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  1. Help! My client had a WIX site before Squarespace. The domain won't connect and I'm assuming there are extra settings in here I need to delete but I don't know which one's. Are the MX ones from Wix or is that from her mail? I don't want to mess up her mail.
  2. Site URL: https://flightpath3d.com/ Our website is hosted on a 3rd-party domain and is connected to Squarespace via the 4 A record IP addresses provided by Squarespace - see https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035485391-DNS-records-for-connecting-third-party-domains IP addresses:,,, All 4 IP Squarespace IP addresses are malware compromised - see https://verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com/url/ip/result?ip= What is Squarespace doing to eliminate this malware issue? This is a very urgent issue for us and will lead to a material impact on our business if not resolved immediately. Are other Squarespace accounts seeing the same problem? NOTE: Squarespace support contacted today - Case 7171101 - awaiting response as live chat not available today.
  3. Site URL: https://ponderstudio.com.au/ Hi All, I have purchased an email hosting account from crazy domains and have my domain hosted on squarespace. The aim is to connect my emails on crazy domains to squarespace by altering the DNS records to have it pointed correctly. Crazy domains support have recommended the following two records to be added to the dns settings ontop of the standard dns settings: Entry #1 Host: mail.ponderstudio.com.au / Record: A / Priority: N/A / Data: Entry #2 Host: ponderstudio.com.au / Record: MX / Priority: 0 / Data: mail.ponderstudio.com.au To authenticate this ive been using the rc.ds.network site to check the IMAP server is connecting but no luck. Any ideas or things that im missing or have made a mistake on? Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.sparrowtheapp.com/ @colin.irwin or anyone - I would really appreciate your help. I bought a domain on CloudFlare: https://sparrowstartup.com/ I am now trying to connect my SquareSpace account to it. And it's not working. I've followed the guide for updating the DNS on SquareSpace but the DNS statuses on SquareSpace + the actual CNAMES keep randomly changing their status from red to green and back. Please see images below. The DNS settings right now are NOT proxied on CloudFlare. Yet I'm still having this issue. Please help me fix this.
  5. I’ve been waiting several days for SSL certification and today I got this message that it had failed due to a DNS error but it’s not entirely clear to me what I have to do to resolve it and Squarespace support are closed on a Sunday! Please can someone guide me? I’ve attached screenshots of what I can see on my end! Thank you!
  6. Site URL: https://www.ipag-ehealth.ch/ Hello I have a domain from a third-party provider and i have now connected the CNAME's. Both lines are green. My question: do i need the A-Records? For what are they good for? Does the website work without problems, if i let the A-Records red? Thank you very much in advanced for your answer. Greetings
  7. Can you host a Squarespace site on a personal server?
  8. I'm new to Squarespace and am trying to help a friend with her existing website. She registered her domain with GoDaddy and it's hosted elsewhere. She's established an account on Squarespace and added me as a contributor. I designed her site and want to go live with it. Are there resources here to help with the steps I need to take? I looked around and couldn't really find what I was needing. I've been away from web design/development for a while so need a quick refresher. I believe I have to point the name servers in GoDaddy from the old hosting site (not GoDaddy) to Squarespace...? She's on the 2-week trial here on Squarespace--will she need to upgrade to at least the personal plan? I'm just not really sure what my next steps should be. Any help would be most appreciated! - Bob
  9. Site URL: https://jordanaherman.com/ Hello. I need some feedback. I have a site that I'm working on. I brought it online recently but the client is having problems just pulling it up on her Safari MAC laptop, I also have another friend who can't pull up the site on a PC using the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers. The client gets a "SITE CAN'T BE REACHED DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" black screen when she types www.jordanaherman.com. I attached a screenshot. I built the site on the 7.1 platform for Squarespace. Here is the URL: https://jordanaherman.com/ I personally can see the site across, Chrome, Firefox, and IE (im on a PC). My questions is, can anyone here see the site as well? If "yes" what browser and version are you using? If "no", then what error are you seeing? I've already contacted tech support for Squarespace twice, and both techs have said they see the site no problem on both Safari and Chrome. They also said I've all my domain DNS settings are correct. I also noticed that the built-in Squarespace domain will work,( https://jordanaherman.squarespace.com) but not the jordanaherman.com domain name. The domain name is hosted and managed by Squarespace. Has anyone experienced this too? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!
