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  1. https://www.hallowapotheca.com I’d like to change the “(0)” label for the mobile cart to “Cart” as shown in attached image. Any way to do that?
  2. Hi there, Appreciate any help. I have a total of 7 individual product listing pages -- I want to remove the "Add to Cart" and "Quantity" buttons from 6 of these pages while keeping the default template design that has those buttons. Currently, I have deployed this code: .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper, .product-quantity-input { display:none!important; } which has removed the "add to cart" and "product quantity" button on ALL my product listing pages, including the one page that I wish to have by default. This is the page I want to have those buttons/features to remain: https://www.mettlewares.com/all-products/p/gift-card-7lk6p-e26hn Since the layout is determined by the commerce app, I've not been able to make changes by indicating the sectionID of the page. Is there a better way to go about doing this? Thanks, I greatly appreciate any help you can give.
  3. Hello Everyone, Please help me with CSS code needed to redesign Squarespace's Product Block. This Product Block was added to the page called LOADED under the SHOP navigation folder in the header. Squarespace's standard settings for adjusting the style/design of a Product Block are extremely limited. Website link: https://carrot-disc-nsp7.squarespace.com/loaded Password: peak Please see attached JPG file for what I would like to accomplish. GOALS: STEP #1 Increase Width of Add to Cart Button STEP #2 Change text on button to read: $42 | Add to Cart STEP #3 Delete the Quantity text & box What is the CSS code is need to accomplish these goals? Thanks so much in advance! Freed
  4. Hi all, I am creating a website to showcase and sell ceramics dolls. The intended navigation is for visitors to first go to this overview page (attached picture) with all the dolls where they can click on the ones they are interested in (or add to cart), this would lead them to the dolls' respective pages with their stories, detailed pictures and purchase button. Currently I am using the auto layout section for the dolls overview, however would like to also add an add to cart button for each dolls beside the more detail button (where the yellow boxes are) and also to be able to link the pictures of the dolls to their respective page, is there a way to do this? Or did anyone do it before? Looking forwards to some advice. Thank you in advance!
  5. I'm finalising building a new site for a new business which I'm about to launch. I'm using the Crosby template in 7.1. I need to be able to add a second button alongside or beneath the default 'add to cart' button on my product pages. Does anyone have any idea how I can do this? I've searched but so far have been unable to find an answer. It seems like it should be a fairly simple thing to do hopefully. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks. Phil
  6. When customers click add to cart, nothing happens. No cart is visible. I can reproduce this myself, on both Firefox and Chrome.
  7. Hi! I'm hoping to move the art to cart button above the product description – closer to the top of my product title. On the left is the current configuration, and to the right would be the ideal set up where the QTY is a box matching the height of the add to cart button and they are aligned (with the quantity label removed) Link to page: https://www.cassandraott.com/shop/studio-play-deck I've found a few other posts with similar requests, but I haven't been able to get the CSS codes supplied as resolutions to work for my case. Any help appreciated!
  8. I want to be able to trace the origin of a purchase, is this possible? So by collaborating with different websites I want to be able to given them a unik link or something so that I can see what x amount of buyers came from what website, is that possible? website: https://giraffe-harmonica-sk3p.squarespace.com/config/
  9. Hey I am trying to remove or disable the Add to Cart button on my product pages. I don’t want people purchasing through the Cart but I would like the convenience of being able to add and remove items through the product page. I tried using a custom css code but it doesn’t seem like it did anything. Wondering what others have done. thanks
  10. Today I am unable to update inventory on my site, and customers get an error when trying to add a product to their cart. Site has worked fine for years, am stumped!
