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  1. We've had an influx of customers not choosing shipping when ordering. Is there a way to default to shipping instead of customer pickup in the checkout feature. It does show up, but people aren't choosing it when ordering and I have to send a separate invoice from Square for the shipping fee. HELP!!
  2. This USPS carrier option asks for weight but has dimensions greyed out. Does this mean you can use a non-flat rate Priority Envelope? or any size package for that matter?
  3. Hello Team, How do I set up shipping destination for a specific product or one product only? because the shipping destination has been set up for all products. It would be great if someone can help this, thanks.
  4. Hello, this is a very UK centric post, but I would like to create a shipping option for local customers that only shows for people who enter a UK postcode that is within the scope of the offer. At the moment all I can find is to limit it to a country, which is the United Kingdom, it's incredibly broad and not fit for this requirement. I'm happy to install a plug in or open to custom code quotes as this will be driver as to whether we actually stay with Squarespace or move to Shopify which I know have a plug in for this Thanks, Rich
  5. Hello! We're dipping our toes in the water of selling some merch and I'm running into some kinda brain melting, illogical choices made by the SS dev team and was wondering if anyone had any "workarounds" for a few things. What we're mostly struggling with is designating shipping. It seems like it would be standard function to just calculate shipping, but that is locked behind the BIG commerce plan (which is fine) but there doesn't seem to be a way to assign different shipping costs to different items. I asked SS about this and their answer was to add several options and if the customer picked one that didn't cover the shipping costs then just cancel the order (lol). If anyone could provide me with better info than is found in the help files, it would be greatly appreciated. I have secondary concerns about integrations/payment processors but the shipping thing is the big hurdle for now.
  6. Hey, does anyone know of a way to offer free shipping to members? Really want to open a member area, but this would be a dealbreaker.
  7. Hi I have a retail business which sells some particularly heavy items - compost mainly. I don't want these to be shipped because its just not cost effective for customers or necessary really. I can't seem to find a way to not apply shipping at checkout though. I have pickup enabled but I can't seem to ONLY apply pick up to these products. Is there any way I can do this? Thanks
  8. I sell a very heavy and bulky product that is not very expensive. I lose a lot of sales due to the psychological effect of customer's rejecting the relatively high shipping cost (i.e. product cost $150 but shipping is an additional $90). I've learned that I can increase the cost of my product to $200 and reduce the shipping cost to $45 and make more sales. PROBLEM: Squarespace's "markup" doesn't allow anything but an increase in the shipping cost, not a reduction. I don't want to keep screwing around with my product dimensions and weights trying to "chase" the desired reduction. It doesn't work anyway due to the screwy way the carriers have to calculate their cost. I need a simple, behind-the-scenes "50%" reduction on the carrier's calculated rate. Has anyone found a workaround or solution?
  9. How do you deal with partial shipments? I have some items coming from Printful, and some items I am fulfilling myself. In this case, how do you notify the customer about partial shipments and tracking?
  10. Site URL: https://www.survivaltechniques.co.uk/shop Hello! I am moving my shop over to Squarespace from BigCartel and can't find a way to register the correct shipping for my products. I sell a range of paintings, prints and canvas bags which have a big range of shipping prices, ie a painting is going to cost a lot more to send than an A3 print. I can only find an option to set shipping rates by weight or flat rate, neither of which work as customers often buy a combination of products, which each need to be packaged separately. Is there a way I can set a shipping rate per product? I used to have my shop with BigCartel and it was very easy to set a specific shipping rate for each product. The current options in Squarespace are driving me crazy with how inflexible they are. Any help would be much appreciated. This is my shop: https://www.survivaltechniques.co.uk/shop
  11. We sell three items. Each uses a different size box. As we have read on this subject, it seems that we cannot set up shipping options for each product. How can we be certain that the correct USPS shipping rate is attached to a specific item?
  12. I will not be bulk adding any more products to my site due to the lack of a simple function in "Advanced Shipping". For clothing, where there's different sizes and colors for each item in my store. There's usually 20-50 variants of one item where I need to manually enter the weights of each variant since I use Printful - and this is the "best" way to set up shipping, or at least it would be if the function I'm suggesting is implemented. If Squarespace could add a simple button in the Advanced Shipping prompt that says "Edit all", and I could just input 0.5lbs once instead of 50 times for an item - I could literally save hundreds of dollars of my time. This is not only time consuming, but exhausting. To put in perspective - if I add 30 new items (low if I'm introducing a new line of products), and there's 4 colors and 5 sizes for each item (pretty standard), I would need to navigate to Advanced Shipping 30 times, and enter "x lbs" 600 times. My last item drop took me two work days just to integrate to the site. That doesn't include the time it took to make designs and put them on Printful. Advanced Shipping on Squarespace is the single biggest bottleneck in my company - and the bane of my existence. I use Printful for my store, so using CSVs aren't going to make this any easier.