  10. Hello. I'm trying to configure the Squarespace to use an externally-administrated domain. Whenever I try to set it up with www.<domain>.com, Squarespace insists that I'm trying to migrate the root <domain>.com record. I do not want that. I just need the www.<domain>.com to point to Squarespace. In principle, I can run the migration, and everything goes through with root record pointing somewhere else, but Squarespace never considers migration finalized (because root A record doesn't point to Squarespace servers) and so the SSL certificates never get updated. Is there a way to fix that? On that note, while I understand that a lot of people might enter www.<domain>.com when they mean <domain>.com, simply assuming this is always the case is exceptionally inconvenient.
  11. Site URL: https://begoodtoyourselfbymargo.com/ Hi, I transferred my URL from the Bluehost. However, to access my old site on Bluehost, I need temporarily redirect my new Squarespace website to the old one via IP. I've been trying to adjust the IP in DNS settings, but it gives me an error. Technically, I can transfer my URL back to Bluehost, but I want to see other solutions. Thanks
  12. Site URL: http://coaching.southerncross.me Hi , has anyone set up a landing page with instapage ? has anyone specifically had experience with subdomains and setting them up in squarespace and linking them to instapage ? Best, Malcolm
  13. Site URL: https://www.coachcourtney.net/ Hi, I'm a bit confused since I'm unable to verify my domain from my email marketing campaign. I keep on getting an error for the second record "TXT" type. I already updated my DNS customer record from Google domain as well, but I still can't verify my domain. Whenever I add an "@" from Google Domain, it prompts me to leave it blank as well. Also, I am able to see that I already have a duplicate for my TXT record under Google Workspace. My client created the Google Workspace account via Google, not directly from Squarespace MISTAKENLY. (Please see the 2nd box on the screenshot above). I also can't connect my Google Workspace account to my Squarespace website. Are these issues connected then? Please advise. Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  14. Site URL: https://bananaknights.com Good afternoon! When I started with Squarespace everything in my DNS records worked smoothly! I created the A Record for my self hosted server, pointed my static IP to it and after 72 hours life was good! However, I think I may have something wrong my with DNS records now has my main site bananaknights.com will resolve but the sub domains I have setup in IIS are not resolving properly. I can hit them internally if I do a quick and dirty host edit, so I do not believe the issue is with the IIS bindings. (I have these setup using HTTPS and HTTP with an HTTP redirect to HTTPS. Bindings are pointed at * and the local IP of the server) Currently, the only DNS entry I have in my Squarespace domain settings is the A record that points to my static IP assigned to me with my ISP. The ISP is not blocking any ports, and all of the ports I need to have open are open. I also checked my firewall and it's not being blocked by the firewall. I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the records (if there were default ones put in by square space, and if they are needed) but maybe I am just missing some default records to make this work? Do not hesitate to ask me for anymore information if you attempt to assist me. I appreciate your time, and thank you very much!
  15. Site URL: https://www.lucykeaveny.com Hi My client wants to point their SQS site, temporarily, to a new Clickfunnels sales channel they have built. Has anyone done this and if so, what steps do I need to take at the SQS end to make this happen?! Nervous when changing DNS settings! Thanks, much appreciated.
  16. Site URL: http://www.brew.ae Hello, I need to point my url to my site. However my domain name is with etisalat. The image shows what elements I can adjust on their side to point the domain name. However, if you look at the Squarespace image, you see that it has A records, Cname etc. I dont get any of that available on the etisalat side. Just NS1 , 2, 3 4..etc. What do I need to adjust or add on the etisalat side, in order to make this. thanks for the help. p.s i am not technical at all so apologies in advance
  17. Site URL: https://ttohc.com Hi There, I just updated my domain's DNS records to point to my new Squarespace site. Everything is green in the DNS Settings in Squarespace. But when I navigate to the site, I'm getting a message saying "Your connection is not private". Site URL: ttohc.com Screenshots below. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://extremecommunitymakeover.org I am working on connecting my custom domain to MailChimp. I have been given the CNAME & A Record information. However, when I go to add these to my squarespace DNS settings. However, keep getting Error message: DNS Record Conflict. I have gone through trying to identify the conflicts, looking for similar types of records or records with data that might conflict. I don't see it. Mailchimp instructions states the following for CNAME & A Records: Copy the following value into the CNAME record named www for extremecommunitymakeover.org. If this record does not exist in your DNS settings, create it. Do I replace the current CNAME on with the one they provide? Copy the following IP address into the A record for extremecommunitymakeover.org. If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide. I have four A record IP addresses - do I remove the all and add the new record? Screenshots of the DNS Records are attached. Really looking forward to some help and advice. TIA