  11. Site URL: https://patersonhatcompany.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm looking to do two things once a user of my site fills out a form and submits it: Automatically add one of my products to their cart Redirect them to the cart where the added product is now visible Does anyone know how to achieve this with custom code injection? Site is currently password protected. Password: 2xvcxsWvBg7zwU2 Thanks,
  12. Site URL: https://krazykush.ca/ Can't use stripe for certain products on my website, so I'm doing the shopify buy button method but I only want it on certain products, as my other products are ok to sell with stripe. https://krazykush.ca/mail-order-store/p/afghani hidden item that I want no add to cart feature on and etc https://krazykush.ca/bongspipes-more/p/n9srj4u56nvf0yxxggmzwl8jrhb6ra Item that stripe would be okay with Thank you
  13. Site URL: https://www.wrongangler.com On mobile, the product description shows up at the very bottom of the page-- below the 'add to cart' button, and the drop down menus for colour selection. I need the product description to be above these things, because the product description explains the options you can choose! I've seen a lot of people answering this question in the inverse (moving the add to cart button above the product description), but mine seems to be permanently the other way around. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks 🙂
  14. I have a squarespace website that has 2 stores using 2 different currencies. The first store (https://www.wanasambo.com/shop/all-garments) was built on squarespace, while the second store (https://www.wanasambo.com/shop-ng) was built on Ecwid and embedded on the site. The issue I have with the site is: The ecwid store comes with its own add to cart icon which is below the product listing page and the squarespace website has its own add to cart button which is at the navigation menu. When you are shopping at the Ecwid site, you can still see the squarespace add to cart icon at the navigation menu. Customers can get confused seeing two different add to cart icons showing simultaneosly. The video banner on the squarespace website does not look okay, and it does not auto play when the browser loads. My questions are: Is it possible to hide the squarespace add to cart icon when someone is on the Ecwid store? If no, can I turn off the add to cart icons in the settings area and create a custom add to cart icon that will not display when a customer is on the Ecwid store? I want the video banner showing on the squarespace store to be similar to the one showing on the Ecwid store. I mean I want the video dimensions to be the same and it should also auto play when the browser loads. If all or any of these are possible, I need someone to kindly help with the code to use in implementing it please. The website is passworded but you can see below screenshots for better understanding please.
  15. I am trying to find a way to create products that are free and do not require going through the checkout process once logged into the members are. I have created the store, products and have put it behind the members area. I just want to find a way to turn off the checkout process as it is not required. Any one have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Hollie
  16. Hi! I've just published my page. As I am testing it right now, I tried purchasing something from my store. Unfortunately, the language of buying site (and all of the forms in it) is in English and I am from Poland and want to change it to Polish. How can I do that? Is there a simple method to do so or do I have to change code of website? I don't have any knowledge and experience in coding so I want to kindly ask You to help me with that.
  17. Hi everyone, Im trying to list my products that I want to see on my page with the option to add to cart. I only have the basic subscription. In need of help so I can launch my website. Man I wish there was a live chat option.
  18. Hi i have a florist, not overly large scale yet, but i would like to offer more products to purchase, mainly for valentines day coming up I will be uploading specific bouquets to purchase, id like to offer add-on items such as chocolates, cards, & other giftables however i dont want these other items to be purchased simply on their own as I dont want customers to only purchase a £10 box of chocolates for delivery, as we have a minimum spend of £40 in order to qualify for delivery.... in saying that, is there a way they can purchase other items as long as they spend over £40? but back to my question - how can i create an add-on part to the item page once they select the bouquet? or can it be offered in the checkout page? i hope my question wasnt too confusing. many thanks.
  19. On the webshop I'm working on the add to cart buttons aren't align. I've tried to use code but I only know how to space it with px and not relative to each other. I would like them to have the same height. url: hippysip.squarespace.com Pass: Welkom1234 It's on the home page when you scroll down. Thank you in advance
  20. Hey folks! Planning a site right now. I'm finding myself really drawn to this multipage product customization flow that appears on: https://mybillie.com/pages/get-started I'm hoping to brainstorm ways to bring this to the site I'm building. It's e-commerce for consumable products and I'd love to allow users to select subscription frequency (or a one-off purchase) in a similar way to the example website. I think one of the issues that may arise logistically is AFAIK Squarespace doesn't allow subscription and non-subscription products in the same cart. I do not know if this information is current, but if so, this could pose an issue. In that case, would their be an alternative/plugin that could be used as a workaround to manage subscriptions. Really appreciate input here! Thanks.
  21. Hi, please see product page on mobile view: Antique Victorian 18kt yellow gold double serpent band ring — Mozeris Fine Antiques On mobile the "add to cart" and "description" sections have moved below my reviews. The desktop view is perfectly fine. I was previously provided this code for the fix: However it no longer works. //add to cart mobile higher @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .tweak-product-basic-item-text-alignment-center .ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { order: 2 !important; } section.reviewsSection.O_TZtXma8b5KXnfG16jW { order: 3; }
  22. Hello! I'd love to have two checkout options on my product pages. Both "add to cart" and "checkout" buttons. It seems like the only option with out custom code is one or the other. I'd like to offer both options to my customers, especially as most are shopping on mobile and it makes the UX a lot easier. I have a lot of products, is there an easy fix for this?
  23. Hi all, I am unsure how to lock my essays behind a pay wall. Ideally what I want is to create a product that once bought, gives the user access to the essays on squarespace. Right now, I have it set up as to where once bought they can download a PDF document with the essays. I find this to be awkward and unprofessional and want my essays to be available on my websites and not need people to download a pdf. Is there a way for me to give peoples access to my essays on my website after they have bought the essay package? Thank you in advanced.
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