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  1. Site URL: http://bitterslab.com My client has a quarterly subscription product. She consistently has issues when a client moves and needs to update their address. They either update the address in their SS account and she has no idea so she sends the product to their old address, OR, if they happen to contact her, she has to tell them to cancel and resubscribe. We're open to all kinds of creative solutions (custom dev, additional apps, etc) short of moving to a completely new subscription platform. Possible solutions (no idea if they're possible): A) Enable customer to change their shipping address for a subscription product B) Edit the customer address section in the account area so customers are forced to send an email or fill out a separate form to change their address, vs the default SS address update. C) Create a notification when a customer updates the address in their account so my client knows to update it in her own system Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.subliminalsf.com Is there a way to modify the shipping address for an order after a customer has made it? Had someone email me asking to change the shipping address, and I know I can leave myself an internal note, but is there a way to change it so it shows up properly on the packing slip/shipping label?
  3. There are a variety of details to consider when setting up your online store, all in service of the ultimate goal: helping your customers find what they’re looking for and complete checkout smoothly. Get a head start by brainstorming tags, categories, and subcategories so customers can quickly find what they are looking for and browse related items. Think early on about which shipping options and potential discount codes might serve you best. These kinds of decisions can have a direct impact on performance. How do you make sure your online store is set up for success? Share in the comments below!
  4. Site URL: http://www.padstowspirits.co.uk I'm trying to set up a discount so that when someone purchases a specific product (because we can't afford to do free shipping on everything) they get free shipping just on that item. The item is a subscription. However, you only seem to be able to apply a free shipping discount to a total cart amount which does not work here. Is there no way of applying it to a product? Seems so basic but I can't find a way around it. thanks
  5. Site URL: https://www.angelzplay.com I am trying to set up my new store. I sell paintings as well as products through printfuls integration. My question is what is everyone doing to get shipping to charge correctly since printful charges different shipping for everything and additional shipping on multiple items? Im losing my mind trying to figure this out. Does every item need to have weight and dimensions added in and then hope for the best when calculating shipping through UPS for example?
  6. Hi, when exporting the orders information as a csv in Squarespace > Commerce> Orders, there is no option to include or exclude certain product information in the csv, such as weight. Can we customise the exported data that is included in the csv? We need to be able to modify the csv for our logistics partner. Thanks for your help.
  7. Site URL: https://www.survivaltechniques.co.uk/shop Hello! I am moving my shop over to Squarespace from BigCartel and can't find a way to register the correct shipping for my products. I sell a range of paintings, prints and canvas bags which have a big range of shipping prices, ie a painting is going to cost a lot more to send than an A3 print. I can only find an option to set shipping rates by weight or flat rate, neither of which work as customers often buy a combination of products, which each need to be packaged separately. Is there a way I can set a shipping rate per product? I used to have my shop with BigCartel and it was very easy to set a specific shipping rate for each product. The current options in Squarespace are driving me crazy with how inflexible they are. Any help would be much appreciated. This is my shop: https://www.survivaltechniques.co.uk/shop
  8. Just wanted to drop a message here that after years of users requesting it, per-product shipping is still not available. The shipping options on Squarespace are entirely bias towards US customers and are a nightmare for anyone outside of the US. Why is Squarespace so against per-product shipping!?
  9. Site URL: https://www.southgatecoins.com/ I am trying to changes shipping rates. I have done this dozens of times before. I use the Weight Range Rates. Today, I keep getting an error message when I try to save my changes. It says, I have attached a screenshot showing the error message on my shipping rates page. Maya
  10. Hello, Does anyone know when or if Squarespace plans to offer Canada Post to carrier calculated shipping? It is a real pain to go check each province for how much it would cost for weight and box size then to make all of these shipping options for each grouped province. Plus the customer isn't getting the lowest price and shipping can be a big reason someone may not buy. Shopify does this easily so I wonder why they haven't bothered to stay up to date with competitors. I really like the SS builder and look of the site but its a huge pain for shipping. Thanks!
  11. Hey, Does anyone know why there isn't an option for putting in a UK address on my shipping section in my checkout? I've changed the country to UK on my settings but I've just tested it out and it's still only got United States as as option. Help please!
  12. Hi there, Ive been looking around in the forum and all over the website and I cant seem to find what Im looking for. If you use Shopify you are able to toggle on and off insurance for every purchase and it charges the customer. I cant seem to find this setting in Squarespace. I attached a screenshot of what Im talking about. Any info would be super helpful! Thanks!!
