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  1. Site URL: https://www.clemerizzo.com/ Hi! I am trying to resize my homepage banner for mobile to reflect my homepage on desktop but I can't find a code that will work. Currently, the mobile banner has too much white space on top and bottom and is cropped in too far. Thanks so much in advance for any help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.hayloft.media/ I removed the line under the menu options on my page, and am trying to add code to highlight on hover, but I can only highlight the home page, not the contact page there are only two pages at the moment, i would like to darken to grey from white. https://www.hayloft.media/ Im using 7.1, can anyone help? thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://virginsuncare.com I am trying to get my background video to play with sound on Squarespace Version 7.1. Is there any code to interject somewhere that will allow this? The sounds comes through perfectly when using just a Video Block but it doesn't come through at all when embedding the video into the background. I would really appreciate any guidance here. Thank you!
  4. I'm building on Brine, and I'm using fixed headers.I have no issue with how to make those work, nor with using either .site {padding-top: 90px;} or .index {padding-top: 90px;} , depending on what's needed. My issue is that when I have navigation (on index pages) that relies on anchors, like site.com/#about , my header covers my headline. I could insert a spacer, but then the site looks oddly spaced and lame. I can write links with an <a class="anchor" href:... and then use the stylesheets to create .anchor {padding-top: 90px;} The problem with this solution is that I
  5. I'm trying to manage one calendar of events. The "Events" pages on SS can be a little intimidating for some people so I would like to have people update events in a platform that is more familiar to them. If I could find a way of embedding Facebook Events into a page, that will solve all the problems. Then the client will have to just update Facebook.
  6. I currently have a subscription item on our website and I want to know if there is a way to add a form / questionnaire that customers will have to fill out before canceling their subscription?
  7. Site URL: https://www.stylease.club Hello I would like to remove the "add to cart button" from all my products pages and replace it with a custom code, from a third party software. We have a rental website and the third party software would allow us to manage rental pricing and all the user experience in a better way. This is the software https://booqable.com/ I can not find a way to remove the code from the product pages, only inject new code. Here is an example page https://www.stylease.club/catalogo/p/dior-bobby-mediano I guess this is the part I have to remove <
  8. I'm setting up the new Members Area feature/function and there are no edit design options for the Access Denied Screen. I don't like how it constrains the text to that small area https://www.blackom.com/watch I'm trying to make it more spread out like this example page https://www.blackom.com/membership-access but having trouble with getting the code right. Can anyone help? (the lock image isn't necessarily needed btw)
  9. Hi there, I'm looking at making a page section smaller in 7.1, smaller than the standard 'smallest' height option Squarespace gives you when you edit it's format. How do I do this please?
  10. Site URL: http://www.theartofgrowth.org I have a newsletter popup from Kajabi, but when I put the code into the Header section of Code Injection, the code text shows up in the footer of the page. The pop-up functions just fine, but does anyone know how to make it so the text doesn't show up in the footer? Thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://christinalister.co.uk/ Hi there! I have some custom code in my header injection to change my logo from white to colour, on two pages only. However, can I carry this forward to mobile? Is there any specific code for that? Thanks! Nina
  12. Site URL: https://christinalister.co.uk/ HI there! My site is almost there, thanks for all your support. I have just spotting something that I'm unsure how to change, on the resources and news page, the drop down in navy doesn't really work. Is there any custom code I can pop into the header code injection to make the text or background a different colour?But on those pages only. Thanks!
  13. I have this Pagination code below in the footer code injection, along with some javascript (not shown), that gives me pagination on blog pages. Is there a way to get this to work for Summary blocks that list those blog posts? https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch/ <script> window.paginationPluginConfig = { containers: { '.blog-list,.BlogList, .view-list .page-section[class*="collection-type-blog-"] div[data-controller]': { // classnames of containers where we want to have a pagination place: 'append', //or use prepend to place b
  14. I am using the portfolio with a grid layout. Under the title, I want to add a brief description of the project. Is this possible?
  15. Site URL: https://www.thelieselotte.com/home-2 Hello everyone, I am looking for a custom code that allows me to open images in a summary block to open in a new window/tab. I looked at every entry in this forum and asked Squarespace support, but none of the solutions worked. I have a summary block at the top of my homepage displaying different art prints of mine. It looks like a gallery block, but it is the summary wall. I like the masonry layout of this one and would like to keep it. The problem: My art prints are available in my Etsy store and every image links to the product pa
  16. I'm uploading images that I dont want people ripping from my webpage, or inspect element. is there anyway I can potentially hide the right click or get rid of both the right click and encrypt the link from the inspect element. i'm using the mark novo template.
  17. I've adapted a gallery page with the following code, to display the descriptions. However, there's a slight echo when flipping through the images (see attached video). Anyone who would know how to fix this? <script> /** * Add descriptions/captions to galleries in Squarespace 7.1. * JavaScript * Β© @brandon (Squarespace Forum User) * This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. */ document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { addGalleryItemDescriptions(); function addGalleryItemDescriptions(gs, gdzs) { var a=['quer
  18. I have a picture with a colour almost identical to the background colour of the next section. Is it possible to make the "line" between the two sections blurry in order to blend them together?
  19. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if any of you who have e-commerce websites have tried inserting code to the checkout page to upsell ( not a fan of this term ) or cross sell? I have a product line that I'm really trying to get off the ground and I want people to try a few of the items together to see the benefit. Any thoughts on this? I would be ever so grateful as I don't want to have to switch to something like Landing Pages. Please let me know if I'm not clear in this question. Many Thanks!
  20. Hello, I'm trying to design a form on a squarespace site that has images (icons) above certain fields. I don't have a url, as I have not designed the form yet. Is this even possible?
  21. Hi, I have created an accordian style FAQ section using a code block and markdown block. I am trying to insert a blank line (new paragraph) for a bit of seperation then another line of static text as a section heading similar to "general" in the attached image at the point marked in red. I have tried to edit the markdown block but any text I add keeps geting added into the "how do i buy a self care package" section. I'm sure it is a simple fix but coding is not my strong point unfortunately, thank you I appreciate the help in advance. I have included the code and markdown text format
  22. Site URL: http://sophiacoffee.co I am trying to set up my sender profile. I have my domain verified, but I cannot verify my email because the code will not send. I am curious if this is because my domain is a .co. If that is not the case does anyone have any other suggestions? I have check the spam folder a dozen times.
  23. Link to my website I noticed when updating my site today that using <.br.> (minus the periods) has totally stopped working in my site title as a line break and simply displays as normal text. I've replaced it with a | for now. It was never a good solution because it showed up in previews as text as well but at least it worked on the site.So, how do I create a line break now if this code is no longer accepted?
  24. Site URL: https://www.theemailschool.com/ How to align everything to left on mobile 7.0? Brine template.
  25. Site URL: https://www.proexpoteam.com/ I have used code on a page to create a client login area for our clients to be able to access their exhibit assets and show information. The login page works as it’s supposed to on the desktop and goes to the password page when you type the 5 letter login, but it gives me an error when you type the same login on mobile or tablet. I can type in the website and url slug (5 letter login) directly and it will go to the password page just fine on mobile or tablet. The code I used is below. Let me know if you have any ideas.
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