  13. Currently all the items in our shop ship Priority Mail Flat Rate (as these all need the $100 insurance included) . We want to add some inexpensive items. Is there a way to allow most of the items in my shop ship Priority Mail Flat Rate but enable us to add inexpensive items and ship it at a less expensive rate being assigned to that item only? Not a drop down at the end where the customer chooses. Thank you.
  14. Long story short, set up my site, added a store, made products on Printify, connected and integrated, but for some strange reason Squarespace is trying to do the order fulfillment through the home site vs the print on demand like it’s supposed to (requiring payment stuff, shipping) and that doesn’t work because product/shipping supposed to be handled automatically on Printify. Confused bc this hasn’t happened to me before. Usually it’s setup, plug and play.
  15. I am attempting to add a fee to the total order amount if the date of delivery is within 24 hours from the date of the order being placed. Currently, my checkout form contains a custom field to input the delivery date to compare against. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I am trying to set up shipping and the only options is importing from Etsy and this is only Flat Rate. The the other is USPS weight option, but it's not accurate. I want to be able to offer affordable shipping within and outside the US. Can anyone offer assistance?
  17. I am trying to to find local delivery options with 3rd party services like DoorDash Drive, Uber Direct or Lyft delivery. Looks like Shipday has all these 3rd party delivery service integrations built-in. https://www.shipday.com Need to just send orders from Squarespace --> Shipday --> DoorDash, Uber, or other delivery services. It looks like they also have built an integration with Squarespace. https://www.shipday.com/integrations/squarespace Wondering if anyone has used it before.
  18. My web site always calculated shipping until this past month. Now it won't even charge the customer shipping. What am I missing?
  19. Hi there, Ive been looking around in the forum and all over the website and I cant seem to find what Im looking for. If you use Shopify you are able to toggle on and off insurance for every purchase and it charges the customer. I cant seem to find this setting in Squarespace. I attached a screenshot of what Im talking about. Any info would be super helpful! Thanks!!
  20. I am wondering if there is a report that would let me see how much I, the owner of the store, actually paid for postage when shipping out an order. I can see a CSV report that shows what the customer paid, but I don't see a column for what I actually paid. For example, a customer may pay $4 for shipping and handling, but it may only cost me $3.25, or it may cost me more than $4. I'd like to be able to see a report that gives me both of these numbers. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, I didn't see this question before, so I hope someone can help! We don't deliver any items in our online store. Everything is pick-up only. However, the "order fulfilled" email automatically includes a section about delivery. I read here that if you leave the tracking information blank, the delivery section is blank. True, but it still has the header, "Delivery" on all our emails with a blank section below it. How can I remove the ENTIRE delivery section? Thank you!
  22. I setup UPS as default shipper for online orders but when i go to print labels it defaults to USPS. Do i setup multiple shippers (UPS, FEDEX, USPS)in preferences and these options are available for shipping labels. Trying to find the best shipping price for location shipping. Thanks Griff
  23. I have a floral company operating on the Squarespace platform and sometimes customers purchase multiple arrangements going to different addresses all in the same order. For example, for Mother's Day the same customer may order an arrangement for their mom and grandmother, both going to separate addresses, but paid for on the same order. Is there a way to get a separate shipping address per item versus collecting all the shipping information generally at the end? Or is there a way to turn of collecting the shipping address (which we could rather build into a form)? Our overall goal is that we’ll be able to more efficiently track and fulfill deliveries as separate orders. I reached out to squarespace and they advised this was not something they offered, which is a bit shocking. Are there other companies out there that have this issue and/or workarounds? Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated.
  24. There are a variety of details to consider when setting up your online store, all in service of the ultimate goal: helping your customers find what they’re looking for and complete checkout smoothly. Get a head start by brainstorming tags, categories, and subcategories so customers can quickly find what they are looking for and browse related items. Think early on about which shipping options and potential discount codes might serve you best. These kinds of decisions can have a direct impact on performance. How do you make sure your online store is set up for success? Share in the comments below!
  25. I am wondering if anyone tried to use DoorDash Drive or Uber Direct services with your Squarespace store?
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