  13. Hey all, I'm looking to launch a new site for a customer and shipping is very important to them (hundreds of packages a month). I've heard seen reports that the sync between ShipStation and PayPal services has been bad lately. I'm curious what your experiences are with the sync between ShipStation and Squarespace?? Thanks, -Ben
  14. Hi, I am selling both physical and digital products on store. For selling physical products, I set the VAT for some countries in such a way that includes the tax for shipping cost. However, that is not needed for the digital, and I want to stop my tax rule for physical products appearing for the digital product when checkout. This is how it's shown for all products now. I want to set a separate tax rule for physical and digital product each. Is that possible at all?
  15. Site URL: https://blueriderdesign.studio/ Hi, I have yet to ship a high end furniture piece, but I do know it will be more involved than simply putting it into a box and shipping it thru a FedEx store. There are shipping companies that specialize in shipping high value items and things like LTL shipping will require some quoting on my end. Is there a way to require a customer to the site to contact me for shipping?
  16. Site URL: https://www.coverartmarket.com/ Hello, Is there a way to change (custom code, etc.) the order summary 'Shipping' text to ' Processing Fees' ? See attached screen shot, thank you.
  17. Site URL: http://www.anchoredshrimp.com Will per item shipping rates ever be an option on Squarespace? My shop currently has two shipping options for seafood items. ($25 Flat Rate Ground and $45 Flat Rate Air.) I can't use the carrier calculating shipping because the real cost of shipping 20lbs perishable packages is indeed costly. (I do add shipping cost to the overall price of my items.) This way of setting up my store makes it so I can never have sell small items or merchandise. I would LOVE the option if a customer wanted to buy just a T shirt for $15 it would simply just have a free shipping automatically selected. If a customer wanted to have a t shirt and a seafood item the $25 and $45 options will be available to select. Shopify is one platform I see starting to tackle this issue this year however it still seems like a complicated process with them. They do item shipping by "profiles." Squarespace is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms out there.. how is this still not an option yet? I have seen multiple questions about this. Does Squarespace just ignore suggestions?
  18. Site URL: https://www.conflictgames.com I am losing customer due to the amount charged for shipping. I have tried a number of options to get shipping to accurately reflect what is actually charged. Is there a recommendation way to test the shipping options and can anyone tell me why my shipping prices are off by so much?
  19. Hey all - I have a client who wants to add a plugin to their site that will allow the ability to plug in a zip code and have the user alerted as to whether or not they currently service that area. I thought zipfinder was the answer, but that's just for specific locations (not a map delivery zone type plugin). Has anyone had experience with this? Any good solutions out there? Thanks in advance, x
  20. Hello, we are a start-up Indian luxury couture brand. We have created our website, and we urgently need help with the API integration of ShipRocket on our website. We need someone to help us with this asap, as we are planning our website launch by the end of this month!
  21. So I'm using the print fulfillment site Printful.com to sell mugs on website but I've run into a problem when a customer buys the same product but 2 different designs. Say I have 10 different designed mugs up for sale on my site, and a U.S. customer orders 2 different mugs, shipping is $7 and every additional mug is $4 so the total shipping cost for 2 different mugs is $11. But on my site, when a customer orders 2 different mugs the shipping is $14. Does anyone know of a work around other creating 1 product page and listing all 10 mug designs as variants? Because that isn’t going to work for me especially since I plan on having over 30 unique mugs in the near future and I want them all to be separate from each other, so it makes it easy for the customer to see each mug on their own. Is Squarespace working on a shipping feature like this?
  22. Found this new notification in our Commerce Order section about Printing shipping labels directly from Squarespace...Does any one have any additional information on this new feature? What kind of shipping rates is squarespace offering?
  23. Hi there, We have a product that we carry and based on the wholesale agreement that we signed we are not able to sell those two items to any country outside the US. We would like to keep on carrying the product but we want to block international shipping for them. Is this possible?
  24. I was wondering if anyone has the same problem I'm having. I have shops on both Etsy and Squarespace. It seems that Squarespace is charging customers quite a bit more for shipping than Etsy. For example: Latest package - SS charged the customer $15, Shipstation said it would only be $11 for the actual shipping label, so I created a fake Etsy order to the same address, same box weight, same box size, same shipping settings, same handling charge. Etsy would have only charged the customer $10.95. Then I went to USPS directly and created the same shipment at a "public" rate and it was $15. Is Squarespace not accounting for the ShipStation discount? This was just a small order, but some are off by quite a bit more. Thanks!
  25. Hi all Wondering if anyone could help me with a question. Is there anyway to customize your physical products with variants to some variants charge shipping and some that isnt I provide options of print and png/jpeg.while I understand that you there is an option for online digital product, is like all option convientky there together. So obviously the prints would get shipped while I would virtually send gr JPegs Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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