  19. Hi there, we currently have a squarespace site with the domain and DNS being hosted by a third party. We have just built a new Squarespace site and need to now point our domain to the new site. Squarespace says “If all records are entered correctly, your domain should connect to your site within 24 hours. At times, it can take up to 72 hours. Visit the Domains panel at any time to check your progress.” Does anyone know if that is a Squarespace thing or a third party DNS issue? As our DNS host has quick controls of making updates in 2 minutes, so we are confused as to why it can be up to 72 hours, is it a Squarespace reason for the slow changeover? Doesn't make it easy to 'launch' our new site, when we don't know when it will show up as new. Love any thoughts people have. Thank you. PAT
  20. Hello square space community forum, John Kooz here. Working on a very superb project right now! I am currently working on publishing my six ebooks for free on my website. The top-level domain is "http:www.johnkuczmarski.com", but I need the top-level domain to be "http://www.johnkooz.com". Both demain names are mine, but the DNS I purchased through the horrible interface of go daddy (Square space is a superlative web design tool compared to godaddy.com, IMHO!), I fret I will have to deal with the godaddy.com site and their horrible interface. I appreciate any insights. Thank you. Sincerely, John Kooz ----<Update Below>------ I have navigated to wretchedly annoying site of godaddy.com. I am on the "Transfer from your godaddy page" but when I enter my email address as the account http://www.johnkooz.com is going to (my square space registrar), the page doesn't reload. That page didn't give me the opportunity to use SquareSpace's authorization code that they provided me with. I appreciate any help. I may, unfortunately, have to post to godaddy forum. I'll try to avoid that. Thank you! Sincerely, John Kooz
  21. Site URL: http://gwyl.org Hi, THANKS for any help you can offer. I really do appreciate it. I am basically in the "dog house" with my daughter for "ruining" her email (which may or may not be true). So, - Daughter bought new domain - gwyl.org from Hover.com - Has connected it to SquareSpace. Website is now a few days old with SquareSpace. - So DNS is kind of "split" - email aspect seems at Hover but website at SquareSpace. - Incoming gwyl.org email is forward to my daughters gmail and works fine. - BUT she had this problem of she could not send email (no SMTP server to use) so I set her up on authSMTP.co.uk. I made some DNS changes for that. It worked but ALL outgoing mails to ANYBODY went to Spam. These are NOT marketing emails. Just ordinary emails. - So, all kinds of stressful talking about how to fix. In the end, I removed all my AuthSMTP changes and she bought mailboxes from Hover. - These hover SMTP credentials work BUT ALL email to EVERYBODY is still going to spam. - I added a SPF to try to improve but made no difference. How can I figure this out and fix it? THANKS. Somehow I guess the gwyl.org sending reputations is TERRIBLE but only about 20 emails I EVER been sent so somehow this relates to the basic setup (DNS and all that). THANKS. - Chris
  22. Site URL: https://homegrownfit.com/ Can you help me 1. Create a Subdomain (think I have this part) 2. Point it to this Convertkit landing page https://skilled-writer-4163.ck.page/d4fed7a844 I've read all the tutorials, followed the videos, and still errors.😬 Thanks in advance!
  23. Site URL: https://funtimeprogram.com I am trying to setup my DNS records as described on the Update DNS Settings form for my newsletter, but it is still not authenticating the txt @ record even though it's been over a week. Squarespace is giving me the error "Please merge your SPF records" but they are already merged into one record as described on the Update DNS Settings page. I put the following records into my domain DNS records at Google Domains: CNAME squarespace._domainkey squarespace-domainkey.squarespace-mail.com TXT @ v=spf1 include:squarespace-mail.com ~all TXT _dmarc v=DMARC1; p=none The first and third record are verifying but the second one is failing with the error "Please merge your SPF records." I checked out the documentation for the error and it appears to only apply for multiple SPF records, but I only have one. Can anyone explain how I need to modify my records to get them to validate? Thanks so much.
  24. Site URL: http://www.scuolaspaziotempo.squarespace.com Hi I am trying to point the dns from my provider to squarespace. I have done all the procedure however the last A record always remains in red (see image attached) How come it does not configure? Thank you
  25. Site URL: http://domenico.com.py Hello, I built a site on squarespace but I cant get my domain to work with it. I wasnt able to purchase it with squarespace or any of the other domain/hosting services because mine has to have the .com.py extension. As such the help guide doesnt really help me so I'm asking for help here. I'm attaching a screenshot of the dns settings field available on my domain's provider to fill out. Thats all the tweaking it lets me do. What should I type in them to get it to work with my squarespace site? Thanks.
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