have attached screenshots of my Squarespace and third party DNS settings because I'm completely lost as to how to get this to work without wasting more money on a subscription that's effectively useless. I'm paid up on the eCommerce basic subscription until next week because I thought it needed to be attached to a paid plan for any of the settings to work and I really don't want to renew unless there's a resolution. Any assistance would be amazing pretty, pretty please!!! Cheers, Dayle
  25. I'm confused over connecting a .tv domain to my SquareSpace account. The domain is hosted at the registrar eNom. But the domain currently has a website active at another hosting company. So there are two Name Servers at eNom that point back to the other hosting company. At that hosting company there are tons of options under the DNS & NAMESERVERS option. This hosting company where the website currently resides also has several email addresses with the domain. I hope to move everything from that hosting company with the website on SquareSpace and the emails elsewhere. So the question is what/where to start changing DNS records. It seems like I should do it on eNom and I've looked at the SquareSpace Host Records settings but they differ a bit. Any advice on what to do here is appreciated.
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